Amazing Grace - Leann Rimes (Memorial for Whitney Houston)

Whitney Houston , A Legend !
Hope you like the pictures :))

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Author Terice Gayle Jewish (revelation church video) ( ago)

Author Aaron Jones ( ago)
Best version I have ever heard!! Rest in Peace Whitney Houston and Bobbi
Kristina Brown.

Author Eric Daniels ( ago)
Amazing Grace - Leann Rimes (Memorial for Whitney…: In Memory of Whitney Houston and Dedicated to
the Houston and Brown Family in the loss of Bobbi Kristina Brown!

Author Alex Posok ( ago)
Rest peacefully Whitney you have given love and happiness to many people
in the globe. god bless your family..

Author james han ( ago)
Wonderful voice

Author Cathy Cathy ( ago)
Sublime cette chanson j'adore 💕 tellement magnifique 💝 

Author Ksenija Pavlovic ( ago)

Author Charlie Brown ( ago)
Pure class

Author Fábio Moraes ( ago)

Author 姫愛宕 ( ago)
Amazing Grace♪ by Whitney Houston

Author pawsandclawsrescue ( ago)
it was murder and i hope we get the government before they take another god
bless Whitney i loved you with all my heart my best friend RIP YOU WERE
FREE OF DRUGS when this h happened to you i know this for a fact ( i vow
to prove this ) god bless remember how close we were and remember you have
fan's out there still GOD BLESS

Author Francisco Avelar ( ago)
Mix - Amazing Grace - Leann Rimes (Memorial for Whitney Houston): YOUR VOICE

Author AD VIVA ( ago)
Impossível não sentir a graça de Deus nos envolvendo, impossível não se
emocionar ao ouvir um cântico como esse, e como estão escassos em nossos

Author Melody Wager ( ago)
Never do drugs

Rest in peace whitney Houston 

Author TA Morris ( ago)
that is awesome

Author laure dejoux ( ago)
Très beau et touche le cœur !

Author PERRY Chantal ( ago)

Author PERRY Chantal ( ago)

Author Vasile Carpiuc ( ago)
Amazing Grace - Leann Rimes (Memorial for Whitney…:

Author Pamela Blake ( ago)
Oh Whitney you wait in heaven. I know you see your daughter it seems she
will join you soon. I pray for her and I miss your golden angelic voice.
But I'm sure you sing your soul out in heaven for our beloved God. May you
forever RIP.

Author Texas Vintage Tees ( ago)
She has a very pure voice, just like Patsy Cline.

Author 은수김 (오만산) (740 years ago)

Author Frankline Busime ( ago)

Author Santos Maldonado (648 years ago)

Author delpech nathalie ( ago)

Author delpech nathalie ( ago)

Author F Baum ( ago)
Wonderfull voice !

Author Armaneon Kadosch ( ago)

Author Wiktor Konwicki ( ago)

Author Iveta horáková ( ago)
Das muss auch mit sein ! Danke ! Grüße aus Dresden! Jürgen Ziermann

Author Eunice Queen ( ago)

Author Roger Gulbrandsen ( ago)
a true legend deaply mist

Author James king ( ago)

THANK YOU WHITNEY ! sniff sniff :( 

Author Starjle Kelly ( ago)

Author Emmy Nyange ( ago)
Beautiful Song

Author kansha Mcintosh ( ago)

Author Kerstin Harm ( ago)
Unvergessen ,die beste Sängerin der Welt.W.H.

Author beatrice marsden (706 years ago)
that shit is deep

Author Emily Chibanda (1242 years ago)
I really love this video. Praise God

Author patricia brothers ( ago)
...ah voilà, c'est celle là, la song religieuse,au début quand je
postais,des video
de all saints,hier ou avant hier.....

Je scratchais....là où je la cherchais,hum !!!
ça va se terminer en bridge,tout ceci 😊

Author sasà verazzo ( ago)

Author โกต๊ะ ขายข้าวสาร ( ago)

Author Benedita Zalabantu ( ago)
This is one of my fav singer and song because that what my name mines

Author Murray Smither ( ago)
This was recorded when Leann was 14 years old, along with How Do I Live..
it's from the album Inspirational Songs - You Light Up My Life 1997.

Author Thierry Pillet (1025 years ago)

Author Judi Harbin ( ago)
Grace is the kindness and favor of God extended to you. It is nothing you
earn or deserve. Grace is God saying to you, “You can do nothing to save
yourself; there is no way to even try because I have done it all. I have
given my Son to die for you and He has made the perfect sacrifice for your
sin. Come and receive my free gift"

Author Vladimir Deric ( ago)
Today I wish so hard I was a believer =( I mean, it is to late for me to
start believing in something that I have rationalizied away... however, in
this moment, "something out there" is so needed..... I guess I can
appriciate the poethic side of it.

Author taha amira ( ago)

Author marku polo ( ago)

Author Mark Laforest (101 year ago)
Tres émouvant.

Author myfairlady ( ago)

Author joerg schindler ( ago)
Tränen in den Augen :-( Denn mein Dad wünscht sich dieses Lied aud Pipes (

Author MaRiA LaMoNGi ( ago)
Life Is Amazing Cause We Have Amazing Almighty God!!
Have A Wonderfull Monday all ..
Jesus Loves you all....

Author Stephen Kiarie ( ago)
Have touched my heart.

Author Dennis Massey ( ago)
Amazing Grace - Leann Rimes (Memorial for Whitney Houston)

Author Dennis Massey ( ago)
Amazing Grace - Leann Rimes (Memorial for Whitney Houston)

Author TimelessHit Records ( ago)

Author Zelicar Riche ( ago)
Amazing Grace - Leann Rimes (Memorial for Whitney Houston)

Author hoopenhanger ( ago)
A memorial for a crack addicted wastrel, whatever next.

Author alessandro punto ( ago)
R.I.P. Whitney. Ciao.

Author Lubomira P ( ago)

Author jose marcos Araujo ( ago)

Author París Vivar Retamales Daza ( ago)
Siempre será la voz y el ser que admiraré, pues cada vez que la escucho y
veo, llego a la contemplación de lo más sublime!

Author Travona Harrell ( ago)
Love the Lord one day im going be a preacher

Author Travona Harrell ( ago)
Rip Bella and Whitney 

Author MrManfred63 ( ago)
never forget Whitney , good save your soul

Author István Kránitz ( ago)

Author Alejo S ( ago)

Author Garymother Freekincoleman ( ago)
Leean, darling you are one of the only voices and talents that can fully
compliment Whitney... I cry every time i see Whitney's beautiful smile, and
i hear her in you. Thank you.

Author erzsebet horvath ( ago)
Köszönöm nagyon SZÉP

Author TAMARA “ROHUELA” TAMARAL (1551 year ago)

Author anne marie ( ago)
quelle voiii!!!!!

Author joella64 ( ago)
She sang this song. I love this.

Author Denis Cugat ( ago)
..he aquí, quizás, LA MÁS GRANDE VOZ DEL PLANETA y por LEJOS, siempre
WHITNEY HOUSTON, REALMENTE, sin igual !!.- Gracias You Tube y a quienes,
desinteresadamente o no, suben esta MARAVILLA ÚNICA EN SU ESPECIE...

Author Raewyn Dowd ( ago)
leann sings this beautifully

Author Lionel Delle Vedove ( ago)

Author Katinka Katina ( ago)

Author Josette Hugues ( ago)
Qui aurait pu ou pourrait chanter ce magnifique chant A CAPPELLA comme la
regrettée Whitney Houston ? J'ai beaucoup aimé Nana Mouskouri, mais
chantant toujours accompagnée : orchestre, chanteurs...

Author Verenasofie (1647 years ago)
... und jetzt liegt ihre junge Tochter im Sterben - grausam

Author Lamak Dalim ( ago)

Author Paul Brock ( ago)
May God have mercy on whitney's daughter and all the people of the world

Author charley Keenan ( ago)

Author Sigrid S. ( ago)

Author Heidi Wising ( ago)

Author mysteryof7 ( ago)
Damn! LeAnn sung the hell outta that song. Damn.

Author David Finney ( ago)
Whitney Houston was a lovely singer

Author Cherie Jay ( ago)

Author Luna Bull ( ago)
amazin grace: tht song is very isy but i likit

Author William Vangheel ( ago)
mooi lied, mooie stem, ze KON het

Author Dzintra Štokmane (288 years ago)
Best voice-Amazing Grace.

Author samia ouerfelli-rezgui ( ago)
Amazing Grace - Leann Rimes (Memorial for Whitney Houston) :


Author Rhino Black ( ago)

Author Maria Rita Jesus de Oliveira ( ago)
*Infelizmente não está mais entre nós, mas, a sua obra permanecerá para
Amanzin Grace - Leann Rimes (Memorial for Whitney Houston):

Author Franck Bartholon ( ago)

Author Michael Leadingham, ( ago)
Am sorry this fucking bitch deserve to die when you fuck up your life with
drugs this happens so yea Huston deserve to die

Author Volker Kern ( ago)
Amazing Grace - Leann Rimes (Memorial for Whitney Houston):

Author Marvin Chipan (543 years ago)
Just beautiful

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