Trey Gowdy Vs. FBI Director James Comey , House Intelligence Committee Hearing , 2016 election #P1

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Today : Tuesday : April 11 2017 - (4/11/2017) - 4/11/17

- Apr 11, 17 - 11/4/2017 - 11-4-17




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Author Julie Tillar ( ago)
Hogwash! Comey is keeping the so-called investigation into Russia's involvement with President Trump open, just to give the illusion of impropriety AND to hide the truth of NO EVIDENCE out of the public domain. What a crock of sh...t.  I wish Comey had been fired by Trump after the inauguration.

Author fishface123ism ( ago)
Trey Gowdy is a cry baby who just goes on and on and on about how he can't get respect...hmmmm...wonder why? He doesn't want to talk about how the leader of his party is colluding with a foreign power to line his own pockets...nooooooo, he wants to talk about leaks. I think he still has the failed Benghazi probe...costing how much now?...going.

Author Pattie Kelly ( ago)
The new events may prove Comey's loyalty to the Obama's and the Clintons. Rep Nunes has the new information and it makes Comey look like the fool he is. He NEEDS to go. PERIOD. Face book President Trump that you want him gone. If you do so.

Author enter name here ( ago)
Obama did anything he wanted. Of course he was listening in. They knew trump was killing Hillary in the polls. They needed something to bring him to his knees and they had nothing

Author George Dowdy ( ago)
Why can our FBI find Tom Brady's jersey but they can't seem to find the
person within Obama's administration who committed a felony by releasing
classified information? There are only a handful who had access.
...shouldn't be that tough.

Author foofighterubu ( ago)
da mices all say "We don't got no cheeze in here no"

Author foofighterubu ( ago)
Comey you are so full of rap.
SUCH a liar.
and a leak-a-tron!!!!

Author kdhlkjhdlk ( ago)
Gowdy is Human Trash.

Author Love and Peace ( ago)
So much focus on the "leakers" and not the possible corruption in our government.  What in the hell is wrong with these people.  They better keep leaking.  How else would the American people know what's going on behind closed doors?   We certainly can't believe most politicians or our President that keeps lying and lying without shame or apology.

Author Love and Peace ( ago)
Dear Comey Haters:  Comey helped Trump win the election (by trashing Hillary).  Both Trump and Hillary were under FBI investigation (during the Presidential campaign) but Comey chose to throw Hillary under the bus - by publicizing Hillary's FBI investigation, etc.  Now that Comey makes a public statement to say that the "Trump camp/Russia interference" is under investigation, Comey is suddenly your enemy?  So anyone that says anything against Trump is the enemy?  The  President lives in the spotlight and yes his words and actions are watched closely.  Things SHOULD BE investigated if corruption or collusion questions come up.

Author amber lopez ( ago)
☆★☆★ P R E S I D E N T 󾓦 T R U M P 2017 ☆★☆★

Author Richard Butler ( ago)
Get off your Hillery kick, the election is over Trump won but he does not know what the f**k he is doing.

Author Richard Butler ( ago)
Trump is an idiot,nuf said

Author Don Emigholz Jr. ( ago)
Unbelievable pile of nonsense; Remember all that obvious Trey Gowdy criminal intentions during the Benghazi hearings? Trey Gowdy has been a proven waste of time, but now that he is going after the FBI and trying to disrupt its investigation to possible treason he is exposed as Conglomerate Fascist Pawn.

Author Tera Tokomi ( ago)
Did anyone notice what comey did? He dodged questions about his own team that leaked info. But was very quick to answer and very forthcoming when asked about russian involvement in hacking. I thought he was not allowed to comment on ongoing investigations? It looks like he is collaborating with the press and democrats there. But when his own agency has broken the law he is all hush hush and deflects. A crime was commited by members of his and the NSA agencies, and if they wont do something about it and prosecute the people who did it, then they themselves should be prosecuted and sent to jail for it. As the heads of their agencies they are responsible are they not? Not sure about the NSA guy, but comey needs to be fired, at least.

I am sick and tired of no one ever being held accountable for these crimes against the people.

Author beesee Will ( ago)
Trey Gawdy is full of bullshit, he can't defend trump,so he tries to prosecute the leakers.
The leaks could be coming from Trumps p err pole,because he can't keep his mouth shut.
He is so damn stupid he even tries to expose information from his security briefings.
Focus on the crimes of Trump and his gang of Putin lovers and not so much on how the information was exposed.
Trump is guilty as hell ,otherwise he would have taken the lead in seeking the facts.
He has no problem calling the lies he told on Obama to be investigated.

Author jazz4asahel ( ago)
Comey is thankful to be representing the people of the FBI. This guy is a paper bag. A wet one. Sell out. Hides behind investigations that are ongoing, because he won't complete them. He holds all the cards, and they are low ones. He keeps holding them. The poker game needs to end, bubba. Mr. President, fire this man Comey.

Author StardelEste ( ago)
oh yeah I wonder why they didn't do these investigations a long time ago Trump should fire you after all you tolerated all the databases Hillary used to be data erased...we have tolerated enough of the corruption...

Author No Metts ( ago)
Find out what Project Dragnet is.

Author LAM322 ( ago)
Comey is one of the lizards in the swamp... he's got to go!!

Author Sachin Clooney ( ago)
America was never GREAT, that it will be great AGAIN. Southern Fools need their ass kicked one more time!

Author The Amazing Lucas ( ago)
How about the DNC just chalk up their loss to having a shit candidate, how bow dah?

Author roblou62 ( ago)
Trey Gowdy is a prime example of a once good person who has given it all up for reasons unknown. He is a Republican, not an American. No American would just turn a blind eye to such outright injustice.

Author roblou62 ( ago)
He knows of Russia's manipulations yet he played his part in this manipulation He delivered many blows to Hillary. Very deadly ones at that. I tell you this much. The worst choice was made and we will regret this forever. There is no coming back from this.. No amount of information is needed to know that Trump must go, for the good of the nation, he must. If he doesn't. We as a people, as Americans, are finished. Mr. Comey can only thank himself for this accomplishment.

Author tetradonis ( ago)
How much rope can one man be afforded? Surely, this seems more deep-throat than the x-files. He won't know who to trust.

Author J.W. Helkenberg ( ago)
"Need to protect people's privacy." That is the money shot of all time there. Sad.

Author Susan Simpson ( ago)
Before they investigate Trump, they need to investigate Obama and finish investigating Hillary.

Comey no longer has the confidence of the American people. He needs to resign.

Author Carmen Burgess ( ago)
Bad Shep. You lauded the traitor Comey and then you have a good laugh over the term McCarthyism? Trump's tweets are more on the poetic side, don't twist them with your legalise. From where I am sitting, Shep and Comey are terrible lawyers. I can't believe that we pay these people. Thank goodness for Chaffetz and Gowdy.

Author Robert Maxson ( ago)
as long as Hillary does it, all's good.

Author Violet Beaureagard ( ago)

Author Mark Gilbank ( ago)
Comey is a guinea pig. Lizard food.....

Author viola F. Link ( ago)
Good man,, Tray Gowdy and Steve King

Author kudos m ( ago)
damn trey gowdy got owned.

trump is a damn liar his whole campaign is being investigated lol.

Author capatga ( ago)
trump will be impeached and hopefully go to the pen.

Author jeff brouillette ( ago)
so the FBI does take the handling of classified information seriously...DAMN those Clintons are powerful, Hillary didn't even get a slight reprimand

Author golfito ( ago)
Is this the Gowdy that wasted millions of tax payers dollars in the Bengazhi issue and couldn't find anything?.
I thought he resigned after that fiasco.

Author Jason Raczkowski ( ago)
Fact: The Trump campaign and the current white house administration is under criminal investigation for colluding with a foreign government to tamper with the election. Fact!

Trump wrongfully accused a former president of a Felony of wiretapping. Fact! fact, No evidence suggest Obama nor anyone wiretapped Trump tower.

Fact: Trump Is a Liar and a Traitor.

Author T H Chen ( ago)
FBI Director James Comey knew Trump is connected with Russian to meddling our Campaign election on June 2016 and hacks on DNC , but he didn't do anything about it prior instead he RE-OPEN Hillary's e-mails and investigated her several times for no specific reasons by targeting and putting her in a very bad light in the media until Republican Party won the election.

It is so phoney how FBI Director James Comey now acted like he will be fair on investigation on Russian/Trump's connection on election. It is a joke! He won't be fair to DNC because he was working as high official in Republican Party Bush adm and now he is FBI Director. He will be bias and unfair to Public and he will protect Trump Presidency. It is only fair if they use INDEPENDENT AGENCY TO INVESTIGATE THIS HACKING AND SPYING. FBI Director is so FULL OF SHITS and he is full-on playing political party favoritism game.

Author C Moon ( ago)
Mr Gowdys signature move is questions he already has the answer for.Some could construe it as "leading the witness" which discredits him

Author Elite Rocky ( ago)
You could easily tell Comey is a corrupt piece of shit.

Back in the day the FBI assigned 4 FBI agents to investigate Public Enemy #1, the Notorious Gangster Al Capone and was ultimately brought down.

And in this day an age the FBI assigned 40 FBI agents to investigate Hillary's emails and scandals and corruption but somehow those 40 dickheads didn't come up with shit and killary is still free.

Author Jerry Ericsson ( ago)
Time to drain the Swamp, starting with the head of the FBI and CIA, and the other talking heads in this persecution of our new President! Down with the Democrat idiots in the hearing vote them OUT. Rid our national structure of those who would lie against our leadership, and try to go against the will of the people who elected a new leader who has nothing but the best interest of our nation in mind and heart!!!!

Author ET Baby ( ago)
Comey is an HSBC SCUMBAG Banker that oversaw the LAUNDERING of billions of dollars of drug money.

Author A Moss ( ago)
comey is a lying sack of shit...

Author ( ago)
James Comey is scum, a low life for the crap he has done. There should be a investigation on him and how he let Hillary off the hook. Trump didn't do anything with the Russians so what the hell is taking so long ? He got Hillary off the hook on the second investigation in a few days. He should be going after Obama for illegally spying on Trump. Hillary did not win the popular vote, you can easily tell by just the amount of people that showed up for his rallies, and she barely had people showing up for hers. No comparison. I'm sick of these low life's doing every thing they can to undermine Trump, the only man who is trying to keep us safe

Author Alan Montgomery ( ago)
yes sick, and the game goes on and on doesn't it? Chris

Author Heaven Insights ( ago)
No wonder the fbi is crap these days this guy is in charge of it? thanks obama for this crook in a very serious position- he wants to investigate trump and not hillary.. can anyone see this corruption.

Author Timmy Zarysky ( ago)
This guy is a piece of shit lier. It is written all over him. So do they investigate Hillary and the Russian? If they did "tap" Trump, no one will ever know. They are all full of shit.

Author Jeanne Stjohn ( ago)
Comey. we don't trust you. We have seen you lie and cover up for Hillary's lies! You are a traitor to your country. As a boy did you wish to be this traitor to America?

Author thunder storm ( ago)
wer all know that the obamantion lied about russia, so why does he keep getting away with lying

Author Madison A ( ago)

Author Brett Bowcutt ( ago)
Sorry to interrupt but this is more important. Trump is going to have a baby, and I think he should name the baby Brett

Author E. ( ago)
Comey and his people have been paid by the Clinton Cartel.

Author dan rode ( ago)
Howdy gowdy is the one covering for donnie drumpf the 5 time draft dodging coward and golden shower boy...LOL

Author shurppa64 ( ago)
Comey has been crooked since day one he was trying to keep his job and wasn't sure who was going to win the election that's why he was flip flopping on Hillary.

Author Greg Pek ( ago)
Even more bullshit. The questions to Comey were planned, as were his answers. But they are lying. We now know, and have evidence that, Trump was illegally surveilled throughout the entire Obama regime.
Wire tapped? What is a wire tap? Is that like Bill Clinton saying blowjobs were not his definition of sex?
It was meant to mean illegal surveillance. This includes the illegal recording of all conversations, texts, emails or any other communications without warrant. This was done under Obama's administration and likely his requests.

Author Frank Howard ( ago)
who ever recorded this, has butcher the hell out of it to maintain their political ax

Author mo c ( ago)
Dear Admiral of the NSA! Everybody knows that "German" intelligence services are under Yankee command from the beginning, right from the first day (even before) of their existence! Traitor Gehlen is known as such! Why don't you tell this to the Merican people? Are you ashamed? LOL

Author Greg Pek ( ago)
Like CNN. Questions given to witness ahead of time. By 21:30 I am tired of the nonsense. Going to skip ahead in hope that something decent will come from this video.

Author June Wheeler ( ago)
Coney is a blatant liar .look what he said about Hillary there's not enough proof . anything that man says it's absolutely zero. yes I suppose they do investigative people. BUT. How the hell did all the leakd come out and all that trash talking about President Trump for the last 3-4 months if his so honorable and they don't share the information how the hell did the God Damn fake news media get a hold of crap that isn't even real. the Lefty just won't give it up. & don't say Trump brought this on himself because they were pulling all this crap before president Trump stood up and said something.

Author Greg Pek ( ago)
Marshmallow questions for go through the motions investigations. What a bunch of horse manure. Not any attempt to get to the crux of the issue. This is crap. The questioner to 16:35 and counting is just a plant. Must be democrat.
Why don't you shit heads disclose everything to everyone? Tell us every one you are spying upon and why. Tell us who is doing the spying. Tell us why this spying and contravention of our bill of rights is somehow justified in the Constitution.
Lying pieces of shit. Maybe the extremely verbose Trey Gowdy actually do something. Get something done. I doubt it. Trey is a fake. A puffter. Has he ever prosecuted anyone big?

Author Billy Clemons ( ago)
Hang all of them!!!

Author Linda Dubose ( ago)
Comey is a piece of shit.where is their investigation of Hillary's ties to Russia. sell of us uranium to Russia. millions from Saudi Arabia to Clinton foundation. it's pile up on our President

Author Virginia Soto ( ago)
u need to fired comey he is all tell but this man is all corrupt and this lie was made up by a support of hillary u are lying thought your teeth comey

Author Alex Gutierrez ( ago)
Gowdy is an unintelligent goon trying to distract and deflect. Nice cover-up GOP!

Author Brett Bowcutt ( ago)
Obama can make that much on one cocaine sell

Author Jamfer Jones ( ago)
I love seeing the liberal Democrats keep hammering on Trump because that causes them to spiral further down toward being obsolete and insignificant. They have run out of ideas and sound like crybabies.

Author Flamemaster24 Schlagal ( ago)
After he let Lady Liberty be butchered I'll never believe anything he says!

Author Barbara Mowrey ( ago)
why are they not investigating pizzagate and all the emails illegally erased by Hillary Clinton the Benghazi murder ambush of those four men Christopher Stevens and others? What they are investigating is rumors not facts!

Author Peter Jansen ( ago)
Problem is Comey cannot be trusted - in fact nothing can be trusted, as CIA can manipulate anything they want as to Vault 7. So this hearing is a waste of time, and a staged event.

Author Lily White ( ago)
Mike Rogers is the ONLY ONE who's SPEAKING the TRUTH.

Author Lily White ( ago)

Author Robert Campbell ( ago)
Well Comey set my Bull Shit meter off again . What a untruthful Person

Author julia dulchitiz ( ago)
Well, if I understood Trump so far, after this ridiculous dog and poney show brace yourselves for information to come crashing down. See Alex Jones and Drudge Report, evidence is already available Obama has been monitoring Trump, his family and associates since 2008.

Author Steve H ( ago)
Talk about spinnning yarn and getting paid for it lol

Author Bill Fowler ( ago)
Not one word on how OBAMA Hillary and Soros rigged the 2016 election just the bull shit about Russia and trump.

Author Barbara Owen ( ago)
He learned from Hillary and Obama how to lie like he believes what he is saying but no one else believes a word he says.I'm so sick of looking and listening to this shill
The US is where it is because of people like him.

Author smile anymore ( ago)
Comely is lying wait I can't comment on that. there is no investigation. and Sessions what's up with that . Go Sewell this is a good committee. there is no investigation. with FBI not on these issues

Author tduna ( ago)
Your relationships with the American people is what is slipping

Author Amer Poland ( ago)
At least....2 claims were true ...during Obama presidency 2013.....A.Merkel and Eu ....they were wiretapped by Obama Administration if " not" why they called USA Intelligence Agency. ....and told them to " stop immediately".....

Author tduna ( ago)
Fire them all.... everyone of them... this is ridiculous. dog and pony show

Author Norma Lee ( ago)
Comey should be charged with dereliction of duty over the Clinton server debacle AND REMOVED FROM OFFICE AND CHARGED WITH TREASON. He totally ignored Clinton and her Crime Family Syndicate's horrific National Security breach, including the DOJ, in favor of his political ties. HE IS TOTALLY COMPROMISED.

Author Sal Reed ( ago)
Just looking at this filthy lying POS makes me feel physically sick!

Author tduna ( ago)
This is a joke. they are not going to sit there and admit they did anything wrong. this is a joke.

Author Karline H. ( ago)
How about the Million of USA Citizens whos names adresses, contact adresses bankdata etc. are on the Data dump of the NSA "Dragnet" project as leaked to Sheriff Apaio??? This NSA Dude is lying like all NSA Dudes have lied to us in the past!!!

Author John Logan ( ago)
‪@FoxNews is there some reason why director Comey keeps looking down into his lap as if he is getting answers or communications fed to him via a personal device of some sort?‬

Author Vox Seven ( ago)
please get rid of the massively corrupt director

Author Vox Seven ( ago)
more bulllllllshit

Author Lily White ( ago)

Author Dorothy Parker ( ago)

Author Eva Wilson ( ago)
They are so worried about intelligence being leak. What about Hillary and her private server. Did it just get sweep under the rug? All BS

Author Sandra Nodoushani ( ago)
I don't believe a word that comes out of his Mouth. Comey's a liar!💩

Author Monica King ( ago)
Here it is, Obama and Hillary's plan to take down POTUS and put controllable Pence in his place.

Author D McKnight ( ago)
Tell us who you are investigating in pizza gate ? Are you implicated, and is the current Russia frenzy about keeping minds and eyes off pedi files in government including federal, state, county and city and media, news and entertainment?

Author Bradley ( ago)
what good is this if Comey can't answer anything important

Author j allen ( ago)
To hell with this bastard

Author Betsy Ross ( ago)
Do they ever close a case? Do they ever get anything done? It seems that they start investigations for the pure show, and then let them fade into the distance.

Author kelly smith ( ago)
I believe Comey is a Clinton Counter American Government spie trying to protect another dark Government!!!

Author Bill Fowler ( ago)
Comey is a paid off scum bag.

Author William Cargile ( ago)
My ass is now, full of smoke....

Author Sandra Watts ( ago)
what the hell have you serpant.

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