Starships - Lindsey Stirling and Megan Nicole (Nicki Minaj Cover)

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  • Runtime: 3:51
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  • Kelianet Torres Marrero

    yeeeeeessssss! 😆🤗🎻💯♥🎶🎉❗😮☺🙂😍

  • It's. Amber
    It's. Amber 1 day ago

    This is so quirky and so cute! AND AMAZING!! * THIS SI THE BEST SONG EVER! *

  • Faith
    Faith 6 days ago

    Hey Lindsey, might want to be careful of ticks in long grass like this.

  • Emely Underwood
    Emely Underwood 9 days ago

    I love this song cause it is better than Nicky Minaj
    and there costumes are better to!

  • M Dam
    M Dam 9 days ago

    do you also do yodel songs?

  • Anasazi Cervantes
    Anasazi Cervantes 9 days ago

    Their eyelashes are so pretty!

  • Duda Just Dance
    Duda Just Dance 9 days ago

    tô confusa isso sim

  • Candy Cat
    Candy Cat 11 days ago

    Starships its incredible

  • Arc Kiwanis
    Arc Kiwanis 12 days ago


  • Gostiv
    Gostiv 12 days ago

    Is she wearing slalom skiing boots?

  • Seaspray4516 Mechanic

    I prefer this version to the original sorry Nikki not

  • Kookjitears Golden maknae

    why am I only discovering this??

  • Timothy Davis
    Timothy Davis 15 days ago

    Wow that was awesome

  • Amy Martin
    Amy Martin 15 days ago

    My two favourite YouTube musicians!😊

  • Coke Castro
    Coke Castro 16 days ago

    2017 =D

  • panthuur Tumblr
    panthuur Tumblr 18 days ago


  • Moésius Dezus
    Moésius Dezus 18 days ago

    des chaussure de skis ? O_o

  • tschegsch
    tschegsch 19 days ago

    oou :D I never realized that lindsey is wearing ski-shoes!

  • S M
    S M 19 days ago

    Those are ski boots, right? She makes running in them look so easy. Imagine the noise while filming this, lol.

  • Darby Carden
    Darby Carden 22 days ago

    *stands in front of car* 😂😂

  • The Awesome Potato
    The Awesome Potato 24 days ago

    wwwwweeeee? *likes it*

  • The Kawaii Life
    The Kawaii Life 25 days ago

    (not being a hater) STARFISH WERE MEANT TO FLYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • Natalia G.
    Natalia G. 29 days ago


  • Natalia G.
    Natalia G. 29 days ago


  • Benjamin Espinosa
    Benjamin Espinosa 1 month ago

    me at the mall

  • TanzfitnessNET
    TanzfitnessNET 1 month ago

    Megan Nicole has a sun burn on her shoulder😉

  • nguyen thang
    nguyen thang 1 month ago

    0:30 DIY : how to get signal with your electric violin:
    Material: radio antenna , 2 pieces of wire , tape
    Step1: decide where to put the antenna on the violin
    Step2: hold the antenna and pieces of wire in place
    step3: put the tape on to secure it
    step4: Have fun taking the whole thing off your violin

  • RocketFan
    RocketFan 1 month ago

    Skiing shoes! God, they're awful to walk in, but they do their job well :)

  • Ralph Elvin Macanlalay

    this was the song that brought me to both meghan nicole and lindsey

  • YunaLP
    YunaLP 1 month ago

    Ein super Lied für den Heutigen warmen Tag :)

  • Wilbert Nelson
    Wilbert Nelson 1 month ago

    Story Of My Life

    When I have no wi-fi or service XD

  • Borbála Dömölki
    Borbála Dömölki 1 month ago

    Lindsey is wearing ski boots :D

  • Lightning Jen
    Lightning Jen 1 month ago

    I used this song for my dance-class choreography! I got an A!!!

  • Avante Ventasuno
    Avante Ventasuno 1 month ago

    starships me abre el corazón y aún cuando son de otro planeta o no entendí pero las niñas me encantó la coreografía y las voces de las niñas

  • TheEMERALDJAY 2003
    TheEMERALDJAY 2003 1 month ago

    Is Lindsey wearing ski boots?

  • Khushi Kirdat
    Khushi Kirdat 1 month ago

    can you play when I'm gone by anna kendrick...pls am dying to hear the violin version

  • Wolfys Arts
    Wolfys Arts 1 month ago

    when wifi on your home is sucks....

  • Elena Sierra
    Elena Sierra 2 months ago

    soy la única que. habla español😔😔😔

  • Alexis Hopkins
    Alexis Hopkins 2 months ago

    So I just remembered this video. My and her go way back. So the mall that they filmed that in is like 5min from my house. My friend new her, but I didnt personally.

  • Moriko 116TM
    Moriko 116TM 2 months ago


  • Madi32669
    Madi32669 2 months ago

    Who's watching in 2017

  • Alexis Geis
    Alexis Geis 2 months ago

    You two are my two favorite artists. It was great to see you two together singing a song together.

  • Micky Daly
    Micky Daly 2 months ago

    Lindsey's always liked green and pink 😂😂

  • B Cyan
    B Cyan 2 months ago

    awww my childhood

  • Deidra Tanner
    Deidra Tanner 2 months ago

    where is this at

  • Alejandro Villanueva Fuentes

    i love lindsey

  • Carolina Fabian
    Carolina Fabian 2 months ago

    at first i thought they were just advertising our place

  • KittenLova 07
    KittenLova 07 2 months ago

    At School we do this thing called Edu-dance and one of the classes danced to this song! Thats why i'm here

  • Miriam Fairbanks
    Miriam Fairbanks 2 months ago

    I love this video!!!!! Good Job!!!👍

  • Robin Blue
    Robin Blue 2 months ago

    Its the Provo one right?

  • jonathan Robbins
    jonathan Robbins 2 months ago

    their outfits look they were made from duct tape XD

  • RoseGaming! MINECRAFT&MORE

    Nikki minaj style

    Bad words :yes
    Soundtrack: Electric music

    Megan & Lindsey Style

    Bad words: no
    Soundtrack: A beautiful Violen

  • Mariana Jessica Vargas


  • Tubular Topher
    Tubular Topher 2 months ago

    Lindsey Stirling has legs for days.

  • MadHatterNightcore Singer

    2017 club!!!!

  • Helianny Lopez
    Helianny Lopez 2 months ago

    Woww! Me encanta!

  • Alexander Ian
    Alexander Ian 2 months ago

    "Beam us up Scotty." Star Trek referance, check. XD

  • SmartyPants1542 J
    SmartyPants1542 J 2 months ago

    was it fun dancing in the mall?

    RED_WIND 2 months ago

    более тупого клипа в природе не существует

  • Destanie Freeman
    Destanie Freeman 2 months ago

    I realized there in Provo Utah mall doing this song

  • Lindsey Bubble
    Lindsey Bubble 2 months ago

    First music video I ever saw of Megan & Lindsey. Still watching them to this day. <3

  • Ace Delizo
    Ace Delizo 2 months ago

    Hawaii desu. it looks so wholesome... Anyway, awesome piece

  • Amber Nation
    Amber Nation 2 months ago

    tip space girls just blink your eyes to a speeding car while right in it's way and you'll get a ride😜

  • Klever Mendes
    Klever Mendes 2 months ago


  • ATeam
    ATeam 2 months ago

    2:00 lol lindsey's face

  • Ana Franse
    Ana Franse 2 months ago

    a watch this when i was 8 and now im 15😮😮😮😮

  • That creepy clown next door

    sure, sing while trying to get signal. nothing better to do, right?

  • Mary Bond
    Mary Bond 3 months ago

    Love this one. They both look so cute!!

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy 3 months ago


  • Anne Hernandez
    Anne Hernandez 3 months ago

    we're did y'all get those dresses I love them and I love all of the ones y'all do.

  • Ars Arquata
    Ars Arquata 3 months ago

    Just realized nearly 5 years later: does Megan have a sunburn on her shoulders? :D

  • icedance4ever
    icedance4ever 3 months ago

    Where was this filmed? Looks like Colorado....

  • Pootin Plays
    Pootin Plays 3 months ago

    haha props to Lindsey making walking around in ski boots look easy. guess them being unbuckled helps. I would of loved to see her clopping around all awkwardly, could play it off as not used to earth gravity? lol

  • sk8ergirl 1013
    sk8ergirl 1013 3 months ago


  • We Friends
    We Friends 3 months ago


  • Sarah Villeda
    Sarah Villeda 3 months ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalia Diessl
    Natalia Diessl 3 months ago


  • Allybellycelly Ceyceydeydey


  • Allybellycelly Ceyceydeydey


  • Rose GamingTV Roblox & More

    Ohhh wheres my star Ship Huh? XD :)

  • Ana Franse
    Ana Franse 3 months ago

    at school i do this at dance lesson which is edudance and i realy like the dance and the clothes we have to wear and the dance is irsh

    SHUT UP HEATHER- 3 months ago

    Dang I'm feeling so freaking nostalgic right now! Wow

  • Flyergirl
    Flyergirl 3 months ago

    Love you Lindsey <3<3<3<3

  • KrankesFujoshi
    KrankesFujoshi 3 months ago


  • LyChan 37
    LyChan 37 3 months ago

    Is Linsey wearing ski boots? Those things are really clunky and heavy

  • Bunny and ME!
    Bunny and ME! 3 months ago

    How many violins does she own?

  • Alyssa Carnahan
    Alyssa Carnahan 3 months ago

    Megan Nicole is waaayyy better than Nicki Minaj 😂

  • Adriana Herondale
    Adriana Herondale 3 months ago

    This cover its so beautiful , and better than original song

  • Nathan Martin
    Nathan Martin 3 months ago

    cute ...

  • Dave Rogers
    Dave Rogers 3 months ago

    l love linsy

  • azalesski25
    azalesski25 3 months ago

    Last seen: Star treck?

  • Amara S
    Amara S 3 months ago


  • Gundula
    Gundula 3 months ago

    this! This was the first Video ever I saw with Lindsey. On Megan's Channel in 2012 and I love Lindsey from this day to now ❤

  • Alana Mayers
    Alana Mayers 3 months ago

    LOVE IT 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👼💗💗💗💗💗

  • suppuppy25
    suppuppy25 3 months ago

    Megan has a sun burn at 0:28 lol

  • isabell lockheart
    isabell lockheart 3 months ago

    I wonder what did the people at the mall think we're they cool with it or like freaking out?!?!?

  • Suga sold jimin's jams for 3 dollars

    this is way better than the original and that violin ❤❤❤

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