How to Eat Sushi: You've Been Doing it Wrong

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Coming to you straight from the sushi chef’s mouth, MUNCHIES presents the dos and don’ts of eating sushi, as taught by Tokyo's Naomichi Yasuda. Be warned: You’ve been doing it wrong.

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Alden CoAlden Co (18 hours ago)
most satisfying part 2:20

Sand ManSand Man (1 day ago)
the wrong way tastes way better tho

Snowz FlakeSnowz Flake (2 days ago)
I eat sushi how I fucking want too

Noreen DillonNoreen Dillon (2 days ago)

mori vandokamori vandoka (3 days ago)

George LinGeorge Lin (3 days ago)
Don't tell me how to eat my food you arrogant fool.

toology55toology55 (4 days ago)
I only eat sushi from the finest supermarkets.

pharo3000pharo3000 (4 days ago)
Why they don't use gloves?

Alex ShortAlex Short (4 days ago)
you put it in your fucking mouth and chew

Tim SlomkaTim Slomka (4 days ago)
I highly recommend watching this with close captioning on

Brenda G. BorroBrenda G. Borro (4 days ago)
He said "shaking is for the men's room"! Lmao🤣

para mediccinepara mediccine (4 days ago)
2:24 I never knew you could making cutting something so dramatic

Noreen DillonNoreen Dillon (5 days ago)
you made me hungry at 2 am

Noreen DillonNoreen Dillon (5 days ago)
its atcullay 2:57 am

Tim HettTim Hett (6 days ago)
That guy is a fucking geeza

kimberlykimberly (7 days ago)

Assassin 21Assassin 21 (7 days ago)
2:11 Fatty Tuna xD

sam younsam youn (7 days ago)
This literally the most awkward video ever.

Tumbleweed Paul420Tumbleweed Paul420 (7 days ago)
I always knew it was the wrong way, but I love dipping the rice in the soy sauce. lol

Rum 1869Rum 1869 (8 days ago)
right and reft

NeoNoir GTNeoNoir GT (8 days ago)
Ive never eaten sushi

Edi DaEdi Da (8 days ago)
i have never tasted sushi, omg i want so bad almost like sex when i was a virgin

Hussain AlhootiHussain Alhooti (8 days ago)
Crick link Berow

Franco CeliaFranco Celia (9 days ago)
sushi is my favorite food in the whole entire world

Vigi PMVigi PM (9 days ago)
I hate sushi ... its like rotten everything

theblackpinoytheblackpinoy (9 days ago)
So Shoveling all the sushi in my mouth at once is not acceptable?

Kexin TianKexin Tian (9 days ago)
and when you put in the sushi, the fish side should touch your tongue not the rice side. he forgot to mention that ;)

injila Zaidiinjila Zaidi (10 days ago)
so tasty sushi

Bryan RosadoBryan Rosado (10 days ago)
sweet like u gay 😄

Ewoch AbleEwoch Able (10 days ago)
Hi world. I just wanted to let you know that I have been doing it right all along. Feel free to ask me questions.

Byrd CrumpByrd Crump (11 days ago)
ive been eating sushi correctly then woohoo

Lieutenant DanLieutenant Dan (11 days ago)
The taster dude is a fucking dull bastard

The Divine HostessThe Divine Hostess (11 days ago)
He is hilarious!

Mohamed MoradiMohamed Moradi (11 days ago)
Why does the guy look like he's about to cry? lol

Nepu-Tech USANepu-Tech USA (11 days ago)
So why get sticks if you don't use them? I learned to use the sticks in vain!! xD

jimbo jonesjimbo jones (12 days ago)
4:20 That joke was hilarious and what made it even funnier, is that the joke fell flat, and he's like "hello? hi?" Like a comedian would tap his mic and say "hello, is this thing on?" Too funny!

Insultez MoiInsultez Moi (12 days ago)
I want to go there just for the chief

MizukiUkitakeMizukiUkitake (12 days ago)
My mom cuts the sushi in half because "She can't fit the whole piece in her mouth". I've heard this is very bad manners. Is that true?

zoogaezeezoogaezee (12 days ago)
+Cody Schulz

Mr Potat0man451Mr Potat0man451 (12 days ago)
So you dont hold both sticks in your fist and stab the food with a swing like the mighty thor? Good to know.

Crazy IvanCrazy Ivan (13 days ago)
with all respect, sushi tastes awful... very very bad. Makes me womit. dont get me wrong. i am from Poland and i know how good tasting food should taste like.

Bryan MoodyBryan Moody (14 days ago)
the young man look nervous to me.

Rica GurgelRica Gurgel (14 days ago)
Don't shake it !!!! 😂

MiknightSpeaksMiknightSpeaks (14 days ago)
and I'm here eating sushi with a fork.
well done self

RYU ASMRRYU ASMR (14 days ago)
Is it just me or does he look and sound like Obama

rs knitrs knit (14 days ago)
By the customer's expression we can understand the taste of sushi

Luis OrozcoLuis Orozco (14 days ago)
dont tell me how to eat

Charles PwnageCharles Pwnage (14 days ago)
so you eat the ginger by itself? so I've been eating it the right way (I love eating it after the sushi by itself) and people have been giving me looks and saying hey don't do that for no reason lol

FleecemasterFleecemaster (15 days ago)
But this is how I eat sushi. Stupid click bait title. My fault for clicking I guess :/

AirwipeAirwipe (15 days ago)
Why not mis stuff though

AirwipeAirwipe (15 days ago)
I'm starving

Yourboi SkinnypenisYourboi Skinnypenis (15 days ago)
Sushi is probably the most realist food you can get. What I mean by realist is not McDonald's

Dave MarxDave Marx (15 days ago)
@ 2:04
"this is my mother's gift"

this restaurant is now on my bucket list.

*however* I will certainly upset this man as I refuse to eat the food *I purchased* in whatever manner strikes my fancy, which *absolutely* includes using chopsticks to place ginger and wasabi/horseradish on top of seaweed rolled sushi and then continuing to use chopsticks as I dip the ungarnished side into the soy sauce and *finally*, still using chopsticks, to shove the concoction into my mouth and wince like a coccaine newb when the wasabi/horseradish kicks in.


Marvincent AcuñaMarvincent Acuña (15 days ago)
So I wasn't supposed to put it in my mouth?

Frank BFrank B (16 days ago)
this is weird because when i was eating sushi in japan, the chef came to me and said no the proper way to do it is never dip any of the rice in the soy sauce u dont want any rice in the sauce you must dip the ginger in the soy sauce and then spread the sauce on the sushi with the soaked ginger, and eat. so obviously people in japan all have their own ways there is proper way to eat sushi .

Frank BFrank B (16 days ago)
if youre suppose to eat it with your hands then wtf are the chop sticks for ?

xhmOngSouLjaxxhmOngSouLjax (16 days ago)
The white guy is just like, "I can't really seem to understand what he is saying, but I am going to just pretend to understand him by nodding my head and eat whatever he gives me the way he wants me to eat it" lol!!!

Bella DayBella Day (16 days ago)
This has saved my life lol seriously

LeifLeif (16 days ago)
Salmon from New Zealand ^____^

Tyson LoTyson Lo (16 days ago)
Actually the dude is eating it wrong because you should flip the fish upside down and touch the fish to your tongue first. ~ Sushi Chef

April PApril P (17 days ago)
4:28 He's so fucking proud of himself here 😂

Reynaldo LazaroReynaldo Lazaro (17 days ago)
im so hungry...

Adil YAdil Y (17 days ago)
How to Eat Sushi : put it in your mouth

JB PJrJB PJr (17 days ago)
He said, the only time to shake your sushi is after you take a piss. Hilarious.

Björn HarsteBjörn Harste (17 days ago)
3:37 - suddenly the eaten maki roll appears again. :D

AnnaAnna (17 days ago)
"Amateur fish eater"

Morgan RoseMorgan Rose (17 days ago)
this guy does not seem jazzed about the sushi if i was him i'd be ecstatic

ThePyrosirysThePyrosirys (17 days ago)
Turns out I knew how to eat sushi because it's extremely obvious.

Jennifer NguyenJennifer Nguyen (18 days ago)
The guy eating seems like he's not a sushi fan

Simon MetinSimon Metin (18 days ago)
"Amateur fish eater" lol. I cant imagine a crappier tag to a name

The chef sounds like he wants to kill the guy for eating it "incorrectly"

ChindoggOriginalChindoggOriginal (18 days ago)
how do you know we've been doing it wrong??

Zachary WilsonZachary Wilson (18 days ago)
OMG I love sushi, my mouth is watering!

FreakyScaryChannelFreakyScaryChannel (18 days ago)
Poor British Spastic... I would have preferred a hot sexy Japanese Sushi Muncher...

Liberata Di NoceraLiberata Di Nocera (18 days ago)
The Chef looks really friendly, too bad the other guy looked quite embarassed X)
Also, now I really want some sushi...

BrayellBrayell (18 days ago)
How did I get here

KiwiKitty c:KiwiKitty c: (19 days ago)
So satisfying

Oliverbeaver22Oliverbeaver22 (19 days ago)
I don't even like sushi. I have no idea why i watched this, but I enjoyed it.

Reaper And moreReaper And more (19 days ago)
*This was satisfying.*

Cdawg FahShawgCdawg FahShawg (19 days ago)
I dont care what these chefs say. Adding additional wasabi or soy sauce takes away from the flavor combination of the fish and rice. Wasabi should be added by the chef. If it is not, it doesnt need it. Soy sauce only works on very bland nigiri but if its bland why are you eating it anyways? Ginger lingers on the palate and gets incorporated into the next piece. It does not cleanse the palate. The best way to cleanse the palate is to drink japanese beer with your sushi preferably sapporo.

Chilling311Chilling311 (19 days ago)
He is like Ian McKellen but Japanese!

FrenchloafFrenchloaf (20 days ago)

Nicolas ZhuNicolas Zhu (20 days ago)
He has so much lice

HidetoraToujouHidetoraToujou (20 days ago)
how about you just shut up cook my food while I eat it however i want right in front of you. with chopsticks, dip it in soy sauce idgaf

AlbinoblacksnakeAlbinoblacksnake (21 day ago)
Americans KNOW that MOST wasabi is actually made from horse radish. it's rare to find quality REAL wasabi because it is difficult to cultivate.

lovelyxskinnylovelyxskinny (21 day ago)
when the chef touches the food with his bare hands, you'll be eating at least 20 pieces of his dead skin. yum! happy eating! 😎

She_WolfShe_Wolf (21 day ago)
you made me crrrrryyyyyy now I want sushi and I'm to lazy to take a 5min walk to the store

Bob BibbidyBob Bibbidy (21 day ago)
I eat sushi like this all the time, was I not supposed to at first and then come here to learn? Common sense is uncommon sense.

SeaMacawSeaMacaw (21 day ago)
Kyle Patton Americans in Europe act like that

Brad Adam DrummingBrad Adam Drumming (21 day ago)
This dude sitting down looks like he has never eaten a piece of sushi in his life and just found out during this video he hates it.

Flyn SmithFlyn Smith (22 days ago)
hai harro

fucking hell i need no one to teach me how to eat, i pay for it i eat it in the way i want

PixelNova71 !!PixelNova71 !! (23 days ago)
My family.. 😭

Kristine Joy AmazonaKristine Joy Amazona (23 days ago)
Love it! 😂

Lexstell ʕ•ᴥ•ʔLexstell ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (23 days ago)
I know this is off topic but I think I'm not attractive

MKG 012909MKG 012909 (24 days ago)
It's sweet
Like you

amethyst galaxyamethyst galaxy (25 days ago)
the subtitles are so wacky lol

Lux The DopestarLux The Dopestar (25 days ago)
Let's all go out for sushi, my treat!

Fu Jian Hé HagedoornFu Jian Hé Hagedoorn (25 days ago)
im pickin it up and mabey dip it in sauce than i eat it

Survivor#357Survivor#357 (25 days ago)
chefs nails looked dirty. thanks

Lowe StromwaldLowe Stromwald (25 days ago)
I prefer to put the ginger on top of the sushi or sashimi, and then either pour some soy sauce on top, or dip into soy sauce cup. Also, I never use chopsticks.

Jonas BusanoJonas Busano (25 days ago)

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