How to Eat Sushi: You've Been Doing it Wrong

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  • Michael J
    Michael J 9 hours ago

    it would help if he liked sushi

  • tc88888888
    tc88888888 1 day ago

    who is this boring guy?

  • zach finefeuiaki
    zach finefeuiaki 1 day ago

    this sushi looks so good but this guy always looks like he wants to puke after he eats it

  • Commissar On Blitz

    The sushi chef look like his sensei

  • Everything Amazing

    just put it in your mouth and done

  • Beerdy
    Beerdy 2 days ago

    I'm eating sushi the wrong way right now and i'm loving it! So fuck you Vice.

  • Hiram Plaza
    Hiram Plaza 2 days ago

    Bitch don't tell me how to eat my sushi

  • Grant B.
    Grant B. 2 days ago

    Ive been doing it right I guess

  • LegendGamer7
    LegendGamer7 2 days ago

    Wait, so you don't just chew and swallow?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • HenFX
    HenFX 3 days ago

    lol im already known how to eat sushi with the right way because im japanese

  • Josue Vera
    Josue Vera 3 days ago

    I haven't been eating sushi wrong fuck off

  • RockaBilly
    RockaBilly 3 days ago

    If you eat it wrong you need to perform the ancient ritual of seppuku

  • Vika Miranda
    Vika Miranda 3 days ago

    Thanks Yasuda Sensē you saved my life

  • BigButterBite
    BigButterBite 4 days ago

    If you eat sushi you eat it. As long as I eat it I don't care how professional

    I LIKE CHESPINS 4 days ago

    l ate tesco sushi and I didn't like it

  • Hi Juan
    Hi Juan 4 days ago

    I don't think it really fucking matters How you eat sushi.

  • Sophie Makogon
    Sophie Makogon 4 days ago

    I'm hungry why am I watching this

  • Cicopath
    Cicopath 4 days ago

    How to properly eat:
    1. Put whatever in mouth
    2. Chew and cover whatever with saliva
    3. Swallow


  • Angelique Dela Cruz

    what i learned from this video:
    dont shake it

  • Wain Tarkannish
    Wain Tarkannish 5 days ago

    Why isn't he wearing food gloves??

  • rafid sadman
    rafid sadman 5 days ago

    It's the month of Ramadan, the day just started and i started have this sushi cravings, im starving after this 😒😭

  • Peter Overlaet
    Peter Overlaet 5 days ago

    Now start cleaning up the Fukushima nuclear plant.

  • Fives ARC
    Fives ARC 6 days ago

    the chef is soooo cool and the dude is just sitting there like a dumbass saying nothing, he ruined the video

  • swapnil joshi
    swapnil joshi 6 days ago

    ohh my god he didnt like that sushi but he was eating just for the shake of that chef....😂😂

  • heygidihey
    heygidihey 6 days ago

    chef <3

  • Ahmad.M
    Ahmad.M 6 days ago

    I always do that...... My friend told me when the first time i eat sushi..

  • Daniel Patterson
    Daniel Patterson 6 days ago

    You don't fucking know me, how dare you say I've been doing something wrong. The fucking nerve on this cunt

  • Хлоя Чанокова

    When I eat sushi that has the fish slice on top, I always separate the fish and the rice, then dip a few sprinkle of soy sauce on the rice, then put it back together. I have heard this is the best way to eat sushi.

  • M6sterOid
    M6sterOid 6 days ago

    Don't tell me how to eat

  • Habida Monroê
    Habida Monroê 6 days ago

    the chef is nice but I hate it when someone touches my food, it disgusts me.. that's why there are certain foods I can't eat in hotels

  • Anton Anton
    Anton Anton 7 days ago

    You know, I don't give a single fuck to table manner. I eat and I am full, just like that, simple. People are so dumb for making such a stupid law for themselves. fuck!

  • TheAwesomeMiner 2008

    Actually I haven't been doing it wrong

  • J&M Cinematics
    J&M Cinematics 8 days ago

    whats next? Your breathing wrong

  • Ize Belle
    Ize Belle 9 days ago


  • Lolana Kahale
    Lolana Kahale 9 days ago

    now that I'm well educated on how to eat a proper sushi. I now need the money to buy real sushi so I can put my skill to the test

  • Tanjir 85
    Tanjir 85 9 days ago

    Chef. Where's your gloves ?

  • Mik lou
    Mik lou 9 days ago

    I'm only here because I had Japanese workers at a Japanese restaurant telling me I'm eating my sushi wrong, I was eating them with chopsticks. Apparently, I'm suppose to eat them with my fingers. Only Japanese culture are anal about this. I'm annoyed that I'm told I should slurp my noodles and drink soup from the bowl, not use a spoon. If you're eating ethnic food (not in Japan) people should be allowed to eat food according to the country etiquette. Slurping food and drinking from the bowl is considered uncultured, this gross habit shouldn't be forced on anyone. All other Asian restaurants I've been to don't care if I use a fork or chopsticks. Those restaurants are a more pleasant experience and accepting of other country's culture. I'll be eating my sushi from home, no thanks to Japanese table manners I consider rude.

  • Giant Asian Sticker

    Tip: pop the sushi in your mouth in any way, chew and swallow. Your welcome.

  • Giant Asian Sticker

    Tip: pop the sushi in your mouth in any way, chew and swallow.

  • Giant Asian Sticker

    Tip: pop the sushi in your mouth in any way, chew and swallow

  • genesis david
    genesis david 10 days ago

    who gives a fuck about eating it the wrong or right way.. at the end of the day its going to be poop..

  • Rentaro Shinya
    Rentaro Shinya 10 days ago

    The guys eating the sushi isn't meant for the job, he's way too quiet and he hasn't complimented the sushi once

  • N K
    N K 10 days ago

    that white guy is very awkward .

  • Tajti Jázmin Tímea

    How to eat sushi:

    Put it in your mouth.

  • Patrick Evans
    Patrick Evans 10 days ago

    is it just me or does this guy look like he is in pain the entire video?

  • Peizhou Shi
    Peizhou Shi 10 days ago

    Real wasabi is hella expensive outside Japan

  • Moolatube
    Moolatube 10 days ago

    So hungry for Sushi now!

  • sanjaya gusje
    sanjaya gusje 11 days ago

    how to eat sushi

    1. grab the sushi
    2. put in your favorite sauce
    3. eat it

    just eat that shit

  • Heaven Zhou
    Heaven Zhou 11 days ago

    Just Salute and use Kage No Bushin and say Shadow Clone Jutsu or either ways or just do Sushi Jutsu: Eat Sushi The Right Way...

  • electromt
    electromt 11 days ago

    "amateur fish eater"

  • Trae Murphy
    Trae Murphy 11 days ago

    berry goot.

  • DarkBeforeLight
    DarkBeforeLight 11 days ago

    Who cares how you eat it just enjoy the food

  • Widy Astuti
    Widy Astuti 12 days ago

    the chef uses his hands for a long time, how if it is sweatly? 😅

  • Jed Dela Cruz
    Jed Dela Cruz 12 days ago

    Sushi chef: Dont shake it
    Guy:Dont shake it
    Chef:Dont shake it
    Guy:*shakes it* cant tell me what to do btch

  • Naomi Roy Chowdhury
    Naomi Roy Chowdhury 12 days ago

    I can finally eat Sushi with my hands.

  • Carlos TBH
    Carlos TBH 12 days ago


  • :steamsalty:
    :steamsalty: 12 days ago

    You put it in your mouth

  • Sophie
    Sophie 12 days ago

    His knife skills terrify me I keep thinking he's going to cut himself

  • NiNi Le
    NiNi Le 12 days ago

    people eat sushi how they want to🍣

  • dennis blondeel
    dennis blondeel 12 days ago

    somehow this was suggested to me

  • Mercy N
    Mercy N 12 days ago

    oh my goodness, those chopsticks that Chef has are beautiful and i need them

  • Enrico Bettazzi
    Enrico Bettazzi 13 days ago

    i eat it how i fucking want

  • Jonathan F
    Jonathan F 13 days ago

    What a nice dude

  • SYNT H
    SYNT H 13 days ago

    how to eat sushi

    1 grab it

    2 put it in your mouth

    3 chew

    5 swallow

    6 repeat.

  • Saurav Shroff
    Saurav Shroff 13 days ago

    can someone explain to me how he's served 6 pieces of sushi, eats one, served another, yet ends up with 7 pieces

  • loslethos
    loslethos 14 days ago

    Chef: "Don't shake it."
    Dude: "Don't shake it?"
    Chef: Don't shake it."

    Shakes it anyway.

  • Naima Bogran
    Naima Bogran 14 days ago

    when I saw the title I was like who's gonna watch a 6 minute video about eating sushi and here I am😂

  • janbang_x
    janbang_x 14 days ago

    Its kinda scary to eat beside this chef ahahah

  • Elloh Mia
    Elloh Mia 14 days ago

    Who else got sushi after watching this 😍

  • andreiy31
    andreiy31 15 days ago

    JUST WATCH ME, I'll become the best sushi eater

  • Sylwia Swiecinska
    Sylwia Swiecinska 15 days ago

    I fucking knew I was supposed to eat that one with my hands. So many white people told me to use chopsticks for it DX Same thing with the ginger! >.<

  • Bryan Wu
    Bryan Wu 16 days ago

    Who else thought his voice was really cringe?

  • Cassie Cage
    Cassie Cage 16 days ago

    Why is everyone complaining about the man eating?Jesus people always have to comment shit about everything.

  • Clashing with Thunder

    Fuck I'vee been doing it the wrong way I shove them up my asshole.

  • Absol Art
    Absol Art 16 days ago


  • Jayson Davis
    Jayson Davis 16 days ago

    "Sweet, like you"... yeah I think the chef wants a piece o' that dude's ass

    Jokes! Just differences in culturally acceptable expressions within and between the sexes...maybe...

  • Tyrant Kragith
    Tyrant Kragith 16 days ago

    There is no "wrong" way to eat anything. Maybe if you try to eat it with your ass.

  • Pyrrha Chibi
    Pyrrha Chibi 17 days ago

    Ive never eaten sushi before

  • Samuel Demers
    Samuel Demers 17 days ago

    how to eat sushi? eat them the way you like them.

  • Tebby
    Tebby 17 days ago

    It is sweet

    Like u

  • NamjoonAF
    NamjoonAF 18 days ago

    ~it is sweet! you//(CRINGING)

  • grime boi
    grime boi 18 days ago

    No Homeworku No Sushi

  • Alex V
    Alex V 18 days ago

    I think one should eat however it takes better. Because really, food is a subjective thing. What you like, other might hate. So lets all eat the way we like the most.

  • Mackie Daren
    Mackie Daren 18 days ago

    Better hair me in this how to video. I LOVE sushi and know how to eat it because I've been in Japan, and almost of my meals were...SUSHI.

  • Blue Orakel
    Blue Orakel 18 days ago

    I make sushi alot for my family. I make my own style of sushi. Sushi for life!!

  • Cassandra Osborne
    Cassandra Osborne 18 days ago

    The dude looks scared yo

  • suppi sup
    suppi sup 18 days ago

    the chef is so nice and cute with his jokes and everything ❤️

  • Rapis雨
    Rapis雨 18 days ago

    Oh so I have been eating sushi wrong all this time? Alright I see I will not eat it with my mouth but my anus, thanks Munchies you saved me a bunch.

  • Olivier Bertrand
    Olivier Bertrand 18 days ago

    This is how I eat sushi! I'm surprised

  • Sangzhe Lee
    Sangzhe Lee 19 days ago

    great tho but the dude seem awkward tho Been told to eat hahahah

    plus the hands of the chef tho 😂

  • Ethan M
    Ethan M 19 days ago

    maybe he's uncomfortable because he's eating food that had just been groped by the chef

  • Yuuki Rito
    Yuuki Rito 19 days ago

    You use your hands, what you talking about?

  • Okta Vianty
    Okta Vianty 19 days ago

    Like you lmao

  • KumaPaws376
    KumaPaws376 20 days ago

    Eat it raw, brah

  • goodgirl140
    goodgirl140 20 days ago

    The sushi chef is a really cool guy

  • William Unzueta
    William Unzueta 20 days ago

    The dude you can tell isn't a fan of fish

  • Matt Matthew
    Matt Matthew 20 days ago

    this is awesome tho

  • Morgan Olfursson
    Morgan Olfursson 20 days ago

    this chef is funny and he is not vain, i like that .He brags about how good the ingredients are , not him . This is a true chef .
    He also knows that Sushi though very popular and expensive food in the west is the most basic food in japan and dates back hundreds of years as it is the simplest cuisine.
    The most basic source of income in the old days in Japan was fish and fishermen were the most basic workers with often miserable wages . They would have to go very far at sea and often stay at sea for a few days . No food could be kept fresh in the hot and humid summers on a ship . So they brought too things , rice and dried seaweeds which were the most inexpensive things at the time . To keep the rice fresh and edible for several days it was mixed with salt and vinegar . Wasabi (which was also very easy to keep fresh for several days ) was also thought to have antiseptic properties and therefore , to avoid food poisoning was brought aboard the ships and spread on the rice, and the soy sauce which was cheaper than salt and can be kept for months without cooling was brought along too as seasoning or the Japanese equivalent of dressing . The raw fish ans other seafood were the only source of proteins while at sea and of course you don't make fire on a boat made out of wood so it was eaten raw , with vinegar rice , seaweed, wasabi and soy sauce and there you have it , Sushi .
    This chef of course knows where sushi came from and that it was the dish of the poorest among the poor workers and the most humble food , a feudal loard would have never been caught dead eating it . That's why i like this chef's humility . He is like the fishermen .
    Simple and dignified and with a good sense of humor.
    Don't let the photo fool you , i am Japanese , Kyoto born and raised, this is my husband's account .

  • Jessie Fairley
    Jessie Fairley 20 days ago

    Why do u make me watch a commercial

  • Reel Dirtie
    Reel Dirtie 20 days ago

    who hired the skinny disrespectful and boring ass kid

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