Awesome Quick Bird Trap Using Two Plastic Bottles - How To Make Best Bird Trap With Plastic Bottle

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  • Shawn Conway
    Shawn Conway 2 days ago


  • Shawn Conway
    Shawn Conway 2 days ago

    guys grow up he pot them thar

  • Dijonne Stricklen
    Dijonne Stricklen 5 days ago

    cool video glad i came up in this thank you rescare.

  • Rip 17763
    Rip 17763 7 days ago

    What did you do to the birds after? Release?

  • th amazing
    th amazing 7 days ago

    good trap brother

  • Satwa Alami
    Satwa Alami 7 days ago

    great trap

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris 7 days ago

    I love seeing all the traps you and your brother create. Those two birds are far too tiny for a meal - gonna fatten them up a bit? Or is that a normal size for quail in Cambodia?

  • Carla Davis
    Carla Davis 7 days ago

    this would work great in a survival situation. what country are you?

  • Rogelio Rodriguez
    Rogelio Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Pinche gente culera en vez de hacer algo útil para la sociedad, enseñan esas mendigas mañas, pura gente muerta de hambre,

  • abdallah sedour
    abdallah sedour 7 days ago

    ربي يحفضك

  • Nasrii Hassa
    Nasrii Hassa 8 days ago

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  • alpinjamet AS2C
    alpinjamet AS2C 8 days ago

    burung puyuh goblok

  • ly keng
    ly keng 8 days ago


  • نصوري العتيبي


  • gao hồng
    gao hồng 8 days ago

    bẩy đặt này rất hay

  • Lenny
    Lenny 8 days ago

    if i have a lot of birds traps i will get a lot of the birds

    • Lenny
      Lenny 7 days ago

      thanks and i love your vids

  • Kaitlyn Billingsley


    • Kaitlyn Billingsley
      Kaitlyn Billingsley 8 days ago

      royal cambo channel: hey no prob its a great trap without killing it but I wou ld punch in a few holes I luv birds

  • pokecraft game
    pokecraft game 8 days ago

    tant a fai quoi des oiseau

    • pokecraft game
      pokecraft game 8 days ago

      royal cambo channel dr mais ru peut repondre

  • Benamar Merghache
    Benamar Merghache 8 days ago

    ci Bien

  • Mostofa Ahmed
    Mostofa Ahmed 8 days ago


  • Pepe Aldaco
    Pepe Aldaco 8 days ago

    great idea man special for quails

    • Pepe Aldaco
      Pepe Aldaco 8 days ago

      royal cambo channel Thank you! i like to hunt dove and quail, i use a bird cage to trap them but now i will try your idea. god bless your family.

  • عاشقت الامام المهدي




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