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Beginning April 13th, join Craig Benzine (the internet's WheezyWaiter) for 16 weeks of Film History right here on Crash Course. He'll look at the history of one of our most powerful mediums. Film has the ability to communicate with images, entertain, move us, frighten us, and so much more. From A Trip to the Moon to Captain America: Civil War, the history of film is really a history of humanity and Craig will do his best to lead us all through it.

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Author lordomlette ( ago)
Welcome back dude

Author Jaz The Spaz ( ago)
Hey Crash Course, could you create a crash course on religions. I feel like a lot of people who dont understand other religions make precarious assumptions and I would like to know some of the basics of other religions to understand them better.

Author Kenneth Lien ( ago)
I know realized I liked Greg which I wasn't sure of throughout US politics.

Author Sir Francis ( ago)
Crash Course Science? Crash Course Art? Crash Course Music? Crash Course Shakespeare? UoCC?

Author xX Super AVP Craft Xx ( ago)
#Bring john and hank back!!

Author Cameron Sipka ( ago)
he's back! I missed weezy since crash course government and politics ended!!!

Author Matthew Oyan ( ago)
I can't wait for this! It WILL surely help me before film school.

Author scorpioninpink ( ago)
OH YES!!!!

Author Tore Inimene ( ago)
Not this guy, again! Anyone but this guy. CC, please don't let him ruin "CC Film History".
He's the cringiest CC host... Even worse than John.

Author Gatz Bcn ( ago)
I think I am going to love this series!!!

Author Desiree Holloway ( ago)

Author Milo Willow ( ago)
Can we have a crash course music history?

Author Davey Ritchey ( ago)
I didn't realize how much I needed this in my life until now

Author Finnian Harrison ( ago)
The 13th of April's almost over when is Crash Course Film History coming?

Author Zeekar ( ago)
You know I was waiting for that eagle punch. Can't wait.

Author Sean Purcell ( ago)
well I'm ready. where is it?

Author PaulDaPsycho1 ( ago)
I would like to see Crash Course Pharmacology. You guys are doing lots of these this year thanks for that.

Author Kate ( ago)
I found this the day before the first episode came out. The hype is real.

Author Affinity ( ago)
"Movies were an accident"

So was I...

Author Affinity ( ago)
Am I the only one who thought it was the history of Film Theory

Author Judas Machina ( ago)
Looking forward to this.
Movies have replaced the Colosseum for all our primitive needs, so it will be interesting how he rationalizes this.

Author Darth Mongoose ( ago)
Glad that Mr Benzine is back.

Author Carson Smith ( ago)
Tomorrow boys.

Author LTJZamboni ( ago)
I can't thumbs this up hard enough.

Author Rimsiakas ( ago)
Hahaha the eagle punch

Author Jornam ( ago)
Should've gotten Nerdwriter on the team for this one :O

Author Jornam ( ago)
Not Greg again...

Author sofkolo ( ago)
yessss can't wait

Author Jing Chen ( ago)
Good one!!!

Author Victor Reyes ( ago)
They should do crash course math, just a thought

Author Leah Griffin ( ago)
Is this really happening?😝🤗... so awesome!

Author ghostkhaos2 ( ago)
I love that this and mythology are part of crash course. It's great to have had crash course help me through high school, and then have crashcourse still teach me new things every week that I want to learn about.

Author Lawrence Tider ( ago)
I didn't even know I wanted this.

Author Antonio Gera ( ago)
Im so happy to see WheezyWaiter in crash course

Author Paige Smith ( ago)
I really hope this course doesn't take a purely American-European view to the history of film. As a film student, I am a bit sceptical that this is gonna oversimplify some complex ideas, haha but maybe the history majors thought that with crash course world history too.

Author Koriian ( ago)
What happened to Crash Course AP Geography!?

Author Michael Edward ( ago)
Christmas comes in April!

Author Meriwether ( ago)
Woohoo! So excited about this!! I love crash course and I've been nuts about film history for as long as I can remember!

Author Louise3941 ( ago)
He punched the eagle :)

Author Chris Hackett ( ago)
IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! love wheezy

Author Catherine Fortier ( ago)

Author Dominic Harkin ( ago)
Lads, if you're looking to get a head-start in this Mark Cousins' The Story of Film: an odyssey is phenomenal and an absolute must for anyone interested in film history.

Author Azelfix ( ago)
Where did CRASH COURSE Geography go ?

Author Joseph Attwell ( ago)
I can already how fun the comment section is going to be when the series talks about A Birth of a Nation.

Author Storm's End's Mandalore ( ago)

Author Dr. Feelgood ( ago)
Will Animation come up at any time or will that be a sub genre kind thing for crash course

Author Ben Aaron ( ago)
Yeah, Craig!

Author STAB Gaming ( ago)

Author Medium-sized Bean ( ago)
YESSSSS so excited

Author Marcus' Book Nook ( ago)
I can't wait!

Author JamesFrancesco ( ago)
nice little easter egg with the eagle punch

Author actoutgames ( ago)
Presley will be watching!!! Excited!

Author Seth Heasley ( ago)
Dangit. I just can't bring myself to watch videos hosted by this guy. Even if I like the topic.

Author Adam Johnson ( ago)
Crash Course is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Author Theolppoman ( ago)
Weezy Waiter hosts Crash Course on film history? Hell yes!

Author Joe Falk ( ago)
YESSSSSSSSS! I teach a HS film analysis course. Can't wait!

Author weesh ful ( ago)

Author Lady Dew ( ago)
I want to take a moment to thank you for educating us, for free and clearly and deeply 😉

Author Michael Wu ( ago)
Andrei Tarkovsky.

Author elin Saldivar ( ago)
I cannot wait, I love film history.

Author livierose ( ago)
You have no idea how excited I am about this. I recently became interested in becoming a filmmaker when I grow up, but I know very little about film. I can't wait to learn more!

Author darkmage07070777 ( ago)
Craig is back! Woo!

Really excited about this one, as I have a friend who is a real film buff, and I can't wait to show this to her!

Author sandile13809 ( ago)
if i wasn't already on board for this series, then craig leading it put me on board. lets go!!

Author Diana Watson ( ago)
I'm so excited for this series!

Author Lauren Grimsrud ( ago)

Author In my Tiny mind ( ago)
please post this soon I have film history exams in two months!!!!!!

Author ironitegaming ( ago)
I would love to see a Crash Course Architecture

Author Ian Ventura ( ago)

Author Samantha Lopez ( ago)
Ahhhh I'm so excited!!!

Author shivangee chakraborty ( ago)
I ABSOLUTELY love it that Crash Course has started this series. What I love more is that "Craig also known as Wheezy Waiter also known as Craig" is hosting it!

Author Jose Chaparro ( ago)
do it

Author Sheyla Cham ( ago)
Excited god damn

Author Lt. Choi Tae-in. ( ago)
A year? You're going to be doing this for a year? Wow.

Author Yeshaya Shapiro ( ago)
Who else was staring at his uncomfortable jacket the whole time

Author Renato Grigoli ( ago)
Wouldn't be Craig if he did'nt punch the Eagle xD

Author MovieMaker Jack ( ago)
Can't wait!!!

Author Crystal Roberts ( ago)

Author JHS ( ago)
Please don't solely focus on American film.

Author Zuck That ( ago)
Can't wait!

Author raythegardener ( ago)
I once took a crash course in driving. It didn't end well.

Author griffus111 ( ago)

Author Megan Ortego ( ago)

Author Jonathan Cygan ( ago)
He's Back!

Author Geoffrey Winn ( ago)
Cool video!

Author Paulo Henrique Rodrigues ( ago)
Love it!!!! Can´t wait for this!!! Thnx CC! ;)

Author NighteeeY ( ago)
I study film and oh yes! 0:58 totally true!

Author Happy Town ( ago)
Please you can't do film and leave out art
art must come soon
music can wait
but art please....

Author Andrea Tani ( ago)

Author Ginny Weasley ( ago)
yes yes yes YES

Author ivanaa b ( ago)

Author KC Hannah ( ago)
Does anybody know of any good channels that could help me with math? Specifically, Pre-Calc? I have a hard time finding math videos that are both engaging AND helpful like CC videos usually are.

Author Kevin Thomson ( ago)
what is the movie shown when he mentions netflix ?

Author Phirdeline ( ago)
I made up my mind
With all these exciting and unusual courses I can say without a doubt that CrashCourse is The Best Vlogbrothers' Project

Author Moefilms Productions ( ago)

Author Haja Dumbuya ( ago)
YAY ITS CRAIG!!! I'm so happy he's hosting again. More eagle punches!

Author paul is tall ( ago)
Ooh I'm gonna enjoy this.

Author Bush Did 7-Eleven ( ago)
I missed you Craig. Thank you for coming back and making crash course great again.

Author Brandi King ( ago)
Yeeees! Needed this so badly last semester!

Author matcha kat ( ago)

Author Giedrė Sarnauskaitė ( ago)
I'm so excited!!

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