Mclaren F1 vs Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - BBC - Top Gear

Showdown of the Millennium: For the 1st time ever, fastest production cars of World head to head in a Mile Drag Race. Veyron driven by Richard Hammond while Stigy in Mclaren F1, location: Abu-Dhabi, Enjoy!!! - Courtesy BBC Top Gear.

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Author Jason Chan (2 years)
only in Dubai: Mclaren F1 vs Bugatti Veyron

Author shivam sharma (2 years)
Mclaren F1 vs Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - BBC - Top Gear

Author Corey Shade (2 years)
That's sad the Bugatti is almost 20 years newer then a F1 and it only won
by half a second. I swear, one simple engine mod i.e Turbo... the F1 would
destroy the Bugatti...

Author DJAnuraagGupta (2 years)
the most dangerous part in the is the Spoilers wen it comes out the car

Author albert rich (2 years)
there were no losers in this it must be nice to be rich !!!

Author Lexar tm (2 years)
Stig would win in a Fiesta

Author Th3Gamemaster2010 (2 years)
@rickyt11 Not hating but till its good its not fast. :)

Author eiffeltornet1 (2 years)
Here we go.. I was completely lost a second ago watching a "show" called
fifth gear because i thought i saw clarkson on the thumbnail.. mistaaaaake

Author tomjonesca (2 years)
This road is from the Camel Roundabout to the Airport in Al Ain. It's a
nice 2 mile long road, no speed camera and we would haul ass on this road
everyday to work.

Author thanooy (2 years)
How come the bugatti racing has full front tint n the one the english dude
is driving has tint on only the top half of the window?

Author Tobi Ogunsanwo (2 years)
@brzuchomowca That's why those facts are called paper facts. Those are the
values you get on dynos.

Author BarnET0 (2 years)
the bugatti wins becouse of the 4 wheel drive system. When the mclaren gets
grip it gets faster to 200km/u but than the drag starts to beat the weight
advantage the F1 has. And the Bugatti starts to reel it back in. i think
the F1 is more of a achievement being build 17 years ago

Author brzuchomowca (2 years)
Mclaren F1 acceleration 0-100km/h - 3 s top speed - 380 km/h Bugatti Veyron
16.4 acceleration 0-100km/h - 2,5 s top speed - 407 km/h this is fake !!!

Author G60JakeTV (2 years)
Cant beat the F1's accelleration. Its incredible. And see how it did
against a Quad Turbo W16? The F1 is naturally aspirated and still holds its
own. The F1 will probably never stop being my favorite car. even the
styling is fresh still after all these years, IMO coolest exotic car ever.

Author qnaim (2 years)
stig rawks!!!

Author cheeco8 (2 years)
do a power lap i think the mclaren would be quicker

Author andrew a (2 years)
@IEDrift not sure but i know it's on the requiem for a dream soundtrack ,
not sure witch 1 thou

Author Jake (2 years)
Was that Mr Bean's Mclaren? Still bloody impressive..

Author Neelesh Singh (2 years)
I don't care who wins. But I LIVE BOTH CARS!!! Thumbs up!!

Author Dan Gotze (2 years)
@ecchibanzaii Yes because the mclaren weights alot less. Weight spoils
everything in a car

Author z33ny (2 years)
And that car came out in 93. 15 years and double the horsepower later only
5 yards dif in a mile drag. awesome

Author Nokturn6 (2 years)
The answer to this duel is this: Hammond DID NOT use launch control.
Without it Veyron goes to 60mph in about 3,5 s. That's what all the fuss is
about. Using LC it is 2,5 s. but it is extremely bad for the clutch. I've
heard that after 10 full launch control starts the clutch is gone.

Author FinalFantasyCenter (2 years)
@john0648 I know the difference. But i hear they're designing a new Mclaren
as AlexDeLarge90 (Top comment) said. My guess is that that car will be much
faster than Veyron. Imagine even more horsepower than Veyron and half the
weight :O

Author 0timus (2 years)
look what every one is missing is that the bugatti looks like something i
shit out my ass after a hard night on the piss and a spicy chicken
vindaloo. Fuck bugatti if i had all the money in the world id round up all
of them design the body to look sexy and off to the work camps with the
people that designed it!

Author Th3Gamemaster2010 (2 years)
@rickyt11 Why would you =P We all know the winner. TIP: Its not the

Author rickyt11 (2 years)
Well, I never. I would like to see the Bugatti Vs LFA. Thanks for the video

Author slimshreder (2 years)
requiem for a dream music

Author TheRadiastral (2 years)
Beautiful example of the difference of light weight to powerful. In the
real world, on the streets, weight is the key and major factor. As you pass
250-300 km/h (160-180 mp/h), air resistance will be more and more of a
factor, thus aerodynamic properties get more important. So is power. And we
see how a drag race differs from a track race. Veyron lost the start and
won closer to max speed, just as a bike vs super-car will always win at the
start but likely loose after 300km/h or in corners.

Author paulo herique p pereira rodrigues pereira rodrigues (2 years)
é Bugatti é Bugatti nao tem que pra ganha nao rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs

Author skylinegtr420 (2 years)
anyone know the song at the start?

Author srdjan atresaje (2 years)
mclaren have much better aceleration street racing bugatti have no
chance !

Author Noah Mazzola (2 years)
@gastoniba04 if the mclaren could go 253 mph then id think its
better....too bad it doesnt

Author Xquu15 (2 years)
I'll take the Veyron

Author Maurerful (2 years)
@ecchibanzaii you fail to mention that Bugatti is more than 1600 pounds
heavier, and that the first Veyron engine dyno test produced 3,000 horses.

Author bunnykill48 (2 years)
the f1 was made when i was born....

Author Brittow (2 years)
@ecchibanzaii And still the Bugatti is the fastest car ever built....

Author 67ShelbyMustang500 (2 years)
They have the dream job of any car guy

Author armando gomez (2 years)
bugaty exelente

Author Abelcelica (2 years)
in a drag bugatti, in a circuit Mclaren!!!!

Author chiznazzz (2 years)
1/4 mile Mclaren looks like it would win.

Author Ecchi-BANZAII!!! (2 years)
It takes 4 hundred more horse powers 4 turbos 8 more cylinders and 12 years
for Bugatti to make a faster car than McLaren. McLaren, I salute you.

Author ottooke007 (2 years)
@igodzila7 ?

Author dezsoke1989 (2 years)
bazdmeg :D

Author z33ny (2 years)
@panca00 im american and i agree

Author Juan Jose Rincon (2 years)
@chiznazzz yeah...the mclaren got up first because the bugatti didn´t use
lauch control....if you do a race using the Bugatti´s lauch control the
mclaren woudn´t win even a 100m sprint

Author StikManJones (2 years)
@bfnflavius a seasoned race car driver vs richard hammond. does that answer
your question?

Author therealTOTOfan (2 years)
power to weight ratio matters for acceleration but pure horsepower matters
for top speed..

Author Finisher (2 years)
bugati holds record for 431 kmph

Author bfnflavius (2 years)
The Mclaren is a great car, no doubt but the race is a bit staged. There's
no way a 600hp rwd car will have a better start off the line than a 1000 hp
awd car.

Author drummer25664 (2 years)
yeah you may have won but your helmet was way dorkier.

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