Mama Cat Carrying Baby Kittens Videos Compilation 2017

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  • Fanny Felix
    Fanny Felix 16 minutes ago

    nossa coitado do gatinho eles são bebezinhos na

  • Mangomania Chen
    Mangomania Chen 6 hours ago

    This made my day, Such harmony.

  • phan vanny
    phan vanny 9 hours ago

    so cute

  • Ms potatoes
    Ms potatoes 11 hours ago


  • Susan Mingledorff
    Susan Mingledorff 19 hours ago


  • Andres Romero
    Andres Romero 1 day ago

    Awwwww like if you think there cute

  • Paola Carrizo
    Paola Carrizo 1 day ago

    algunos bb están muy pesados jaja. Mi perra esta conmigo escuchando a loa gatitos y llora, a ella le gustan los gatitos bb pero no le caen muy bien los gatos adultos

  • Tony Henderson
    Tony Henderson 2 days ago


  • daiane. e. luana. Souza

    qui fofo 😍😍😍😍😍

  • taklaji kız
    taklaji kız 2 days ago

    l la ve baby cats 😙

  • Makča cz
    Makča cz 2 days ago


  • The Purple M&M
    The Purple M&M 2 days ago

    awwwwww *heart melts*

  • Ryan Wags
    Ryan Wags 3 days ago

    Ok are the mothers carrying them or trying to kill the kittens without notice

  • Sharon Gadi
    Sharon Gadi 3 days ago

    very cute

  • geovanie penaso
    geovanie penaso 3 days ago

    ahh thier so cute😫😄😻😸😸

  • PhophleIron WaffleIron

    the mom at 1: 24. lol

  • Patricia De Loa
    Patricia De Loa 4 days ago

    it looks like it hurts

  • KORNEL Ferenczik
    KORNEL Ferenczik 4 days ago

    ju Tislajk tis witeo ju hew a KURWA

  • Melanie Tejeda
    Melanie Tejeda 4 days ago

    What great mothers😸😺 Like if you agree

  • Avorie Castro
    Avorie Castro 4 days ago

    my chicken had babies 3 days ago

  • Francisco Rodrigues

    Brigo demais com minha mãe mas a vejo como estas gatinha e seus filhotes e fico arrependido de brigar com ela.

  • Jose Luis Insaurralde Oviedo

    que orible

  • Julia Ferreira
    Julia Ferreira 5 days ago

    love cat

  • anne sofie von der pahlen

    I love kittens

  • ريما عبدالرحيم

    يا الا شو كيوت😘😘

  • Tengku Ross
    Tengku Ross 5 days ago

    yes so cutu😍

  • JackyVivid
    JackyVivid 7 days ago

    thats mum!

  • Maya Begum  FINDIKLI

    cat & kitten is so cute

  • Elise Pallud
    Elise Pallud 8 days ago

    I like the sound of the kitten

  • Kawaibluefox2
    Kawaibluefox2 8 days ago

    Mom Cats Carries Baby Cats weird.

  • Cara Malcolm
    Cara Malcolm 8 days ago


  • Salambek Salambek
    Salambek Salambek 8 days ago

    Мамы они такие

  • Himouto Humaru
    Himouto Humaru 8 days ago

    men canto

  • Slovania's Studio
    Slovania's Studio 8 days ago

    oml so cute but it looks like the cat mommas are suffocating the babies...e.e

  • Laura Aguilar
    Laura Aguilar 8 days ago

    its rude to me because the mama carrys them by the neeck

    • Best Playlist
      Best Playlist 1 day ago

      Laura Aguilar its the safest way considering they lack the use of hands as us humans ,and also their light weight makes safe , the real problem lies when humans assume its the best way to carry adult cats in a similar way , unfortunately for cats it can cause internal bledding because of their heavy weight compared to kittens

  • Marina Kostennikova

    ой мамы....вот уж мамы!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • charisse091
    charisse091 9 days ago

    soooo cute!

  • David Boris
    David Boris 9 days ago

    so so so cute

  • AuroraWolf the president of wolfs LTU

    0:30 OM NOM NOM!

  • Nati Walkowiak
    Nati Walkowiak 9 days ago

    1:16 Omg This little Kitty is Cute

    Every Kitty is cute

  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah 9 days ago

    the kat bith the baby kitten hard ?😣🤔

  • minişler ve dünya tv


  • danyaslavin
    danyaslavin 10 days ago

    does this hurt the kittind

  • Cate Albert
    Cate Albert 10 days ago

    omg is is so hard not to say awww

  • arwish fatima
    arwish fatima 10 days ago

    At 1:43 why was that man laughing🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Aria Trunajaya
    Aria Trunajaya 10 days ago

    Nice vidio soo sute😍😍

  • Alexis Chaparro
    Alexis Chaparro 10 days ago

    so so so so so cute

  • cool friends club
    cool friends club 10 days ago

    I kinda feel wrong when the mama cat carry their kitten like that

  • Vienne Flores
    Vienne Flores 10 days ago

    awww so cute😁😁😁😁

  • Marcus Gauslaa
    Marcus Gauslaa 10 days ago

    everybody is so so so so CUTE!!

  • Best Playlist
    Best Playlist 11 days ago

    To all cat lovers : when you see mum carrying her kittens from the scruff of their neck don't try and copy that with adult cats because that is dangerous and can cause internal damage and bleeding in their midriff area , kittens are light weight,so there is less gravity and no damage ,thank you

  • Geraldin Quezada
    Geraldin Quezada 11 days ago

    😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😊😊😇💞 ha ha ha

  • Angeli Rodriguez
    Angeli Rodriguez 11 days ago

    I find it odd, but I just saw my male cat breastfeeding this abandoned kitten I found on the street.

  • samrat pulket
    samrat pulket 11 days ago

    cute baby

  • Carlos Camarena
    Carlos Camarena 11 days ago

    Mothers take care of their babies. PERIOD.

  • Динара Яфарова

    tak mila

  • Shawna Morse
    Shawna Morse 11 days ago

    are the cats geting hurt???

  • Naga Nagwa
    Naga Nagwa 12 days ago

    some people say when cats put them in there teeth they eat them but it's wrong if you don't say these like

  • Rodrigo Brito
    Rodrigo Brito 12 days ago

    que fofinho ❤❤

  • PVP fightet on phantom forces Stronger

    1:16 mom:i'll help you back in!

    (mom drops kitten and goes into box without her)

    kitten:you faggot

  • shou estupendo que mi hermano ya ase su shou cristi

    osea es muy tierno todos tienen su mamà no son muy protectoras

  • Lise MUNIER
    Lise MUNIER 12 days ago

    trop mignon ! j'adore ! les chattes sont d'excellentes mères

  • Abdalrahman Waleed
    Abdalrahman Waleed 12 days ago


  • Максим Матчак


  • Andrew Huma
    Andrew Huma 12 days ago

    so cute super cute

  • CuteCake DIY
    CuteCake DIY 12 days ago

    mom: come with me
    baby:wait a second
    mom:come on let's go
    baby: NEVER
    (mom picks up the baby)
    (baby holds on)
    (baby let's go of the...thing)
    baby:AHHHHHH owner help me stop the video and help me

    • CuteCake DIY
      CuteCake DIY 12 days ago

      (I don't know how to edit so sorry)
      mom:you need to sleep
      baby:wait a second
      mom:come on let's go
      mom:oh forget it I'll just pick you up
      (mom picks up baby)
      (baby holds tight)
      (baby let's go)

  • Gilberto Sousa
    Gilberto Sousa 12 days ago

    sou brasileiro

  • Beny Valenciano
    Beny Valenciano 13 days ago

    0:02 is so cute and sweet.💕💕💕💕💕😱😱😱😱😱😘😘😘

  • brandi Pollard
    brandi Pollard 13 days ago

    it hearts the kittens I cried its sad.

  • princess a
    princess a 13 days ago

    it was so scary when the mama cat drop the kity

  • Joao Francisco Cunha Da Silva

    Não descola eu quis dizer que fofo

  • Joao Francisco Cunha Da Silva

    que fofoca

  • Yeesii Maciel
    Yeesii Maciel 13 days ago

    Son. tarado

  • Yadira Cedeño
    Yadira Cedeño 13 days ago

    que tierno

  • sugar & kup ckake
    sugar & kup ckake 14 days ago

    oh so so lovely & im so love cats

  • Salome Herrera
    Salome Herrera 14 days ago


  • Menna A.Taha
    Menna A.Taha 14 days ago


  • Lexi Lobos
    Lexi Lobos 14 days ago

    *mama cat sees baby outside the box*

    mama kitty: oh I got you baby

    baby kitty: ok mom

    mama: damn you're heavy asf
    *drops kitten*

    kitty: well fuck you to mom

  • Do Mic
    Do Mic 14 days ago

    Umm are you sure they are not eating them

  • LadyGreyBlack
    LadyGreyBlack 14 days ago

    Mama kitties need their own strollers.

  • caithmazing
    caithmazing 15 days ago

    1:18 woops

  • Eva and Alex
    Eva and Alex 15 days ago

    awww how cute😻😻😻😻

  • Kurapika Pretty Ass
    Kurapika Pretty Ass 15 days ago

    I like the sounds moms make when they talk to their babies, I wonder what they are telling them tho

  • Beppe Magazzu
    Beppe Magazzu 15 days ago


  • Nurbaiti Nurbaiti
    Nurbaiti Nurbaiti 15 days ago

    so cute

  • The Slime Channel
    The Slime Channel 15 days ago

    2:08 kitten: let me be
    mom: drags her and outs her near pillow
    kitten: stare

  • guady capa
    guady capa 15 days ago

    2:03 esa es mi mamá luchando para que yo me balla al colegio.

  • Elena Gonzalez
    Elena Gonzalez 15 days ago

    Mother love.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 15 days ago

    1:17 Top 10 epic fails

  • Maria Zappavigna
    Maria Zappavigna 16 days ago

    you know animals do not realize the dangers if the freeway, I just s happen to get a dead pregnant cat out the road. so people do not keep driving over her.
    love ng time a ago someone had diving over a cat, half way, his body was a long Fe and people was during over it. I grave a hanger and took her/him of the road.
    accidents do happen. it's a lots Street animals. it's no need to be so sterical about it. But if they teach kids at school, if they can not care care and nuder!/ or fix their cats or dogs/ or any kind of PET. DO NOT GET ONE. it's a lots of responsibility, and also hassardous for the environment and the children. I understand people make a living with selling animals, but this new modern society it's not animal encliend, if you child or family members does not want a animal, do not force them to have one. that just that simple and responsible way. it's lots of other things you can do to teach your child to be responsible. like throwing the garbage every day or, making their bed every morning etc.

  • Maria Zappavigna
    Maria Zappavigna 16 days ago

    something that can be put in the water or food. they are. less than 6 weeks old.

  • Maria Zappavigna
    Maria Zappavigna 16 days ago

    what kind of home made medication it's best for straits kittens with eye infection. of course if you can grave them.
    if not something that can be put on their eyes.

  • Tamara Donsky
    Tamara Donsky 16 days ago


  • Jenny Williams
    Jenny Williams 16 days ago

    so cute I like your mommy and your baby cat

  • Murdoc Cipher
    Murdoc Cipher 16 days ago

    Get back in da nest, child.

  • Daniel Akers
    Daniel Akers 16 days ago

    It looks like the are eating there kittens and puppy's the baby's are like noooooooo!!!!!!!! they put the flood the to stick so the mom can't carry them does it look silly to you ?teal me

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  • isaac caceres nuñez


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