How & Where to catch/get - Special Pikachu in Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2 [JP]

Daisuki Club Website -
If you participated in the Summer Sports League 2012 on the Daisuki Club website, gives you access to a Level 10 Pikachu with its Hidden Ability of Lightningrod. This Pokémon is available to those eligible until January 31st so if you're eligible, be sure to get it

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Author PAC-MAN NET ( ago)
i still dont know where it is!

Author Bilingual Bubble ( ago)

Author Foxtail “Foxtail-Chan Emily” the shape-shifting ninja neko ( ago)
english ver plz?

Author PurpleCroissant ( ago)
wow... wow

what is this crap?

Author speedy_3014 ( ago)
So does this count as PokéGenning?

Author Mathew Guthrie ( ago)
Gos damn been serch youtube for hours no videos about how to fuking catch a

Author Salty nuggets HD ( ago)

Author David Jones ( ago)
I'm Japanese and that is racist agents Japan and my people

Author deelydoo92 ( ago)
goddamn it I need Pikachu so strong!

Author Don't Care ( ago)

Author Salvador Peralta ( ago)
Ass. .........hope your pikachu never makes ir

Author Leon Blizzaru ( ago)
I'll miss his old cry xD

Author Raman Bhondi ( ago)
pokemon gameplay white 2 how and where to catch ...

Author Lucky Lucy ( ago)
What were the moves on the bottom screen that pikachu knew?

Author Gumdropsqueak ( ago)
So how do you get it?

Author Chronic Gaming ( ago)
wtf cant even read it

Author Kitten ( ago)
What's on this Pikachu so special? '-'

Author Teddy Nellons ( ago)

Author Teddy Nellons ( ago)

Author fkc ( ago)
How do you get it bitch

Author Mario Filho ( ago)

Author Joanie Petersen ( ago)
how do u get it

Author AandKvideos1 ( ago)
that pikchu sucks, i can get one with volt takle in 5 mins

Author Sebastian Rasmussen ( ago)
You are all small Kids i got ash,s pikachu shiny and lvl 100

Author Jason Curtis ( ago)

Author p-body ( ago)
hay phoenix is there a way for me to get pikachu in game without having to
cheat so basically in game

Author M3TA ( ago)

Author Jordan Smith ( ago)
you suck

Author BestRdmer InTown ( ago)
May Was a month ago you littlepiece of fuck

Author Butter Hoe The Reaper ( ago)
I have all legendarys from kanto to unova and there all shiny so SUCK IT :D

Author Tyler Wicker ( ago)

Author Tyler Wicker ( ago)
I have 2 shiny volt tackle pitches SUCK IT

Author SupCondom ( ago)
Calm down ladyies... We have a badass over here..

Author Victor Peng ( ago)
I agree

Author Ben Buckley ( ago)
Your wrong I got a level 100 pikachu with ability lightning rod

Author OvahLowd .RotMG ( ago)
You know where to get timerballs?

Author willie pedia ( ago)
I have the event 2011 ash's pikachu

Author sa rwe ( ago)
its august.....

Author SecondaryDisease ( ago)
you sound like someone who would go on minecraft saying hes notch and will
ban this server because his items were stolen

Author JAFO ( ago)
Why does japan get all the good things

Author Trainer Red ( ago)

Author Trainer Red ( ago)

Author Luke Flower ( ago)
ur just showing of the pokemon not telling how to catch it

Author Edgar Saldana ( ago)
Only on chinese games -.- wat just because they are racists and too many
lies so fuk U!

Author Banana Anomaly ( ago)
Lair -.-

Author /b/read.Justylol ( ago)
hey bro, FUCK YOU.

Author mayhem123 ( ago)
PheonixMaster1 Your are like the F****** Best Because thanks to you I got a
Pachirsu And Some other F****** Awesome Pokemon. You Are My #1 Person I Can
Rely On For Pokemon, And Is There anyway to get to the Sinnoh Region?

Author BlurTX ( ago)
no it's not it's a hack cause my friend hacked mine and i got a female

Author Crzyzyko ( ago)
Can you get this pikachu on the thing? The one with the URL and DNS

Author dragonrival123 ( ago)
ohh only for japanese games

Author Sakurar0cks ( ago)
strange, pikachu has a voltorbcry now?

Author Aaron koonsman ( ago)
ooooo... i can get a shiny pikachu from an app with no cheats whoever has
an ipod,iphone,or ipad then just buy Pokebuider for 6$ then you can have
any pokemon you want

Author Vincent Tuberion ( ago)
so do i

Author Vincent Tuberion ( ago)
I want to partcipate in compatitions....

Author Brendon Outlaw ( ago)
i have Pokemon White 1 and 2 and Black 1 and 2

Author Brendon Outlaw ( ago)
I will and i honestly want something good idk care what it is

Author B∃n the random guy ( ago)
give us a favor and kill you're self faggot

Author Uncrowned King ( ago)
Kill yourself for being annoying

Author Civic Stephanie ( ago)
you fuckin suck

Author Cee mcneil ( ago)
lol my pichu knows surf and hydro pump in my white 2

Author OshawottIsAwesome10 ( ago)
Mudkip please. I can trade you a Mew, Mewtwo, Manaphy, and a Phione.

Author OshawottIsAwesome10 ( ago)
I will. What Pokémon will you trade? (I have Pokémon Black 1 and Pokémon
White 2.)

Author OshawottIsAwesome10 ( ago)
I have one and you can have it. Can I please have a Skitty, Delcatty,
Meowth, Persian, Glameow, Purugly, Mudkip, Dewott, Flareon, Glaceon,
Espeon, Stoutland, Igglybuff, or a Azamarill please?

Author nate warren ( ago)
I'll trade you one

Author Gracie Lucas ( ago)
5287 2403 6473 is my friend code

Author Gracie Lucas ( ago)
happy 4th of july :)

Author Gracie Lucas ( ago)
i can give you one it is shiny knows zap cannon , volt tackle,thunder, and
thunder bolt it holds a master balll just give me your friend code and i
only want a lillipup lol

Author ivan vidal ( ago)

Author David DeQuick ( ago)
can you trade me your pickachu?

Author byonca robinson ( ago)

Author Mechq ( ago)

Author hihojrock ( ago)
Do mandibuzz

Author Starman Ness ( ago)
It's not unlock-able. It's a Mystery Gift.

Author Rory -Gameplay , Walkthrough's , Tutorials- ( ago)
The phoenix has spoken...

Author Aizakku ( ago)
Do you think you can pleaaaase get me a DW Vulpix? I am in dire need of

Author TheHeavenly FB ( ago)
no your not your some kid who doesn't even know who the creator(s) of
YouTube is/are they are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim and next
time your going to be a troll at least don't make it obvious.

Author Pheonixmaster1 ( ago)

Author Carlos ( ago)
OMg Y n0 U sh0w WhERe PicaCHu iZ!!!!!1111111 Im De crEaTor AnD i ban you
FoRR n0t Sh0wing meeee!!11!!1! HUGE reaction of you.

Author Daniel Rice ( ago)
So scared.

Author nestor maltos ( ago)

Author Feebear thepandabear ( ago)
is the pikachu from Ash ?

Author Colress Fangirl ( ago)
Lovely knowing about the Pikachu but I REALLY WANT A PICHU!!!

Author Qui ingreditur viam prudentiae ( ago)
Lol you totally put that kid in his place XD

Author SporeSpam ( ago)
Lol shut the fuck up you cunt who would believe you and plus why would the
creator of youtube be pissed over this shit?

Author Genuine Anger ( ago)
you pwnd him nice

Author Jordan Franklin ( ago)
Where do catch pikachu? In Black version 2. Just got the game 2 days ago. I
gotta know!

Author Colm (Games, Etc.) ( ago)
lol this is why I love this guy... But could you do a tutorial in the
future on where to find pikachu

Author PyroPsychoPlays ( ago)
God kid get a fucking life

Author Pheonixmaster1 ( ago)
Creators and Founders of youtube: Jawed Karim,Chad Hurley & Steve Chen. Now
FUCK OFF kid,and find a better job of trolling. And for the pikachu,have
look at the video responses,i have a video for getting pikachu which knows
Volt Tackle. Hope you learned your lesson :P

Author Pheonixmaster1 ( ago)
Fuck off kid,Creators and Founders of youtube: Jawed Karim,Chad Hurley &
Steve Chen. Don't pretend to be creator,i can tell from your chilidish
attitude you are another 10 year old kid on other side of screen who is
trying hard to troll someone or atleast scare.

Author Northyboy3131 ( ago)
ive seen a pikachu in pokemon white.

Author Sheldon Cooper ( ago)
He said he transferd it which is possible first you have to complete the
game then go to a lab and then you can transfer Pokemon over to

Author Leonardo Watch ( ago)
Please!!!!!! Please!!!!! Make a walkthrough of Pokemon White 2!!!!!!
Please!!!!! Please, man!!!!

Author Bayram Zafer ( ago)
shinypikachu64 u are a liar because u can't trade from black 2 and white 2
or black and white to heart gold soul silver platinum pearl diamond and all
them other ones without generation 4 Pokémon in

Author shinypikachu64 ( ago)
i got one from my pokemon heartgold and transferd it

Author shinypikachu64 ( ago)
you can get on by getting pokemon fire red and getting 7 pokemon preform a
poketransfer and repeat untill you get all of the kanto starters

Author shinypikachu64 ( ago)
threre is no such thing as levlel x

Author yukiola5 ( ago)
what is special about it

Author yakuri nova ( ago)
On a pokewalker

Author yakuri nova ( ago)
Re. (I don't know what its worth) I have pokemon soul silver and if you
unlock a certain route u can get 6 different pikachu some know surf or fly

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