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Author Christie Williams (6 months)
But how do you get the FREACKING pikachu

Author speedy_3014 (2 months)
So does this count as PokéGenning?

Author Mathew Guthrie (4 months)
Gos damn been serch youtube for hours no videos about how to fuking catch a

Author _OutcastAlphaWolf Gaming_ (7 months)
so it doesnt work anymore?! ;~;

Author Lucky Lucy (11 months)
What were the moves on the bottom screen that pikachu knew?

Author Brian Nguyen (5 months)

Author Leon Blizzaru (10 months)
I'll miss his old cry xD

Author deelydoo92 (8 months)
goddamn it I need Pikachu so strong!

Author Raman Bhondi (10 months)
pokemon gameplay white 2 how and where to catch ...

Author David Jones (7 months)
I'm Japanese and that is racist agents Japan and my people

Author Bob Harley (8 months)

Author cody the gamer (1 year)
wtf cant even read it

Author fkc (1 year)
How do you get it bitch

Author Salvador Peralta (10 months)
Ass. .........hope your pikachu never makes ir

Author Teddy Nellons (1 year)

Author Teddy Nellons (1 year)

Author mario filho (1 year)

Author TBG Foxy (1 year)
whats on this pikachu so special?.-.

Author theawesomeyoshifan V2 (1 year)
So how do you get it?

Author yakuri nova (2 years)
Re. (I don't know what its worth) I have pokemon soul silver and if you
unlock a certain route u can get 6 different pikachu some know surf or fly

Author A.Chap (2 years)
You can also get this if you order Black 2/ White 2 at Amazon UK before the
end of the year.

Author randybraves (2 years)
Crap u that wasn't how to catch pikachu!!

Author Ben Buckley (1 year)
Your wrong I got a level 100 pikachu with ability lightning rod

Author Alondra Rexen (2 years)
Wow are you serious i got a SHINY pikachu lv.100 and he is level X in

Author Chris P (2 years)
Anybody have a magicarp and would be willing to trade it for an eevee or
newly hatched pichu with volt tackle? Or a Salamence?

Author hunterg2003 (2 years)

Author Lukethebeymaster (2 years)
@Chris p why u want a magicarp

Author sa rwe (1 year)
its august.....

Author Banana Anomaly (1 year)
Lair -.-

Author yukiola5 (2 years)
what is special about it

Author Trainer Red (1 year)

Author shipkit1 (2 years)
I want a squrtile I'll give a mew I swear

Author gamermik76 (2 years)

Author AshtonPenguinPopper (2 years)
im dnt a good tiper ok

Author dashyoshi377 (2 years)
Japan are douches for not letting us get cool pokemon like this

Author Cinday123 (2 years)
I don't have this Pikachu in Pokemon White 2.

Author Pheonixmaster1 (2 years)

Author Tyler Wicker (1 year)
I have 2 shiny volt tackle pitches SUCK IT

Author narujesus foxy (2 years)
wat place

Author nestor maltos (2 years)

Author OshawottIsAwesome10 (1 year)
I will. What Pokémon will you trade? (I have Pokémon Black 1 and Pokémon
White 2.)

Author YazanOKY (2 years)
*bitch please* I transferred it from my soul silver to black.. then traded
it from black to black 2 >> i wanted to start the game with it lol

Author /b/read.Justylol (1 year)
hey bro, FUCK YOU.

Author Ash Ketchum (2 years)
1 got a lv 100 samurott serperior and emboar

Author nate warren (1 year)
I'll trade you one

Author OshawottIsAwesome10 (1 year)
I have one and you can have it. Can I please have a Skitty, Delcatty,
Meowth, Persian, Glameow, Purugly, Mudkip, Dewott, Flareon, Glaceon,
Espeon, Stoutland, Igglybuff, or a Azamarill please?

Author Gracie Lucas (1 year)
happy 4th of july :)

Author Pheonixmaster1 (2 years)
The video in video response should help

Author shinypikachu64 (2 years)
i got one from my pokemon heartgold and transferd it

Author RavenxAlexander1 (2 years)
Can anyone please trade a Pikachu with me!!!! Please!!!! It's not fair we
can't get Pikachu in Pokemon Black and white and in version 2!!!!!!
Please!!!! I really want a Pikachu!!!

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