pokemon Black or White rom Download, Gain EXP No surveys FREE, Proof it works in video

To get the US version of this game (english) go to:

This is complety Legit, To get the game pokemon black go to
To get the game pokemon white go to
If want this to work, U need to use An emulator called desmume to get it go to:

-Setting it up: Sry I was gonna make a tutrial on how to make it work but for some reason I couldn't so i will say what you have to do: Once you download DesMume. Right click and press extract all on it. Then open the extrated folder of desmume and open something that sais desmume. Then press file, then open rom, then press the game u download.
Controls: Some people are confused because the controls. to change the controls go to config at the top of desmume then press controls, change them to what ever you want.
Freezing when healing pokemon: When u either heal your pokemon, pick up an item or save, sometimes it might freez, u think it froze but really its just takeing forever to load, to fix that go to config, then go to frame skip, then go to fixed skip. make sure u make the fixed skip 9. if that doesn't work, try frame skip 5 or any other number. (also this helps speeding it up.)
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Author VentusWind100 ( ago)
can't level pup somehow odd I'm using demume in mac and it aint working :(

Author Yap Clarence ( ago)
megaupload have been taken down why ??

Author ultimo7510 ( ago)
mine doesn't level up help pleees

Author Philip Siong ( ago)
i still have problem with the exp gain can you help me with that?

Author Hakim Azizan ( ago)
try mediafire it is english and works a lot

Author KungFuMedia ( ago)
omg! the links arent working for me. apparently the site doesnt exist or
something anymore

Author kevin pumptris ( ago)
i dont get any experience in my pokemon black version in NDS .. do i still
need an emulator called desmuME ?

Author Ryan1849 ( ago)
help i don't know the controls for pokemon black and white on desmume

Author Alexander Cajigas ( ago)
the megaupload is not working

Author BBallUnleashed786 ( ago)
on desmume, how do you open ur bag

Author Velocity Raptor ( ago)
@megapower10o LOL! Englished is a funny word...

Author Meng Lee ( ago)
128x Experience [North America] 521CB54C 59A8437E 023AE840 59A8437E
023AE844 51A801C0 123AE848 00004770 021CB54C F978F1E3 D2000000 00000000

Author Meng Lee ( ago)
Party Earns EXP and EVs Without Having to Battle [North America] Makes it
so the entire party earns experience and EVs, even if the Pokemon didn't
participate in battle. 521CB45C 42819903 121CB460 000046C0 D2000000

Author Burtachiuchiha ( ago)
what is your desmume config?

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@Timyo123 ya sry about that, along time ago, wen this was first coming out,
the links wernt exp gain, but after it was fixed i changed the title,

Author Tim Maguire ( ago)
um... it would be nice if you actually showed exp gain...

Author jrmoreno100 ( ago)
i need help everything is all good but when i push eneter where it says new
game it doesnt work i tried to use another button but it didnt work help
plz reply

Author plashtation ( ago)
@ashlj23 watch my vid. its free and no survey needed but it need an account

Author guperan123 ( ago)
IF u guys want the rom of this game in full usa english jus msg me no scam
btw since i am a nice guy it has no errors or nothing so dw

Author xenix146 ( ago)
@joseohcoolkid1 idk for thers but for me why spend like 60$ when u can use
45$ or less(more)whatever but using less money like i said ine lots of game
is better than spending 20-30-to 60$

Author Mr.Inconsistent ( ago)
lol i cant believe people still try roms even though the games is out i
have it in my dsi lol JUST BUY IT YOU POOR PEOPEL

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@ashlj23 check out my latest video to get the version

Author Ash Buxton ( ago)
thats good but its in JAPANESE!

Author Alex Taylor-Bartels ( ago)
@nerdsneedmoney sorry meant to say pokemon black

Author Alex Taylor-Bartels ( ago)
Pokemon white link doesn't work

Author Y Cascun (54 years ago)
@jay40801 yeah neither

Author MacMao ( ago)
mine xp has the same problem

Author yuekangning ( ago)
thats because thats the trial version

Author TutsModding ( ago)
@narublade178 Same Here

Author narublade178 ( ago)

Author TutsModding ( ago)
anyone got XP patch Link They Can Send me?

Author yooformy ( ago)
@darkange904 mine is too :x

Author Ketamine Warden ( ago)
im playing ss and it keeps freezing are there any settings on desmume that
will fix this?

Author Patrick Palmer ( ago)
no exp

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@omgsquid555 yea, it's free so just wait about 40 seconds to get it free,
also if you want it in englished patch, check out my other video. It about
99.9% english

Author BatteryRanz ( ago)
i knew it . its weird . i play it then my exp wont go higher . wew

Author Basham ( ago)
My Screen is just white. Do you know how to fix?

Author Basham ( ago)
my screen is just white

Author Basham ( ago)
my screen is just white. Do you know how to fix?

Author sannetussch22 ( ago)
This is maybe a strange question the game totally works I know how to use
every key when playing except how do I get into the Menu where you can save
the game? I use DeSmuME

Author pokemonmaster0000000 ( ago)

Author SI0AX ( ago)
@FUZZYBUBBLIZZ123 No thanks :) I did the M3i Zero Update and it patches
this. No w I'm playing the English version with EXP! :D Thanks anyway!

Author LILJESS202008 ( ago)
Can't save need help

Author thomaspeters1994 ( ago)
bad graphic :(

Author fennzilla ( ago)
it's not laggy

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@jay40801 thats weird. mine does. sry i cant help u there

Author SI0AX ( ago)
@21freakster Why can't you gain exp? Is the game supposed to be like that
or is it an anti piracy thing?

Author fennzilla ( ago)
why is it so slow i make 9 or 5 but its still choppy please help

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@awesomeinny565 go to config on the top of the emulator the press control
config. then change hte controls to wat ever u want

Author awesomeinny565 ( ago)
@megapower10o what are the controls on the computer for L and R ? plz help

Author Maxywaxy60 ( ago)
@Fanoffi Thats what happens to me, whenever I do anything that's NOT
fighting, it immediately freezes during my next turn. Any fix for that?

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@fennzilla u can save normally or use save statess

Author fennzilla ( ago)
how do you save( just checking before i download)

Author player5758 ( ago)
Does this save?

Author sonikku35 ( ago)
@sertic1 search Google for an English patch, there are instructions out
there on how to apply the patch after downloading it. I'll tell you now,
it's not perfectly translated. By that I mean, very little of the dialogue
is translated and it's mostly translated to help you play, like battle and
pokemon names and menu options etc.

Author boss revs ( ago)

Author DioRockz999 ( ago)
guys who think this guy is lieing about not doin a stupid survey like on
share cash and stuff he aint i have used megaupload a hundred times and
never done a survey on it.

Author JuggaloDeathAngel ( ago)
thanks and nice it works perfect but im just wondering y does it only work
with the desmume emulator???

Author Toxic581 ( ago)
hello, how can I make my game speed more faster?? i tried every numbers on
Frame Skip and still not working, and i was wondering where you get that
ROM to play smoothly??? fuck pokemon damn!!

Author sertic1 ( ago)
@megapower10o howw??

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@sertic1 It might be your laptop but it depends. try speeding it up

Author sertic1 ( ago)
every rom that i hav downloaded on desume has been really really slow to a
point where its unplayable.... do u know how to fix that or would that b my

Author Nicholas kaunang ( ago)
is this black or white??

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@sertic1 no, in spring the english version will come out

Author sertic1 ( ago)
any way of making it english?

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@GaryYaBassss no its not, and if you r one of those lyers who say stuff
just for fun plz dont. if u r not then their is something wrong with your
computer, and i will be putting up a better link in a minute

Author GaryYaBassss ( ago)
the game downloaded on that link is soul silver

Author minimegandara ( ago)
@u320017 i put the skip frame thing on 5 and it is faster for me

Author u320017 ( ago)
i set frame skip to 9 but stil it did not work it is still slow as ever

Author Fireblade2472 ( ago)
i did the frame skip on 9 but it still doesn't work :(

Author ilikerumblefighter12 ( ago)
when i play it just shows white screen but i hear music

Author ilikerumblefighter12 ( ago)
umm how do u select?/

Author TheBlackknight720 ( ago)
@megapower10o Ok, thanks i found it out.

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@TheBlackknight720 u press the a or s buttons (the x button on th ds)

Author TheBlackknight720 ( ago)
How do you access the menu to save?

Author bswordslash1413 ( ago)
i made it to frame 9 and still it doesnt make a difference

Author Willy Mortensen ( ago)
does this have all pokemon in it

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@bswordslash1413 hmm... Idk try making it go faster

Author bswordslash1413 ( ago)
Umm dude when i load the game it odesnt work it show a drak screen whn i
click on my profile

Author bswordslash1413 ( ago)
@bswordslash1413 yo actually wheni load the gaME UP again it doesnt work

Author misterkohld ( ago)
ok wenevr i click open rom and click on the rom, the emulator screen just
turns gray...

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@mrawesomelycrazy go to config, then go to fixed skip and make it 9

Author scarzoo005 ( ago)
@megapower10o nope didnt work maybe its because my computer is slow idk but
thanks for the help

Author smellmyskunk2 ( ago)
@megapower10o still a bit slow but works better now, thanks mate :D

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@smellmyskunk2 Dont worry about my last comment. It doesnt really freez. it
just takes forever, so here is what u gotta do to make it stop freezing, go
to config at the top, then press frame skip then go to fixed skip and make
it 9, your game should work almost perfect when u do that

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@scarzoo005 to make it stop lagging, go to config at the top the go to
fixed skip and make it 9, it will stop lagging, and usaly this rom tends to
freez when u save or heal so this willl stop that

Author 7pd3 ( ago)
thanks man it worked

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@smellmyskunk2 well For some people, the rom is kinda messed up, when ever
you make a movement like give your pokemon tp nurse joy, i kind of freezez,
To tell u the truth, if dos not actuly frozen. it just takes for ever to
load. If you wait like 1 min, it will be fine and normal agian. I think
ther might be an option to spped it upp thought

Author smellmyskunk2 ( ago)
@megapower10o i have one question, whenever i try to heal at thepoke
center, it freezes, do you know why?

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@smellmyskunk2 sry I can not make a video on how to make set it up. my
computer recorder is messing up, Read the discription to know what to do. I
made it more clear

Author scarzoo005 ( ago)
it works for me but it lags alot looks like a scratched disk

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@smellmyskunk2 yes thats a good idea, i will make a video in about half an

Author smellmyskunk2 ( ago)
could you show how to set it up?

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@PokabuWarrior no all u need is the emulator desume and the game,

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@r4imaster y? wat happens when u start it

Author Screaammz ( ago)
how to i get subtitles?

Author Screaammz ( ago)

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@thelegitpro I think u have to wait a bit, when I play there is a white
screen for a bit then it works

Author TheShadowOfHikari ( ago)
@megapower10o okay i got it working but all there is is a blue screen with
japanise letters what do i do?

Author megapower10o ( ago)
@TheShadowOfHikari u open the emulator then press open rom and apen black
or white

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