Mia Rose - Let Go (Version 1)

Director: Francis Wallis

Hey everyone!
Because I am sick and can't upload any new videos I thought I'd finally upload the music video of "Let Go". I was very hesitant to upload it before because it was a No Budget project and so the quality isn't the best and sometimes the color scheme isn't perfect... But I finally decided that, thats not important and that I want to share this experience with you all!

Remember that its only version 1 of the video clip. Im also thinking about doing a second! But until then, enjoy this one and tell me what you think! :)

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 3:30
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Author Jessie Hwang (6 days)
4 years later...still watching

Author Marta Sousa (11 days)
esta música é fantástica!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Beatriz Lopes (3 months)

Author Beatriz Lopes (3 months)
Adoro qual o nome do seu facebook adoro sou fã numero um tenhos as tuas
músicas todas 

Author Mia Rose - Fans (5 months)
Are you a fan of Mia?! If yes, just subscribe our channel to have acess to
exclusive stuff like new songs, videos and personal things about Mia! :) :)
- Mia Rose Fans (MRF)

Author Filipa Antunes (9 months)

Author Mia Rose - Fans (8 months)
Are you a fan of Mia!?? So click LIKE and subscribe also our channel of
fans! <3

Author Cory R. (5 months)
Moral of the story: don't date dudes who wear fedoras. 

Author Mia Rose (7 months)
#LetGo #Throwback #MiaRose xx

Author Kevin Daw (11 months)
Fighting with Michael Stipe of REM circa 1983. Cool.

Author Fry093 (3 years)
W.O.W i love EVERYTHING of this <3

Author Nuno Verissimo (3 years)
what a shit

Author DonBeDumb (3 years)
what's the make-up for!! please don't destroy your beauty

Author Deidra Embree (3 years)
I Love you Mia !!! I love your songs , not only juist that her Voice!!!

Author Tiago Pereira (1 year)
great original song! keep up!

Author tishee1997 (3 years)
@MsBitch268 Itunes

Author Alena669 (3 years)
Wow wow wow!!!!! I just love this song ♫ Mia, you are amazing!!!! <3

Author RobotgruntXD (2 years)
i sure that this girl will be a superstar, if it doesn't.

Author sabulba57 (2 years)
= P

Author sonia shariene (3 years)
dude the song is good by the video tottally recks it,its doesnt make sense
and thier not point in the time try to make your videos match
the song nd be intresting for the audience:(

Author Mark Margo (3 years)

Author khepros (3 years)
if your in the uk and need an actor give me a shout

Author Rita Pereira (1 year)
amazing song!!! ;)

Author MettePeleikis (2 years)
the green screen thing isn't that good.. otherwise i liked it! and i love
the song

Author Daniel Santos (3 years)
Already passes on MTV Portugal, great job Mia (:

Author Diana Dias (1 year)
E uma melodia!!!

Author magnom822 (2 years)
GOOOO PORTUGAL !!! :D AHHHH SHE'S AMAZING *.* hopefully one day i can be
like her =)

Author Gilmara caldas da silva (1 year)
muito bom

Author TheAbigahil (3 years)
Girl ur doing a great job because u have both sides of the people wether
they hate u or love you they still watch ur video :)

Author Patz Ferreira (2 years)
Hello, I am Portuguese and I love your music .

Author signevent (2 years)
i love the original...but this is a great take on it too!

Author 666niggo (3 years)
traumhaft die lady

Author Eliane Oliveira (3 years)
o video parace um pouco amador mais a sua voz é linda e a música nem se
fala! amei

Author adriangs-t parada (3 years)
u r the best mia

Author Diana Dias (1 year)
Adoro a tua voz

Author Andrea1909100 (3 years)
i like it ^^

Author DragSter (2 years)
Красотка! И голос красивый!

Author bluestreak711 (2 years)
Professional looking 780P Hi Def music video........ What do you mean the
quality is not the best? How can it get any better? And if that was a no
budget film why should anyone pay to make a music video. It can't get much

Author hannamarie (2 years)
niceeee thats all i can say no wait AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sylllke (3 years)

Author Ich Johnson (3 years)
:) !!!!

Author tishee1997 (3 years)
This is really nice! Your voice is just perfect! x

Author videosaala (2 years)
me gusta :-)

Author Emma Sinclair (2 years)
Reminds me of Terri Clark

Author derya ella (2 years)
Great song but weird video clip!

Author samantha beugelsdyk (3 years)
She is so beautiful

Author Breen Fs (2 years)
I never get tired of listening this song, really love it so much!

Author Keviouk (1 year)
I know what you mean. I'm half belgian, but 100% belgian at heart :P

Author Karen Treneman (3 years)
1:18 NARNIA!

Author Faith Pittman (1 year)
I love the acoustic version of this song, but this is also great :)

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