Dobro - The Whirley Brothers Gospel Bluegrass

Robert on dobro passed away on Nov. 30, 1011

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Uploaded by: Curtis Anderson
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Author zippcity (27 days)
God Bless

Author Slowscrewmusic (4 months)
I love this video. I never get tired of watching it. Great great job. 

Author PATSY MAYER (4 months)
The name of the song is " Oh come angel band"Beautiful song.

Author R Elliott (4 months)
Don't know the name of the song the girl is singing, anyone know and the

Author R Elliott (4 months)
R.I.P. Robert what a fine musician who will be playing up yonder now. I
just found this video and song and love it very much as I'm familiarizing
myself with the Dobro. Love the sound!!!

Author Lee Johnson (3 months)
Very Good Slide Dobro Muisc.

Author Slowscrewmusic (10 months)
I'm sorry for the loss of Robert. I've had this video on my favorites list
for quite a while. This is the first time I watched it in a few years.
Always loved it. He's playing for God now. R.I.P. Robert

Author glencoe6305 (4 years)
She sings, just as beautiful, as she looks !

Author stefalbert (4 years)
great voice girl !!

Author Richard Pettigrew (3 years)
Top of the line quality.

Author IBS2002 (6 years)
My eyes full of tear when I listen to your play!! May God always bless all
your heart and soul!!

Author dew1963us (5 years)

Author cherokee588 (6 years)
Beauitful song says a wonderful message christ will help up carry of
burdens ligher.

Author Bev Payne (1 year)
I love her voice!

Author jeffman454ss (1 year)
Don't know anyone could hit a dislike button on this. Beautiful. God bless
all. May The Lord be with Robert on his journey home.

Author Curtis Anderson (7 years)
Trinity Church in Petersburg, Virginia. Traditional worship and traditional

Author Ellen Riddle (5 years)
I like the music it touches my soul ..

Author KiraNarys (5 years)
WOW!!! Great^^

Author Terry Elliott (5 years)
SHE is wwhhhaaaaaaooooaaaahhhooo!!! the VOICE!!!!!!

Author banjo dobro (1 year)
You were a world's best Dobro player. Thank you Robert. ......from Japan

Author Anton Abramovic (5 years)
Every now and then you come across something wonderful. This is certainly
one of those things. It is firmly in my favs. Cheers from Australia.

Author Peter Vesuwalla (3 years)
@calinkus Good to know. Thanks very much.

Author Michael J. Loudis (1 year)
Wonderful music. ( BTW, Did poor Robert really die 1000 years ago? -Check
your comment.)

Author GloryBoundTravelers (3 years)
Love it!

Author grizzlycomrie (5 years)
Wonderfull, soul stirring, fantastic playing and haunting vocals.Great
roots 'n' bluegrass gospel

Author CYNTHIA TATUM (5 years)
awesome/beautiful/Praise the Lord!

Author Peter Vesuwalla (3 years)
Technical question: Is the mic on that Dobro going through a pre-amp? I
just bought a roundneck, and have a heck of a time getting heard unless the
mic's practically touching the cone.

Author john Acosta (4 years)
This young lady is one of the best on you tube she has a voice of pure gold
thanks and keep up the music all of you or just great From Mr John in EAST

Author Richard Pettigrew (2 years)
Aside from dobro there are guitars, mandolins, and fiddles.

Author Curtis Anderson (7 years)
Look our Nashville. It does not get much better than this!!!

Author bluegrassbobby1 (4 years)
i think this is the best version of this song ive ever heard great job

Author Dawn Grunden (5 years)
The Whirely kids parents certainly fed them well. I love their rendition of
some of my favorite hymns.

Author seasharpdeflat (5 years)
These are great videos. Keep 'em coming.

Author rmstudio (5 years)
I hope them boys were hired for the church event. They deserve it! Great
Mandolin player and Dobro player. They can play in my house any time. :)

Author TheMrBlackCrow (4 years)
absolutely what a voice GOD gave her

Author jo luttringer (1 year)
It's the first time I hear (and now I like this group) this nice Band with
"no too speed" music. It's pleasant and relax for me. Thank's to calinkus
for the "on line on Youtube". From France : Jo Luttringer, lover of
"Traditional worship and traditional music.

Author never4free (4 years)
sweet music to my ears, it really makes one tear-up a bit. keep up the Good
Work. God Bless ^..^

Author Slowscrewmusic (5 years)
Hey!! seasharpdeflat!!! thanks for the reply, if you get more of their
music or the gal singing, I'd like to see more. Great post. thanks again.

Author Richard Pettigrew (3 years)
She is an excellent singer.

Author oldbluegrasskurt (4 years)
sweet music . nice voice !

Author Starlitenv (5 years)
More, more, more.

Author Richard Pettigrew (2 years)
She is an excellent soloist.

Author TheSteamtramman (3 years)
Your instruments are unusual to UK eyes altho I played the dobro not very
well centuries ago!! But then I was fundamentally a tug-master/shantyman.
However, please what are your instruments especially that on the right hand
side. Wish our churches woulds allow this type of music - all they want is
happy clappy and so the people disappear. That girl has a wonderfully clear

Author IBS2002 (6 years)
Indeed, I was reading the word from Both English and Chinese.compose by
Canadian - Irish Joseph Scriven.

Author Curtis Anderson (3 years)
@PeterVesuwalla All the mics are going into a 4 track digital recorder. All
the mics require a pre-amp ( mic input ). I use ceramic mics (requires
phantom power) for all my recordings except for the dobro. I use a dynamic
mic for the dubro which does not use phantom power. The dobro over drives a
ceramic mic because of its sensitivity that the dynamic mike does not have.
Hope this helps.

Author Slowscrewmusic (5 years)
please excuse my user name. I tried to change it, but can't

Author weeweelegs (6 years)
great all round, picken and singing. praise the Lord.

Author zippcity (5 years)
great music

Author Curtis Anderson (6 years)
It's the words too. They come to me as they play.

Author Nijomama (3 years)
lovely. I love your voice, and good playing all around. <3

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