How to change an ESN for Metro PCS Cell Phones

How to change an ESN for METRO PCS Cell Phones. Using a couple programs, changing an ESN from one phone to another can be very beneficial to extend the life of a negative balance or reported lost/stolen phone. Blog located at

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Author Brandon Johnson (4 months)
You cannot see jack sh!t with your 1999 webcam. why make a "tutorial when u
cant see the damnn video? duh!! idiot

Author Martin Cueto (2 months)

Author niveeta gadson (1 year)
Can u do mines plases

Author Josh Rios (3 years)
hey bud i was wonding if you would wanna help guy out lol just need cdma
3.6 please

Author uBreakit iRepairIt (3 years)
Looks like you need to upgrade the cheap webcam your using before making a
cheap video like this.

Author T gib (5 years)
thanks for the help

Author yungkhant (4 years)
okay i dnt undrstand how to do all this so what is the point

Author delows123 (3 years)
just would like to know why when u copy and past the old HEX # the # on the
right side are 22894743 but when u turn the camera back to it the # are
16c797a3 but the # don't change when u do the new ?.

Author iTheGeek (2 years)
@Ikeitout I bet your friend has goteen 5,000,000 calls from trolls since
you were stupid enough to post it up here.

Author mrYodaddy831 (1 year)
dumm asses he is not gonna answer any question he BROKE DA LAW in PUBLIC!!
what we all do when we know we did sum wrong??? Exactly RUN fool RUUUUN!!!

Author musictop313 (5 years)
one of the most confusing tutorals ive ever seen ,,,

Author Jenson S. (3 years)
how do u add your esn on the the metropcs network?

i got all the programs but you didnt say how you converted the old esn to
new tryn to flash a sprint bb curve to a metropcs esn

Author Geovanni Abarca (2 years)
sprint ?

Author patricia roman (2 years)
can't see any details in your video. Can this be done on a mac?

Author Geovanni Abarca (2 years)
Not verizon iphone 4 .

Author kleanupkrew (3 years)
@kenkab2 I would love to know the same thing if you ever find any way to do
this. That $25/mo plan is calling my name...

Author iluv2detailcars71 (3 years)
@omar1146 Hey bro i need the flashing software for straighttalk

Author YOEL700 (1 year)

Author Andrew Brown (2 years)
I have an HTC Wildfire S ( HSPA Sim ) that broke can I copy the ESN to a
brand new CDMA non sim HTC One V ??

Author mommyttc (4 years)
can you please give instructions on how to open the metro spc calculator
app i have no clue what do i use please do a tut..

Author Mike Rud (1 year)
I have Galaxy S3 with bad esn, is there any way i can fix it?

Author Josef Subject (4 years)
i need tu unlock my locked phone metro PCs nokia 1006 its wont unlock >:O

Author vicamill (3 years)
Hi, I have a cell phone wirh bad ESN, is there any way you can Clean for
me??? I want to sell it.

Author Ignacio Quezada (5 years)
hola ,oye tengo un samsung i760 que compre en ebay ,,pero cometi el error
de confirmar si el esn estaba libre ,,hablando a verizon y me dijeron que
si estaba libre pero me lo bloqueraron para que activara nada mas con
ellos,,,,,como le puedo hacer ? yo quiero usar el cell con page

Author TommyRed P. (2 years)

Author ItalianBloodMoney (4 years)
Ok - I recently bought an blackberry from sprint n had it flashed to metro
pcs , I had gotten an new phone n gave the other phone to my friend , how
to i get my number off that phone so he can activate his number we both use
metro , do I just call metro n give them his esn number , or how can I
delete my info off of it , n not delete the flashed program - or if I do do
a full reset on the phone will it remain flashed to metro -? If anyone can
help please message me @

Author lopezrandy (4 years)
como pudiera consegir nomero de esn no tiene el numero de serial oesn

Author 01Commenter10 (3 years)
@giusti825 don't think he is clever enough to know what he did… considering
that he is doing illegal things to begin with then putting it on youtube…

Author CELUCABLES (4 years)
Hola santi, solo tienes que reprogramar tu equipo, primero liberarlo para
que acepte los parametros de pageplus, No requieres cambiar el esn, a menos
que este reportado en el sistema, cosa que es casi imposible. pero bueno
espero te sirva de algo en consejillo.

Author ☂ᗢᖰ-ᐯᓰᒪᒪᗩᓰﬡ (1 year)
No, it was recorded with your moms nipples!

Author andy orell (4 years)
can this be used to change the sprint evo to boost mobile?

Author Kyle Grant (1 year)
thanks this worked!

Author LitoJitry (4 years)
Hi Harvest, I have a problem. Maybe you can shed some light on it. I did
everything you suggestted but I can not find the $sys.esn file in my BB
Storm 9530. Any suggesttions would be greatly appreciated.

Author Ikeitout (3 years)
Hey i like what u do witht the ESN number. my girl broke my othere phone.
and i got me this othere phone but the esn is bad. if u could help me out i
would be great full. here is my friends number. 1-806-939-2800 talk to he
and to see what it will take to help my with my set back thank you

Author ken n (3 years)
who knows how to clone a blackberry storm into Virgin Mobile?

Author Geovanni Abarca (2 years)
metro pcs 4g handsets - even tho you can change the esn , phone will not
operate without a new micro LTE sim , nd to top it off , metro pcs DO NOT
have replacement LTE sims ,, if the phone still have the old Lte sim , u
can flash the phone to pageplus or cricket .

Author Ibarhim123 (2 years)
can you give us some link's pleas

Author andersson omana (4 years)
friend you could upload the programs to change the esn of the phone and a
manual please tuto do is so awful

Author javier galvan (2 years)
i bought a Cricket phone that is reported as stolen and umm is it possible
to change my number to the stolen phone that i bought or na

Author ThePx3fear (3 years)
can you tell me how you did this

Author lilanaomi (4 years)
i am tring to do this on a samsung caliber. i cannot access the nvm file
with qpst so i cant get the sys esn file! Help!

Author uBreakit iRepairIt (3 years)
Sounds like 2 much work.

Author MrFLYGUY954 (4 years)

Author Jason Giusti (3 years)
Thank you very much for the tutorial and please leave it posted but YOU
HOW TO CHANGE ESNs AND SHOWED THEM YOURS. Some jackass is gonna clone your
service and get you in trouble with the FCC. I would find a different donor
phone quickly.

Author Geovanni Abarca (2 years)
message me i can help , is it a 4g phone ?

Author Jorge Romero (3 years)
If im flashing a Verizon or Sprint phone over metropcs network... how is
the new "repaired esn" of that phone added to metropcs system?? or is this
esn repair method only for original metro phones which esn's are already in
the system??

Author Felix D (3 years)
*228--dumbass! Lmfao

Author moneylu777 (3 years)
@AguilaJR yes this is how it works. I have a phone working on metro already
and i have one thats not. The method is to take the phone, working on
metro, esn and clone it to the other phone, not working on metro, in order
for it to work. Both phone have the same esn so they both work on metro.
Just make sure to leave one on

Author Omar Murillo (3 years)
Anyone that needs flashing software or esn clean or esn new. message me i
got all the stuff.

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