Stockholm lorry rams crowds killing several people - BBC News

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  • Angelica Kitali
    Angelica Kitali 14 hours ago

    My Worry 2014

  • xLordDavid
    xLordDavid 2 days ago

    Tack EU och Stefan löfven era jävla värdelösa svin.

  • Foxy The Pirate Fox
    Foxy The Pirate Fox 10 days ago

    Im Alive in sweden... and My boyfriend is living in Stockholm i thought he died i was so Sad and THIS is the best part he wasn't there 😅 but rest in peace the died guys! I want to kill that shit terrorist noob he must be KILLED not these Swedish guys 😭

  • Stuart Beatty
    Stuart Beatty 16 days ago

    What A Joke!!! 100% Hoax.

  • AlexGamerAmd
    AlexGamerAmd 19 days ago

    My friend save me from truck attack

  • Sean Up
    Sean Up 24 days ago

    These type of attacks and others cause so much distress to society. How long before it hits my country? A person wonders. The characteristics of people today are spot on with bible prophecy. Specifically 2 Timothy 3:1-5.

  • Mr. Random
    Mr. Random 24 days ago


    im sorry i know this is serious im sorry

  • Hokuspokusfrid
    Hokuspokusfrid 1 month ago

    2004 was the time I understood Sweden was going to shit. I live in Another part of the World now. Free from muslims and other shitbrains.

  • InsTa Rewind
    InsTa Rewind 1 month ago

    LOL, NO ONE GIVES A FUCK !! This happens on a daily basis in Muslim countries. So I don't give a fuck about a couple of whites.

    FUN DANGO 1 month ago

    I find this report Islamophobic. Shame on the BBC! The truck was spreading piece! Ingrate infidels.

  • nattygsbord
    nattygsbord 1 month ago

    Sweden is getting what they wanted! Refugees welcome!

  • HarlemGlobeRotter
    HarlemGlobeRotter 1 month ago

    Another terror drill that has been presented as real. Why? Ongoing social engineering of the population. The development of a police state run by mistrust and fear ala Soviet Union and Red China. Muslims are a problem but Zionists are behind all of this. Their desire is to control the middle east and eventually, the world.

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor 1 month ago

    20 years ago in Croatia we also had problems with immigrants who killed, raped and spreaded pretty much every day terrorism in order to take over our country.But we stood up and finnished does barbarians once for all in year 1995 with glorious victory in operation storm.We expelled does ottoman bastards from our country once for all.This is what Swedes need to do also.Civil war is the only answer.Dont think that you can live together with does savages from middle east.For centuries we tried to do the same think, only think we got was pain and suffer, nothing else.You can invite him in your own home, feed him and give him your own bed to sleep on, and the way he would return your favour is to slaughter you in your own backyard, rape your mother, sister and wife, burn your house, kill your father...................etc.Savages from middle east and their bastards have nothing to do with europe and europeans.They just cant assimilate themselves into civilized nations.They are still barbarians who have mentality of stone aged half human half ape.........................

  • Island
    Island 1 month ago

    I wonder what Yung Lean will think of this

  • George Weed Bush
    George Weed Bush 1 month ago

    They imported MENA - they got MENA.

  • Ashwin Sheth
    Ashwin Sheth 1 month ago


  • arthur lewis
    arthur lewis 1 month ago

    Through major wars Sweden has sold weapons to both sides while hiding behind a smokescreen of neutrality. They can't hide from this war.

  • walton market
    walton market 1 month ago

    At 1.45 the police car pulls away and U turns. You have to look carefully but it's number begins EE (reverse 33) and ends 902 2 x 9 =18 666 or nine reference. AT 2.20 who is the guy in the black jacket that tells everyone in shot what to do He walks out of shot at exactly 2.23 (Westminster attack happened on 22nd of the 3rd month ). He seems to be the director. Where have all these private security guards come from and why are they being used here? Then look at 3.03 (33) at the 2 firefighters walking towards the camera and in particular at the guy on the right as his uniform morphs in a light coloured 33 on his left side, one 3 above the other and then it changes into a 5 over the 3. A 6 or G can be seen on his right side shaded black. ( the Freemasons Helcopter landed in Westminster displaying the G symbol on it for freemasonry) He then turns round to reveal his trouser pocket with 380 on it for 11. As the camera pans down the street take particular attention to the number 27 in the doorway. above that doorway and to the right is another number 27. I have just noticed that the Gourmet Foods van has the number 727 as it's number. The percentage rate is discount is 25% another 77. Also in another channel's video on this street scene another firefighter has the number 277 on his fire helmet. Why all these 2 77 references unless to add to nine or a 777 code.
    Can any Muslim alter all these media videos to be aired on TV by these Major news outlets. So many Coincidences in all these attacks in reference to these same numbers. Westmister Bridge aerial photo shot the road marking was A3211 = 322 Work it out use your brains. Sorry about the numbers rant.

  • Dindu Nuffin
    Dindu Nuffin 1 month ago

    "Enjoy difference, start tolerance"

    Top kek

  • klaus h møller
    klaus h møller 1 month ago

    To my Swedish brothers and sisters.. you are in my Dansih heart.

  • klaus h møller
    klaus h møller 1 month ago

    God and religion are not compatible

  • Antoine Cassini
    Antoine Cassini 1 month ago

    Believing in Islam crap is a proof of serious mental imbalance. Sympathizing with madmen, as liberal do-gooders do with migrants, refugees and minorities (until they become a majority...), is dangerous. Period. Deportations and internment camps are the only way now.

  • man0z
    man0z 1 month ago


  • Dave Edbrooke
    Dave Edbrooke 1 month ago

    Same people though, you need to wake up.

  • Dragon Figther Peppa

    i was in that accident!

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 1 month ago

    remember what happened in sweden yeseterday

  • Chilli
    Chilli 1 month ago

    In Sweden it's mostly drama with Muslims involved and that's really sad.

  • Tom McDonough
    Tom McDonough 1 month ago

    Another rediculous, B.S. staged HOAX! The truck hit absolutely NOTHING. It was stopped on the sidewalk under an overhang, yet the cab of the truck looks like it fell off a cliff, lol.
    Why do some people keep falling for this staged nonsense?

    • nattygsbord
      nattygsbord 1 month ago

      Well... I guess its islamophobic to suggest otherwise in this country...

  • Daniella Thoelen
    Daniella Thoelen 1 month ago

    Honestly people, you can't see this for what it is?? IT'S FAKED, IT'S A HOAX, IT'S GOVERNMENT TERRORISM!! All those "attacks" are FAKED!!!! Use your God-given eyes and brains for a change.... WAKE UP ALREADY!!

  • Trollsvett
    Trollsvett 1 month ago

    I must say I appreciate the comment field not being disabled despite being on a video by fake-news BBC. Same can´t be said for all scandinavian news covering the terror attack, shows there exists a spectrum at least amongst the lying, two-faced, slanderous scum that we call reporters. Though I noted quite a few comments being disappered it is not necessarily BBC:s fault, this time, since YouTube is probably even more a fan of censoring and suppression of free speech than the media.

  • Ladgonfly A.K.A Koza

    I'm afraid :(

    LOL BANANER 1 month ago

    I was right there but i just got away

  • 22fordfx4
    22fordfx4 1 month ago

    I live in an American town with virtually no muslims and my chances of a terrorist attack are miniscule. I watch in amazement the fools who are inviting wolves into their towns.

    • 22fordfx4
      22fordfx4 1 month ago

      True, liberals are the idiots letting the barbarians in

    • Charles Martel
      Charles Martel 1 month ago

      "The barbarians are inside, and there are no gates."

  • idahoan dude
    idahoan dude 1 month ago

    Those crazy Mormons though....oh wait

  • Wifire
    Wifire 1 month ago

    I was at the place where the attack happend an hour before the attack, if I just knew what would happen :(

  • Fop Neus
    Fop Neus 1 month ago

    the poor muslim driver probably was sick of all the racism he had to go through, in the end the blood is on the so called victims hands....

  • Deinopis
    Deinopis 1 month ago

    Swedish sjw's will say that we need to bring in more muslims and give them welfare because "the immigrants have such horrible lives" & Sweden was supposed to be a country for vikings, welp.

    • Vili Järvinen
      Vili Järvinen 1 month ago

      Deinopis This is what happens when obsession over PC:ness starts running rampant, people slowly morph in to giant pussies who instead of hitting back, apoligize on their knees for beeing hitted.

    • Charles Martel
      Charles Martel 1 month ago

      From Vikings to snowflakes, but to be fair, the whole society has evolved to crush and deter all criticism of establishment policy and narrative.

  • augusto 22
    augusto 22 1 month ago

    i bet everyone 100 euros the next one will be in the capital of finland

    • augusto 22
      augusto 22 1 month ago

      Charles Martel im just asuming it is because a capital is heavily populated

    • Charles Martel
      Charles Martel 1 month ago

      Must be many Muslims there.

  • ME
    ME 1 month ago

    I was there

  • tim cannon
    tim cannon 1 month ago

    false flag again. same story different city. terror excuse to bomb. staged drill. all fake. crisis actors and nonsense again.

    • tim cannon
      tim cannon 1 month ago

      troll response.

    • tim cannon
      tim cannon 1 month ago

      troll response. way too long.

    • tim cannon
      tim cannon 1 month ago

      troll response. way too long.

    • tim cannon
      tim cannon 1 month ago

      because people dissapear. get murdered. when discussing 9/11. your response is big time GOV TROLL. way too long to care for average citizen. good god man. i know your getting paid to troll but that 3 page response was over the top.

    • tim cannon
      tim cannon 1 month ago

      nice troll response, but no. we arent that stupid. try again shill troll. jet fuel. no planes hit anything turd troll.

  • german.blunt.smoker
    german.blunt.smoker 1 month ago


    • german.blunt.smoker
      german.blunt.smoker 1 month ago

      You should better wake up. Nobody lost his live, everybody can search by himself.
      Search for "Stockholm Sweden truck attack, 100% staged/HOAX. NEW VIDEO FOOTAGE!!" or for
      "Stockholm Sweden truck attack hoax busted. Story posted 3 days ago about todays attack part 1/3".

    • Charles Martel
      Charles Martel 1 month ago

      Tin foil hat alert!

  • Attila Nagy
    Attila Nagy 1 month ago

    It was a false flag attack.

  • Orang Keren
    Orang Keren 1 month ago

    it's so sad that there's so many american pigs saying "i heard it's okay in sweden" how can? i mean at least these people die with no hate in their fucked up soul. #fuckoffamerica

    • Niko Neznanović
      Niko Neznanović 1 month ago

      They are probably giving you shit now because you gave them shit when Trump said Sweden is a shithole.
      Trump turned out right.

  • Daniel Ayala
    Daniel Ayala 1 month ago

    "Several people " Only 4 :V

  • Malin Blickfeldt
    Malin Blickfeldt 1 month ago

    And i live in sweden

  • Malin Blickfeldt
    Malin Blickfeldt 1 month ago

    I'm from sweden😕

  • nikoolizer
    nikoolizer 1 month ago
    The Day after

  • Dok44
    Dok44 1 month ago

    russia for sweden. be strong, vikings!

  • Ali Abed
    Ali Abed 1 month ago

    Why does so many people think that all terrorist attacks come from muslims. In fact the 9/11 attacks aren't even done by muslims. There is no proof that they are even muslims who does the terrorist attacks. It's only couple of crazy douche bags and in fact you're not a Muslim if you do these terrorist attacks (it's for bidden in Islam) I hate the fact that many people think that Muslims are like this.

  • Olivia Grant
    Olivia Grant 1 month ago

    band trucks

  • Peter Ip
    Peter Ip 1 month ago

    This is what happens when you let in terrorist into your country, not all Muslims are terrorist, but the majority of terrorist are Muslims. Out of millions of Muslims in Europe, only takes a few to be radicalised.

  • Peter Peter
    Peter Peter 1 month ago

    Trump was right all along

    And dont Forget all the rapes since 2015

  • BOX 1
    BOX 1 1 month ago

    The best the muslims can do is a #
    Which was probably set up by a "UK Government Department"
    As we all know London isn't English anymore, it's infested with desert rats.. Europe has a cancerous sickness, it needs to get rid of it's politicians as they have sold out Europeans, ruined your lives, towns, cities and culture. YOUR POLITICIANS HAVE DONE THIS TO YOU.

  • RodiKoo
    RodiKoo 1 month ago

    EVERYBODY. just listen... the guy who drove the truck whas from uzbekistan! he whas not muslim! or mabe BUT dont hate muslims!

  • hun ifju
    hun ifju 1 month ago

    Cause of fences Hungary is a nazi and rascist nation according to Sweden. So, I'm not rascist, more refugees to Sweden! Of course it's sarcasm. RIP for victims! I hope people in west europe leave their idiot liberalism and will be clever soon.

  • Hamza Cherkani
    Hamza Cherkani 1 month ago

    that was so scary i live in sweden and i was scared for my sister and there was a small girl in like the age 13 i think and she died and her leg flew away from her body

  • Brandon Cardona
    Brandon Cardona 1 month ago

    "You are fake news"

  • Kevin Chaves
    Kevin Chaves 1 month ago

    this is all the E.U . fault sorry but it's truth!! i feel bad & for what happened it's awful!!! & not every Muslim is bad there's good and bad of everybody in this world!! but the problem is in my own opinion!! Muslims get involved which political stuff and their religion!! there should be a separation of church and state !! for Muslim people in their religion if they want to simulate themselves into the Western world that's the way it should be say whatever I want and do whatever I want that's freedom!! why do these people like extremist groups want to start a religion war the Crusades a long and gone and over with get with the times!! the bombing in Egypt that was horrible!!! completely unnecessary all those poor innocent lives dead anyone think that God wants that!! what type of respect is that well I hope the Lord See's everything whoever planted those bombs I Believe In My Heart that you will be severely punished when you meet your maker because God doesn't want no one hurt!! and one other thing if muscle people don't separate themselves like church and state they will all be rejected throughout the world political and religion they don't mix anyway that's my opinion I hope I didn't offend peace be with you🙏➕

  • whooked
    whooked 1 month ago

    Nu får SD ännu en onödig Jackpott.

    • nattygsbord
      nattygsbord 1 month ago

      SD har tokvänstern och muslimerna att tacka för sin framgång.
      Allt känns så jävla onödigt och synd.

  • FavreianVengeance
    FavreianVengeance 1 month ago


  • Adventure Guy
    Adventure Guy 1 month ago

    Amazon Prime?

  • hanad aden
    hanad aden 1 month ago

    don't say everything is Islam how naive are you guys see with ur on eye's before u comment news get paid by guys like u

  • hanad aden
    hanad aden 1 month ago

    I live on Sweden the guy is not Muslim plus he is White 📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢🔊🔊🔊🔊

    • Niko Neznanović
      Niko Neznanović 1 month ago

      There are millions of white muslims, whats your point?

    • hanad aden
      hanad aden 1 month ago

      I don't get why does people think everything is Islam even the smallest things why do guys not see what is happening on other countries like Seria are the not Muslim or the are non Muslim why are the dying .this world will not be peace until Satan is alive open your eyes 👀

    • hanad aden
      hanad aden 1 month ago

      He is not Muslim go watch the news btw say if he is Muslim and he is from Sweden or America will u remove him from the country answer by u:no because he is American citizen people only see Arab and Pakistan countrys not if he is from Europe 😒

    • Charles Martel
      Charles Martel 1 month ago

      No, he is a Muslim from Uzbekistan, and Muslim terrorists have been committing many such attacks in response to the command of Islamic State.

  • TheSpiikki
    TheSpiikki 1 month ago

    I'm from finland myself, visited stockholm with couple friends today, and went over to this place, we saw young girl waving a sign with peace symbol and a text saying "Fight terrorism with peace" sometimes i just cannot understand some people...

  • KodziroHyuga
    KodziroHyuga 1 month ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA left side shitholes deserves it

    • KodziroHyuga
      KodziroHyuga 1 month ago


      if it was my family 100 muslims would have already have died in revenge


      its not only governments fault i see how swedish ppl were trying to defend islam in the last 2 years.....i talked with swedish students they all saw a nazi in me (ma grandfather has a medal of honour for killing nazis but...ok :) )

      im done with talking......but im not done with showing left side what they are responsible for....sry for you if you are on of 10.000 swedish ppl who thinks right but.......tell your ppl not me

      WHAT IS WORSE?? a) someone talking about deaths in internet comments (a person which is not even some kind of important for you)
      or b) ppl who let in murderous ideology like communism and nazism, defend them and let innocent ppl kill???? is my comment really worse? go and talk to your fagott inhabitants of your country

    • KodziroHyuga
      KodziroHyuga 1 month ago

      cry me a river you honourless fagott - sweden deserves it for wantig so many muslims and not hearing on anyone

      look few comments down - there is the comment by udoTheGamer - and under it are answers check the answer of infamous rascal - he writes me there it was a christian :D i mean for something like this fo this stupidity and swden deserve it like germany, france and all other gay-western europe countries who dont have real man anymore just vegan gay instead with your muslim friends :DDDDDDDD

  • St1cky GreeN
    St1cky GreeN 1 month ago

    Germany is the next target i guess?

    • Charles Martel
      Charles Martel 1 month ago

      All infidels who do not submit to Sharia are constant targets.

  • Jkl
    Jkl 1 month ago

    Islam is everything to do with this

  • fuck 452
    fuck 452 1 month ago

    Religion of peace hit again

  • Gimme That Rp G2L
    Gimme That Rp G2L 1 month ago

    Can people stop mixing this up?? Most muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are. Dont blame the religion, blame the people that commit the acts...

    • Niko Neznanović
      Niko Neznanović 1 month ago

      The other way arround, blame the religion (Islam), not the people (Muslims).

  • VolvoOscar
    VolvoOscar 1 month ago


  • Himi Jendrix
    Himi Jendrix 1 month ago

    Even the 'moderate' muslims confuse and anger me. Why continue to practice a religion in open alliance with terrorism, with the prophet of their religion being a pedophile?

  • måns larsoon
    måns larsoon 1 month ago

    the police have find the man who did this.

  • Fanny Sjöstedt
    Fanny Sjöstedt 1 month ago

    “Whoever kills a person …it is as though he has killed all mankind."
    A text from the Quran.

    • Fanny Sjöstedt
      Fanny Sjöstedt 1 month ago

      connor gallagher im sorry but what people raised you to talk on the internet like that? Just wow, w o w. And when did i even mention rapists and murders? What are you smoking

    • Connor Gallagher
      Connor Gallagher 1 month ago

      Another white skank who's taking the side of rapists and murderers against her own men.

      You deserve a bullet in your fucked up head, whore.

  • GamingTech
    GamingTech 1 month ago

    what if trump paid that guy to do this so he can prove he is right?

    like so others can see!

  • Sparky Junior
    Sparky Junior 1 month ago

    Alloha Snackbar 💣

  • Adamzz92 H
    Adamzz92 H 1 month ago

    just bom fuckin isis

  • Daniel
    Daniel 1 month ago

    This is on all of you who voted for this wide-open approach to immigration. Shame on all of you sick fuckers.

  • Ano An
    Ano An 1 month ago

    4 people died

  • TheSensismoker
    TheSensismoker 1 month ago

    Single case ! There is no connection to ISlahm/Refjudgees !!!
    Say it loud....say it clear....Ratfjudgeees are welcome here !

  • Britain's Got No Talent

    Fake staged non-event.
    Think you will see any proper, GOOD QUALITY CCTV video footage?
    Think again.
    You NEVER see any CCTV from these supposed 'terrorist attacks' because there WERE NO TERRORIST ATTACKS!!!!!

  • Hassin Majro
    Hassin Majro 1 month ago

    fake news

  • Antonchamberlin
    Antonchamberlin 1 month ago

    NO SHOTS were fired false information

  • Western Defender
    Western Defender 1 month ago

    *What makes Islam so different?* (phenomenal resource).

  • #2017 Red Pilled Piers Morgan

    Maybe muslims are just really bad drivers

    😂😂 just kidding they are scum

  • guruuDev
    guruuDev 1 month ago

    False flag hoax.  Watch videos "plasticman" and "platicman2" ( a few minutes long) -- to get the picture. 
    They are demonizing Muslims as a pretext for conquest of The Middle East and martial law in The West.  These supposed terror attacks are faked using crisis actors.

    • guruuDev
      guruuDev 1 month ago

      Western Defender\\First question: was it a real attack -- or a fake one staged with crisis actors?  Watch the two videos.

    • Western Defender
      Western Defender 1 month ago

      After every jihad attack, conspiracy theorists claim it is a false flag, while anti-Semites claim Jews/zionists/Israel did it.

  • Erik liljeberg
    Erik liljeberg 1 month ago

    muslims is the canser of humanity

  • Alien Invasion
    Alien Invasion 1 month ago

    Islam - The Religion of Peace

  • Takeiteasy buttakeit

    Sweden strong answer. Buying Teddy bears and farewell cards and distributing them to the population.

    • Western Defender
      Western Defender 1 month ago

      And bracelets for females to wear to stop sexual assault.

  • Felixxx deCat
    Felixxx deCat 1 month ago

    BBC: "it's not clear as yet if the "action" was deliberate"

    Ahhhhh what a relief for a second I feared it might have been some irritated moslem "refugee" (*cough* Asian) having a bad day hating the kuffar's.

  • mike the Knight
    mike the Knight 1 month ago

    CNN said no problems in Sweden...

  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 month ago

    Bismillah! Two lane drifting?

  • Vulpes Inculta
    Vulpes Inculta 1 month ago

    I'm already itchy. Shit will go down in europe and we'll get our revenge. Europe is in the process of AWAKENING

  • kadir811
    kadir811 1 month ago

    Soon Europe will be worse than Syria.

    • Western Defender
      Western Defender 1 month ago

      +noamias -- I can not take you seriously because your comment is profane, vulgar, naive and cliché.

    • Western Defender
      Western Defender 1 month ago

      Some Somalis have returned to Mogadishu because they find it safer than Sweden.

  • Mogadish Uknow
    Mogadish Uknow 1 month ago


  • slick67cuda
    slick67cuda 1 month ago

    Sweden needs to throw all those Muslims out of the country. It's either that or face annihilation.

  • Chifish
    Chifish 1 month ago

    I am swedish. I really think this is what we deserve for being such feminazi social warriors. Thank to this man and the death of these people. People will try to fix this country and we will be able to rule.

  • Anders Liljevall
    Anders Liljevall 1 month ago

    and what is behind it? Islam of Course. Surprised?

    • Western Defender
      Western Defender 1 month ago

      It is surprising that there have not been more jihad terror attacks in -Sweden- Absurdistan, unless you count the endless sexual assault and other crime.

  • jesus died for our sins by his wounds we are healed

    In the news ,what is happening throughout the world ,Syria,Nigeria,Yemen ,somalia,south Sudan,Afganistan,Pakistan,Libya, ,the mystery of MH370,MH 17,EBOLA, Earth quake in Nepal ,thousands of people dying ,Israel and Palestine , ISIL,Heat wave in india killing hundereds,uncommonly people dying throughout the world ,don’t you feel there is something unusual recently ,does that mean anything to you?
    In the Bible Jesus said ,when he is about to come, not only such things will happen but the next pulse of such things will be stronger. (matthew 24:6-8)
    He also said that finally there will be a crisis through out the world that has never been before and will
    Not be after(matthew 24:21)
    Imagine the evil things that have happened through out the world up to now,world war I & II ,what Hitler did to the Jews people(holocaust),atomic bomb dropped in heroshima and negasaki,famine in different parts of the world ,several natural disasters etc…,but non of these match what is about to come ,according to the bible.
    He is coming soon !he is at the door!!are you ready? He loves you and he wants to save you.
    The Bible says, "God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life"
    If you do not accept him, according to the bible, your destination will be hell, eternal suffering!!
    God reaches out in love to you and wants you to be His child. "As many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe on His name." You can choose to ask Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and come in to your life as your Lord and Savior.
    If you want to accept Christ as your Savior and turn from your sins, you can ask Him to be your Savior and Lord by praying a prayer like this:
    "Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Please forgive my sins and give me the gift of eternal life. I ask you in to my life and heart to be my Lord and Savior. I want to serve you always."
    Did you pray this prayer? IF YES please visit

  • Marco Insalaco
    Marco Insalaco 1 month ago


    • Marco Insalaco
      Marco Insalaco 1 month ago

      Western Defender against people because of their color of the skin, their religion (you know, christianity is not so innocent either if you think that), their etniticity and more. You call them animals, apes and all other things I have have read. you accuse them of bestiality, when you should look what the white
      man has done to the indians for example, or the black people of Africa who were forced to come go the southern States of USA TO BECOME SLAVES GO THE WHITE MAN! TELL ME, DO YOU THINK THAT IS RIGHT, DO YOU???!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    • Western Defender
      Western Defender 1 month ago

      Racist against whom?

  • Artur Krajewski
    Artur Krajewski 1 month ago

    take more Muslims..

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