The world's best Snowblower 1 Big Caterpillar Engine 700 HP

Øveraasen Viking PEX 1400 BH 2. Engine Caterpillar D343. 700 HP
Dalsnibba. Geiranger

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Author Christopher Lovelock ( ago)
Judging by the colour of some of the 'snow' that was coming out the
'blower' it was cutting a lot more than just snow.

Author Баймат Байматов ( ago)

Author b_artist ( ago)
i assumed so

Author TheHubertusderhund ( ago)
... How about that historic machines from good old Austria?

Author Rob Tro ( ago)
Hey Scott money says they know what they're doing.

Author Azin Na ( ago)
Freaking snow! Get lost.

Author internazi ( ago)
looks like 3306 CAT, no way 700 hp. With an extra turbo blow maybe 550.

Author Knights2theEnd ( ago)
Damn, my next-door neighbor would love me if I had one of these.

Author Scott Jensen ( ago)
Throwing the snow up hill what are you thinking

Author New Zealand Trains and More! ( ago)
I feel sorry for the 343 in it. The video said that it is rated at 700 H.P
when the engine has a continous rating of 300 H.P (non intercooled) or
389H.P (intercooled). The engine had a intercooler on it but 700 horsepower
rating... what ludicrous.

Author 3252fly ( ago)
Dam great toboggan run when done : > )

Author milesmouse72 ( ago)

Author siddharth bhattacharjya ( ago)
Hi...we are looking to purchase a Snow Blower for one of our Hydro Electric
Project loacted in Himachal Pradesh of India. Interested party can contact
me @

Author Dangerous Facts ( ago)
Nom nom nom...

Author Ghost Shadow ( ago)
they make a 2,000 hp blower in norway

Author MrBusDrivr ( ago)
Wow! That is one impressively powerful machine!.... 

Author Kuvara yö ( ago)

Author ask steevies ( ago)
I want its.....

Author Roji Railways ( ago)
subscribed to your channel. I hope you will subscribe to my channel as well.

Author tornadosirenlover100 ( ago)
Insert proper meme here (hint: look at my thumbnail ;)

Author Anastasia Beaverhausen ( ago)
Are there gas trucks that come to you??

Author Ididsubmititalready (247 years ago)
First thing I thought of when it hit the roads, "What happens when that
blade hits ice?'

Author roadhuntingfreak ( ago)
My question is why the hell are you starting it cold with the blower
enguaged, then revving the hell out of it right after, apparently you all
like to rebuild engines. This of course what I can see from the video.

Author C-130 ( ago)
Where am I? I was watching Futurama.

Author Jamarcus Jayqwellen ( ago)
this gave me the weirdest boner...

Author Jason Buis ( ago)
YAWN I suppose I will have design my own snow blower.. All these slow
intake designs bore me... I think ONE HUGE problem is the power unit. Why
make it multitask? Plus most intake augers move to slow. 

Author Yer Boss ( ago)
Naaah, I gotta brand new toro 89cc. and that baby would beat this thing.

Author Tommy Taylor ( ago)
I thought this was a big caterpillar?

Author Martin WinWeb ( ago)
Typical Øveraasen front end attachment with a cabin that looks like the
Rolba blowers. Also clearly visible that despite the tilting plough the
carrier unit never gets level

Author Michael Strelka ( ago)
Ummm. wouldn't it make more sense to blow the snow DOWNhill? and who is
going to drive through here after they get done?

Author Derek Charette ( ago)
I want to drive this thing and take it through a huge snowfall!!!

Author Pierre Michaud ( ago)

Author Baron Van Oosting ( ago)
be nice but out small 3 point mounted one works about the same....with 1/3
the horse power. but it will push because we have to take a run at hard
packed snow with ours

Author dittybur ( ago)
700hp and the snow still comes right back at you from the wind lol

Author dittybur ( ago)
wow I liked to be sucked right up in that

Author hedrick enterprises ( ago)
whooee! I needed that just for my driveway this year.

Author gary scott ( ago)
quite the punch

Author Cary Davis ( ago)
Global warming! Damn you Al Gore!

Author uzipo ventezinko ( ago)

Author uzipo ventezinko ( ago)
for only 700hp thats a super great machine !!!

Author Tjita1 ( ago)
"worlds best"... Naah. Have you seen the ones they use at airports?

Author Loren Reece ( ago)
Now that's a snowblower.

Author floodedcar123 ( ago)
That is a nice sounding cat engine.

Author Jonathan Myers ( ago)
I have got to get me one of these!!! :)

Author Brian Brewster ( ago)
How in the hell do they know where the existing road is?

Author Gary Sitton ( ago)
This is small compared to the ones attached to trains. But cool none the

Author brutalbrital ( ago)
throws the snow a long way cool

Author Scott MacDonald ( ago)
Worlds best? I mean alright, but drive through the British Columbian rocky
mountains and glaciers in winter time and you'll start finding 19Km up then
19km straight down of nothing but this, normal.

Author Heather Palmer ( ago)

Author radio40 ( ago)
i want one then i can safely store all my snow in the back yard instead of
all over the place it's cleaner that way and then i can have my front yard

Author Jdidk Loma ( ago)
eh my shovel is better...

Author trefod ( ago)
Om nom nom!

Author Carskinify ( ago)
Notice how the blades stick out so they can cut through the snow? I have a
big husquevarna but the housing around the blades won't let it cut into
anything.Worthless piece of shit.

Author trippplefive ( ago)
what if a person is stuck in there? do they become shawarma?

Author Yeom Erik ( ago)

Author EMD SD90 MAC-H PHASE II ( ago)
Wait till you see the railroad snowblowers, those things are monsters.

Author Taurolyon ( ago)
Clearing snow... with extreme prejudice!

Author ED FRED ( ago)
It must be fun driving that thing.

Author Pierre M ( ago)
Did you know that the snowblower was a Canadian invention? So was the
snowmobile (snow machine for Americans). 

Author Brady Lewis ( ago)
How did i get here?

Author Mark McCormick ( ago)
maybe starting without PTO engaged would be easier

Author Hornhausen ( ago)
very good

Author SirDeanosity ( ago)
Chuck Norris clearing his driveway.

Author Dana Thompson ( ago)
Another Norway Best Snow Blower ....
As A Canadian I Really Think That Your Snow Blowers & Earth Removers &
Trucks Are So Great...
I Could Almost Watch These All Day If I Had The Time..
Keep On Blowing ...

Author Harry Saxman ( ago)
Why start it up with the PTO on? You can't disconnect the blower on this?
Or is it operator error?

Author Tod Lindley ( ago)
Be Better with blower head mounted on a Loading shovel , then the head can
be lifted up 15/18 feet and work down a deep drift, there's gonna be a big
bill for road repair with those cleats !!!!!!

Author wcresponder ( ago)
Is not.

Author ColtoSillas ( ago)
im just trying to figure out how i got here

Author fdyjt ( ago)
haha if you want a chicken with no wings let him o in that machine :D

Author Geassi ( ago)
We have GPS to find the road.

Author sedjetra ( ago)
I wouldn't get in front of it.

Author billy bob ( ago)
where can I get me one beats shovelin.

Author Diesl Fume ( ago)
You are not well read when it comes to pollution...get a life!

Author Jason S (Jay) ( ago)
What an ignorant statement.

Author ( ago)
the worlds best polluter 

Author SS ][ ( ago)
sure its great for road but the railroad have even more powerful ones

Author broomsterm ( ago)

Author Bauke Schotanus ( ago)
The snowbine harvester.

Author Brian Erb ( ago)
Soooo the skiers come down the mountain & find this channel in the snow
BAAWOOOFFF into the 8' snow wall

Author wildturkey1960 ( ago)
They use the track blower first then use the wheeled one afterwards. And,
that blower is working hard. You can hear the motor strain a few times.
Hate to have to pay to fill that monster up...

Author Jan Mizeski ( ago)
This video I'll never get sick of. For the Love of God I hope I'm not the
persons that has to be bailed out. 

Author Rozgreez ( ago)
Snowcone anyone?

Author rnasap ( ago)
This one will throw it in your neighbor's neighbor's yard.

Author tony eichensehr ( ago)
I need that

Author therealTOTOfan ( ago)
imagine taking that thing and work your way through on spring break. flying
body parts, flying body parts everwhere

Author ClutchUpProductions ( ago)
hahah that thing have 5% tint on it?

Author BeHumbled ( ago)
Not the most powerful 

Author Jason Carmichael ( ago)
Much more power when you click the 2x. 

Author Chris Licata ( ago)
Dear Santa!

Author urgentcareguy3 ( ago)
Snow cone maker. Large or small? 

Author Kjellemannen70 ( ago)
Thats right, its from Norway! ;)

Author Elizabeth Hibbs ( ago)
wild hogs

Author Elizabeth Hibbs ( ago)
wild hogs

Author leemer1 ( ago)
why snowmobile up a mountain when you can snowblow it!

Author farmrrick ( ago)
You would think there would be a clutch to disengage the blower when you
try to start it .

Author JH129M ( ago)
Poor snow:(

Author Ralph Swartz ( ago)
How does the snowplow driver get to the plow first thing in the morning????
In a VW Beetle...that's how!!!

Author Reef Raf ( ago)
thats a fvackinbeast

Author bonzo874 ( ago)
surely you wouldnt start it with the blower in gear ? itd wreck the starter

Author skiddy8619 ( ago)

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