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Author Nick Wang (1 year)
大爱 Tim 叔的乡村...

Author Carol Kennedy (1 year)
this is good for some one you love so much

Author lorri everett (1 year)
To my Husband............sorry.....after 22 years it is time for me go back
home....pickin those peaches and Carolina bare foot on the beaches....That
is home and where you can see me, with love, from the county girl, born and
raised. No more north for this cowgirl, You ain't country and we ain't

Author Iza Kiladze (1 year)

Author alexlaughlin30 (1 year)
Wtf happened to Tim McGraw?

Author Duck of Wonder (1 year)
hey thats filmed at the Acoma Pueblo, thats cool.

Author Alex Emmerson (1 year)
Aprille in GA.

Love ya Hick


Author KHALID ELJARUSHI (1 year)
I always see you 

Author PatrickToanHo (1 year)
Beautiful song!

Author Anon Bionic (1 year)
Love this

Author Sue Davison (1 year)
Song always makes me cry

Author melissa fugate (1 year)
I love this song

Author Steve Wiswell (3 years)
me and my ex broke up on monday and now everywhere i turn i see her. my
friends tell me that she hasn't been at school since the day we broke up. i
miss her. i know i can bribe some of her friends to give her a message and
im working on a video showing how much i need her

Author DEmersonJMFM (2 years)
Same here. It ticks me off when she keeps winning all these country music
awards because she's not country. She might have faintly started in country
but she's no where close now.

Author ggm888 (2 years)
love his songs but he's a whiner listen to dont take the girl

Author wvgrl1992 (3 years)

Author xBRAV3H3ARTx (2 years)
Lol at these stupid thumbs up comments... I was listening to this in 1997
and still in 2012... who cares.

Author VictoriaBlack5 (1 year)
This song is never going to get old :) Love It!!

Author Tim Johnson (3 years)
No matter how much you wait,it dosen't happen....don't count on it

Author Gail Robinson (3 years)
This on my home in Acoma, NM!! But I am an apple... white on the inside red
on the outside. So I only know what my grandma showed me. guess now you can
call me assimillalated. Oh. I wish I knew my language. Just let me watch
this video. So everyone including my cousins wont laugh at me.

Author Anne Trinket (2 years)
and your nuts :)

Author Etharification (3 years)
I don't know YA...but I LOVE YA ^_^

Author kirukin87 (2 years)
after hearing this song in a club recently i would never look at it hte
same way again

Author Rebailu (3 years)
This is my favourite male song ever. Tim McGraw, I. Love. You. for the very
feeling you give me from just this song alone.

Author shaneraleigh (2 years)
Best song ever!

Author belziebub (3 years)
to the idiot advertisers-- my shoes will test negative because I dont have
it- your pathetic attempts were a failure-- I cant wait to get my money and
gloat as they die

Author joel machuca (2 years)
Love this song!!

Author carinoeldelasrosas (2 years)
Soy real Maestra y tambien soy mexicano extranjero!

Author cliff boulle (1 year)
I see her everlywhere.

Author stmichelob (1 year)
27 folks have been nowhere.

Author Etharification (2 years)

Author jill cole (1 year)
Yep at at least 46 states..

Author firechick1526 (2 years)
so true

Author lukenwk (1 year)
hahah fail!

Author lukenwk (1 year)
god this song makes me emotional...

Author dietsundrop2011 (2 years)
Heard this, just this morning on my way are still everywhere. I
miss you.

Author iheartsooners (2 years)
Tim singing real country the radio is cluttered with Swift and
Lady Antebellum.

Author pinkglitter21100 (3 years)
love this song!

Author Marcus Kent (3 years)
@AlexaRae104 hell ya

Author XxMusicfiedforlifexX (2 years)
I was 5 :)

Author Livai Holani (3 years)
This song reminds me of the one who I love, but now we don't talk
anymore:'(. I wish you the best Ian Junior Smallie.

Author BoldAndBadger (2 years)
i wasn't here!

Author Danny Munoz (3 years)
wow I so relate to this song..My soon to be ex wife n I have been to three
of the places mentioned in this song.Bamm.I love you Monica!!!

Author mjgirl89 (3 years)

Author Becky Stone (3 years)
YES Tim I am everywhere. It is amazing where I go when I sleep which I hate
to do.

Author Kate Bryson (3 years)
I love the 90's music nothing is the same any more because stupid
hollywood got more slutty there starting to make our country look bad lol

Author xxtillsonbabexx (3 years)
Man, He looks too good in that black Tshirt. mmm. lol(:

Author Paige Holcomb (3 years)
this song reminds me of my first love...

Author Joshua Weller (1 year)
awesome song!!

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