4 Cup Gadgets Test

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  • super snow man
    super snow man 18 hours ago

    3:40 makes me laugh every time lol sooo funny haha

    ZAIB YT 1 day ago

    I got that self stirring mug thingy for $4

    ZAIB YT 1 day ago

    Wanna hear a joke?

    "Coffee battery juice"

  • Dr. Chemo's Lab Home Of the OP

    Mom: What are you watching?

    Me: A man playing with cups

  • Hunter Pidek
    Hunter Pidek 1 day ago

    Coffee battery juice?😂 0:58

  • I Play Games
    I Play Games 1 day ago

    what on come on car please walk 3:24 turn captions on autu generated

  • I Play Games
    I Play Games 1 day ago

    triple a in caption=deepali buddies

  • I Play Games
    I Play Games 1 day ago

    look like we need to pull a butters

  • I Play Games
    I Play Games 1 day ago

    ohh its out of buddies of course it does no come with butter ahahhahaahah look 3:05 turn captions on

  • I Play Games
    I Play Games 1 day ago

    turn on captions 2:59

  • Shashank Sagar
    Shashank Sagar 2 days ago

    I have all these

  • Jordan Please
    Jordan Please 2 days ago

    you are a good time killer your the best! :)

  • Chill Comrade
    Chill Comrade 2 days ago

    5:22 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😷😭😭😭😷😷😷😷😷😭😷😭😷😭😷😭😷😭😷😭

  • killman 3127
    killman 3127 3 days ago

    at 6:30, you know you could just use a straw...

  • Oliviafranczak
    Oliviafranczak 4 days ago

    Gajiks put to de test

  • Brandon Dimalanta
    Brandon Dimalanta 6 days ago

    I like your videos because every gadget you try to do you try your best to success at doing the gadgets

  • Jimmy Catalina
    Jimmy Catalina 8 days ago

    use the captions at 5:29
    Is the 1st cup to let you know that your coffee has gone cold?

  • Jay FTW
    Jay FTW 10 days ago

    4 cup gadgecks lol it's gadget

  • Swarn Preet
    Swarn Preet 11 days ago

    its very good

  • Sincerely Greggory
    Sincerely Greggory 12 days ago

    6:30 just use a straw

  • battle rookie
    battle rookie 12 days ago

    need batteries lets figure this out

  • akiko masho naran
    akiko masho naran 13 days ago


  • Soni Vijay
    Soni Vijay 14 days ago

    what a lovely border collie😊😊

  • Nyla Skyy
    Nyla Skyy 14 days ago

    I love my self stirring mug

  • Corn Ipeadia
    Corn Ipeadia 15 days ago


  • Ghost_ Killer2468
    Ghost_ Killer2468 16 days ago

    I'm so glad he looks so happy

  • The soloist violist !

    "The coolest cup!" But i thought you used hot water?😂

  • Weloveroshni Fanclub

    The first 2 mugs I m purchasing next month 4 sure. THANKS FOR UR BEST OF BEST EXPERIENTS 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Sniper-man -1056
    Sniper-man -1056 17 days ago

    who like watching the vid while going to times that he messes up and says somthing funny

  • Keevan tube
    Keevan tube 18 days ago

    I want the self stirring mug I like it

  • Alessa Cureg Cureg
    Alessa Cureg Cureg 18 days ago

    before i had that self stearing mug but it broke

  • Hani Yukumi
    Hani Yukumi 19 days ago

    Wow! Did u see that?Woahhh this is awesome! Woahh this is kewl this is like a mixer.😂Huge thumbs up for me.

  • Pasi Sallinen
    Pasi Sallinen 19 days ago

    i have the self stirring mug, it might be the best invention ever made

    SNOWQ 19 days ago

    when he sayed wow it sticked so well i stopped waching the video

  • DeadPool 1
    DeadPool 1 20 days ago

    Theres no butters we need some butters

  • Abdullah Hamdan
    Abdullah Hamdan 20 days ago

    He says "magikarp"

    REIDY BOY REIDY 20 days ago

    Who else likes coffee

    BIG EZZ BIG EZZ 20 days ago

    5:23 that's what i get when i watch Mia khalifa😂😂😅

  • Kirkwin Films
    Kirkwin Films 20 days ago

    ANYTHING will amaze Taurus

  • Tina Hong
    Tina Hong 21 day ago

    For the self stirring mug I imagine like someone drinking from it than they axedently press the button and the coffee goes everywhere lol

  • Justin Jade
    Justin Jade 22 days ago

    i like the 2nd cup

  • Harrison Smith
    Harrison Smith 23 days ago

    3:32 hahhahah his reaction

  • Am I human This is weird

    3:04 turn on captions

  • Princess Rita Rittaa

    i have a self stirring cup one big and one small

  • Jack Andrews
    Jack Andrews 24 days ago

    The eenternet is called You Tube

  • Gerardo The bad ass
    Gerardo The bad ass 24 days ago

    Dental floss

  • Gabriella Gonzales
    Gabriella Gonzales 25 days ago

    Where does he get the self steering cup?!? I need it

  • Jackaxe Gaming
    Jackaxe Gaming 26 days ago

    "Tornado in a cup"

  • Alexie Sucks Dick
    Alexie Sucks Dick 26 days ago


  • Nicholas Mancevice
    Nicholas Mancevice 26 days ago

    How is the first one a gadget

  • Link Hoss Neal
    Link Hoss Neal 26 days ago

    You got so excited at the self stirring mug

  • rohit badiger
    rohit badiger 27 days ago

    no wonder he looks like putin

  • A A
    A A 27 days ago

    6:55 look at his face

  • Leo Oh
    Leo Oh 28 days ago

    How do you clean the self stirring cup?

  • GamerGirl
    GamerGirl 28 days ago

    Me: *clears throat* hurricane

  • Spooker Tunes
    Spooker Tunes 29 days ago

    He spent 2 minutes wasting hot water and ice.

  • Bridget josephs
    Bridget josephs 1 month ago

    I love your video and hair

  • Elias Ramos
    Elias Ramos 1 month ago

    I thought he said dimple a batteries

  • Zombiekiller5841
    Zombiekiller5841 1 month ago

    I want his dog

  • Cringey Patrick
    Cringey Patrick 1 month ago

    5:23 Daymm, s p a n k that a$$ muthafucca

  • Hexagonal Milo 10
    Hexagonal Milo 10 1 month ago

    now i want a self-stirring unspillable battery mug with an indent at the top.

  • Angel Life
    Angel Life 1 month ago

    The coffee made me thrsty

  • Edward Cueto
    Edward Cueto 1 month ago

    We have that self stirring mug

  • Gm P
    Gm P 1 month ago

    0:55 "wake up at the morning, I need my coffee battery juice " LMAO😂😂

  • HD HT
    HD HT 1 month ago

    anjir alus euy... BOOM!

  • jencar de pablo
    jencar de pablo 1 month ago

    3:40 Mate Its Called A Whirlpool

  • Rahul Bhandari
    Rahul Bhandari 1 month ago


  • hey it's jeff
    hey it's jeff 1 month ago

    i love life hack and crazyrussianhacker

  • YeePaa
    YeePaa 1 month ago

    Fleshlight in thumbnail >.<

  • Panda Productions
    Panda Productions 1 month ago

    Did I heard maagic on 2:28

  • Raz Daniel
    Raz Daniel 1 month ago


  • Mjeffery 27
    Mjeffery 27 1 month ago

    "Ohhhhh it opens all the way SO COOL"

  • twenty one my chemical black veil brides panicing!

    5:26 woah what a creep

    edit: you will see it if you turn on the subtitles

  • Sammy Nagar
    Sammy Nagar 1 month ago

    TORNADOOO MUUG!!!!!!!!!!!

    REPPE RAMPEN 1 month ago

    Trippel e batteries?

  • Avenue of Solitude
    Avenue of Solitude 1 month ago

    "French vanila. I like it right now alot. I might change my likeness" Hahahahaha

  • Sierra Martin
    Sierra Martin 1 month ago

    Coffee battery juice😂😂😂😂

  • Win Tam
    Win Tam 1 month ago

    4 Cup Gadgets Test

  • Right Rightman
    Right Rightman 1 month ago

    Rusian guy says "whats up guys... how ya all doin"? I love this guy!

  • The Vamps Fangirl
    The Vamps Fangirl 1 month ago

    Taras, i love your reactions😂💕 You're so excited and amazed😍💕

  • Camren Werman
    Camren Werman 1 month ago

    coffee battery juice

  • Jara Mia
    Jara Mia 1 month ago

    His reactions tho.

  • Midnight STALKER
    Midnight STALKER 1 month ago

    when you are sayin "Batteries" i heard "Butters"... LIKE if funny

  • _ AlexZGAMER2003 _
    _ AlexZGAMER2003 _ 1 month ago


  • Meg Griffin
    Meg Griffin 1 month ago

    3:08 why do I get the feeling he's slightly peeved? That hand toss tho 🤗

  • Wolfgang Lettau
    Wolfgang Lettau 1 month ago

    The Self Stirring Mug and the Cup after this Gadget are very cool 😆👍✌

  • ItzElana 456
    ItzElana 456 1 month ago

    when he said batteries I try thought he said butters

  • HardDiskDriveTV
    HardDiskDriveTV 1 month ago

    99.5% of this video: WOAAHHH SO COOOOLLLL SO AWESOME

  • Auzurite
    Auzurite 1 month ago

    You an see through your camera?!??1 what's behind it?

  • Doritos Bacon
    Doritos Bacon 1 month ago

    who else thinks that on the package of the self-stiring cup was a donut at 2:49

  • Juresh Wassabi
    Juresh Wassabi 1 month ago

    I have one of (self stirring mug) but it's (blue)

  • CoffeeMoffee
    CoffeeMoffee 1 month ago

    " I Need My Coffee Battery Juice"

  • Luiz Gabriel
    Luiz Gabriel 1 month ago

    legenda português

  • Jalya Swiney
    Jalya Swiney 1 month ago

    I love all of your video's

    STREET2TRAILS 1 month ago

    what happened to " whatsup everybody. welcome back to my laboratory where safety is no.1 priority!" ?


    cofee battery juice?wat is dat great vid thoo

  • XeTech
    XeTech 1 month ago

    I seriously cringed at 4:09

  • Patel Main
    Patel Main 2 months ago

    Using them is a waste? There's a reason they are called tea spoons ^^ nice gadget nonetheless

  • Lance
    Lance 2 months ago

    Pause at 0:40 xD

  • HopeCoolLove Aj
    HopeCoolLove Aj 2 months ago

    "When you wake up in morning and like 'I need my coffee battery juice'"
    -Taras 2016

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