Action series D.i.D. scene

Series : "A-Team"

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Author ralphus44 (4 years)
Augh! Where's the sound?

Author AniSpectre7 (4 years)
@ralphus44 ooops I knew I forgot something it goes like this : "you dirrrty
rrotten yanquee spies you arre going to pay for all yourr crimes carrramba"

Author Mister Takeda (3 years)
Hanging Sarah Silverman? :D

Author muzieklove (3 years)
@AniSpectre7 lol

Author David Black (3 years)
Don't think they will hang cos you'll notice that the hooded executioner is
not the real one - It was one of the A Team members posing as the
executioner. You'll know the rest because I have seen it!

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