Blind Taco Taste Test

Can we pick out your favorite fast food tacos while blindfolded? GMM #1036!
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Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
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Author Softball_ Taylor ( ago)
I know what it is just by smelling the lettuce 😂😂😂

Author VIG Comperser ( ago)
i wish i could eat taco im singaporean so i cant eat taco

Author Lottes Leben ( ago)
Let's taco bout that 😀😂

Author Icarus ( ago)

Author Icarus ( ago)

Author Icarus ( ago)

Author Icarus ( ago)

Author Joshua Johnson ( ago)
why was he saying chapotl

Author Challenge CrAZy ( ago)
Gosh taco hand!!

Author Hello, My name is Stephanie Wagner ( ago)
Is it bad that I'm watching this sooooooo hungry!

Author Maia Wilson ( ago)
Link: As you see we can't. Gets me every time

Author Fatma Mohammed AbdulRab ( ago)
I hope they'll one day do a Taste Test for Rhett and link where they try different things ( apart from each other ) and then when Rhett says " it's so spicy " it will cause total confusion for them XD

Author Zia Foley ( ago)
Please do another fresh vs frozen video!

Author Madison Alivia ( ago)
Do Mac'n cheese blind taste test

Author Gilli Weed ( ago)
I love how much they overthought the flavors hahaha

Author Charlie Estrada ( ago)
Two favorite sayings during the taste tests- "you donkey lipin it..?" "What kind of magic is happening here...? Lol

Author Ghirahim the Demon Lord ( ago)
I love del taco

Author Black Smith Grind ( ago)
The "taco hand" needs a serious upgrade

Author Newcomb Rage ( ago)

Author Matthew Heckman ( ago)
blind pizza taste test where they have to say where the pizza came from like pizza hut papa John's

Author Sydney Drozynski ( ago)
In the east we call it Chipotle like Chip-oat-lay

Author Jaiden Fran ( ago)
I'm sorry to the mother of tacos, but I don't. Really. Like. 🌮

Author Joey Rozic ( ago)
"If i want beef jerky i'll go camping" Lol, what?

Author Nintenbro ( ago)
I honestly don't like tacos, everything just falls out until you have a shell and some leftover topping. Burritos have a soft tortilla and the topping stay in there.

Author Taylor moore ( ago)
I love this channel it is funny and interesting at the same time

Author josh stanley ( ago)
Who else is from the east and only knows chipotle and Taco Bell

Author notthelosechesters ( ago)
No, he said sh*t pull up!

If you watch H2O Delirious y'know what I'm talking about ;D

Author Sarah Dukeshire ( ago)

Author Therangahahh ( ago)
Why no king taco??

Author Bassel Ahmed ( ago)
man I really wanna eat some tacos rn

Author XxRoxinatorxX ( ago)
But I don't wanna Taco bout it..

Author Popular Presley Time ( ago)
Is the taco hando real?

Author Ev Rivera ( ago)
"Taco Hando" .... Rhett, Link, that sounds like a He Is F*cking in spanish..... you know, " 'Ta Cogiendo" .....

Author Danielle Goehring ( ago)
Will it soup ?

Author WE WE ON FLEEK ( ago)

Author pepper TheGamingCat ( ago)
im sad i cant eat tacos😭😭😭 i get heart bearn from all tacos

Author Caden Gaticam ( ago)
The only one I've ate at it Taco Bell

Author Joshua Terrazas ( ago)
Texas has puffy tacos

Author 1cody2williamson3 ( ago)
Link was so PG-13 this episode... AND I LOVED IT!!

Author Jackson Wallace ( ago)
Taco Bell


Author Clara ( ago)
Tacos aren't really a thing where I live (London) I'm really curious what they're like

Author gatorred789 ( ago)
3 of these places I've never heard of. when you come to texas, you should get a crispy beef taco from taco cabana.

Author DR0ID Raidzz ( ago)
is it me or did rhett look high as f*** at 0:14

Author Jo Connelly ( ago)
1:30 John cena!!

Author Kristi Ambrose ( ago)
watching this again because I'm hungry for tacos lol.

Author The King of Long Comments ( ago)
YESSSSS!!!! He got the intro right. On the "Will It Taco" video, he said in the intro "Let's taco about that." It was bothering me so much. I guess he looked at the comments and found out it was "Let's taco bout' that" lol

Author ttacoman1234 ( ago)
blind steak test
blind pizza test
blind chocolate test

Author LODIELIE B ( ago)
It feels like the gmm intro is slowed down?

Author Peace X Love ( ago)
Rhett is trying to make out with some of these tacos.

Author Sophie O'Quest ( ago)
7:36 "A drop Taco is just a Taco salad waiting to happen" Link

Author WinklierIsGr8 ( ago)
Well I have a new word in vocabulary.........Hand Crotch😉😁😬

Author Dylan Douthitt ( ago)
Isn't a soft taco just a burrito?🤔

Author Jose Luis Ramirez ( ago)
Anyone from México here to say those are not real tacos?

Well, here I am! "Those are not real tacos"

But I really enjoyed watching this video! while eating real tacos (JK)

Author Pool Ninja ( ago)
1:37 "I feel like I'm in 7th grade again, I don't know how to--" what was he doing in 7th that he didn't know how to put in his mouth?

Author Nabeela Mahboob ( ago)
Will it biriani?

Author Hunter Ryberg ( ago)
Two hand crotches touching each other

Author D Holland ( ago)
U. Are pronouncing chipotle wrong

Author Blue Eyed Dragon ( ago)
You are so lucky to eat so many tacos

Author olivia carter ( ago)
rhett is totally making out with that hand there :'0 ps i work at qdoba!!

Author Gökhan Şemin ( ago)
Struggle is, wanting to eat taco so.bad, but you are a resident of a country who doesnt have it... ( Turkey )

Author DavidDoesDestiny ( ago)
Rain drop ...

Author zubair adams ( ago)
They eating tacos and here I am craving for them in a country that doesn't have tacos😫😫

Author supermom46372 ( ago)
unaware of what i would be watching on youtube tonight, i went to taco bell after glad i did, because this would have made me want to go..anyways, of all the GMM episodes i have watched, THIS one made me laugh the most

Author Johannes Bauer ( ago)
Go big or go gnome

Author Sam Soto ( ago)
Salsa blind taste test would be awesome!!

Author Aiijsalon Lowmack ( ago)

Author TheJayef ( ago)
Just smell the lettuce

Author soup sauze ( ago)

Author Noah's World Of Awesomeness ( ago)

Author Noah's World Of Awesomeness ( ago)
love them

Author Noah's World Of Awesomeness ( ago)
lets Taco bout dat

Author Kenneth Fluffletoes ( ago)
"I feel like I'm in 7th grade again"

Author MAGICAL FUN ( ago)
Will it egg?
Will it cake?
Will it Candy Apple?
Will it Fish?
Will it potato chips?
Will it pizza roll?
Will it pretzel?
Will it pop tart?
Will it Slurpee?
Will it Ramen?
Will it Brownie?

Author Austin Turell ( ago)
I love when they act super confident with their answers, but it ends up being completely wrong

Author Eric Bee ( ago)
link is a badass at the food tasting games!

Author Zachy Productions // Death Monster ( ago)
Come down to del taco 🌮 they got a new thing called freshavocado 🥑

Author jinxx alexander ( ago)
can you do, blind onion rings taste test

Author Live BreathKill ( ago)
Who else is hungry for a taco ?

Author djjazzyjeff123 ( ago)
How is Taco John's not one of the options?

idk why but the frankentaco voice made me laugh

Author The Life Of Me ( ago)
It's ba-ha fresh dammit !!

Author Isaac Mather ( ago)

Author Igniiite itt ( ago)
Fast food greasy taco I love, food like this can only come from above.


Author SomeKidInThisWorld ( ago)
how u say chipotle (chip-POTE-Lay)

Author Ryan Frost ( ago)
Look at del taco they got this new thing called FREESHA VOKA DO

Author Anthony Priester ( ago)
Rhett Pronunciation: Chip O Tal
Actual Pronunciation: Chip OH t Ley

Author Samuel James ( ago)
I just love how they go towards the tacos as if they want to kiss it or make out with it

Author Rc Driving ( ago)
at del taco they got a new thing fre freshavocodoo

Author Meet Patel ( ago)
Did anyone else come from Team Edge 😂

Author Andres Perches ( ago)
Esa mamada no es un taco

Author Robbie ( ago)
always wanted to try a taco.

Author Swaggy Potato ( ago)
Someone please loop Rhett scissoring his hand crotches pleas.

Author Procontroler TF2 ( ago)
these guys are so lucky,at my country,tacos are rare,and if you find one,it may not be delicious...,SO LUCKY.

Author Anis life ( ago)
I live where us no taco bell 😫😫

Author OrisueCrew ( ago)
How could you disrespect del-taco like that and compare it to jack-in-the-box?

Author GhostFire 689 ( ago)
Will it icee

Author Dareder Kadota ( ago)
0:20 link is trying so hard to contain himself while rhett is saying a bunch of dirty stuff

Author mea jones ( ago)
Bink what do u think that is ?

Author popularmmos6 ( ago)
I wantz some tacos now...

Author Paintball Fan ( ago)
Why not just wear gloves? So you can get a real teast.

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