Mario Party 9 - Every Boss Battle Minigame

Which is your favourite boss?

Every Boss Battle from Mario Party 9.

HD (720p) Link -

(1) Sock It To Lakitu: 0:00 - 1:02
(2) Wiggler Bounce: 1:03 - 2:05
(3) Whomp Stomp: 2:06 - 4:21
(4) Bombard Big Bob-omb: 4:22 - 6:17
(5) Deck Dry Bones: 6:18 - 8:14
(6) King Boo's Puzzle Attack : 8:15 - 9:24
(7) Cheep Cheep Shot: 9:25 - 10:48
(8) Blooper Barrage: 10:49 - 11:51
(9) Spike Strike: 11:52 - 13:19
(10) Chain Chomp Romp: 13:20 - 15:53
(11) Diddy's Banana Blast: 15:54 - 16:27
(12) DK's Banana Bonus: 16:28 - 16:59
(13) Bowser Jr. Breakdown: 17:00 - 20:56
(14) Bowser's Block Battle : 20:57 - 24:52


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Author Rhona Castillo (16 days)

Author Typhlosion4President (1 month)
This game has 45.8 million views... Mario Party 9 only sold 2.72 million
copies. *Slowly begins to clap*

Author Raul Diaz (13 days)
your a killer you killed wigiler

Author Mooshnik12345 (1 month)
How come the boss battles get mad after losing half of their health?

Author Chris jang (1 month)
why so many dislikes?

Author влад баранов (1 month)
i am rusish

Author Deathbringer2206 (2 months)

Author manuel ebgardo (3 months)
esto es una mierda no sirve jodanse 

Author Shiny Munchlax (2 months)
It's funny how Yoshi gets the final attack on every turn. It's cause the
creator of this video was Yoshi as P1.

Author Chris Campbell (2 months)
Of course yoshi is perfect and has to get final
Attack on each game

Author Grandtendo @ POLAR SHIFT (6 hours)
Holy shit, these are nice graphics for a Wii game. A remake of Super Mario
RPG looking like this would satisfy me, let alone a Wii U remake.

Author Vertigo (20 hours)
How in the fuck does this have 48 million views?

Author Adm Administradores (2 days)

Author Austin Fuller (3 days)
OMG so many views 

Author MEHEDI HASAN (3 days)

Author Mathijs Koper (3 days)

Author Cynthia Munoz (5 days)

Author Madison Moore (5 days)

Author MrFockerify (3 months)
is my youtube broken or has this video really 43.495,527 views xD

Author James Moore (6 days)

Author HardDance MusicUploadzz (6 days)
i have also get Mario Party 5 and 4. Is Mario Party 9 for the wii?

Author Dr Sherif Hashem (9 days)
Your really good

Author TwoZenos124 (Formerly ZenoCPCornyTT) (10 days)
I think "Whomp Stomp" is dumb because you know who's gonna get squished
after you pick a number. 😁

Author Ted Rullander (11 days)

Author Mavi Salinas Maldonado (12 days)

Author M1ss1ngLink (3 months)
WOW THIS IS SO VIEWBOT XD the views are all fake

Author Toxic Envy Boutique (13 days)

Author Micah Simmons (14 days)
I enjoyed watching this video. :) I love the Bowser Jr. theme song when
it's at a fast paste; it's still cool to me how Bowser has a die with all
of the bosses on it. Kinda crazy how this video has 47 million views...
Soon it'll have 48 million. A lot of people must really love Mario Party 9.

Author PeanutButterX2 (15 days)

Author Anders Pihl Knudsen (15 days)

Author javillaba (16 days)
good games

Author MrNicktoonslover (17 days)
lol yoshi during the bob-omb when he ready to pick his bomb he be like
snifff my ass

Author TheFutureContinentsAndOceanz (18 days)
Sock it to lakiut

Author Mason Ballard (18 days)
Yoshi is like the best player there

Author Jen weng (18 days)
I love yosh

Author Sarah Taylor-Kelly (19 days)

Author Julian Netbai (19 days)
your really good at this game bro

Author ElHombreEnder YouTuber (20 days)
32,631 likes :) , 16,406 dislikes :( porque!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author James Berry (20 days)
Boss :)

Author hollyleafisepic (21 day)
in womp stomp tode gets to be sqashed

Author David Rosado (23 days)
your awesome keep playing!!!

Author jack Knight (24 days)
King boo

Author sherman amper (24 days)

Author gheensaimeel (11 months)
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Author Stevie Ashburn (10 months)

Author Ender Blue (9 months)
mi favorite boss is Chain Chomp Romp!!!

Author Tibi Murariu (10 months)
Mario you your face

Author asdfg56ify (11 months)
says who?

Author Andrade Loquendero (11 months)
Mario party 9 is fun I like this video

Author Steve Wiklund (10 months)
I more think he picked out the games in which he got best from the
different bosses and edited all these different good moments together ^_^ I
would have done the same, so no cheating, just a choice to show the best

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