Mario Party 9 - Every Boss Battle Minigame

Which is your favourite boss?

Every Boss Battle from Mario Party 9.

HD (720p) Link -

(1) Sock It To Lakitu: 0:00 - 1:02
(2) Wiggler Bounce: 1:03 - 2:05
(3) Whomp Stomp: 2:06 - 4:21
(4) Bombard Big Bob-omb: 4:22 - 6:17
(5) Deck Dry Bones: 6:18 - 8:14
(6) King Boo's Puzzle Attack : 8:15 - 9:24
(7) Cheep Cheep Shot: 9:25 - 10:48
(8) Blooper Barrage: 10:49 - 11:51
(9) Spike Strike: 11:52 - 13:19
(10) Chain Chomp Romp: 13:20 - 15:53
(11) Diddy's Banana Blast: 15:54 - 16:27
(12) DK's Banana Bonus: 16:28 - 16:59
(13) Bowser Jr. Breakdown: 17:00 - 20:56
(14) Bowser's Block Battle : 20:57 - 24:52


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Author Selvaria Bles (16 days)
Mario party 4 was the best out of all of them!

Author Blatay Bragg (17 days)
11:42 Cheerleader Blooper! 

Author Karen Irizarry (2 months)
15:53 I'm Diddy! Hohoho!
I thought that was cute when he said that. X3

Author WASDragon (1 month)
Why bosses are very easy and they can't hit any normal attack??

Author HappyM (3 months)
This looks like a very fun game.

Author Youlexis Dani (3 months)

Author LaserBlox (3 months)

Author Riley Ghosts (2 months)
9:37 underwater flappy bird

Author Madara Uchiha (2 months)
I'm not against Nintendo or anything...but out of all things why does this
have over 38mil. views. 0-0 I'm kinda surprised really.

Author Katka Sphynx (2 months)
With the black eyes

Author Qistina Auni (3 months)
My Fav Boss is Bowser and Bowser Jr.

Author Vanesa Diaz (14 hours)

Author Torin Adams (6 days)
wow your good

Author Sophia McInnis (5 days)
King bob-OMB never blink

Author andrew nesbit (5 days)
My Farviote Boss is 9 Spike Strike 10 Chain Chomp Romp 4 Bomb-omb
13 Bowser Jr

Author elijahh eugene (15 days)
XD chain chomp is my favorite mario charecter ever

Author alex pereira da silva Pereira (12 days)

Author Nick MKW (25 days)
OMG Shaun didn't know you had videos as watched as this Oo

Author Jens Stendahl Rokne (28 days)
Yoshi op

Author Kristof Bergeman (1 month)
Is there an accual game on any console you like , where you can really
biking, but then on a proffesional way, for people who really want to sport
but combinate with a game? You have Wii cyberbike, but thats not

Author CriticalBelial9 (1 month)
I miss Mario Party 1

Author Teh Nul (3 months)
Why so many views for a Mario Party game?

Author Johnny D (2 months)
Is Mario Party still doing the games with a "nobodies a loser" mentality?
What happened to 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th place?

Author Corona645 (1 month)

Author Bronzwiggle (1 month)
40 million views....wat

Author Justin Lacombe (3 months)
Why so many views? Jesus

Author Hensku Heksu (1 month)

Author Neo Lionel de Leon (22 days)
9:30 there attaking a gaint fish

Author Pedro Henrique (3 months)
My fav boss / chain chomp

Author Thomas Nadeau (1 month)

Author Craig Dallas (1 month)
When Thwomp fell and hit a player, its like he was saying "Pay Up." Listen
carefully and you might just hear it people.

Author STRhuntrFLUFFY (22 days)
okay i'm not the only one who sees this persons views right.....? o.o

Author HermionexDawn lps (1 month)
Adie c, my other account liked this because of my annoying brother, Gavin.
I dislike Mario but pokemon is my life so please don't insult my opinions.

Author 深博裘深博 (1 month)
Xr te f de gy

Author joe smith (17 days)
40 minillion views lol

Author crowferret (3 months)
Wriggler id just minding his own business

Author WatchUrHead1 (3 months)
Blooper was a pathetic boss battle lol

Author Stephen Cannon Jr. (1 month)
Go yoshi!!!

Author Joseph Goebel (27 days)
okay who is that person playing Yoshi?!

Author Xander Schuett (21 day)

Author Richard Fukuda (1 month)
po lil Blooper, So easy

Author Jocuri cu Mario (2 months)
it's amazing how many views this video has..omg

Author Evgeny Dyukov (1 month)
This is a must see! #TNPNhz_JyRA

Author Eliza Williams (3 months)
chain chomp looks like he is eating fire or shooting it when he dies

Author XxxMLGxTR1CKSH0TxxX (3 months)
Mario sucks.

Author Payton Reid (3 months)
Muumuu ugh,ckdi🔥

Author gheensaimeel (6 months)
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any person just like me existed these days, but damn I was wrong. All I
needed to do was sign up on this dating site and I met a lot of friendly
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looking for someone to watch videos beside you, explore the web site below.­­m

Author Adamthecentaur (6 months)
Yoshi has always been the coolest.

Author Stevie Ashburn (5 months)

Author Ender Blue (5 months)
mi favorite boss is Chain Chomp Romp!!!

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