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Author Kafss (4 months)

Lakitu and Wiggler = Timing
Whomp and Bob-omb = Psychology of Opponents
Blooper and Cheep Cheep = Aim/Shooting
Dry Bones and Boo = Puzzles
Spike and Chain Chomp = Speed Reaction
Bowser and Bowser Jr =

Author maria santos (4 months)
Yoshi never lost. Yoshi is awesome! 

Author gareth cooney (3 months)
These games are repetitive. If you played Mario party 1 ( the best) the
game is similar to the one where the chest falls down the pipes and you
have observe the pipes first before choosing your position to get the chest

Author Luis Gaette (25 days)
why does yoshi always be the final hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Lucas Nelson (6 days)
Bowser Jr is just like his dad.

Author super smash caleb (2 months)
yoshi all ways has the last shot

Author Jaiden Edo (5 months)
Why does this have so many views?

Author colombatto1 (1 month)
That was the longest video ever

Author Dayal D'Hoore (6 days)
just a question, what do big bob-omb and chain chomp do when they're angry?

Author YoshipPL (21 day)
Holy shit, 3/4 of those comments are pure facepalm fuel...

Author Juana Ramirez (8 days)

Author Yokia Gibson (1 month)
Mario Party 9 - Every Boss Battle Minigame:

Author Shalanda Nix (1 month)

Author Ryan C (1 month)
Yoshi is seriously OP.

Author Olena Kocabas (1 month)

Author Anaiza Rodriguez (1 month)

Author Jackeline Santiago (20 days)

Author Bao Lam (6 days)
Omg 62 milion views

Author Farizatultwnd Akmalgwk A Fox Zd (4 hours)

Author EvaristeWK (3 months)
18,892 people lost against Bowser

Author Lee Shroff (7 days)



Author berik mariam (1 day)

Author Ana Paula Gouveia (2 months)
Mario Party 9 - Every Boss Battle Minigame:

Author 提箸弥生 (6 days)

Author Gail Lindsey (4 days)
I just got a little e a lot of fun and addicting but the best of real
estate market in 

Author Ebru Ocak (9 days)

Author Jeremy s (11 days)

Author itzElla ._. (21 day)

Author Pedro Sanchez (9 days)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Author Jorge Solano (1 month)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Author Niky Mainer (3 days)

Author Sastia Farabi (2 months)
i love mario party so much but do you play minecraft

Author Mariana Tonche (1 day)
+Luis Gaette you are saying why yoshi geting the last hit because thats him

Author Anna STAROSTA (1 month)

Author สุนันท์ น้อยปนะชา (1 month)

Author Wmoarum (1 month)

Author Gerson Cordero (8 days)

Author Ann Lee (3 days)

Author bambucha 7419 (2 months)
Niño rata!

Author Jonce Krstev (1 month)
i agree. Yoshi is op as BALLS!!!

Author Peter Ganter (1 month)

Author Ade Lechintan (1 month)
Îți recomand acest videoclip pe YouTube:

Author David h (15 days)
Play minecraft

Author TheChaotixBoys (2 months)
Why does this video have 59 million views?

Author Hannu Ojalehto (1 month)
Katso tämä video YouTubessa:

Author Mully life (4 days)
hmmm 62 million views for this video. eh seems normal considering
61.9999999 million of the views are me. you may call me the viewbot 6000

Author Alisha Jean (23 days)
the frist one the big thing scard the crap out of me it was funny FOOD

Author Dilma Albertus (2 months)
Yohshi won every singal one

Author ٢٤٧٥١٧٤ ばか (2 months)
Someone tell me why this has nearly 60 million views?

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