Mario Party 9 - Every Boss Battle Minigame

Which is your favourite boss?

Every Boss Battle from Mario Party 9.

HD (720p) Link -

(1) Sock It To Lakitu: 0:00 - 1:02
(2) Wiggler Bounce: 1:03 - 2:05
(3) Whomp Stomp: 2:06 - 4:21
(4) Bombard Big Bob-omb: 4:22 - 6:17
(5) Deck Dry Bones: 6:18 - 8:14
(6) King Boo's Puzzle Attack : 8:15 - 9:24
(7) Cheep Cheep Shot: 9:25 - 10:48
(8) Blooper Barrage: 10:49 - 11:51
(9) Spike Strike: 11:52 - 13:19
(10) Chain Chomp Romp: 13:20 - 15:53
(11) Diddy's Banana Blast: 15:54 - 16:27
(12) DK's Banana Bonus: 16:28 - 16:59
(13) Bowser Jr. Breakdown: 17:00 - 20:56
(14) Bowser's Block Battle : 20:57 - 24:52


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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 24:52
Comments: 4178

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Author Deathbringer2206 (1 month)

Author Typhlosion4President (1 month)
This game has 45.8 million views... Mario Party 9 only sold 2.72 million
copies. *Slowly begins to clap*

Author Karen Irizarry (5 months)
15:53 I'm Diddy! Hohoho!
I thought that was cute when he said that. X3

Author Madara Uchiha (6 months)
I'm not against Nintendo or anything...but out of all things why does this
have over 38mil. views. 0-0 I'm kinda surprised really.

Author RibelPlays (7 months)
13.860 guys, don't like Nintendo

Author Mooshnik12345 (20 days)
How come the boss battles get mad after losing half of their health?

Author Chris Campbell (1 month)
Of course yoshi is perfect and has to get final
Attack on each game

Author Chris jang (21 day)
why so many dislikes?

Author HalfBreedMix (3 months)
King Ba-Bomb didn't throw one attack the whole time.
The big squid had half his health bar depleted before he even attacked.
Boss battle? More like boss beating.
Yet you wonder why the Japanese didn't export the "real" Super Mario 2 to
the USA (fearing it was too challenging for the USA market). 

Author Selvaria Bles (4 months)
Mario party 4 was the best out of all of them!

Author M1ss1ngLink (2 months)
WOW THIS IS SO VIEWBOT XD the views are all fake

Author MrFockerify (2 months)
is my youtube broken or has this video really 43.495,527 views xD

Author Shiny Munchlax (1 month)
It's funny how Yoshi gets the final attack on every turn. It's cause the
creator of this video was Yoshi as P1.

Author Giulio Petrossi (3 months)
calamako is the best :D

Author Riley Ghosts (5 months)
9:37 underwater flappy bird

Author StacheBros (1 day)
Love the Mario Party series? Then you should totally check out my musical
video game review of it on my channel! I have written lyrics to one of the
game's catchy songs that takes a retrospective on the entire series! The
video is called "Luigi Time!!! Mario Party".

Author HappyM (6 months)
This looks like a very fun game.

Author pikachulover49 (16 days)
Favorite Boss Minigame: Chain Comp Romp

Author TicTacZac (17 days)
More views than every Luigi Death Stare video combined XD 

Author Tomas Mardones (22 days)
Bots detected......a 46.000.000 views

Author Navis (1 month)
MP9 damn I'm old. I'm still in love with MP3 ;)

Author Erin Jaeger (1 month)
bowser shit bricks

Author Eric Yoru (3 months)
So what happened to all the clips where the CPUs got a finishing blow?

Author Creeperstile2 (2 months)
You are a fucking pro dude, you wined mi respect

Author LETSPLAYben (25 days)
Wow, thats hard

Author Aderic (2 months)
The Bomb-omb one doesn't even make any sense, the guy just stood there.

Author Von Millard Manalastas (2 months)
And also why you always play as yoshi?

Author Emily Lancman (2 months)
I love it!

Author realmarksgaming x (26 days)
Nice !

Author Si Meredith (1 month)
Fuck this shit

Author Максим Башкиров (1 month)
You pro

Author WASDragon (5 months)
Why bosses are very easy and they can't hit any normal attack??

Author Youlexis Dani (6 months)

Author ramixnor (2 months)
Yoshi OP

Author LaserBlox (6 months)

Author Sheela Mika (1 month)
It's kinda funny 'cause recently my friends and I played Mario Party on N64
and I was Yoshi... and I ended up winning. 

Author CoolSimasGuy (3 months)
Why 15,307 dislikes with the 29,258 likes

Author Duck Jesus (7 months)
number 5

Author kacper chojnacki (1 month)
Jan Jana NTSC van hagtav oanbfa lka ushy habtscsjsbg bhwuha 

Author Константин Доброхотов (7 months)
good game

Author Katka Sphynx (6 months)
Not with the facial hair

Author Blatay Bragg (4 months)
11:42 Cheerleader Blooper! 

Author Von Millard Manalastas (2 months)
Why do you always get the final attack? Are you a Pro?

Author LaserBlox (6 months)
I don't get the Bowser Jr boss. 

Author kacper chojnacki (1 month)
Kamiennik uwnns

Author Katka Sphynx (6 months)
Not with the red eyes

Author kacper chojnacki (1 month)

Author Katka Sphynx (6 months)
With the black eyes

Author Qistina Auni (7 months)
My Fav Boss is Bowser and Bowser Jr.

Author Teh Nul (7 months)
Why so many views for a Mario Party game?

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