Heather LaCroix's New Video Blog Channel

This is the start of Heather's new video blogs where you can get to know her better. Ask questions see out takes. More to Come!

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Author arosmith1967 (3 years)
Saints SUCK

Author arosmith1967 (3 years)
nope Im a die hard Falcons fan gotta love them dirty birds lol

Author musiclovinmrs20 (4 years)
u should make a questions & answers video

Author NunyaDBusiness1 (5 years)
Questions that come to mind. What state do you guys live in, and which
states have you fished and videoed in?

Author Dustin Helmig (2 years)
Love your channel and vids heather :-)

Author dcarpen1 (3 years)
have the recent floods affected your lives

Author grhead32 (5 years)
20 days..... ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author tonuorak (5 years)
hooray for the football season and i have a question what is your favourite
weapon??? mines the canadian timberwolf c-14

Author demonizer133 (5 years)
For a second there I thought you were gonna say "We're gonna talk about
shoes.." hahaha!

Author Lyle Butkowski (2 years)
Yoall , count me in, this is great stuff, I am from MN, I live in northern
US and you are all southern US

Author mrgan71 (5 years)
Have you guys ever done any noodling? I've enjoyed watching you catch loads
of catfish on jug lines, but it would be crazy seeing you hall a monster in
with you bare hands.

Author SuperGulfAir (4 years)
Can u tell me how old are u and give me ur email I just wanna sulk milk
from those boobs they look so sexy and great for drinking milk how does ur
milk taste like warm sweet cold how

Author DeathlabelCSS (5 years)
oh yea, i have a question, did you ever get that tv show or what ever
happened with that?

Author Dustin Helmig (2 years)
Ya need to re-do the Torso ballistics gel mould :-)

Author HeathersVlogs (5 years)
This is my new video blogs! Please feel free to ask questions and tell me
what you'd like to see on my new Vlogs channel! See you guys!

Author Joshietheman (4 years)
Her husband. Jeff3230

Author Brandon Williams (4 years)
do you like to ride dirtbikes??

Author ting280 (5 years)
u guys should put ads on this channel's vids so we could start helpin yall
get some money

Author g29l68 (4 years)
people get famous , and forget about us small people ......

Author Jeff3230 (5 years)
This is Heather's new Vlog channel! Hope you guys subscribe for more! She's
got a lot coming!

Author hogyop69 (5 years)
jeff who?

Author 80v8camaro (2 years)
Is she cajun? There alot of ``LaCroix`` here in Acadia (Canada)...

Author strokern2o (4 years)
When are you going to put some new vids up? Me and my girlfriend just love
watching y'all do your thing. Thanks again for what y'all do, it puts a
smile on my face every day.

Author HeathersVlogs (5 years)

Author HeathersVlogs (5 years)
Those people are slow as Christmas lol! We are still waiting to hear what
they want to do. But it's all good. If they pick it up good..... if not no
big deal! We will still be doing our thing here at Youtube!

Author John Smith (5 years)
Are Jeff and Robbie related?

Author HeathersVlogs (4 years)
@shooterca51 If you are talking about the "How Heather Met Jeff" video....
that's not our house but our camp. We aren't rich. Our job is to produce
videos. There are no places like that in the area our camp is in to buy.

Author Randy Arwood (5 years)
This is gonna be so cool!!!

Author DBLTapViper (5 years)
This is really smart! Good move Heather and Jeff. I wish you guys the best.

Author DeathlabelCSS (5 years)
I subbed and am looking forward to more clips!

Author sammytheswitch (5 years)
Count me in. I just subscribed. Now let the vlogging begin. Woo Hoo

Author recyrock (4 years)
who are you???

Author Jeff3230 (3 years)
@arosmith1967 I take it you're a Colt's fan LMAO!

Author rufus99999 (3 years)
Heather PROVES that light travels faster than sound ! She seems pretty
bright till she speaks.

Author a13084u2 (5 years)
Cool, good luck with the new channel. Are you healin up ok from that gar?

Author DeathlabelCSS (5 years)
yea, it would be nice to see you guys with a show and whatnot, you could
get some hollahollagetdollas! =)

Author hektom (5 years)
Have you jeff & robbie ever tried metal detecting? This is a hobby I enjoy
and I get to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air! also you can find so neat

Author Roger Mathews (5 years)
This should be good!!! I cant wait to read some of these questions!! LOL HA
HA HA I got a question are Robbie and Jeff related???

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