Binging with Babish: Bob's Burgers

Restaurant chalkboards have become the artistic outlet of choice for coffee shops and pubs, but more than anyone, for the titular character of Bob's Burgers. Can a play on words make for a great burger, or will Bob's punny patties fall flat? Only thyme will tell.

Music: "Cream on Chrome" by Ratatat

DISCLAIMER: Undercooked beef increases the risk of foodborne illness. The FDA recommends cooking beef to 165F internally. Replicate these recipes at your own risk.

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Author radappletv ( ago)
God I'm hungry now

Author Paige Xiong ( ago)

Author Ben Mitchell ( ago)
where did you learn to cook, so many skilllllz

Author Quinlan Jones ( ago)
return of the Mac that was my jam lol

Author Bridgett P ( ago)

Author Desert Foxchild ( ago)
Make chucky's chili from Sons of Anarchy lol.

Author Arian Recica ( ago)
I bet that garlic tastes gross like most Korean foods.

Author VeniVidiAjax ( ago)
Im hungry af

Author Elba Dilán ( ago)

Author Timic83tc ( ago)
why kosher salt, does it taste better or religious reasons?

Author xtaylorxboyx ( ago)
What cast iron skillet brand does he use?

Author Super Kitten ( ago)
Krabby patties plz

Author Jocine Sergi ( ago)
make the jellyfish jelly krabby patty

Author Johanna Bell ( ago)
Krabby patty- Spongebob

Author Ali Jasim ( ago)
Song at the end?

Author danteshammer ( ago)
cooking food from tv shows, thats fucking genius why havent i seen someone else do this yet? can you make a crabby patty?

Author Rebecca Carattini ( ago)

Author Peter Sar ( ago)
I just discovered this channel and already absolutely love it! Your commitment to making such absurd recipes is awesome to watch, and the fact that you can make them taste good as well is really impressive and inspires me to cook more and be creative in the kitchen. Overall simply amazing stuff!

Author The Babadook ( ago)
Funny thing is you sound like a more well composed intellectual Bob.

Author Daniel Kesse ( ago)
the last one looked like gordan ramsey cooking

Author Kyle deGuzman ( ago)
duuuuuude love the ratatat! good touch, good touch indeed.

Author crispincrunch ( ago)
Wow 😳. Smash the subscribe button!

Author Levi Paulsen ( ago)
I think you need to switch the music up every once in a while man.

Author Our World ( ago)
Ahh, would love to try this!!

Author niiyon ( ago)

Author James Russel ( ago)
Mark Morrison! Return Of The Mack!

Author MagicalWafflesOfLove ( ago)
"Black garlic is expensive and only made in korea" This is satire, black garlic is burnt garlic

Author Mitchell Fuqua ( ago)
came for Bob's burger stayed for great looking food. subscribed for Mark Morrison

Author Roasted Pickles ( ago)
holy crap, this channel is awsome

Author Banananerd556 ( ago)
dude j fucking love tar tar

Author AMR15x ( ago)
those patties literally drip when you take a bite.

Author Brian ( ago)
This guy enjoys what he does :)
i can tell
im glad :D

Author Lathan Rehm ( ago)
Can any tell the brand or model of the portable cooktop he's using?

Author Tydson ( ago)
I watched this right before dinner. Now I'm disappointed and hungry.

Author lol sophie ( ago)
You are amazing!!

Author John Lightbody ( ago)
"We're going to treat it with great care." *Slams spoonfuls of mayo in the bowl*

Author Elicia Linton ( ago)
Love your videos !

Author TheOneGhost5012 ( ago)
Dude I love that song you were singing in the end. I used to listen to it constantly, you're an awesome person.

Author Paul MacGillivray ( ago)
Please do the krabby patty from spongebob!

Author Henry LoveDog ( ago)
Royal tart from Adventure Time

Author chantelle s ( ago)
Amazing. Best YouTube channel yet.

Author YG CAGUTI ( ago)
I carly spaghetti tacos

Author Ryan Yuen ( ago)
0:08 Asphalt Extreme theme menu game app.

Author Edd Eddington ( ago)
I like how he cooks things from shows and stuff

Author Jeff the bot ( ago)
whats the difference between black garlic and regular garlic besides the color?

Author SWAsiansG ( ago)
Low key even sound like bob

Author jeff AE086 ( ago)
Charlies milk stake.

Author Drea Diamond ( ago)
I love this

Author Drea Diamond ( ago)
I love this

Author Yellow Diamond ( ago)
i think im just gonna make the first one, the other 2 look too complicated, and by complicated i ean im too lazy and dont want to do all those steps, id rather just pay at a resteraunt

Author D hYn ( ago)
Make Monica's thanksgiving leftover sandwich with moist maker 😁

Author Jenny Do ( ago)
Issa automatic subscribe for me

Author Super Jan ( ago)
krabby patty please

Author Tropic Clan ( ago)
The black garlic burger looked heavenly.
Edit- You actually sort of sound like Bob, I liked the video!

Author Daniel Eid ( ago)
If you can't get your hands on the black garlic, my mom has a very simple Lebanese garlic recipe that is probably a lot stronger but just as tasty. Just add two heads of peeled garlic to a food processor, pulse them until fine, then slowly drizzle 3 parts oil (vegetable or unflavored like sunflower not olive), and lastly 1 part lemon juice on high. It's just like emulsifying mayonnaise but instead of using eggs you use garlic. Really strong stuff, it'll definitely put hairs on your chest.

Author Car Ram-Rod ( ago)
oh shit.. ratatat!

Author nschwartz311 ( ago)
Aw man I was hoping for the "we're here, we're gruyere, get used to it" burger. Definitely one of my favorites

Author Isaac Giraud ( ago)
I'd like to meet this guy in person

Author Arturo Zamora ( ago)
Do all white people like to eat literally raw meat? I mean WTF I didn't even know people eat raw burgers.

Author Georgia Bardell ( ago)
I have been waiting my whole life for this channel. How am I only finding it now?

Author Boy-Oh-Girl ( ago)
I Liked This Video Purely Because Of The Ending And Your Obvious Love For That Song

Author Dylan Patterson ( ago)
these videos are great but they make want to try to make some of these.

Author Rey Hernandez ( ago)
Do Ed's sauce from Good Burger

Author Alistair Mervyn ( ago)
Do you have/work in a restaurant? If so, where? I'm so, so hungry. :'(

Author BurnMyToastYouDead ( ago)

Author Stephanie Starkey ( ago)
so everyone's gonna ignore the fact that he sounds like Tina

Author kay bee ( ago)
I love this !!!

Author Richárd Manfredi ( ago)
dont want to hate or anything but you are supossed to pronounce prosciutto like so:Proshutto with like an sh like showel

Author Billy Boy ( ago)
End of the video you put that song that song made me cry my girlfriend did cheat on me

Author Steven Hinch ( ago)
youre channel is fuckin amazing

Author GLADOS Gaming ( ago)
The guy has 666k subs...

Author Batman Drinks Pepsi ( ago)
I thought pornography wasn't allowed on Youtube.

Author Normal Music ( ago)
You need to make a Kraby Patty.

Author Joe Taylor ( ago)
Why kosher salt

Author Lagarto Lacertus ( ago)
what's the intro song title? anyone?

Author Mirei Rodriguez ( ago)
the intro ❤ Frasier

Author CarlaCatherina ( ago)
Marry me.

Author Lightskin Thoughts ( ago)
bibing bith babish

Author Karen cordero ( ago)
Make the buzz feed caviar taco.

Author Samuel Cright ( ago)
omg you actually made the meatsiah!
I don't subscribe to much so it says a lot when I've subscribed to this channel!

Author Daicia Davis ( ago)
The burgers are so bland . You barely seasoned that shit 😂🚮

Author Sychology 2,000 ( ago)

Author Tanner Cordalis ( ago)
This is my favorite cooking channel on YouTube

Author Today's Tutorial ( ago)
I don't know why I hate this guy but I just do

Author Dan! ( ago)
Well now I have to go listen to Return of the Mack.

Author Kay Bee ( ago)
More singing. Please.

Author Toggle [On] ( ago)
For someone as myself who does enjoy cooking shows and youtuhe channels, Im suprised I havnt stumbled here sooner.

Author Actually Arin ( ago)
Screw me sideways, your videos make me hungrier than a bear after a long hibernation.

Author EricLeafericson ( ago)
2:20 "...Melted feta in the center"

Feta doesn't melt. What probably happened is the feta dissolved into the burger juices.

Author ALICE LIDDELL ( ago)
i guess no one will mention the into song, it was the one from Fraiser..
i like that song

Author BB TT ( ago)
bob, is this you?

Author Ekonomen ( ago)
That singing voice is on point

Author zack carnes ( ago)
the song in this was in thps5... yeah I played it ... lol

Author NayyirahZ ( ago)
First time watching this channel, and the outtakes sold me.

Author Sophie Wang ( ago)
Crusty scrub please

Author wisforwhatever ( ago)
c2c? noice

Author AG ( ago)

Author hamslab ( ago)
song is cream on chrome- rattatatat (or something similar)

Author Justice Wilson ( ago)
More singing

Author Jennifer Murray ( ago)
This is amazing

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