10 People Who Got Real Superpowers From Accidents

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  • top 10 amazing people with real superpowers
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    We all have had dreams about becoming superheroes. The thought of being able to fly, move objects with our minds, shoot laser beams from our eyes or read the minds of others is just too extraordinary not to. While we know that these kinds of powers are strictly impossible to possess, it does not hurt to wish for them. What if people could possess superhuman powers however? Super strength, the ability to withstand supreme temperatures, the ability to use echolocation or sudden incredible talents, like the ability to paint masterpieces when one has never picked up a paintbrush before? Could these powers be possible? Maybe not for everyone, but certainly for these people.

    In this video we will take a look at ten people who got real superpowers from accidents. Being struck by lightning, suffering a brain injury, cancer, a stroke, an aneurysm; these are the radioactive spiders to their Peter Parkers. Prior to their life altering events these people were just like the majority of us. However everything changed following their accidents. Suddenly they could do things that they had never done before. These new talents brought them into the limelight and made many of them famous. They have become pianists, artists, mathematicians and more. No one is really sure how it happened and science is still trying to catch up for the most part. After all how could an accident cause superpowers, especially outside a comic book? That is exactly what scientists are trying to figure out.

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  • Rawlster Man
    Rawlster Man 17 minutes ago

    I got it that I can mentally change powers for example a house is on fire I think water powers and then I can shoot water out of my hands or I'm in a store that's getting robbed I think smoke powers smoke bomb blinds them then I think ice powers and I freeze them in place or a hospital's power go's out so I think electric powers I go to a nearby power socket put my hand on it and shoot enough electricity to power the hospital. So that's what I would want as a superpower.

  • cantored
    cantored 20 minutes ago

    I really want tilekenisis so then I can scare people and say"did that just move?" Or "what just happened ?"

  • KingKes1000
    KingKes1000 29 minutes ago

    i want to have shape shifting so i can tern in to enything so i can leave school grabe things my parents forget and that i do too and just have fun =P

  • Yvette Sepulveda
    Yvette Sepulveda 1 hour ago

    I have powers

    the most rarest eye colour...green.....

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson 1 hour ago

    So, being able to play the piano is a "superpower?"

  • Wild Boy
    Wild Boy 1 hour ago

    the second one made me angry

  • Cole Marley
    Cole Marley 1 hour ago


  • Katherine Meyer
    Katherine Meyer 1 hour ago

    I would love to be able to make water move without touching it

  • tiffany moore
    tiffany moore 2 hours ago

    i want a so i can sneak up on people

  • JG Productions
    JG Productions 2 hours ago

    I have a power from a accident  I got shocked by lightning the next morning I want for a race with my friend I tried to run as fast as I an then I went so FAST my friend told me to run again all he saw was a blair where ever I go you can call my power superspeed

  • MGSRR1279
    MGSRR1279 2 hours ago

    Something funny is that their is no pinned comment

  • BananaRama13
    BananaRama13 3 hours ago

    I want to have super speed and super intelligent

  • Serea Mortimer
    Serea Mortimer 3 hours ago

    My superpower is sleeping

  • Skye Peterson
    Skye Peterson 3 hours ago

    I would want the power to contrail probability. So for example the probability that I will find 1,000,000,000 dollars under my pillow is 100%. Or the probability that I can control water is 100%

  • xDoMiNatE_uRaSsx Fyc

    i would want to have teliporting as a superpower because i can get every where esyer

  • Leah Dominguez
    Leah Dominguez 3 hours ago

    My power would teleportation the reason why i want that power is because I can help people whin there about to get in an accident and help them whin something that they are going throo a bad situation

  • Enia Bogan
    Enia Bogan 3 hours ago

    I would want mind control because I already have it

    FUN MASTERS 3 hours ago

    To read minds

  • Beverley Carroll
    Beverley Carroll 4 hours ago

    too fly because i would be able too fly out of school

  • Ultimate Warrior
    Ultimate Warrior 4 hours ago


  • Night Claw
    Night Claw 4 hours ago

    these are people who are just good at drawing

  • Michael Greenberg
    Michael Greenberg 4 hours ago

    Super speed. I could do anything in seconds

  • oriana2912
    oriana2912 4 hours ago

    fier because it will cook faster

  • bailey kyriacou
    bailey kyriacou 4 hours ago

    i want the abilerty to not drownd llllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllll and lol gabby green

  • Rhonette Boutilier
    Rhonette Boutilier 5 hours ago

    speed I am flash

  • Rhonette Boutilier
    Rhonette Boutilier 5 hours ago

    flash I am the flash zzzzzzz

  • Madison Hitchcock
    Madison Hitchcock 5 hours ago


  • Teacup
    Teacup 5 hours ago

    Invisibility would be pretty cool. So would telepathy.

  • Nathan Ridgely
    Nathan Ridgely 5 hours ago

    I would want the ability to control matter it self

  • toto candy girl lolo

    and my brother super speed

  • toto candy girl lolo

    i mean invizibility

  • toto candy girl lolo

    my brother wants super speed and i want envizibility

  • A. A. Ron Balakay
    A. A. Ron Balakay 5 hours ago

    Moral of the video.
    Step 1: Survive immense brain trauma.
    Step 2: Start doodling.
    Step 3: Profit.

  • Izaiah Mendez
    Izaiah Mendez 5 hours ago

    I whould want teleport because when I go to school and the day is over I whould teleport home and teleport in games:3

  • The lonely llama
    The lonely llama 5 hours ago

    I want to have a superpower of shoes. Then i would kill Spiderman

  • Emeraldboy
    Emeraldboy 5 hours ago

    I will have super speed heat vison and telicanisis

  • David Lunsford
    David Lunsford 5 hours ago

    I what the human torches powers

  • DenisDailys _eviltwin

    I fell all a cliff...where's my superpowers??? .-.

  • Canna Bio
    Canna Bio 6 hours ago

    I would want control over water and that means to breath underwater

  • Sarah Hicks
    Sarah Hicks 6 hours ago

    I would want invisibility because I could easily sneak up behind someone if they were trying to hurt me and punch them in the face. And I could spy on people. Krystal Lee

  • Draw Forever
    Draw Forever 6 hours ago

    why did almost all of these ppl
    get these "powers" to draw and make
    arts ????????

    ABBIGAIL MIRABAL 6 hours ago

    i want the power to fly because i would have freedom

  • little licekitten
    little licekitten 6 hours ago

    I do not belive her and yet I broke my wrist and nothing

  • Gaspar Manuel
    Gaspar Manuel 7 hours ago

    I have a power and it is to see the future in my sleep!!😱

  • 1316249
    1316249 7 hours ago

    The ability to change probability because I could change the probability of me getting any other super powers.

  • MastergirlXD Gamer
    MastergirlXD Gamer 7 hours ago

    2:39 HE BECAME A H20 DELERIOUS :D how cool!?

  • Mahammad Khalil
    Mahammad Khalil 7 hours ago


  • Mahammad Khalil
    Mahammad Khalil 7 hours ago

    Sorry not humans mouth humans much nd

  • Mahammad Khalil
    Mahammad Khalil 7 hours ago

    Also I can read people's mouth and I have got heat breath

  • Boi Gamer
    Boi Gamer 8 hours ago

    I want the power to move things with my mind because I would be able to move myself and fly

  • Brown Hulk
    Brown Hulk 8 hours ago

    super power? no thanks I think I'm gud with human power. lolz

  • Fileuka Ngakongwa
    Fileuka Ngakongwa 8 hours ago

    super speed

  • Rod Bell
    Rod Bell 8 hours ago

    teleportation bc so I don't have to walk and if I'm in a rush I can just teleport to the place where I have to go

  • Rod Bell
    Rod Bell 8 hours ago

    teleportation bc so I don't have to walk and if I'm in a rush I can just teleport to the place where I have to go

  • Anthony Epperson
    Anthony Epperson 8 hours ago

    The ability to genetically alter myself on demand.

  • Chillerkoala pictures

    i want to teleport because im always to late

  • michael ogolla
    michael ogolla 8 hours ago

    super speed

  • Sabeen Nauman
    Sabeen Nauman 8 hours ago

    I love. your. videos

  • Angelina Gagnon,
    Angelina Gagnon, 9 hours ago

    I wqnt a super power where I can do magic and grow beutiful angel wings

  • Jack's World
    Jack's World 9 hours ago

    none of those were super powers

  • Naomi tralala
    Naomi tralala 9 hours ago

    i would love to have avatar powers. and my special element would be water!

  • BangBangBurrito
    BangBangBurrito 9 hours ago

    Anyone else notice she said rewrite when it side rewire?

  • Lewis Parkin
    Lewis Parkin 9 hours ago

    I would have the superpower to not feel pain ever again.

  • Darlikser Games
    Darlikser Games 9 hours ago

    The ability to control matter because I could do almost anything I ever want

  • Nick Sandu
    Nick Sandu 9 hours ago

    Speed,speed because you can run fast you can run threw objects,and if you run fast enough you can teleport, and you can go to the future and the past

  • Usapyon Plays
    Usapyon Plays 9 hours ago

    Spinning around fast to just spin

  • Paolo Rivolta
    Paolo Rivolta 10 hours ago

    I want energy

  • Johnatha Thompson
    Johnatha Thompson 10 hours ago

    or I want to be a demigod from either poseidon or Hades

  • Johnatha Thompson
    Johnatha Thompson 10 hours ago

    the ability to control shadow so I could move the shadows the sun creates and turn back time also there is no light without shadow so I could see through shadow and see anything and I could shadow jump as from the Percy Jackson series which Nico dose so I could teleport basically

  • robbie villanueva
    robbie villanueva 10 hours ago

    to read people's mind si that everything they think,i know😹

  • Random Things
    Random Things 10 hours ago

    I would have the power of being a cartoon.
    I would never die and if I needed something I could put my hand behind my back and bring it out
    I would also look really cool =p

  • Bamboozled Zeik the mighty

    I would have brains and money

  • NoobThe Aryan
    NoobThe Aryan 11 hours ago

    man I gotta go be a doctor at a young age then crash in my car

  • Jaleesa Vandermeer
    Jaleesa Vandermeer 11 hours ago

    my bro says I'm an accident but look at me....I'm nothing!

  • Mikey Lodge
    Mikey Lodge 11 hours ago

    I heard of this guy that was struck by lightning and got super speed and his name is Barry Allen and he is the fastest man alive

  • Joselyn Ray
    Joselyn Ray 11 hours ago

    Invisibility, because then i could turn invisible at anytime and prank plenty of people!

  • Mandi Bard
    Mandi Bard 12 hours ago

    I was born with the superpower to speak and to understand animals and the power to split water

  • Kat Applewood
    Kat Applewood 12 hours ago

    I want to have all the powers in the world

    because then I wouldn't be bored of one power and I could use the different powers for different things

  • Emily C
    Emily C 12 hours ago

    a superpower i would want is shapeshift

  • Michael Hutchins
    Michael Hutchins 12 hours ago


  • Michael Hutchins
    Michael Hutchins 12 hours ago

    I have a superpower every single time and close my eyes Coker's come from my eyes and I can fallow the shapes and colors

    THERO EXPRESS 13 hours ago

    Having ice. Powers

  • UniDimension
    UniDimension 13 hours ago

    i want a power that i could have bionic eyes andgeometric sight awesome

  • A Dub
    A Dub 13 hours ago

    Make anyone I want to have immunity so my family can stay alive for ever

  • randomgirl21
    randomgirl21 13 hours ago

    I want the power to absorb any power or material and turn myself into that material.( 1. So I will have all the superpowers in the world 2. Iz cool)

  • Awesome Ash
    Awesome Ash 13 hours ago

    I want a superpower where do I get them from? How much are they? For freeeeeeeeee?

    • Awesome Ash
      Awesome Ash 13 hours ago

      Awesome Ash you are so Aawweessoommee!!

    • Awesome Ash
      Awesome Ash 13 hours ago

      Hey, actually I want invisibility so I can take everybody's doughnuts! They are yummy and no one will know so I will be happy with my yummy doughnuts whilst they are crying in the corner because they have no friends to get them another one...

  • Flame Plane
    Flame Plane 14 hours ago

    I turn in to an ailean

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy 14 hours ago

    What music is being used in the background?

  • Joseph Fleming
    Joseph Fleming 15 hours ago

    I dunno if I have a power but I can make my eyes go blurry and in blur them. So is this a super power?

  • Rubywing4
    Rubywing4 15 hours ago

    Screw invisibility, flight, speed and being able to melt stuff!
    I want wasp-repellence!

  • Lin ThePotatoQueen
    Lin ThePotatoQueen 15 hours ago

    I want invibialt so when people talk behind my back I would hear

  • Himadri Karmakar
    Himadri Karmakar 16 hours ago

    I want to be a novelist . if in case I get a superpower

  • Joseph Kemsley
    Joseph Kemsley 16 hours ago

    I want teleportation

  • Loremaster Yn'Taris
    Loremaster Yn'Taris 16 hours ago

    I would want the power to alter my physical form at will in an abstract manner. So many potential benefits...

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee 16 hours ago

    i want a power where i can shapeshift


    I want to see what will hapen in future.

  • Lloyd Lisen
    Lloyd Lisen 16 hours ago

    Iv'e always wanted to fly and have electric powers id be called electro

    • Lloyd Lisen
      Lloyd Lisen 16 hours ago

      Why? Because having to get lightning bolts out of your hands and having to fly every where is awsome

  • brutal
    brutal 16 hours ago

    This dune buggy music from primary games 💀💀

  • Nancy Siwa
    Nancy Siwa 17 hours ago

    I wish I had a superpower of intelligence so I could get straight A's

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