10 People Who Got Real Superpowers From Accidents

top 10 amazing people with real superpowers
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We all have had dreams about becoming superheroes. The thought of being able to fly, move objects with our minds, shoot laser beams from our eyes or read the minds of others is just too extraordinary not to. While we know that these kinds of powers are strictly impossible to possess, it does not hurt to wish for them. What if people could possess superhuman powers however? Super strength, the ability to withstand supreme temperatures, the ability to use echolocation or sudden incredible talents, like the ability to paint masterpieces when one has never picked up a paintbrush before? Could these powers be possible? Maybe not for everyone, but certainly for these people.

In this video we will take a look at ten people who got real superpowers from accidents. Being struck by lightning, suffering a brain injury, cancer, a stroke, an aneurysm; these are the radioactive spiders to their Peter Parkers. Prior to their life altering events these people were just like the majority of us. However everything changed following their accidents. Suddenly they could do things that they had never done before. These new talents brought them into the limelight and made many of them famous. They have become pianists, artists, mathematicians and more. No one is really sure how it happened and science is still trying to catch up for the most part. After all how could an accident cause superpowers, especially outside a comic book? That is exactly what scientists are trying to figure out.

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