25 Celebs and Animals Lookalikes

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    15 - Who’s a good boy?
    Yep, I’m leaning toward the Boston Terrier too. Jack Black has one of those faces that is actually able to morph into so many different positions, that he’s also been likened to other animals including pugs and even monkeys.

    14 - Doggy Dog World…
    Snoop Dogg and this sausage dog both look like they don’t have a worry in the world. Although, I suppose it’s nice to see Snoop looking so relaxed, considering all the trials and tribulations he’s been through.

    13 - Separated at birth…
    Tilda Swinton is apparently the new favourite for the 13th Doctor Who, but that will of course only be revealed later in 2017, but what we can reveal now is this hairless cat that bears a striking resemblance to the UK Born actress and fashion muse.

    12 - Blue-Eyed boy…
    That’s John Travolta and this beautiful blue-eyed dog. This dog looks so much like Travolta, that if you weren’t presented with an image of John Travolta, I’m pretty sure you would have guessed the doppelganger immediately.

    11 - Who wore it better?
    This is the flannel moth caterpillar and he’s orange and fluffy and has earned the nickname the Trumpapillar. You find these guys in the Peruvian Amazon, and they’ve found instant fame with their fetching locks. These guys are pretty dangerous, their deceivingly fluffy hair are actually tiny little needles, and can cause pain and irritation.

    10 - Genes so nice, they made them twice…
    Ok, so maybe with subtle differences, but seriously subtle. This pooch looks a lot like Ron Perlman – whom you might know from parts in Sons of Anarchy and Hellboy. He’s also the awesome in 1000 ways to die and did a spot in Tangled – see if you can figure out which part it was!

    9 - Life is Ruff…
    Peyton Manning, considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, had a super successful career spanning 18 seasons. He just recently retired in 2016, but his legacy will live on – especially with ultra-cute memes circulating of this pup imitating him to perfection.

    8 - Pretty Woman…
    It’s hard to believe that film was released 27 years ago and Julia Roberts was only 23 when she starred in it! I’m pretty sure one wouldn’t expect anyone as flawless as Julia Roberts to be compared to an ostrich, but unfortunately that is the case here – as I think it’s the shape of her nose that makes this comparison so weird.

    7 - Seeing Double…
    It’s hard to believe that Clint Eastwood is 86-years old! The American actor got his first break with the release of a series of Western films in the 1960’s. He’s met his match now with this dog that has the same steely expression so well-known as one of Eastwood’s signature looks.

    6 - Separated at birth…
    This llama exudes happiness, just like this photograph of the Dalai Lama. Although the image does show him in his younger years, he still today, has this warm glow that surrounds him. He received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 and has held the title since 1950.

    5 - But is it real…
    This one of Richard Branson and this what is supposed to be a dog, crops up often. I found myself scrutinizing this image and trying to make a little sense out of it. Is it really a dog? Or are 2 images superimposed onto each other? What do you think?

    4 - What’s the hurry?
    What’s the difference between a sloth and Justin Bieber? Apparently, not very much. Everything in this comparison just works!

    3 - As if you needed reminding…
    This poor kitty has a scary resemblance to Hitler… I really hope that he’s in a good loving home of someone who can look past his unfortunate markings.

    2 - Claim to Fame…
    George Clinton is well-known for his colourful hair wraps and his influence on music in the 70’s. In this particular snap shot, he looks very much like a saturnidae moth caterpillar.

    1 - Snap….
    This cute little cat looks like Einstein, with his tongue poking out and his grey fur to hand in hand with Einstein’s white locks.
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  • Chase200413
    Chase200413 9 days ago

    You cn call that cat, *KITLER*!

  • Dimples 1949
    Dimples 1949 15 days ago

    loved putin and trump lookalikes both of the animals look and sound like the person they represent.

  • mgpant mg
    mgpant mg 16 days ago

    most of them doesn't match at all

  • kitty kitty
    kitty kitty 17 days ago

    she is one ungly niglet

  • Cherry Shrimp
    Cherry Shrimp 17 days ago

    This must be 1 of the worse uploads I've ever seen. It looks like they have just picked random animals and put a picture of a well known person next 2 it. For fs it's like putting Danny De Vito and a penguin 2gether (lol ), and saying they look alike. Any1 with even half a brain could do that. Also I don't think you could call all the people on this list 'celebrities',
    (Hitler, Putin, ect), It's an utter joke of a list. I would say try harder next time, but that wouldn't be very difficult.

  • Lou Dog
    Lou Dog 17 days ago

    The John Travolta one is the best one

  • googlyeyedChihuahua
    googlyeyedChihuahua 17 days ago

    This is cancer.

  • darwin ang
    darwin ang 17 days ago

    its Adam Driver

    • Ron Kelley
      Ron Kelley 17 days ago

      darwin ang: Thank you for catching that, I thought she said Adam Douglas, What? XD

  • margaret caruana
    margaret caruana 17 days ago

    Why wont you be in the same room with Putin? He's sexy and a real man. No snowflakes in his country.

  • Marklos Ollievere
    Marklos Ollievere 17 days ago

    no you didnot ahahahahaha

  • Jacqueline Borrero
    Jacqueline Borrero 17 days ago

    It's Adam Driver.

  • Ryan Vandeput
    Ryan Vandeput 17 days ago

    "Would you believe Clint Eastwood is 86 years old?" YES!

  • Cheese Cake
    Cheese Cake 17 days ago

    Non of these lookalike

  • Cheese Cake
    Cheese Cake 17 days ago

    Lord Putin

  • Mari Antelidze
    Mari Antelidze 17 days ago

    dislike,its a bit rude!!!!

  • Midir Senpai
    Midir Senpai 17 days ago

    Why was Hitler on a celebrity list for animal look alike's well I guess I found my new favorite celebrity

  • The Vintage Rock Afire Collecter TM

    31st comment!

  • hoang tran
    hoang tran 17 days ago

    he he he he. gave me good giggle seeing richard branson look alike mut. he he he he.

  • Pankaj kumar
    Pankaj kumar 18 days ago

    pretty and cute

  • Victor Rada
    Victor Rada 18 days ago

    The difference between the sloth and Justin beaver is that the sloth can sing better.

  • A10
    A10 18 days ago

    That's pretty funny!

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  • Hallow Green-JV
    Hallow Green-JV 18 days ago

    the thumbnail XD

  • GreenJelloHell
    GreenJelloHell 18 days ago

    I've never *backed out* of a link so fast.

  • Sweet Treats
    Sweet Treats 18 days ago

    She said: I don't want to be in a room with anyone of them!
    Me: Snap, why am I a Russian?

  • Mark Peden
    Mark Peden 18 days ago

    I would rather be locked in a room with vladimir putin rather than the former president of the u.s. ..........

    • GreenJelloHell
      GreenJelloHell 18 days ago

      And yet here you are, Putin's Russia could never bring forth something like Youtube.

  • Montalvo Monteka
    Montalvo Monteka 18 days ago

    only a dumb white person made this you can tell

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    Ciro Underlyon 18 days ago

    I want that Hitler cat!

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  • aviator m8
    aviator m8 18 days ago

    you are running out of ideas are you i cant even draw the similarity in some of them

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    Volc323 18 days ago

    hi :D

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    Owen Jones 18 days ago

    I love you

  • Sacha Turner
    Sacha Turner 18 days ago

    where my early peeps at

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      Jose Garcia Ramirez 17 days ago

      Sacha Turner they forgot about Snoop Dogg and a Doberman

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      Sacha Turner here

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      Sacha Turner I'm here. But I was sleeping when the video came out.

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