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Author vumpirekizz croix (6 years)
Ang Pilipinas kong Mahal...... Ang bigas Mahal ang karne Mahal ang gulay
Mahal ang isda Mahal magpahospital Mahal ang gamot Mahal ang gasolina Mahal
ang pamasahe Mahal mag aaral hay! maraming nagmamahal sa ating bayan. :-p

Author A.Domenique Balbon (5 years)
@Tweezy316 mi ta entiendes de espanyolas pero nuay ta abla de chavacano

Author Ian Rayvenn Sanchez (1 year)
it's not that filipinos don't want., it's just that it's not being
taught... i used google to undderstand your spanish,.

Author Kenneth Hughes (6 years)
Lastly, all of my ideas and arguments have been formed and are based from
"college books" and many other sources so please don't mock my knowledge
again. RUDE.

Author Tweezy316 (5 years)
you speak spanish? porque no sabes escribir pues?

Author Alir Niño (5 years)
@sk8pirata I would recomend Spanish as lingua franca & english as third
language (or viceversa) cuz it's not fair that tagalog speakers have
advantage over non tagalog(by example, cebuano) ones (cuz they would have
to learn four languages). :)

Author Prixie Anne Riddle (3 years)
although i'm a filipina, i really wish everyone just accepted that without
this wonderful language nothing that we enjoy today would've been
possible... speaking it doesn't mean that we favor the Spanish language
over the Filipino one, it just means that we accept our heritage... VIVAS

Author trumpgeek (5 years)
@viktoruschka , es la verdad. Nosotros somos hispanicos.

Author laurence pascual (6 years)
Haha. Again, race is a social construct so you just cant change the fact
that Hispanic is classified as a race. Ethnicity, by the way is a more
specific term such as being Filipino, Indian, or an Arab. I want to go back
to the original argument of yours in which you say that Filipinos are
Hispanic. To be considered Hispanic, the commonality with Hispanic culture
and traditions must be present for us to be classified as Hispanic. I just
dont see with Filipinos.

Author Kenneth Hughes (6 years)
First of all, I never said "brown" was a race. I brought up colors to show
that people from different Latin American countries are not all the same.
The races I referred to were the European, African, and American Indian
races. Second, you are following the U.S. Government's interpretation of
"race" which I believe is flawed. Also, the U.S. Government considers
"Hispanic" as an ethnicity, not a race, which is why the categories
include: Non-Hispanic White, Non-Hispanic Black, and Hispanic.

Author TheNyahNyah (2 years)
I totally agree with you. Spanish should have been our optional language,
not English. And it should be taught in schools. I believe we were the only
Spanish colony before who don't speak Spanish, even as an optional language.

Author danieru1979 (6 years)
está muy bonito el himno ... ^^

Author Prixie Anne Riddle (3 years)
@Popodelades Oh. My bad. My keyboard isn't working again. XD But you guys
get the point. XD

Author sunshinex1104 (5 years)
me gusta esta cancion! muchas gracias por cantarla en espanol! i`m proud to
be a filipina & love the spanish history :)

Author Popodelades (3 years)

Author sweetnightmare24 (6 years)

Author Raymundo Addun (5 years)
hey, please correct the accent s amores (not amorés), ofenden (not
oféndén), and a lot more. thanks. Just my take cause those who speak
spanisn really findsit funny with the wrong accents.

Author lolmeaburro (5 years)
This is the Jose Palma original anthem, but... we are filipinos?

Author Rajah Sikatuna (5 years)
one of the objectives of the charter change is to amend the national
language. it would be english and spanish and im sure visayas and mindanao
they prepared english or spanish i dont know in luzon they can still sing
the national anthem lupang hinarang.

Author Johncito233 (5 years)
Lastimosamente las Filipinas han abandonado el idioma español. Fue
interesante haber escuchado su himno en español.

Author vivalacarlo (6 years)
my grand pa died at age 97 in dec 25, 2008, he also spoke in spanish, he
was born in the philippines.

Author KingRaffers (6 years)
that is because tagalog has so many spanish loanwords :D

Author Kenneth Hughes (6 years)
I believe that the use of the term "Hispanic" is an attempt by the U.S.
Government to group together the people of Latin America because their rich
cultural diversity is too complicated for them to be categorized in one
group. They are only able to do this for one reason: they all speak
Spanish. If this is the case, then the definition of the colloquial term
"Hispanic" should be changed just to "One who speaks Spanish" because all
the other descriptions can describe Filipinos too.

Author yuandonggun2008 (6 years)

Author renef2959 (5 years)
Diyoskupo!!! Hindi ganyan ang pagkantang tinuro ng Spanish 4N teacher ko sa
Central Phil. Univeristy. Murder naman ang pagkanta ninyo. Sayang, ang
ganda pa naman sana ng Himno Nacional Filipina pag maayos ang pagkakanta.

Author Luigi Grifal (4 years)
@viktoruschka im filipino and i speak spanish. when i speak spanish in the
phil, other ppl think im being arrogant and call me a "coño". i do believe
that filipinas should speak castellano again. what country r u from btw?

Author KingRaffers (6 years)
The original title is "Patria Adorada"

Author akosigundam (6 years)
Effort's not enough. I'd give them a C for that.

Author Liezl Ramirez (6 years)

Author Popodelades (2 years)
EL CIUDAD??? LA CIUDAD... Ciudad is a Feminine word. Trust me, I'm spanish,
we invaded you hahaha

Author Eira Remejeene (5 years)
This is not the proper way of singing the Spanish version. One thing, they
keep on adding syllables not originally on the song. The pronunciation, too
and others. Basta. Hindi ito tama. Sounds more of 'for the sake of singing
lang. Sorry.

Author Kenneth Hughes (6 years)

Author Nasyonalista (6 years)
Likas lamang ang kulturang asyano dahil nasa Asya tayo. Ang kulturang
Espanyol ay hindi lang minsan napapansin. Ang "Misa de Gallo" tuwing
Disyembre, ang "Noche Buena, hamon at queso de bola" ang mga pagkain tulad
ng "Menudo" "Caldereta, Adobo atbp. Ang pagsabi ng horas at numero at mga
salitang Espanyol na mahigit 20,000 sa ating wika. Ang ating mga Apelyido,
pangalan ng lugar, ang nagagandahang simbahan sa buong bansa atbp. Ito ay
mas nakakalamang sa mga bagong kultura mula hilagang Asya.

Author Modern Katipunero (5 years)
FIRST NAME OF THE PHILIPPINES 1.island of pearl ( dont know the exact
words) 2. Archipelago of saint lazaru 3. las islas filipinas dah what
ever!!!!!!! i love philippines! in filipino MAHAL KO ANG PILIPINAS!

Author polardog555 (6 years)
Yo tambien! :)

Author akosigundam (5 years)
Or better yet, we can do ayaw with this fallacious "national language."
We're a multilingual country, and having one language to represent the
identity of our peoples is a grave injustice. Besides, most countries don't
have a national language yet they have a better sense and appreciation of
identity than we do.

Author grammus cc (4 years)
Nice job. Ummm, the pronunciation needs a little work. There needs to be
more distinction between "u" and "o" and between "e" and "i". Consonants
could a little softer. Anyway, nice job! Bravo!

Author 13Constellations (4 years)
bring back spanish language and be one of the countries who can speak three
languages and can portray their culture and history through their
language,,.. :)

Author Kenneth Hughes (6 years)
You obviously don't understand that "Hispanic" is NOT a race. Its a
culture, which supports my argument that Filipinos can be considered
Hispanic too. People from Spain are Hispanic too. There is no Hispanic
RACE. "Hispanic" people of the Americas are of a mixture indigenous
(indian), European, and African ancestry = white, black, and brown.
Mexicans are brown, Dominicans are black, and Argentinians are white (by
majority). A more appropriate and exclusive term for Latin Americans is

Author reasonableskeptic (5 years)
Hahaha! Their accent really is funny. LOL

Author frogpoison (5 years)

Author ellyrie (6 years)
nice very nice

Author Luis Diego Thomas Vargas (5 years)
Es maravilloso escuchar al Himno nacional de Filipinas en la versión en
español interpretado por filipinos, ciertamente ellos son nuestros hermanos
al otro lado del Océano Pacífico, saludos de Costa Rica en Centroamérica.

Author Alir Niño (5 years)
@JCaguin Well... "beaner" countries as Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Spain
have better economy than Phillipines... and speak spanish... not tagalog...
so... I don't think language have much importance on the economically
situation of each country but their policy do.

Author dione ebiota (4 years)
viva Philippines viva Mexico viva Spain Spanish language is the best viva
manny pacman pacquiao viva donaire hahaha wal sial binatbat sa boxingero

Author HispanicFilipino (6 years)
We are Hispanic. Preserve Hispanic Filipino language and culture. Please
join us. Look us up in Yahoo. SpanishFlipino in Yahoo Groups. Somos
hispanos. Invitamos a todos de cualquier pais que comparten nuestra meta de
la preservacion de nuestra cultura hispanica que se unan a nuestro grupo
SpanishFilipino en los grupos de Yahoo.

Author mmc029 (4 years)
@luisdiego29 Saludos desde Filipinas! Gracias hermano de Costa Rica, pero
este chico canta tan mal y la niña parece demasiado interrumpir. Viva

Author HispanicFilipino (6 years)
Join the SpanishFilipino Group in YahooGroups. Spanish was an official
language of the Philippines until 1973.

Author venerock (6 years)
spanish with filipino accent, beautiul!

Author sk8pirata (5 years)
i wouldn't mind if the philippines bring back spanish classes in their
schools, that would be awesome, 3 official language, TAGALOG, ENGLISH and

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