Lupang Hinirang (spanish version)

National Anthem of the Philippines
(in the original Spanish)

When the Marcha Filipina Magdalo (later renamed Marcha Nacional Filipina) was composed by Julian Felipe to serve as the national march of the Philippines at its proclamation of independence in 1898, it was purely instrumental and without words. It was only a year later that a young soldier by the name of Jose Palma penned the poem Filipinas which would serve as the first set of lyrics sung to accompany the Marcha.


Tierra adorada
Hija del sol de Oriente
Su fuego ardiente en ti latiendo esta.
Patria de amores!
Del heroismo cuna,
Los invasores
No te hallaran jamas.

En tu azul cielo, en tus auras,
En tus montes y en tu mar
Esplende y late el poema
De tu amada libertad.
Tu pabellon, que en las lides
La victoria ilumino
No vera nunca apagados
Sus estrellas y su sol.

Tierra de dichas, del sol y amores,
En tu regazo dulce es vivir.
Es una gloria para tus hijos,
Cuando de ofenden, por ti morir.

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Author Rynan Nieva ( ago)
it's not that filipinos don't want., it's just that it's not being
taught... i used google to undderstand your spanish,.

Author Jose Alcazar ( ago)
on Wednesday I will pos my version of this marvelous anthem in Spanish
version...on mess... 

Author Jose Alcazar ( ago)
Viva Philippinas....Im Boliviano married to my lovely Wife.....I love
Philippinas I would give my life for it.....

Author Jose Alcazar ( ago)
tiempo atra pelotudo.....a mi Philippinas no me la jode nadie....;"noli me
tangerei" "don't touch me not" Jose Rizal 

Author Jose Alcazar ( ago)
I speak Spanish but I can't go to Zambuanga ....

Author TheNyahNyah ( ago)
I totally agree with you. Spanish should have been our optional language,
not English. And it should be taught in schools. I believe we were the only
Spanish colony before who don't speak Spanish, even as an optional

Author Popodelades ( ago)
EL CIUDAD??? LA CIUDAD... Ciudad is a Feminine word. Trust me, I'm spanish,
we invaded you hahaha

Author Prixie Anne Riddle ( ago)
@Popodelades Oh. My bad. My keyboard isn't working again. XD But you guys
get the point. XD

Author Popodelades ( ago)

Author Prixie Anne Riddle ( ago)
although i'm a filipina, i really wish everyone just accepted that without
this wonderful language nothing that we enjoy today would've been
possible... speaking it doesn't mean that we favor the Spanish language
over the Filipino one, it just means that we accept our heritage... VIVAS

Author Noliahkyna ( ago)
@viktoruschka i speak spanish

Author The Luge ( ago)
@viktoruschka tiene razon. 333 años de hispanidad contra 40+ años con los
gringos! ... es una pena que muchos filipinos ya no hablan español o no
quieren hablarlo. si. es verdad que una grande parte de nuestros lenguajes
locales tienen muchas influencias españolas y relativamente, el castellano
es mas facil de aprender que ingles. es aleman? que interesante! soy 50%
fil, 25% mex y 25% esp. y por eso, hablo un poquito español :)

Author The Luge ( ago)
@viktoruschka im filipino and i speak spanish. when i speak spanish in the
phil, other ppl think im being arrogant and call me a "coño". i do believe
that filipinas should speak castellano again. what country r u from btw? 

Author saifa bravo ( ago)

Author rabisrabis ( ago)
@viktoruschka lo siento señor, el norte americanos robados nuestras
conocidos idioma español. they imposed their language and let us forgot
about spanish. but there is still one city in the philippines who can speak
spanish. this is Zamboanga City. they call themselve el chiavacanos. otra
vez, lo seinto mi español, es muy malo, es muy un poco.

Author xiaolong143 ( ago)
gracias por publicar este himno nacional de las Filipinas, me encanta mi
herencia hispana.

Author Mario Christian Micabalo ( ago)
saba raw !!!

Author dione ebiota ( ago)
(Spanish) - Las Filipinas himno nacional ver be original ver write en
Español. lo siento, malo en Español (English) - The Philippines national
anthem was originally written in Spanish. (Filipino) - Ang pambansang awit
ng Pilipinas ay original na nakasulat sa wikang Espanyol

Author dione ebiota ( ago)
viva Philippines viva Mexico viva Spain Spanish language is the best viva
manny pacman pacquiao viva donaire hahaha wal sial binatbat sa boxingero

Author breighitte ( ago)
the language that was used by Jose Palma when he wrote the poem FILIPINAS
was Spanish and the words of that poem became the lyrics for the music by
Julian Felipe and thus the Philippine National Anthem was born though it's
original title is HIMNO NACIONAL DE FILIPINAS....

Author 13Constellations ( ago)
bring back spanish language and be one of the countries who can speak three
languages and can portray their culture and history through their
language,,.. :)

Author Widmark Morales ( ago)
Please drop the american accent/slang while singing Spanish. Hindi ganyan
kumanta mga Español/Latinos. I appreciate that you guys translated and sang
our national anthem but if you will sing in Spanish, sing it using the
proper way of pronouncing Spanish words. 

Author Canal de Filipinas - Noticias ( ago)
¡Un saludo amigos! Desde el @ Canal de Filipinas en idioma español.

Author Zamboangueño Raza ( ago)
@luisdiego29 The Original Version of the Philippine National Anthem is
really and actually in Spanish, not in Tagalog, not English nor in other
Philippine Languages.

Author Mario Alegria ( ago)
Que bien hermanos filipinos im married to pinay VIVA FILIPINAS ooohhh
yyyaaa viva filipinas!!!!!!

Author Phil Kush Weed ( ago)
i can speak and understand spanish heheh!

Author grammus cc ( ago)
Nice job. Ummm, the pronunciation needs a little work. There needs to be
more distinction between "u" and "o" and between "e" and "i". Consonants
could a little softer. Anyway, nice job! Bravo! 

Author MrMacal1 ( ago)
Bravo!!! Felicitaciones hermanos Filipinos! Es algo muy bello escuchar El
Himno Nacional de Filipinas en el Idioma Original de Filipinas como Nacion.

Author elmobenguan ( ago)
Experience True FULL HD (as endorsed by youtube) of GMA 7's Lupang
Hinirang. Please visit my channel.

Author bunrraa ( ago)
hey lapu-lapu killed ferdinand magellan look it up in google the "battle of

Author Patrick Gil Racho ( ago)
Niza entregas. Trabajar mas en la manera en que pronuncia su silabas y
subraya en español. Kudos sin embargo. Mi amigo dice que suena como un
Visayan español. Cheers. :)

Author bryronify ( ago)
This is the original lyrics which is then translated to English (American
Occupation) then into Tagalog a lingua franca here since we have many
language here.

Author enrykkke ( ago)
The original lenguage and name of this anthem is TIERRA ADORADA, en

Author Ken Enecio ( ago)
I agree with you viktoruschka! And I'm glad that the President Gloria M.
Arroyo ordered the Dept. of Education to include in the curriculum for the
school year 2010-2011 the SPANISH language in all PUBLIC and PRIVATE
schools all over the Philippines.

Author trumpgeek ( ago)
@viktoruschka , es la verdad. Nosotros somos hispanicos.

Author Tweezy316 ( ago)
@ryuadrian09 chavacano? que es? no entiendo mucho

Author A.Domenique “MiddleAgedJuvenileNovelty” Balbon ( ago)
@Tweezy316 mi ta entiendes de espanyolas pero nuay ta abla de chavacano

Author Modern Katipunero ( ago)
FIRST NAME OF THE PHILIPPINES 1.island of pearl ( dont know the exact
words) 2. Archipelago of saint lazaru 3. las islas filipinas dah what
ever!!!!!!! i love philippines! in filipino MAHAL KO ANG PILIPINAS!

Author Alfonso Malagüeño ( ago)
no sé bien qué hablan acá, yo noto que los cantantes en este video hablan
bien español. Yo entiendo todo al menos y hablo español de toda la vida

Author Tweezy316 ( ago)
you speak spanish? porque no sabes escribir pues?

Author enrykkke ( ago)

Author curseddoll01 ( ago)
the original filipino anthem was wrote in spanish

Author ron daniel manguerra ( ago)
they are not actually making fun of our national anthem they just show that
they care and that they are amazed of julian felipe.proud to be pinoy...

Author Eira Remejeene ( ago)
This is not the proper way of singing the Spanish version. One thing, they
keep on adding syllables not originally on the song. The pronunciation, too
and others. Basta. Hindi ito tama. Sounds more of 'for the sake of singing
lang. Sorry.

Author Johncito233 ( ago)
Lastimosamente las Filipinas han abandonado el idioma español. Fue
interesante haber escuchado su himno en español.

Author sk8pirata ( ago)
thx, i had spanish classes but not enough if i want to be fluent

Author Alir Niño ( ago)
@JCaguin Well... "beaner" countries as Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Spain
have better economy than Phillipines... and speak spanish... not tagalog...
so... I don't think language have much importance on the economically
situation of each country but their policy do.

Author Alir Niño ( ago)
@behanchot Hispanic is not just language, but culturally... Mostly
filipinos are catholic, are indians protestant?

Author Alir Niño ( ago)
@sk8pirata I would recomend Spanish as lingua franca & english as third
language (or viceversa) cuz it's not fair that tagalog speakers have
advantage over non tagalog(by example, cebuano) ones (cuz they would have
to learn four languages). :)

Author sk8pirata ( ago)
i wouldn't mind if the philippines bring back spanish classes in their
schools, that would be awesome, 3 official language, TAGALOG, ENGLISH and

Author MJG ( ago)
Mananatili ang wikang Pilipino walang hanggan!!

Author Luis Diego Thomas Vargas ( ago)
Es maravilloso escuchar al Himno nacional de Filipinas en la versión en
español interpretado por filipinos, ciertamente ellos son nuestros hermanos
al otro lado del Océano Pacífico, saludos de Costa Rica en Centroamérica.

Author Luis Diego Thomas Vargas ( ago)
It is wonderful to listen to the National Anthem of The Philippines in the
version in Spanish, interpreted by Filipinos, certainly they are our
brothers to another side of the Pacific Ocean, regards from Costa Rica in
the Central America.

Author TDH 1077 ( ago)

Author Alfonso Malagüeño (434 years ago)
yo también hablo español. les felicito por cantar el anthem nacional de
Pilipinas en espanyol bwena swerte, Dená

Author renef2959 ( ago)
Diyoskupo!!! Hindi ganyan ang pagkantang tinuro ng Spanish 4N teacher ko sa
Central Phil. Univeristy. Murder naman ang pagkanta ninyo. Sayang, ang
ganda pa naman sana ng Himno Nacional Filipina pag maayos ang pagkakanta.

Author irong boang ( ago)

Author reasonableskeptic ( ago)
Hahaha! Their accent really is funny. LOL

Author Genera Rose Villa ( ago)
muy bien!! X)

Author Riyadh Rafiq ( ago)
Muy bien!!!

Author vumpirekizz croix ( ago)
Question: SIno and Presendente ng Pilipinas and hindi nakakatawa? Answer:
Eh di si Corny Aquino! hahahahaha!

Author CuahutemocVillayZapata Emiliano ( ago)
Se escucha bastante bien!

Author PanGoy ( ago)
well, though sad to hear this but its true..

Author PanGoy ( ago)
ok those who says that the accent is bad.. can you make another video of
Philippine National anthem Spanish version? because this is the only vid..
and the tone is there.. thank you..

Author Raymundo Addun (1276 years ago)
hey, please correct the accent s amores (not amorés), ofenden (not
oféndén), and a lot more. thanks. Just my take cause those who speak
spanisn really findsit funny with the wrong accents.

Author akosigundam ( ago)
Or better yet, we can do ayaw with this fallacious "national language."
We're a multilingual country, and having one language to represent the
identity of our peoples is a grave injustice. Besides, most countries don't
have a national language yet they have a better sense and appreciation of
identity than we do.

Author Botbot B ( ago)
krutsai --- i don't know what that means. but you're proving my point: ang
BOBO mo!!!

Author Rajah Sikatuna ( ago)
maghubad ka na lang mukha ka naman putang gala!

Author Botbot B ( ago)
krutsai --- ang bobo mo

Author Rajah Sikatuna ( ago)
kayo ang bobo mabuti di kayo tumalon sa building jan sa milan. pa-italy
italy pa kayo mukha naman kayo taga bukid sabagay mga alila lang naman kayo
jan pagbalik d2 sa pinas sikat sobra yabang kakasuka kayo himod sa tumbong
ng mga dayuhan. pweeee!

Author Rajah Sikatuna (1775 years ago)
one of the objectives of the charter change is to amend the national
language. it would be english and spanish and im sure visayas and mindanao
they prepared english or spanish i dont know in luzon they can still sing
the national anthem lupang hinarang.

Author Rajah Sikatuna ( ago)
ewan ko ba sa mga tagalog pinipilit nila ang labing isa, dalawampu, o ika
dalawamput lima ng disyembre isang libot siyam na raan siyam na put tatlo e
pwede naman sa spanish madali pa nahihirapan tuloy kami mga bisaya.

Author Rajah Sikatuna ( ago)
pwee arte mo

Author Kenchi Chibi ( ago)

Author pampiksz pampi ( ago)
ito ang nagiisang spanish version sa youtube..bute nagrecord kau... kahit
ampanetpanet..ayus na..atlis my napakinggan akong sampol.. mabuhay ang mga
tambay sa bansa...

Author vumpirekizz croix ( ago)
Ang Pilipinas kong Mahal...... Ang bigas Mahal ang karne Mahal ang gulay
Mahal ang isda Mahal magpahospital Mahal ang gamot Mahal ang gasolina Mahal
ang pamasahe Mahal mag aaral hay! maraming nagmamahal sa ating bayan. :-p

Author aldrick barber ( ago)
Yes,I think Mexico and Philippines have a lot in common. Spanish
culture,and things.

Author akosigundam ( ago)
a hispano-asian nation, might I correct.

Author akosigundam ( ago)
That's the huge difference between Latinamerican and European dialects.
Spain has preserved the LY sound while in America, it has evoled to a pure
Y. Personally, I prefer the European pronunciation, but we're also taught,
at Instituto Cervantes, that both are just as acceptable.

Author akosigundam ( ago)
Permiteme traducirlo. "I am a Letranite, and I will live for the Lord God,
the Fatherland, and Letran." Estoy correcto?

Author akosigundam ( ago)
Estoy de acuerdo, Señor. Eres una nacionalista verdadera.

Author akosigundam ( ago)
Thousands, man. We loaned Castillian words by the bucketload.

Author akosigundam ( ago)
Effort's not enough. I'd give them a C for that.

Author bally03 ( ago)
but still, spanish is part of our culture. actually i want to learn how 2
speak spanish although i have no plans about travelling 2 spain sumday, but
it is part of our culture.

Author vivalacarlo ( ago)
my grand pa died at age 97 in dec 25, 2008, he also spoke in spanish, he
was born in the philippines.

Author Angel Ramirez ( ago)

Author enrykkke ( ago)
Viva Tierra Adorada ¡ ....cantan muy bien

Author Canal de Filipinas - Noticias ( ago)
Canal de Filipinas en idioma Español.

Author circulomadrid ( ago)

Author dianne joyce ( ago)
it's kinda the same accent

Author Noctis ( ago)
...i'll give u an A for trying..^__^.. ..but try to polish ur
pronounciation.. hawig nman po ang tagalog sa spanish, mas mahahasa pa

Author burjegol ( ago)
mga nene at toto, nice try pero your pronunciation the spanish words in
these hymn is way-way off line. it shows that you were not bable to take
spanish lessons.

Author tupeorpesadilla31 ( ago)
Te quiero mucho muy orgullosa porque tengo sangre

Author Kenneth Hughes ( ago)

Author Kenneth Hughes ( ago)
And NO a white guy who likes doing black things would not be considered
black because African is a RACE. Hispanic is NOT a RACE. IT IS NOT MUTUALLY
EXCLUSIVE... Why can't you get that? Think outside the box........

Author Kenneth Hughes ( ago)
When thinking of Filipinos in a cultural sense, they are also Hispanic: a
macroethnicity. If being Hispanic means just being able to speak Spanish,
then one can think otherwise. But I believe that we share a lot of things
with Spain, and sometimes even more than Latinos do, that you may not even
be aware of. So why not???

Author Kenneth Hughes ( ago)
And just because our Hispanic culture is mixed with other cultures does not
deny or diminish its existence. Again, I am not saying that everyone
considers Filipinos Hispanic, I am saying that they SHOULD. What more,
besides speaking Spanish, do people from Mexico and South America share
with the Spanish than Filipinos do? Many Latinos do not have Spanish blood,
but are still considered Hispanic just because they come from countries
that speak Spanish. So basically, THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO SAY:

Author Kenneth Hughes ( ago)

Author Kenneth Hughes ( ago)
It is also my belief that if this is NOT the case, then Filipinos SHOULD be
considered Hispanic because our culture is so deeply infused with Spanish
influence. We share a lot more culture and traditions with Spain and
Latinos than you think. Look at our food, religion/holidays, and last
names. Are you saying that we are more influenced than the Arab and Chinese
than the Spanish? Of course we should not forget our indigenous roots, but
we should forget our Spanish past either.

Author Kenneth Hughes ( ago)
You can't get it through your head that Hispanic is not a race. It is not
MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. You can be a Black Hispanic, a White Hispanic, an
Indian Hispanic, so why can't there be Asian Hispanics? In fact, there are:
Japanese immigrants in Peru (who speak Spanish) are considered Hispanic. So
what about Filipinos? Is it just because we don't speak Spanish anymore?
This is the reason for my belief that the only qualifications for
Hispanicity is the ability to speak Spanish.

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