Ridley Scott Says Neill Blomkamp's ALIEN 5 Movie is DEAD – The CineFiles Ep. 19

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  • Ridley Scott Says Neill Blomkamp's ALIEN 5 Movie is DEAD – The CineFiles Ep. 19 Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW!

    Brace yourselves! We've got some big news for you this week! A24 released the first full-length trailer to their horror film, It Comes At Night, diving deeper into its plot about an evil force sweeping through the world. The film is already being compared to The Witch and Get Out in terms of its intelligence! Neill Blomkamp fans will be upset to learn that his once highly-anticipated Alien 5 sequel is now dead according to Ridley Scott, and finally, after a ton of waiting, the trailer to Stephen King's much buzzed about film, The Dark Tower dropped, and Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey look amazing in it. So sit back, relax and enjoy this week's instalment of The CineFiles, where we count down the week's biggest news in cinema.

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Comments: 446

  • The The
    The The 12 days ago

    Just in case you haven't been keeping up on current events, we just got our ass's kicked, pal!

  • Jayman493
    Jayman493 17 days ago

    Everyone listen to me, if you liked Alien: Covenant then please either go see it in theaters and not pirate it and then buy the DVD or digital purchase.
    Let's show FOX that we want Aliens: Awakening.

  • JoJos BizzarAdventure

    Would have been awesome, but we got stuck with Prometheus and alien covenant (sad face)

  • rodster6
    rodster6 28 days ago

    I'd be surprised if the franchise isn't dead after Covenant.

  • quipper
    quipper 29 days ago

    Great. We get to see Scott continue to "Lucas" the f**k out of the franchise with pretentious christian symbolism and ham-fisted exposition that kills all the dread and mystery behind the xenos. Thx, Ridley

  • TokyoXtreme
    TokyoXtreme 1 month ago

    The alien franchise has two good movies, and the rest are total shit. At least Alien Resurrection had some Ron Perlman and Dan Hedaya though.

  • TokyoXtreme
    TokyoXtreme 1 month ago

    Zero interest in seeing Prometheus Episode II. I hope Ridley Scott enjoys the punishment of his hubris when Alien Cumnuts fucking FAILS, and his legacy is trashed (although he's had other terrible films in his career). Should've just let Neill Blomkamp make the movie everyone REALLY WANTS to see.

  • Peter Ohara
    Peter Ohara 1 month ago

    What normal person talks like this?

  • Samhain
    Samhain 1 month ago

    I honestly like Neill Blomkamp's style of movie making much more than Ridley Scott's. His style is a lot more reminiscent of awesome filmmakers like James Cameron and Christopher Nolan, whereas Scott is an amazing director but not much of a writer. I was really looking forward to seeing a worthy sequel to Aliens and I'm so bummed that it got cancelled before it even got that far :/

  • Z3ROTH3RT33N
    Z3ROTH3RT33N 1 month ago

    I guess Ridley Scott brought us the Alien franchise to begin with if he wants to snuff out the light at the end of this awful Prometheus tunnel that's his right. I'd take Alien ressurrection over Prometheus any day. I really didn't care about any of these Ridley adventures. I was really looking forward to seeing a proper Aliens sequel.

  • James Webb
    James Webb 1 month ago

    You all know covenant is going to be completely shit right? :(

    FRANC 1 month ago


  • CannibalisticZombie666

    4:42 that hotel ;)

  • Jack Daw
    Jack Daw 1 month ago

    I'm glad the film isn't going to be made. I love the Alien franchise, but I was turned away when I saw some of the concept designs for it. Seeing a new type of Alien egg reminded me of Alien: Engineers, which I was not a fan of as well. Not only because of the story, but mostly because of the concepts for the new Alien tropes. It was a bad idea and I was happy Fox did something about it.

  • David R
    David R 1 month ago

    Shit, Alien has been dead since Alien 3, fuckwit Scott who hasn't made a good movie since the 80s should go into a retirement home. He fucked Prometheus and Covenant sounds very C grade. Old fart SF. Boring.

  • TheSmashingTesticles

    Who gives a fuck about Neill Blomkamp? He only made like 3 movies in his entire life and none of them are good. I bet a billion bucks Neill's planned Aliens sequel was going to be a ripoff of James Cameron's Aliens. Another mindless action movie between Aliens and Colonial Marines. I hate how everytime you see Aliens and colonial marines encountering each other, too many Aliens get killed. Alien is a monster, it's supposed to be strong and scary. An Aliens vs Colonial Marines movie wouldn't expand the universe. I'm glad Ridley Scott is doing these Alien prequels because they bring in more into the Alien lore and expand the Alien universe. I trust Ridley Scott more since he's the one who brought Alien to big screen.

  • Succ Papi
    Succ Papi 1 month ago

    I got really scared bc I thought alien covenant was cancelled jfc

  • jAM Ab
    jAM Ab 1 month ago

    why did they cansel snake freakin pliskingh ?

  • IAmNoahFlores
    IAmNoahFlores 1 month ago

    Here's what I plan to do:
    1. Become a movie producer
    2. Greenlight Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5, and help with story/screenplay
    3. Don't hire Ridley Scott (he gave up on him), Neill can direct
    4. Release this horror-scifi movie, and pray it can match up to the first Alien (and maybe Aliens)

  • 季雨禾
    季雨禾 1 month ago

    Ironically the Alien Covenant trailer played when I open this video... Then the actual video played.

  • Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman 1 month ago

    Because Sir Scott didn't want it to happen so it's not going to happen 😧

    BOB COTTRELL 1 month ago

    Don't care about any of them.

  • T No
    T No 1 month ago

    Alien belongs to Ridley Scott. Blomkamp saying he has a sequel pitch while Ridley is already making an Alien film is just disrespectful.

  • clancy2k
    clancy2k 1 month ago

    Ridley hasn't made a decent movie in decades. He's just worried it will be better than his recent offering, which it would be.

  • Si Filey
    Si Filey 1 month ago

    Alien 3 was pretty goodish.

  • Charles Jackson
    Charles Jackson 1 month ago

    Wi-fi sucks learn the truth about Li-Fi u won't regret it

  • Feel The Walrus
    Feel The Walrus 1 month ago

    I'm sorry because Blomkamp is a good director, but cancel half of the saga would piss me off

  • frankmoolah
    frankmoolah 1 month ago

    Blomkamp doesn't need an Alien movie to boost his career, he's already developed his own movie frachises that have garnered attn and succeeded in box office sales in their own right.

  • Chris Maher
    Chris Maher 1 month ago

    Fuck you Ridley you piece of shit! The only ALIENS movie I was actually looking forward to, and your micro ego killed it! Prometheus sucked and you know it! Cameron did your movie better then you ever could and now your trying to wrestle back your baby by appealing to millennials. You fucking hack! I'm not watching covenant! I don't care if it's the best thing you ever put to film! All your sequel to Blade Runner is going to do is remind everyone how fucking boring the first one was! Your a wretched sack of bleeding ass vomit and I hope that shows through in your future endeavors.

    • Chris Maher
      Chris Maher 1 month ago

      Actually I don't have to hope. I know it will show. Have fun living in the shadows of better directors then you!

  • alex smith
    alex smith 1 month ago

    Can somebody tell Scott that nobody is interested in black goo))))

  • meloche1syndrome
    meloche1syndrome 1 month ago

    good, blonkcamps alien woulda been awful.
    so glad ridley is doing sequels

  • Harlock2day
    Harlock2day 1 month ago

    There are 6 Alien movies already, I wouldn't call it Alien 5 but "Alien: Fresh Bollocks"

  • Steve Carruthers
    Steve Carruthers 1 month ago

    everyone knew Scott would do this anyone who thinks it's because of bloomkamp himself is deluded. Scott just wanted to keep it to himself

  • Kins Kins
    Kins Kins 1 month ago

    There are some idiots at FOX. They have an amazing brand with endless possibilities in Aliens and neglect it far too much. They should work on Alien the way Marvel are finally making the most of their babies.

  • GoodWill Gaming
    GoodWill Gaming 1 month ago

    Did anyone else get the Alien Audi ad before the vid

  • Kenny Coffin
    Kenny Coffin 1 month ago

    Blomkamps Alien would probably be the best Alien.

  • Shadow BlackJinouga
    Shadow BlackJinouga 1 month ago

    I watched guardians 2 and groot doesn't shout his signature battle cry while carrying the bomb, like at all

  • Oliver Friesen
    Oliver Friesen 1 month ago

    I have loved all of Ridley Scott's "Alien" movies 3 and 4 had a lot of problems but I find them far superior than Alien Vs Predator.

  • Oliver Friesen
    Oliver Friesen 1 month ago

    To the covenant

  • Lawrence Freed
    Lawrence Freed 1 month ago

    FFS! I would've loved to see Neil Blomkamp comeback to the big screen. It's been awhile since he's directed a movie

  • Prometheus223
    Prometheus223 1 month ago

    Thank God Alien 5 is not happening!

  • shutupurgonnamakeit
    shutupurgonnamakeit 1 month ago

    That really sucks. The ideas in the concept art looked amazing.

    • Jack Daw
      Jack Daw 1 month ago

      shutupurgonnamakeit the idea and concepts were stupid.

  • Lmenzol
    Lmenzol 1 month ago

    fuck ridley scott

  • lalakuma9
    lalakuma9 1 month ago

    0:32 It mostly comes at night, mostly

  • Dan Jackson
    Dan Jackson 1 month ago

    We came for the alien info, not the shitty film reviews. Stick to the point fucking YouTube trash

  • apdarkness905
    apdarkness905 1 month ago

    To any and all Aliens fans out there who read this comment who have been desperate to see Aline 5, which this movie and its director have killed, I urge you to try and save it by helping with the petition the fans have set up to try to save it. Here is a link to it if you feel, as I do, that Alien three is a cancer and has done nothing but blight the Aliens series for over twenty years https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/neill-blomkamp-for-alien5/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=button maybe there's a chance we can save this movie so please sign this petition if you haven't already.

  • Lightman116
    Lightman116 1 month ago

    we DESERVE to have alien 3 and 4 DELETED from memory!

  • Emiliano Hernandez
    Emiliano Hernandez 1 month ago

    thank god

  • FoxHound
    FoxHound 1 month ago

    Ridley Scott is just a braindead fuckwit who wont admit he can't make a decent alien movie anymore

  • Lucas Stevens
    Lucas Stevens 1 month ago

    dont let this distract you.. the oilers actually did blow a 3-0 lead with 3 minutes left and lose in double overtime..

  • Macrev
    Macrev 1 month ago

    To watch this I had to watch a alien covenant trailer

  • Ron Charles
    Ron Charles 1 month ago

    Considering how awful "Elysium" was, this is probably a good thing. Neil Blomkamp's vision of the Alien Xenomorphs would most likely have been that they were oppressed refugees who should be welcomed to Earth and given access to as many European-descended humans as possible in order that they could reproduce in freedom. Of course, being an oppressed minority themselves, they would live in peace and harmony with all other non-European humans.

  • Ed Reid
    Ed Reid 1 month ago

    There seems to be 20 million trailers, teasers, etc online..any need to see the film?......

  • David Longoria
    David Longoria 1 month ago

    Instead we get a sequel to a prequel nobody liked

    • Z3ROTH3RT33N
      Z3ROTH3RT33N 1 month ago

      Jack Daw it was cancelled because of Ridley Scott's bruised ego.

    • Z3ROTH3RT33N
      Z3ROTH3RT33N 1 month ago

      Jack Daw hey you're allowed to like it, I like Dude Where's my Car but I know it's not a good movie.

    • Jack Daw
      Jack Daw 1 month ago

      Z3ROTH3RT33N, I do like horror movies. And I agree with you about some of the negative things about the film, but I did like the film.

    • DisSuede 00000000
      DisSuede 00000000 1 month ago

      +Z3ROTH3RT33N De nada, weird youngling.

    • Z3ROTH3RT33N
      Z3ROTH3RT33N 1 month ago

      DisSuede 00000000 hahaha you said kiddo like you're in Dick Tracy. Thank you for that kind stranger.

  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter 1 month ago

    are they talking about the alien movie thats suppose to come out this year?

    • Amy Carter
      Amy Carter 1 month ago

      alright thanks.i was confused because that one looks like there already done making it

    • DisSuede 00000000
      DisSuede 00000000 1 month ago

      Amy Carter No.

  • 4466svenjohnpetrucci

    Neill would do a sick job,so sad....

  • Boco Corwin
    Boco Corwin 1 month ago

    Didn't a "It Comes At Night" trailer come out awhile ago?

    • Boco Corwin
      Boco Corwin 1 month ago

      Ok, so I'm not crazy. Well, at least in this instance.

    • Amy Carter
      Amy Carter 1 month ago

      yep there was one a few months ago i ithkn but this is a new one

  • Captain Lokiawa
    Captain Lokiawa 1 month ago

    Fox is dumb, no one cares about what they thinks about Blomkamp's concept. I'd rather see a SEQUEL than another "Prequel" by Ridley, a sequel by Cameron would be great because he brought us ALIENS.

    That said Covenant does look interesting based on the trailers but I'm LESS than impressed with Ridley anymore, especially after Prometheus. I do like Fassbender as the "new" android(s) but that's it from the Ridley prequels.

    • DisSuede 00000000
      DisSuede 00000000 1 month ago

      +Captain Lokiawa Cameron is as inspiring as a box full of cat shit. Total train wreck of a director, more interesred in pleasing a crowd than making a genuinly good movie.

    • Captain Lokiawa
      Captain Lokiawa 1 month ago

      +DisSuede 00000000
      To each their own, Cameron for a Alien movie is my "At least" wish, plus I can't think of any modern director whose movies I like and watch alot...but I can say my second choice for hypothetical director would be Garreth Edwards since Rogue One had some good action. Buut...a good-great movie is dependent on the writer(s) and I don't know/remember any but Simon Pegg...

    • DisSuede 00000000
      DisSuede 00000000 1 month ago

      Captain Lokiawa I honestly hope Cameron never ever gets close to anything Alien-related ever again.



  • harnois75
    harnois75 1 month ago

    Good news.

  • maccrawinthejaw
    maccrawinthejaw 1 month ago

    I abhor this channel, but when I spotted this I simply needed to click. ><

    And Ridley Scott, you're an asshole. You're an asshole on an asshole. I made numerous arguments that Alien: Covenant isn't going to be all that awesome, and if my predictions turn into reality, then he's murdered the franchise in terms of its film series.

  • Zach
    Zach 1 month ago

    Wow what a surprise....

  • Manny Santiago
    Manny Santiago 1 month ago

    Ridley Scott's ego wont allow someone else to possibly put out another alien movie superior to his efforts. He is doing the alien universe a great disservice.

    After the mess of Prometheus, he could atleast give someone else a shot at it. If alien covenant is a similarly incoherent mess, fans of the universe will hate him forever lol

  • Michael Gilchrist
    Michael Gilchrist 1 month ago

    Blomkamp is too busy working on Short Circuit 3....

  • Shawn Hall
    Shawn Hall 1 month ago

    was looking forward to seeing his film ... i love Alien resurrection alien 3 not so much .

    but i love em all! Alien fan too death

  • Conan Gilgamesh
    Conan Gilgamesh 1 month ago

    what the fuck district 9 sequel please

  • My Urban Exploration

    "Based on the book with the same name."......... No no no no no no, the book is, The Gunslinger, that book is the first book in "The Dark Tower" series.

  • CJacksonthe1
    CJacksonthe1 1 month ago

    "It comes at night trailer" No....it mostly comes at night, mostly...

  • Sharklover83
    Sharklover83 1 month ago

    This movie better come out I will be pissed if not goddamn you old ass fuck

  • Cameron Rowland
    Cameron Rowland 1 month ago

    But covenant is number 5

    • Cameron Rowland
      Cameron Rowland 1 month ago

      Ok I get ya now I haven't seen the movie but by the trailers that makes sense

    • Calavery 's 'Ere
      Calavery 's 'Ere 1 month ago

      Cameron Rowland no, covenant is Prometheus 2, they just added alien in the title to get more attention

  • Nightvampirefear
    Nightvampirefear 1 month ago

    damn it............I wanted to see what blomkamp was gonna do with it

  • Dwight Sim
    Dwight Sim 1 month ago

    Alien 3 is ok now that I viewed it again as an adult. Alien 4 resurrection is just horrible.

    JUJU MANUEL 1 month ago

    Make a video about the most magical heart touching moment in history like Michael Jackson when he make a football form pictures of black and white childrens you get the gist moment's that you feel heart and brought back the feeling there's hope in humanity

  • Joseph Wasilitz
    Joseph Wasilitz 1 month ago

    Ridley saves us from a fucking disater in the Alien saga.

  • julie amund
    julie amund 1 month ago

    Easter Egg! Dark Tower trailer, Dr's office, when he stops the table shaking, the black and white photo is of the hotel in Kubrick's Shining, the Overlook.

  • TheMalibuLizard
    TheMalibuLizard 1 month ago

    I believe that Scott personally saw to it that Alien 5 wouldn't go through. I don't think he would have wanted the competition between his movie and the movie that would be a direct sequel to Aliens. People would definitely compare the two against each other, and even if it was terrible Alien 5 would probably still come out on top seeing as it would have altered the Alien timeline not to include 3 or 4, aswell as star very well liked characters from the franchise rather then having an entirely new cast. Not to mention I think Ridley took it hard that so many people liked Aliens better than Alien, or rated them at the same level (Considering he had no part in the sequel and probably didn't think a sequel would do better then his film). When you look at all the years Ridley spent avoiding alien and the many times he talked shit about the franchise it is strange that he'd suddenly return and use it's legacy to promote his movie about generic big bald buff white dude aliens. When Promethues clearly wasn't what everyone hoped for he took a sudden left turn and decided to make a movie thats seemingly going to be full of Aliens- and shortly after announcing it and showing it off a bit Alien 5 is dead but, Ridley is already talking about his next 28 alien/prometheus sequels... Bit odd.
    I can't wait for this new alien film, I've been waiting many years to see a decent return for the Xenomorph but, why couldn't we have a pre-pre-pre-prequel and a sequel by two talented directors with solid casts? Why can't both exist? I highly doubt fox would have turned down the chance to rake in all that Alien money from Alien fans than Aliens fans, and the fans who would happily pay to see both.
    Thats just my rant theory though.

  • Maxim Thebear
    Maxim Thebear 1 month ago

    too sad....

  • Bob Shaw
    Bob Shaw 1 month ago

    So no new alien game or sequel film. Sad times for the alien franchise

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore 1 month ago

    Sadly, a binder of concept art does not a successful movie make.

  • Kyle Springsteen
    Kyle Springsteen 1 month ago

    I am so glad Alien 5 is dead. Alien 3 is amazing , and the idea of this movie being discarded from the canon really depressed me. On my opinion Hicks and Newt were not that great to the point where two whole movies should be ignored so they could get back. Ripley and the Alien are the only elements the series needed. Blomkamp didn't want to make Alien 5, he wanted to make Aliens 2. One of the greatest things in the Alien series is how each film is so different from its predecessor.

  • Melman
    Melman 1 month ago

    wait for the movie

  • Nick Gramz
    Nick Gramz 1 month ago

    Who cares... the prequels bring more lore and interest to the franchise rather than just more mindless bug shooting. The Alien is a monster against not a roach. The prequels are expanding the universe rather than sticking to mindless action. If you want xeno shooting watch Aliens,nothing was going to top it anyway so Blompkamps film probably would have just disappointed everyone.

  • You've Seen The Butcher

    Blomkamp should do a Star Wars film

  • Brandon Alietti
    Brandon Alietti 1 month ago

    Oh well. I think Neil is a little overrated anyways.

  • Only 883
    Only 883 1 month ago

    Neill Blomkamp needs to get his finger out of his ass and do the sequel to district 9

  • FusionGamerElite
    FusionGamerElite 1 month ago

    I dont care FUCK ALL about Covenant knowing that Alien 5 most likely wont get made, Covenant can now proceed to go die under the rock UNTIL Alien 5 gets made, thats all I need to know

  • Jesse Meza
    Jesse Meza 1 month ago

    damn thats too bad...

  • Jake d
    Jake d 1 month ago

    Can't say I care much, Blomkamp is a terrible director. Elysium and Chappell were both terrible. I didn't have much faith in the movie when I heard Blomkamp was directing.

  • Quagigitymire
    Quagigitymire 1 month ago

    The Prometheus movies should really stay focused on the engineer/human/android connections with the xenomorph variances tied into the plots while the Alien movies, which the fans are just starving for more of, need only to remain focused on the horror that is created when you pit the xenomorphs against space fairing humans. Both would likely be very successful and compliment one another very well. The questions that have come from the engineer inclusion in the Prometheus film makes it far too interesting to turn into another slasher horror flick featuring xenomorphs.

  • MrColllie
    MrColllie 1 month ago


  • Brave Benji version 2

    He also said the alien was a dead concept: that played through well.

  • hiawa23
    hiawa23 1 month ago

    Damn, I have been waiting 30 years for a true Aliens sequel which is my alltime favorite movie.

  • Scene68
    Scene68 1 month ago

    I am seeing to lose interest in these prequels.. too bad, because die hard ALIENS fans, as myself, wanted to see a proper sequel to that classic. Now we really are stuck with Alien 3...

  • Anthony Fracassi
    Anthony Fracassi 1 month ago

    I know they are two different movies, but something about, "It Comes At Night," reminded me of, "Creep." In all honesty, I'm not sure why.

  • Dani2wheels
    Dani2wheels 1 month ago

    Stephen King is so dumb. Always talking shit about politics and writing books about empowered children like a pedophile.

  • Digital Soldier XP
    Digital Soldier XP 1 month ago


  • Clubby
    Clubby 1 month ago

    just put the fast n furious cast in space n let the alien have its way with them, cus in space knowone can hear you drift

  • TheGarfieldxx30000
    TheGarfieldxx30000 1 month ago

    I want Alien 5 sequel to Aliens. Alien 3 was bullshit for no way the egg on spaceship

    • Jack Daw
      Jack Daw 1 month ago

      TheGarfieldxx30000, at the end credits of Aliens, you hear the sound of an egg hatching, indicating that there was one on the Suloco.

    • Z3ROTH3RT33N
      Z3ROTH3RT33N 1 month ago

      Ron Charles the director of Alien 3 was so unhappy with what the studio did to the film he disowned it.

    • Ron Charles
      Ron Charles 1 month ago

      + TheGarfieldxx30000
      Methinks that the director of "Aliens 3" hated the fans of "Alien" and "Aliens" and wanted to take away their pleasure and satisfaction with the ending of "Aliens."

    • blountman747
      blountman747 1 month ago

      TheGarfieldxx30000 agree I hope James Cameron can do it that would be awesome

    • H E N T A I_ B L A S T
      H E N T A I_ B L A S T 1 month ago

      TheGarfieldxx30000 Agree

  • Gustavo Ignacio Ruiz Cárcamo

    Good. Stop milking old movies and series, you fucktards.

  • Rheanon Jasmyne
    Rheanon Jasmyne 1 month ago

    As much as I love the " Aliens " in the Alien franchise, I wanted PROMETHEUS 2 ! But RS changed his mind because all the other fuckheads complained ! ASSHOLES !

    • Jack Daw
      Jack Daw 1 month ago

      H E N T A I_ B L A S T, it will be a prequel to Covenant. If the reporters had trouble hearing Ridley say that it would go: Prometheus, Awakening, and then Covenant, then each one of those reporters should get their hearing checked.

    • H E N T A I_ B L A S T
      H E N T A I_ B L A S T 1 month ago

      Rheanon Jasmyne Scott mentioned a prequel to covenant called Alien: Awakening however it's unknown if Awakening will be a prequel or sequel due to some speculating the reporter mishearing him

  • GREASER1959
    GREASER1959 1 month ago

    I like how the commercial for this video was the movie trailer!!!!

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