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Uploaded by: Nebiat Alebachew
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as usual from ETV hopefully it won't get deleted by youtube. please rate and add commetns please no haterd comment are allowed. cheers
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Author eribini (7 years)
a lazy ethiopian and stupid like habi2

Author habeshaqueen (7 years)

Author onelovexethiopia (4 years)
@MrAbcd257 your stupid. if its Gojame, its not Somalian. two different
things. stop trying to put every Ethiopian song with a Somali title, cause
its definatly not Somalian....

Author mephisto1895 (8 years)
lazy fat ugly Ethio

Author eribini (7 years)
and ethioboi fuck u too

Author Elevendoors (7 years)
Fantastic Mr.Teshome tebasen tezz asegnhegn my birth place yimecheh abo....

Author yekolotemari (8 years)
a little too fat for a farmer:-)

Author kenenisa1 (6 years)
I got one thing to say...all of ya Eritreans suck my mother-fucken dick

Author Eyaasu (3 years)
More shewa songs posted on

Author Yemesrach T (6 years)
they are states thats y ethiopia is called a federation, y dont u ignorant
ppl do some research before u start speaking...the federations are made up
of the different states which are ethinically divided...atleast ethiopia is
more united then other african countries that were drawn up by the western
countries that colonized them and plz eriterian shut up! ethiopia
historically did soo much for yall and now that ur independent what have u
proved: ur in a famine and lead by a dictator WOW! CONGRA!

Author habi2 (7 years)
l0901 much luv Yager lijeeee

Author samuel haile (7 years)
i like fat woman, if she is beutiful.

Author Huluhagerish (6 years)
i have the same question and since when are we blondes?

Author RayaTigrayEthiopia (4 years)
stupid diaspora Ethiopians!!!! While our people are starving, dying, crying
and begging for real freedom, you idiots just watch youtube videos as the
TPLF butchers keep killing our people in Ethiopia. We have no democracy, no
food, no future in Ethiopia!!!!!! Death to TPLF!!!!!!!

Author Abebe345 (4 years)
@redlinear Ignore MrAbcd257. It is Ethiopian.

Author kceesayandcompany (6 years)
Those three guys are trying to marry is three beautiful daughters...his
prize possession and he doesn't want them to go. He loves his daughters.

Author habi2 (8 years)
all of you Eritrian and somalian fuck them all hell going to brak out...

Author WupeViasco (4 years)
who ever thought gojam people were somalis are retarded

Author kceesayandcompany (6 years)
I don;t know if that is their real hair color or not? Maybe the sun
bleached it? Anyways...I think its pretty.

Author leftysergeant (5 years)
It shows up in Australian aborigines, too.

Author MrAbcd257 (4 years)
@redlinear yes this is Somalian Amharic Music from Gojjam, and the artist
is Teshome Mekonnen

Author gimietosh (6 years)
I find you quite shallow minded Enqudaye. its the 21st century and you
still think like that, wow. Am not Ethiopian but i gotta tell u that u make
the rest of ethiopian seem arrogant which u are anyway. Your too religious
yet have so much hate in ur heart which i think is kind of uncuth, dont u
think. you need in ur heart to lead a happy life otherwise its all pretence.

Author ment4you (3 years)
@MrAbcd257 lolllllllllll hilarious!!! good sense of humor .....

Author MrAbcd257 (4 years)
@huntergluecheese if u say nigger 1 more time, i will track u down, and rip
ur fucking ballz off!:S

Author ment4you (7 years)
Beautiful indeed!!!!

Author redlinear (4 years)
does anybody know the name of this artist and what kind of music it

Author lennin01 (5 years)
Because we ethiopians know about weaves dye and perms too. But yes some are
born with red hair--but never blonde

Author lavenderpanther01 (6 years)
no i think its the quality of the vid that makes their skim complexion look
like that!!

Author ayo19751 (4 years)

Author dimistifu (8 years) looks like you have hard feeling towards ethiopians. what

Author Shanko12 (7 years)
Please guy by insulting each other here we can't make any deference. Can we
respect each other? We (As African) look like full and we disgrace our
color to others. If u don't like what u see here just don't see it. Because
u said something and you don't like it nothing is not going to change...

Author wayaane (6 years)
there is no a country call Ethiopia these days. we are oromo, Somali, Afar
, amhara, woyane etc

Author DMV StreetCam (7 years)
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career, community update, and find Ethiopian businesses worldwide.

Author huntergluecheese (6 years)
you sir are a nigger to the white society. stop making fucking videos
before you give us all cancer.

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