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Author JUAN CALZADA SALAZAR (11 months)
Que tal amigo me interesan unos gallitos como puedo contactarte, me puedes
indicar de que raza tienes y el costo por favor

Author Ronnie Bomediano (1 year)
Boss Sonny how can we contact you to avail your stocks, hope you will post
your contact details, thanks.

Author jace cyrus (1 year)
pumuputok ang palo! lupet

Author usersndme (3 years)
grabe makapalo 1 buckle patay kalaban wiw.

Author blackbrownkelso (3 years)
hay i have a question what does it mean if i have a rooster with the same
eye color but one eye is kinda darker red?? but there is nothing wrong with
him but he is an awesome fighter cuz out of 13 fights he lost only 2

Author domingojun3 (4 years)
ang ganda talaga ng manok mo sir lagon...

Author Richard Garcia Sebastiani (2 years)
con quien tengo el gusto

Author gjaynarvasa1292 (4 years)

Author oyamedkram (5 years)

Author Joman Remegio (2 years)
gandang manok pag nsa farm na nila bulok ang ibibigay tsk!

Author Lorenzo Flores (2 years)
en cunanto salen unos gallos wseter estan buenas los quiero para acapulco
mexico o que presio tienen los trios grasias

Author mikllan (5 years)

Author AzTK96 (2 years)
This is a video of sparky091206, and I think he isn't Sonny Lagon.

Author Rey Magallanes (5 years)
parang pumapatay ng mamba

Author jeyobenitez (3 years)
Look at my sweater on jeyobenitez

Author Cecille Bagsic (4 years)
magkano po sweaters nyo na mga stags?

Author RICRED (3 years)
Nice sweaters !

Author folo116 (4 years)

Author andi torres (4 years)

Author nathalie martinez (4 years)
sir d2 ako ngayon sa belgium gusto ko sana magkaroon ng palahi na galing sa
inyo pwede po bng makabili sa inyo ng kahit isang pares,my
no.0484027365.maraming salamat!!ranie

Author jerry veloira (2 years)
Sir sonny, magkano po ba ang sweater pullet mo ung lahi na nasa video?
please email me; i'm very interested to have one.

Author sonny lagon (3 years)
Thank you partner,good luck to you and keep on crowing!

Author herminio nanalig (2 years)
tanong kolang sir magkabo po ang ready to fight sa inyomy e mail is

Author michaelkalalo (5 years)

Author youbarrax (5 years)
yan ang manok!!

Author eslak5 (5 years)
matindi talaga

Author nathalie martinez (4 years)
sir,isa ako sa mga bilib sa manok mo,magkano po stags nyo?

Author Mark Russel Basan (2 years)
it's just a sparring session, not the actual fight having their blades put
on. i guess you would not be happy to see those chickens fighting, its
cruelty! you know even though it may seem entertaining to watch those
chickens fighting, at the back of my head, their clamoring in pain, an
expression you'll never hear or see in their face.

Author CalabnuganSirdave (4 years)
no question about the power talagang malakas pumalo kaso hindi umiilag nag
papatama lang.. kitang kita naman.

Author John Red (4 years)
i always hear this from a breeder na ini interview at kapag itinatanong
kung ano ang fighting style ng bloodlines nila..."they have good cutting seems that this is always the favorite line amongst

Author kookoorap koorap (1 year)
All reject cocks,stags including low grade youngs are on the same facility
....all the good ones were being kept in diff loc. ....far far away from
buyers sight and its not for sale , all known breeders are all doing the
same manner to cover their expenses .... now you know the dirty buss on
cock breeding.

Author robert lee (2 years)
magkano po b yng trio nyo idol?...

Author Jade Pontemayor (4 years)
@cocogmv su polla vinieron de América, si usted quiere tener un gallo como
la compra que uno de los Estados Unidos de América la granja de la feria de
Dink, que es la sangre suéter

Author MsTRINITAS (3 years)
cutting power talaga!!!!! BUDLAT!!!!!! lawas he he he he

Author folo116 (4 years)

Author mitz mitra (2 years)

Author yvonne brille (2 years)
malulutong talaga

Author Ronald Jumuad (1 year)
ang sakit pag pumalo

Author juan delacruz (4 years)
@CalabnuganSirdave kaya nga po maganda i cross breed sa kelso at lemon ang
sweater talino at lakas palo pinagsama

Author oyamedkram (5 years)
sir how much is ur staggs

Author jv ferrera (2 years)
gnda sir ahhh mga dream yannn....more win kau

Author Ronald Jumuad (1 year)
galing nang sweater

Author rider alosima (5 years)
magkano ung stag.....thanks

Author jaimearable (3 years)
Sonny those are beautiful sweaters!

Author Narvios Pedro Jr. (2 years)
iba talaga pag sonny lagon. Power cock. Bili ako someday.

Author chrisyuan24 (3 years)
mr. sonny mga halimaw po manok nyo" khit walang tare pumpatay" sana mgkaron
din aq nyan someday"

Author gjaynarvasa1292 (4 years)
nice cutting ability., that's why i like those bloodlines., it's good for
stag derby.,

Author nicyanyas (5 years)
sir magkano po ba ung sweater na trio?

Author John Red (4 years)
multiple shuffler!!

Author Vince Darwin (5 years)
idol gaganda tlga ng mga nokis mo!...

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