Wonder Woman - Movie Review

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  • The masses of comic book and movie fans finally get a Wonder Woman movie! was it worth the 76 year wait? Here's my review of WONDER WOMAN!

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  • Arnamo
    Arnamo 10 minutes ago

    Gal Gadot acted perfectly? Really? Like the time where she screams at the top of her lung was perfect acting? Certainly not! At times she was great, at times not so... Like the CGI! OMG what's going with the CGI in this movie? At times it's stunning and at o other times it's garbage!! Like the village scene! Worst CGI in a blockbuster movie ever... Geez

  • Cal Smith
    Cal Smith 2 hours ago

    I think that DC is coping MARVEL, because of the DC logo, making a DC cinematic universe, and that one scene at the end of Wonder Woman were Ares shoots lightning at Wonder Woman, I felt a similarity between that and when Thor shot lightning at Iron Man, and J.A.R.V.I.S. was like power at 500%. I just think that DC saw all the success MARVEL was getting and wanted to get some of that action.

  • xxbegsxx
    xxbegsxx 5 hours ago

    I would say this movie was... above average.

  • Landon Bangerter
    Landon Bangerter 8 hours ago

    Buy it on blue ray

  • Wyatt Augustyniak

    The last act is trash

  • Cole Flores
    Cole Flores 1 day ago

    Am I the only one who thought that WW was underwhelming?

    • Dragon Man
      Dragon Man 19 hours ago

      I think it's underwhelming.

  • Shea McCallum
    Shea McCallum 1 day ago

    Your first comment on Gadot was about her looks

  • B La
    B La 2 days ago

    what are you talking Jeramey no one else can play wonder woman like her you are crazy im not saying everyone else is bad at acting im just saying no one else can play wonder woman like gal gadot

  • Blue Water Nebula
    Blue Water Nebula 2 days ago

    The only good part of this movie was the first war scene. Too predictable and too many flashbacks.

  • Shaun Carver
    Shaun Carver 2 days ago

    Wonder Woman is not human lol.

  • Russell Kenyangwa
    Russell Kenyangwa 2 days ago

    Wonder woman sucks, like really sucks. My hype was on a stellar level, i saw it and i don't ********* undestand why people are praising this bad movie.
    1 - Everything i saw was exacly what i've seen on the trailers (The movie really started only after 1h30), which is soo heartbreaking.
    2 - The story is nice yes i agree but this demon thing "Aires" (A demon that gets killed by 1 hit?what is that my Goodness COMMON BRO!!!).
    3 - I took my ruler, pencil. Made so many calculations and it just that this movie is as bad as others.
    Matterfact, every single movie in which Zack Snyder participates in any form is bad. I'm just tired of people like him ruining our favorite stories.
    Bro, please retire.

    • Dragon Man
      Dragon Man 19 hours ago

      Russell Kenyangwa
      Zack snyder didn't direct the movie though.

  • Eddy Coulson
    Eddy Coulson 3 days ago

    Lynder Carter was a model also mate :)

  • Louis X
    Louis X 3 days ago

    It was World War 2!!

  • stefon julien
    stefon julien 3 days ago

    and the sequel should be great . I imagine It would be about the discovery of her home island and militaryt rying to invade it . also I realized that they didn't show Aries body after she smashed him in the ground so he could possibly still be alive. or it could be about her life in the new world and people not accepting her .

  • stefon julien
    stefon julien 3 days ago

    the movie is perfect . the climax of this movie is spot on .the starting was great even though it wasn't action packed , it was needed to get to know diana . I always say the longer the movie the better it is because it's gives you more content . great characters and sceneries.

  • liammcnulty1987
    liammcnulty1987 3 days ago

    Of course she could have kicked your ass, she was in the Isreali military lol.

  • JongoFett
    JongoFett 3 days ago

    I really wanted to love this movie, but couldn't get past the whole feeling of it being a combined Thor movie with the first Captain America movie, but somehow made bad. I love Thor and The First Avenger, but Wonder Woman just felt like an inferior version of those when it really could have made it's own mark. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't much better than any of the other DCEU movies (which I also like, but not love)

  • John McCoy
    John McCoy 3 days ago

    Thought he was gonna give it an awesome tabular rating

  • Spartan2228
    Spartan2228 4 days ago

    Great movie, 8/10 better than BvS

  • john stuckert
    john stuckert 4 days ago

    Why talk about suicide squad, dont remind me again of that dog shit jeremy

  • UnchartedGamer
    UnchartedGamer 4 days ago

    Wonder Woman was mediocre BvS and Suicide Squad were better so was Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2.

  • Redleaf Boomer
    Redleaf Boomer 4 days ago

    Fuck man they had me at less disney marvel stuff

  • Moses Primm
    Moses Primm 5 days ago

    Nothing happened the entire first half. Nothing. The amazon chicks were super cheesy and BORING. There are dozens of cliches. i went in expecting something I'd never seen before and ended up watching basically Girl Captain America.

  • Moses Primm
    Moses Primm 5 days ago

    This movie was weak af lol. Its the same thing as BvS. Too much, not enough

  • Josh Galbraith
    Josh Galbraith 5 days ago

    Are those 800 dislikes from marvel fanboys who think all there movies are great ?

  • Wiki Midas
    Wiki Midas 5 days ago

    No Offence!!!!But Wonder Woman had a cliché ending!!!!!So cheesy!!!!

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  • Kydd_Wycked
    Kydd_Wycked 5 days ago

    It took me 20 minutes to realize that Wonder Woman was the 4th DCU movie. I literally forgot Suicide Squad exist. Even when Jeremy shown it in this video, it flew right pass me.

  • raymanx runer
    raymanx runer 5 days ago

    but common batman can beat wonder woman any day

  • Nick R
    Nick R 5 days ago

    off the top of my head... why were germans able to slaughter amazons who are demigods? if Zeus is real it means Jesus Christ isnt. shouldn't the characters have been at least a little taken aback by this? why were the germans able to penetrate a field put up by a god to hide them from other gods and evil forces? why did you think the hokey dialogue between the two main characters was interesting or funny? have you read even one play in your whole life? why was she able to leap so high but has to have special bracelets to protect her from bullets? why didn't the germans just shoot her in the legs? why did that lady scientist have a phantom of the opera mask? why was the editing so choppy? why was the cgi so blatant compared to marvel movies who make it smooth? why was everything so cliched and done to death 1000 times before? how was that finale interesting? What was special about it? why were the fight scenes so bland? This movie could not have been worse if it was made by college students.

  • Obey Squirrel
    Obey Squirrel 5 days ago

    i love this movie.

  • XL 12
    XL 12 6 days ago

    Feminist crap.....

    Let the hate flow....

  • kidth3sid
    kidth3sid 6 days ago

    I don't get how WW and the other language dude can speak multiple languages yet the Germans still speak English...

  • Sarik Rana
    Sarik Rana 6 days ago

    I saw it today and its was good but overhyped. I really liked the beginning part of the movie but it kinda dragged on from there. Chris Pine was pretty good, dare I say even better than Gal Gadot. The dialogue was kinda cringe and the main villain was built poorly. Oh the ending.......................OMG the ending with the dialogue. Overall it was good but nowhere near what the hype had me believe.

    I firmly believe if Gal Gadot wasn't in it. The movie wouldn't be what it is right now. Just like how Henry Cavill was for Man of Steel.

  • lalit Sharma
    lalit Sharma 6 days ago

    wonder woman saved the DCEU ass

  • rogvortex58
    rogvortex58 6 days ago

    Just worth buying on bluray? What about Awesometacular?

  • A B
    A B 6 days ago

    top 5 comic book movie.

  • Thomas Le
    Thomas Le 6 days ago

    Movie was great. It was really surprising because it was not only a good superhero movie but it was a great movie in general.

    Chris played Steve perfectly and I kept thinking to myself how beautiful gal gadot was. Damn she was hot

  • Ida Emilie Stribolt

    This movie totally spent me back to being 12-15 years of age and actively being a fan. I bought a poster of Wonder Woman for Christ's sake! I really loved it, although I think it's missing a parachute. Thought I see how it adds to the movie by not being there.

  • viperstrikes38
    viperstrikes38 7 days ago

    Gal Gadot is great as WW. Beautiful and Badass!

    ATEEKSTER 7 days ago

    Can we all just admit that the CGI was average... I take that back, some CGI scenes were absolutely cheap.

  • Official Inception
    Official Inception 7 days ago

    Best superhero movie I've seen in a very long time! loved it.

  • White Knight
    White Knight 7 days ago

    If he thinks suicide squad was decent he is stupid lol worst dc movie by far it was like the captain America of the dc universe

  • Anjan AVN
    Anjan AVN 7 days ago

    where can I check your(Jeremy Jahns) ratings ??

  • sonu sumi
    sonu sumi 7 days ago

    Тhis mоovie is nоoow аvailablee tоооo wаtcсch hеre => https://twitter.com/2bdeb0e9cf43c54b2/status/867561163340472320

  • AgeofAeon
    AgeofAeon 7 days ago

    One of the worst movies I have ever seen any one who is giving this good scores either got hit in the head to many times or is getting paid in some way to do so. Bad pacing ,jumps from one thing to the next never doing anything particularly well ie) mediocre war scenes, subpar martial combat and sword play, it should be called Wonder Steve because without Chris Pine the "acting" would be non existent. You have to fight to pay attention to the whole beginning of the movie, how hard is it to pic up a Greek mythology book , a baby of clay would be as powerful as Medusa , Zeus wouldn't give all this stuff to the Amazon's if anything the God's would kill these people ,why there called Amazon's makes no sense like wonder woman's powers all over the place. Style over substance with very little style, the ending was just painful to watch it was horrible who was this made for. The director would have done better without this being a movie about wonder woman and paid for someone to give her proper feed back of what things should look like to be accurate to the time periods but that would involve reading and writing skills ,something DC never learned to do. If this is the kind of movies you want expect a lot of shit movies.

  • Tablesidebeast
    Tablesidebeast 8 days ago

    nerd time:: No Wonder woman cannot go toe to toe with Superman when he is actually serious.

  • jfnoxus
    jfnoxus 8 days ago

    Seen it yesterday, loved it

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 8 days ago

    I'm disappointed that literally no one seems to be talking about how kickass her theme is. Like seriously, it's a phenomenon a theme song is this good in modern-day superhero movies. Can anyone tell me what the Avengers theme is? Or how about Batman's theme? Guardians of the Galaxy theme? Or how about the Hulk theme?

  • AtlasNM
    AtlasNM 8 days ago

    Three Words: No Man's Land

  • GairoDuran23
    GairoDuran23 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who didnt enjoy this movie? I really wanted to love this movie but honestly I thought it was mediocre and overall boring. I guess I was expecting something amazing like the Wonder Woman animated movie.

  • Brian Kerstiens
    Brian Kerstiens 9 days ago

    Oh yeah and im so happy that it wasn't heavy on the whole feminist part

  • Brian Kerstiens
    Brian Kerstiens 9 days ago

    Wonder Woman is sexy

  • Cutty Nichols
    Cutty Nichols 9 days ago

    waitn4 the 2pac review heellooo

  • Yoshio San
    Yoshio San 9 days ago

    A little cheap? The ending battle was HORRIBLE. But thankfully, it was the only bad part in my opinion. David Thewlis' delivery during the Ares reveal and fight was REALLY lackluster. It just didn't click.

  • Kenith McIntosh
    Kenith McIntosh 9 days ago

    She exihibited strength until she got fked.

  • Crick1952
    Crick1952 9 days ago

    First good movie of the DCU.
    Man of Steel was 'meh' and the other two were dumpster fires

  • CJ Rocky
    CJ Rocky 9 days ago

    another super hero movie with a bad climax and forgettable villains :/ peoples logic to overlook such vital ingredients just because the start was good makes absolutely no sense to me at all. forgettable villains and a bad end fight sequence in a super hero movie is a HUGE flaw yet it still gets glowing reviews??? so now were going to continue to get these middle of the road almost good comic book movies

  • Isidoro Soriano
    Isidoro Soriano 9 days ago

    Suicide squad was gay

  • Carla de Souza
    Carla de Souza 10 days ago

    Mee: the vice president from house of cards.... prof lupinnnnn

  • hunterkiller1440
    hunterkiller1440 10 days ago

    Gal Gadot served in the Israeli army before... so yeah, no wonder I bought her warrior look.

  • Doctopus
    Doctopus 10 days ago

    Still garbage tho , disappointed at the piece of shit , megan fox was way hotter for the role and idgaf about the powers of wonder shit

  • Puckaboo
    Puckaboo 10 days ago

    thanks for the review! I just saw the movie and loved it :)

  • Bartman954
    Bartman954 10 days ago

    Wonder Woman showed us you can have a kickass female movie and not have a hack actress showing her ass all the time (cough, Suicide Squad)

  • Jason William Keller

    I guess I have no taste. I thought is was boring and I fell asleep. It was equal to guardians of the galaxy 2. Very underwhelming but boy that first guardians. Wow

  • Chris Marshall
    Chris Marshall 10 days ago

    *sigh* This is why I will always stand by the fact that tumblr is only good for "Animal Memes/Videos, Porn, & Artists" take one step out of those 3 zones and you're fucked. People were actually circulating this massive complaint about trying to get people to not go and see this movie on there: all because they don't agree with the costume designs of the "amazons" and thought they weren't empowering enough or some shit.

  • Braden Gittemeier
    Braden Gittemeier 11 days ago

    This movie was trash

  • The Juice
    The Juice 11 days ago

    The Juice wont pay one nickel to see this shit...because The Juice is not 13 years old.

  • Cruzan9
    Cruzan9 11 days ago

    Honestly, I wanted to see more action. LOL I did enjoy it though. What was there as far as action was pretty fantastic. Anyway, I am probably going to get this in UHD blu-ray as opposed to regular blu-ray and I am not at all interested in owing the other DC movies in that format but I did I get Batman v Superman on DVD and mostly because I love the ending with Wonder Woman. Fanboy? Yeah, definitely. I have been waiting for over 10 years for this movie. Over the years there has been so much frickin talk ad nauseam. Then finally it was done. Would have liked to see Nadia Bjorlin or Bridget Regan play Wonder Woman but after seeing Gal Gadot in Batman v Superman I decided she would most likely do just fine. I was right.

    THE SHS SKILLSCHOOL 12 days ago

    Feminist movie

  • Rafael Ploumis
    Rafael Ploumis 12 days ago

    This movie is AWESOMETACULAR. 100x times better than Suicide Squad.

  • Gandalfthewhite30
    Gandalfthewhite30 12 days ago

    Personally I thought this movie was highly overhyped. People were comparing it to The Dark Knight and it doesn't even come close to being as good a movie.

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia 12 days ago

    Anyone else disappointed? This movie was just meh. The third act was just fucking ridiculous. Couldn't take it seriously. At least it's better than BvS and SS.

  • Gaming With Balance
    Gaming With Balance 12 days ago

    She's hot and all, but I think I might be the only one who finds her accent annoying.

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger 12 days ago

    Gadot and the guy playing Aries are miscast. Other than that the movie was not half bad.

  • Zelda's Light Force
    Zelda's Light Force 12 days ago

    "There are very few people I would pick to play Steve Trevor as well as Chris Pine did for what they were going for.".... Really? It doesn't take much to impress someone by playing a generic love interest role. -_-

  • Bobby Duffin
    Bobby Duffin 12 days ago

    No way are u stupid ? This movie was complete garbage and dragged on way to fucking long and was just boring .

  • D Rizzo
    D Rizzo 12 days ago

    If you've seen Captain America "The First Avenger", You've seen Wonder Woman. I liked the first Captain America............................and I like Wonder Woman. Pretty much the same-ish story though.

    • Contevent
      Contevent 12 days ago

      Not exactly, like not at all? Not the character, not the love interest, not the side characters, not the plot, not the message.

      The characters are totally different and have different developments:
      Cpt America is a fundamentally good guy who wants to fight for justice and gives his life in service of the US. The only change he has through the movie is his physical abilities, he doesn't evolve morally, and that's the point.
      Wonder Woman is a fundamentally good gal who wants to end all wars by killing the God of War, and realize that the world cannot be saved like that. She goes from naive to wise, going through disillusioned, and ends the movie convinced that her previous ways were wrong. That the world is not saved by killing, but by love. That people do not "deserve" to be saved, but she believes they have a chance at becoming better if someone inspire them.

      Agent Carter act as the love interest of Capt America and showcase competence for the first half of the movie. When the action get going, she only get to act as the love interest, and the relationship is used to show the tragedy of Capt America's sacrifice, and the depth of his patriotism.
      Steve Trevor has an active part in the plot, guiding Wonder Woman through a world she doesn't know. He goes from disillusioned to hopeful and transmit that hope to Wonder Woman when she lacks. He performs the selfless sacrifice true to his character, and his death serves to finalize Wonder Woman's development, as did his entire role.

      The Side characters of Cpt America are side kicks that doesn't do much besides bucky, who dies, giving Cpt America a moment of pause.
      The Side characters of Wonder Woman are representative of the horrors and hopes of the world of men, being both despicable people and people with great beauty if one can inspire them.

  • gasperm3
    gasperm3 13 days ago

    I think this movie promotes violence and I think it's wrong that it is
    considered good for our children to watch. Shame on hollywood for
    creating such an anti-male feminist movie..again

    And as a man, how you can back up such a movie Jeremy Jahns?

  • Misty Rose
    Misty Rose 13 days ago

    Really good movie!!! But it has the same affect on me as all the DCEU movies. I love them when I see them in theaters, but then I just don't feel compelled to watch them again afterward. The only one I've watched again is Suicide Squad and it wasn't as enjoyable during the second viewing, seemed way dumber than I remembered 😂😂

  • veronica carlson
    veronica carlson 13 days ago

    NO SPOILERS i didn't really like it and the people with me only kinda liked it. I didn't like Chris Pine in this role I don't think he is typecast as he was great in the terrific movie Hell and High Water but this movie reminded me of the old star trek where William Shatner goes back in time and meets Joan Collins (haha). The dialog seemed the same style in an odd way that you have to see to understand and I just couldn't get it out of my head it was Captain Kirk. The action was fantastic but the inbetween stuff, not so much most of the time. They meet 3 sidekicks who do absolutely nothing but tag along the entire film. Their roles don't even cause our heroes to do anything. Jeremy says the move doesn't want to make men lesser but it's a war film and it was like no one could do anything until Wonder Woman could get there. A very little more could have been devoted to people being brave and doing the best they could. I guess I'm tired of the evil/stupid/incompetent overused military cliche they still try to trot out and maybe this was a little milder on that being the point but I'm sensitive on that. The beginning was great the action was mostly great and I was still disappointed. I understand she was supposed to grow in understanding in the movie but she would say something stupid and no one would try to explain anything.

  • Marques Atkinson
    Marques Atkinson 13 days ago

    Wonder Woman was boring and plotless with no character development and characters that no one cared about with shoehorn love story, and plot that was really predictable with tons of plots holes. But people with like it cause they want to like it. I call it how it is.

    Anyone who disagrees has no creative mind.

    • Contevent
      Contevent 12 days ago

      Do you even believe a word you say?

  • gaaraanime5
    gaaraanime5 13 days ago

    Everyone keeps complimenting the director, but I honestly think the screenwriter Allan Heinberg deserves an enormous amount of credit here. The script for this movie was nearly perfect, and is easily the main reason the movie's as good as it is. Some of the visuals were a bit iffy throughout the movie, but despite that the amazing dialogue and story shined through. It might be the best written superhero movie I've seen in recent memory. So much good storytelling in there.

  • zhiling kang
    zhiling kang 13 days ago

    Am I the only one that thought this movie's plot is dumb af?

  • child step
    child step 13 days ago

    it was a good time no alcohol required

  • Connor lewis
    Connor lewis 13 days ago

    It was awesometacular.

  • Dirk Hoderin
    Dirk Hoderin 14 days ago

    I watched it the other day and while I thought Gal Gadot did a great job as wonder woman and while there were some really good bits, the big reveal at the end felt really cheap to me and the cinematography throughout had me squirming in my seat wanting to go and demand that the projectionist turn up the brightness because I could hardly see shit in the night scenes. Also the end fight really didn't have a lot of weight for me at all, it just felt like watching a pokemon battle at the end. I liked it more than any of the other DC movies, but I can't say I really enjoyed it all that much.

  • Luke M
    Luke M 14 days ago

    I felt like they spent more time bashing men in the first 20 minutes on the island. Then, they rushed through the so-called comedy. And then, the movie got bland and drab.

    And NO, Gal can not beat you up. It's all about upper body strength.

  • AdaW.
    AdaW. 14 days ago

    My sister asked me who wonder women was as we watched the movie, I told her she was a female superman minus a few things. lmao she looked me in the eye and said, I bet wonder woman wouldn't let bat girl kick her ass. I dead.😂

  • Retrodox
    Retrodox 14 days ago

    BVS>SS Man of steel=BVS Wonder woman=Man of Steel Wonder Woman>BVS

  • BDTiger 07
    BDTiger 07 14 days ago

    Critics has shown a great deal of Double Standard for this wonder woman movie. Critics gave Man of Steel a low score because Superman killed zod. Heroes doesn't kill they said. However, I watched WW few days ago. When I saw (SPOILERS ahead) WW killed Ludendorff, the first thing came to my mind is that scene of Man of Steel. WW also killed Ares too. But I am not seeing any backlash for WW now. Looks like critics always bears some agenda in their mind. That is why I lost faith in their score.

  • Skyy Logan
    Skyy Logan 14 days ago

    This was great movie !

  • Nathan Petersen
    Nathan Petersen 14 days ago

    Wonder Woman succeeded to do a DC Captain America Origin movie and was about the same amount of entertaining.

  • kyoukoujin
    kyoukoujin 14 days ago

    I don't know... it's weird that after the explosion, no soldiers confronted Eris and Wonder woman. They should had seen, in confusion, that these two entities were threat to their operation and should randomly shot both of them. But, no, they just normally transported their shipments into the plane.

    even though it'll shorten the movie experience, the movie could have openly ended when they took the picture.

  • FatFreeIce
    FatFreeIce 14 days ago

    just watched it. don't get the praise. the movie was ok but was nothing amazing. gal Gadot was AWFUL. she can't act for shit. Chris pine was fantastic as was the actor (forget name) that played Ares. I feel this movie would have been FANTASTIC if gal Gadot was not in this movie.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 15 days ago

    the movie was bad

  • Dance Diva
    Dance Diva 15 days ago

    Just saw the Movie today it was brilliant but nobody is talking about the fact how the Amazons vs. German Soldiers was really short, and did anybody notice that the short clips in the trailer of the woman fighting wasn't even in the Movie at all? -_- but apart from that the Film was WONDERfull!

  • TheSahio
    TheSahio 15 days ago

    What I liked and felt was very different from the others comic hero movies, Marvel or DC, is that most of the fight scenes are 'fully viewable'. Not so much shakey camera or weird angles to cheat into looking great. They actually showed WW from head to toe, and that dilivered a much more powerful aspect of the character.

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