Seth Explains Teen Slang: Alge-Bra, Morning Joe

  • Added:  1 month ago
  • Seth decodes the hot new slang kids are using, including "United Passenger."
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    Seth Explains Teen Slang: Alge-Bra, Morning Joe- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Video CategoriesComedy
  • Runtime: 5:5
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Comments: 117

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    /me wishes for actual examples within a complete sentence, rather than stuck on as a hashtag.

  • Omar Hussain
    Omar Hussain 1 month ago

    Please stop xD

  • Arthur Michelson
    Arthur Michelson 1 month ago

    love the setup for the last joke Hahaha😂😂😂

  • Naþan Ø
    Naþan Ø 1 month ago

    ...dammit, now I need a pet parrot.

  • I, Stifler, want 1000 subscribers

    Is it just me who is missing the jokes? I don't get it. It's just not at all funny. No hate though.

  • nytmage
    nytmage 1 month ago

    new slang sethhighsuck what it means ....that this fucker seth got really high and thinks this is funny but in fact it sucks even worse than puns the lowest bar in comedy possible ..... god damn go back to SNL and learn something i suggest comedy

  • Tim McCubbin
    Tim McCubbin 1 month ago

    make sure to hit the dislike button on your way out

  • Cody Griffin
    Cody Griffin 1 month ago

    Fucking lost it at Frisbeef, it's so dumb but it's so good!

  • Dr Do-Little
    Dr Do-Little 1 month ago

    Bit tired of that United joke. The guy was a jerk who was already expelled from the plane. Sneaked his way back and left no other option. Granted overbooking is a real and serious problem that need to be worked on but this one wasn't a case. They had to fly a crew for an emergency. kit was either delaying four passenger on that plane or an entire plane elsewhere. Now merica is giving credits to a jerks.

  • Adin Warner-Rosen
    Adin Warner-Rosen 1 month ago

    could you use it in the fucking sentence instead of just throwing a hashtag at the end

    ALEXANDRIA ALLY 1 month ago

    He can be so corny sometimes hire me as you writer cause the losers are taking away your FEW cool points

    ALEXANDRIA ALLY 1 month ago

    Sure ur talking to white teens with this line up

  • inthekorner1
    inthekorner1 1 month ago

    This is painful to watch

  • Javier Weeb
    Javier Weeb 1 month ago

    If I heard any of my friends say this. I'd hurt them

  • clydefrosch
    clydefrosch 1 month ago

    when every other piece of teen slang is only usable in a sentence as a hashtag at the end, you're fucking up the joke. i guess its a new writer? tell him to get better

  • Carl Pen
    Carl Pen 1 month ago

    He should of ended it with "beating a dead horse" since this comedy sketch died right after the 1st joke but they continued for another 5 excruciatingly painful minutes.

  • crustacean drool cube

    My favourite part of these videos are the clueless comments from teens who don't understand that this is satire.

  • Justin Ritt
    Justin Ritt 1 month ago

    Gastronaut: someone so high they're out of this world

  • playandrepeat
    playandrepeat 1 month ago

    I can't believe how unfunny this was

  • WwkvvWxxkkvWwxkxwvvWVXvvWxk

    Stupid americans. Soon America will be wiped out because you are as bad or worse than Sodom and Ghomorrah.

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield 1 month ago

    Surely just appending hashtag whatever to the end of a sentence is not "using it in a sentence"? ;-)

  • David Ingles
    David Ingles 1 month ago

    They know that this makes teenagers want to leave the country more than we already do, right?

  • Nadine Taylor
    Nadine Taylor 1 month ago

    Frisbeef hilarious

  • Spore Hux
    Spore Hux 1 month ago

    Not even the Trumpocracy can save Seths decent into laugh machine cringe fest.

  • Nadia Bhatti
    Nadia Bhatti 1 month ago

    I would use Rasputin since Russian history is pretty interesting

  • NinjaOnANinja
    NinjaOnANinja 1 month ago

    This was garbage.

  • Rupal Totale
    Rupal Totale 1 month ago

    I am a teen and I don't know any of these

  • MagicReason
    MagicReason 1 month ago

    Whew, there were some long set-ups in there.... long enough for me to be a gastronaut and nobody noticing.

  • Pyro Lesbian
    Pyro Lesbian 1 month ago

    Make an entire show out of your "a closer look" segment everything else about your show is cancerous

  • Afaf Benhara
    Afaf Benhara 1 month ago

    Are these even real anymore?

  • blakelivesay
    blakelivesay 1 month ago

    Putting the word in a hashtag is not the same as using it in a sentence...

  • H. Sch.
    H. Sch. 1 month ago

    Few know that it was actually Paul Dirac who invented the bra.

  • Howhaveyouben
    Howhaveyouben 1 month ago

    Terrible... you can do it with almost anyone's name Jared Kush-ner, Ash'n Kusher, Seth Fire(s), Blay-z... You can't even fucking smoke hemp...

  • Michael Sereno
    Michael Sereno 1 month ago

    zzzzzzz Zzzzzzz....Zzzzzz

  • Katelynn Murphy
    Katelynn Murphy 1 month ago

    When one of largest fan bases for political satire is young people, this is extremely alienating and unfunny.

  • Not2be4gotten02
    Not2be4gotten02 1 month ago

    If the couple announces it and one happens to play baseball professionally, would it be a "Morning Joe DiMaggio"?

  • Money 1217
    Money 1217 1 month ago

    I am a teen and I have never heard of any of these words.

  • Charlie Hutch
    Charlie Hutch 1 month ago

    So........ they totally ran out of material... maybe next time..

  • entertainedbyidiots
    entertainedbyidiots 1 month ago

    oh boy, all the whiners in the comments section aren't even old...

  • Patricia A
    Patricia A 1 month ago

    Wait, you're 40!

  • Noah Webster
    Noah Webster 1 month ago

    Welp, looks like someone's been on urban dictionary.

  • Oluchi Albert
    Oluchi Albert 1 month ago

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  • igmiller79
    igmiller79 1 month ago

    using the word as a hashtag is not using the word in a sentence.

  • Cancun771
    Cancun771 1 month ago

    Sometimes I don't really believe these are all teen slang terms.

  • Nonofya Bidnez
    Nonofya Bidnez 1 month ago

    What a forced segment... -.-

  • tremer 2009
    tremer 2009 1 month ago

    Thanks Late Night with Seth Meyers.:)

  • obgfoster
    obgfoster 1 month ago

    Wow every single one assumed the teen is a boy. I thought there were female writers for this show?

  • Irina Phoenix
    Irina Phoenix 1 month ago

    Okay, Seth :)

  • Feel the Bern 2020!
    Feel the Bern 2020! 1 month ago

    "Gosh, that Donald Trump sure is fast and furious!"

  • Lady Harlow
    Lady Harlow 1 month ago

    I don't cringe much but I may have just reached my quota for the year with this segment and I'm suppose to be your target demographic for these kind of jokes. Yeesh!

    • LyricalDJ
      LyricalDJ 1 month ago

      Lady Harlow are?

    • slinkeepy
      slinkeepy 1 month ago

      Your sense of humour has no stamina..................

  • Arson Bjork
    Arson Bjork 1 month ago

    it's not "in a sentence" if it's after the sentence with a hashtag

  • H
    H 1 month ago

    I am the first. I don't care what you say. #presidential#

  • Michael Lagace
    Michael Lagace 1 month ago

    Not to add to the frisbeef, but Ultimate doesn't have quarters. It barely has a halftime.

  • Appleboy78165
    Appleboy78165 1 month ago

    Damn kids, with the slang, and the words, and the GLAVIN!

  • L J.
    L J. 1 month ago

    Honestly, "Rasputin" should totally be a thing!
    I don't know why, but I feel like it'd be useful and save so much time having a term describing that exact situation!

    • Num43
      Num43 1 month ago

      It's perfect

  • Matt Johnston
    Matt Johnston 1 month ago

    Patrick Hempsey, oh I love it! I think I'm gonna go find me some now and hop on the Kentucky doobie. Got a bit of Reefer Sutherland to go with it, but it's not quite as good.

  • winters war
    winters war 1 month ago

    i feel like seth is gonna get a aneyrism some day

  • BoggessBroadway
    BoggessBroadway 1 month ago

    hi im a teen these are not right but nice attempt at urban dictionary definitions

    • BoggessBroadway
      BoggessBroadway 1 month ago

      cool michael but im in high school rn idk what to tell you lol ...

    • BoggessBroadway
      BoggessBroadway 1 month ago

      lol thats not me thats mariska hargitay I just think shes amazing shes actually like 50 lol

    • Aki Ami Masen
      Aki Ami Masen 1 month ago

      BoggessBrodway You're Teen? You look like at the 21 or at least 25.

    • Omega-Xis
      Omega-Xis 1 month ago

      You must really be a teen to not see the satire he is using about current teen slang.

      Just like how Saturday Night Live over exaggerated Spicer's character.
      Here, he is over exaggerating teen slang.

    • Michael Lagace
      Michael Lagace 1 month ago


  • Khaos Inoculation
    Khaos Inoculation 1 month ago

    We need to stop the slang.. Not help it. Its making people stupid like in the movie idiocracy. Making it more likely to be shamed for not knowing some stupid made up slang than it is to not know what dictionary words mean.. Its totally dumb..

    • Mr.Quick
      Mr.Quick 1 month ago

      ^ Says the guy comment spamming.

    • Matt Johnston
      Matt Johnston 1 month ago

      you...ummm...know this is a comedy bit, right?

  • DerClaudius
    DerClaudius 1 month ago

    too many hashtags

    • LyricalDJ
      LyricalDJ 1 month ago

      DerClaudius You mean: #toomanyhashtags , I assume

  • Mark Summers
    Mark Summers 1 month ago

    this segment just went full retard

  • productplacementads 24/7

    i actually use gastronaut.

  • thedearnoman
    thedearnoman 1 month ago

    fast & furious is the worst movie franchise of all time. So one great slang there.

  • Matias Kiviniemi
    Matias Kiviniemi 1 month ago

    If you know how to use the quadratic equation to undo bras, I suggest write a book and become a billionaire ;)

    • Naþan Ø
      Naþan Ø 1 month ago

      +merlinthegray My hand moves in a Bézier, peasant.

    • merlinthegray
      merlinthegray 1 month ago

      It's super simple, actually. You just need to define the arc that your hand moves in using a polynomial.

    • Reydriel
      Reydriel 1 month ago

      Matias Kiviniemi
      Quadratic equation? Pfft, lazy shortcut. Do it properly and complete them squares! :D

    • Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band
      Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band 1 month ago

      Or... You know... Pull up.

  • Ian Carlton
    Ian Carlton 1 month ago

    Man why you gotta pick on me, it's just beans

  • Naum Rusomarov
    Naum Rusomarov 1 month ago

    boinking xD

  • Will Hutchings
    Will Hutchings 1 month ago

    I strongly suspect that one or two of these may not be legitimate teen slang. Dunno, just a feeling I get....

    • D.E.B. B
      D.E.B. B 1 month ago

      It's just funny stuff to old people who watch these lame shows at night because they aren't able to have sex anymore.

    • alberto gonzalez
      alberto gonzalez 1 month ago

      Hostile Crocodile heyyy what you wear?.... when I see you ......jajajajajajajajaja just kidding #pedobear

    • Ste H
      Ste H 1 month ago

      I'm far too old to know if this was legitimate teen slang or not. #GrumpyOldGit, #GetOffMyLawn.

    • Mike K
      Mike K 1 month ago

      Lies. They're all legit and you're clear an adult #faketeen #realslang

    • Mille Smedegaard
      Mille Smedegaard 1 month ago

      Will Hutchings naw dude I'm 16 and me and my squad say all these😂😂👌👌💯💯

  • Somme Tinonme
    Somme Tinonme 1 month ago

    No idea the world of ultimate Frisbee was so Dramatic :o

  • thenormalstate
    thenormalstate 1 month ago

    My favorite teen slang is still Dadbury Creme Egg but these were pretty good too 😆

    • Name of the Rose
      Name of the Rose 1 month ago

      thenormalstate What did it mean?

    • Ste H
      Ste H 1 month ago

      Heh, Dadbury Crème Egg is a modern classic. :)

  • Cammy O
    Cammy O 1 month ago

    My fav teen slang is
    Reefer Sutherland.
    No need to use it in a sentence, it's pretty clear!

  • Eamon Doyle
    Eamon Doyle 1 month ago

    ← total gastronaut

    • Eamon Doyle
      Eamon Doyle 1 month ago

      And we rack up loads of Amtrak Guest Rewards points.

    • joshuaoha
      joshuaoha 1 month ago

      Gastronauts are polite people.

    • Ste H
      Ste H 1 month ago

      You're living the dream, dude, living the dream. :)

    • Eamon Doyle
      Eamon Doyle 1 month ago

      It's me at age five. To this day, I cross the state line to fart.

  • D Sho
    D Sho 1 month ago

    Think of me everytime you hear gastronut. I need to go very far cos the gas is quite toxic

  • Yalmai Kazi
    Yalmai Kazi 1 month ago

    Seth Meyers? more like DEATH meyers. lol. i crack myself up.

  • Vinny D
    Vinny D 1 month ago

    oh damn, am i first?

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