Alexander - Movie - Gaugamela Battle

On September 30, 331 bc, the fate of two empires was decided on a plain 70 miles north of present-day Irbil, Iraq. Lying near the hamlet of Gaugamela, the plain was part of a vast territory north of the Persian provincial capital of Babylon where King Darius III, also known as Darius Codomanus, had mustered an army formidable enough, he hoped, to halt the invasion of the Persian-dominated lands of the eastern Mediterranean by Macedonian forces. But King Alexander III, only 25 years old, his reputation preceding him like thunder before a storm, led his men into Asia. To the king's soldiers, their invasion would avenge half a century of devastation wrought on Greece during the Persian wars between 499 and 448 bc. Alexander's personal ambition, however, was nothing less than to eclipse the great Persian empire by conquering its lands and bringing it under his aegis.
Preceding his invasion, a period of continuous skirmishing and political intrigue between Persia and the Hellenic city-states had prevailed up to the assassination of Alexander's father, King Philip II of Macedon, in 336 bc. Although the person responsible for Philip's murder was never conclusively determined, many historians regard his divorced wife, Olympias, princess of Epirus and mother of Alexander, as the most likely suspect. Personal animosity had also prevailed between Philip and his son, who favored his mother at the time of the divorce. His complicity in his father's murder is highly unlikely, however, and inconsistent with his character; Alexander publicly blamed Persian agents for Philip's death. Upon inheriting the kingdom, after only one year of armed conflict Alexander had consolidated Macedonian control over the rest of Greece's city-states. He then organized a campaign that promised the Greeks revenge in the conquest of their Persian enemies.



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Author mocrg ( ago)
whoever wrote those lines ....egad. Talk about corn.

Author Alejandro vargas ( ago)
Un estratega sin igual, HOMBRE, conquistador, general, rey, faraón, semi
dios, inmortal, el más grande..inspirador , dos mil años y estas aquí como
si fuera ayer.. Que clase de ser eres que vivirás por siempre.. Mis
respetos pues..

Author enizle5 ( ago)
Ruined, done so poorly I only made it 3 seconds in.

Author aetherr ( ago)
Quote from uploader:
"Alexander publicly blamed Persian agents for Philip's death. Upon
inheriting the kingdom, after only one year of armed conflict Alexander had
consolidated Macedonian control over the rest of Greece's city-states. He
then organized a campaign that promised the Greeks revenge in the conquest
of their Persian enemies."

Author GreekPhilosopher Socrates Σωκράτης ( ago)
I admire Alexander the Great , the Greatest ever warrior of history and he
was Greek

Author PUB lo Es co BAR ( ago)
Macedonia is Greek.
The Macedonians (Greek: Μακεδόνες, Makedónes) were an ancient tribe that
lived on the alluvial plain around the rivers Haliacmon and lower Axios in
the northeastern part of the Greek peninsula. Generally described as an
ancient Greek people..

Author Ascot's Master ( ago)
He said "For the freedom and gloooooooooooooooooooory of GREECE" xxxxD

Author Grobee ( ago)
Like it or not, ancient Macedon was a hellenistic country.

Author Lococarlos ( ago)
Alessandro,the best greek king,better than Leonidas!

Author MeliorIlle ( ago)
That doesn't make sense son.

Author Japan Amour ( ago)
[David Sacks (1995), "A dictionary of the Ancient Greek World." Oxford
University Press] "Historians refer to this enlarged Greek society as the
Hellenistic World. At the start of his reign, the 20 year old Alexander was
the crowned King of only Macedon, a crude Greek Kingdom of mainland Greece.
His mother Olympias came from the ruling clan of the north-western Greek
region of Epirus"

Author Japan Amour ( ago)
Ashmolean Museum, Exhibition 2011 - Ancient Macedonia. entitled: "From
Heracles the Alexander the Great, the Legend of Macedon - an HELLENIC
KINGDOM in the age of democracy." /watch?v=mIRe5tnqRKM /watch?v=XL15J1WtAqE

Author Japan Amour ( ago)
[Richard Stoneman, Honorary professor of Greek, Exeter University,
'Alexander the Great', p.11-12] "The ancient Macedonians then were racially
Greek. The relation might not be that of British and Scots as of Germans
and Austrians, but in the case of Macedon it was the smaller partner that
effected the 'Anschluss'."

Author Japan Amour ( ago)
[David H Levinson, 'Encyclopaedia of World cultures', p. 239] "It should be
noted that there is NO CONNECTION between the ancient Macedonians of
Alexander the Great who were related to other Greek [Hellenic]
tribes..................................and the modern so-called
'macedonians' of today of the 'Republic of macedonia' [FYROM] who are of
Slavic origin and related to the Bulgarians."

Author Filipco Filip ( ago)
Macedonia was never a Greek kingdom, but Greece was Macedonian enslaved

Author Filipco Filip ( ago)
Said dumb to the dumbest.. 

Author Japan Amour ( ago)
You're welcome

Author MeliorIlle ( ago)
Thank you for going on these videos and schooling retarded slavs so I don't
have to. Much appreciated.

Author Japan Amour ( ago)
Modern 'Republic of macedonia' [FYROM], is populated by Albanians and
Southern Slavs ethnically related to Bulgarians and Serbians. There is NO
CONNECTION with the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia in Northern Greece which
was a Greek Kingdom and the ancient Macedonians which were a Greek people.

Author Japan Amour ( ago)
--------New BBC Documentary--------- "Two of the most famous Greeks, the
father and son from Northern Greece, King Philip of Macedon and his son
Alexander the Great." /watch?v=uV2Lkjvmktk

Author GrrrIamMad ( ago)
Modern Macedonia is not populated by Macedonians. It is populated by slavs.

Author Yanagawa Ieasu ( ago)

Author Filipco Filip ( ago)
Macedonians were Macedonians, nothing more, nothing less... The southern
ancient fagots had nothing to do with them, not even today's wannabe
southern gypsy fagots.. Macedonians remain Macedonians. Timeless.

Author Superior Aryan ( ago)
Albanians liberated your nation in revolution 1821. so now marko bocari and
kolokotroni is scum too?

Author Superior Aryan ( ago)
Alexander wasnt even greek in the first place. he comes from
Illyrian/Macedonian ancestry.

Author StickyDixon ( ago)
Irish Greeks! FOR THE WIN!!!

Author justcavalla ( ago)

Author Bones s ( ago)
wats the soundtrack name in this clip ? 

Author Anton Cha Cha ( ago)
lol shut the fuck upp.. stupid Shiptar

Author Anton Cha Cha ( ago)
ill put it to you simply.. Macedon is part of Hellas which is why he spread
te hellenic culture... Native American Culture is the original culture of
America.. the white races came in after from Britain which is what changed
it.. just like the situation with macedon.. there is a City in Greece
called Macedon.. which is Alexanders birth place then u hae the country
republic of Macedonia which is only 40 years old and are a different bred
of People from the Slav coutries above, Bulgaria etc

Author ΔΙΟΚΛΕΥΣ ΕΛΛΗΝ ( ago)

Author kostas talarantas ( ago)
Fuck you Albanian scum

Author Greek Stallion 2016 ( ago)
the only one which was is and will be timeless great in the shitty albania
is your mams hole

Author maria p ( ago)
Είμαι περήφανη που γεννήθηκα Έλληνίδα! I am proud to be born Greek!
Macedonia is ONLY greek!! 

Author HaggisMacfee ( ago)
But the ancient Macedonians were ethnically Greeks, they were racially
Greeks, they spoke the Greek language, they were a Greek sub-group, they
had Greek place names, Greek personal names, Greek royal names, they
considered themselves Greeks, they worshipped Greek gods and they lived in
the northern Greek region of Macedonia. Macedonians were Northern Greeks.
Even the name 'Macedonia' is Greek meaning 'high-lands' from the Greek
'macos' for tall or high.

Author HaggisMacfee ( ago)
Nah... Alexander the Great was Greek. He didn't say" for the freedom and
glory of Albania". Alexander said "FOR THE FREEDOM AND GLORY OF GREECE"

Author Devin ( ago)
I couldn't agree more. As a Classics student, I love the film. I just feel
Stone didn't know which side of Alexander to focus on, and it deterred from
the campaigns of Alexander. My personal opinion

Author surearrow ( ago)
Yep, it was the gay scenes that killed this film at the box office -
D.O.A..). Rumor has it that the gay crowd wanted it in there to spit in the
face of the hetros - so, it was purely a political move on their part. It
backfired though, and the film bombed. True or not, I think the film should
have focused more on what made Alexander "the Great", and that was his
tactical thinking and bravery - not his personal sexual experiences behind
closed doors (which antics are still speculative at best).

Author tony amore ( ago)
its a wonderful speach!

Author kevinnowhow ( ago)
Yeap!That's what he said.Oh my...! :) I pity FYROM nationalists.They do
have to hold on something... But nothing?What's next?Mongolians striving to
become Scottish?

Author ZeusTilemaxos (328 years ago)
Wait...wait... What did he say?? GLOOORY OF GREEEEECE !? 

Author Christopher Evan ( ago)
Dear Hannah King Does your ass get jealous of all the shit that comes out
of your mouth? Do everyone a favour and think about what your going to say
before you squeeze it out of your mouth. Please ;)

Author Lain Coubert ( ago)
Alexander invaded Persia believing he was avenging Greece. He supposedly
used the same path Xerxes took to enter Greece, in reverse, and stopped at
the site of Troy.If this is only partially true, he was clearly heavily
influenced by Greece. It doesn't matter whether he was truly ethnically
Greek, just as it doesn't matter whether an American is ethnically
American. In the words of Marcus Aurelius, it's a kinship not of blood, but
a sharing in the same mind. It's Greece's legacy.- Classics Major

Author HaggisMacfee ( ago)
Of course Alexander's legacy belongs to the world. But your analysis is
wrong. Alexander the Great and the ancient Macedonians WERE ethnically
Greek, Ancient Macedonians came from the same gene pool as other Greeks,
meaning they were of Greek stock, and racially the same as other Greek
tribes. Native American Indians were NOT racially the same as the white
Americans, so your analysis is mistaken. 

Author MrDameech ( ago)
Is that really a fair comparison? Was there a ruthless invasion of greeks
northward where they forced their beliefs on these peoples? A people’s
history is a sensitive topic to them and forms part of their identity.
Comments like those are stated and reinforced when a people’s history is
threatened and re-written. Specifically in this topic where (in some places
of the world) Ancient Macedonians are being considered Slavic. Ever heard

Author MrDameech ( ago)
What archeological finding are you referring to that point to a “distinctly
different culture”?

Author Hannah King ( ago)
All I'm saying is that Alexander the Great's legacy belongs to mankind and
is not limited to the Greeks. If Ancient Macedon culture is the same as
Greece culture from due to geography then Native American culture is the
same as U.S. culture. Thus comments such as Macedonia forever Greek portray
ignorant nationalism. 

Author Hannah King ( ago)
100% Agreed

Author Hannah King ( ago)
True they were not countries. That term is a more modern invention.
However, Macedonian culture was different compared to Greek culture. The
Ancient Macedonian civilization was cut off from Greek culture until about
600BC when Macedonia became more open to Greek influences from the south.
Proof of this is derived from archaeological finds. More open meaning they
had a distinctly different culture before this date. Specific Greek customs
were selected and adopted in peculiarly "Macedonian" ways

Author tesla topic ( ago)

Author MrDameech ( ago)
Greece was not a country. It was divided into many city states and kingdoms
(Macedonia included) each with there own administrative lands. Greek
culture wasent adopted in macedonia because alex III and Philip II liked it
(it existed in macedonia before them). Essay failed. 

Author Hannah King ( ago)
Greece must focus on continuing centralization, urbanization and
industrialization in order to harnes its strength and economy.

Author Hannah King ( ago)
However, Alexander must be rolling in his grave if he can see the current
state of Greece. Large debt, tax evasion, and reliance on money from the
Western powers. This has been the case ever since WWI. 

Author Hannah King ( ago)
Macedonia and Greece were two separate entities with differing cultures
during the Hellenistic period. Alexander III and his father King Philip II
liked Greek culture enough to adopt a lot of the same cultural values.
However, diplomacy was also extremely important in conqueroring large
amounts of land and keeping them under your control. BLAH BLAH I could
write an essay about this but Greece and Macedonia were different countries
until King Philip II became the greeks Hegemon.(military leader)

Author ephialtomachus ( ago)
actually pelasgians was from the first greek races search it

Author LosT4088 ( ago)
you Fucking bullshit! did I say anything insulting towards Greece? I love
Greece as A great coutry! you dumbass did not get things right

Author LosT4088 ( ago)
i think what you wrote doent concern me! Am i right?

Author Khristophoros1001 ( ago)
Well he was Greek/Macedonian. Born in Pella which is situated in Greece!
Not in your fake Macedonia... You slavs didn't even exist around his time!
His father was a Greek king and his mother a princess of Epirus another
Greek kingdom. Alexander the Macedonian yes but Greek! Not bloody FYROM

Author LosT4088 (115 years ago)
you dumbass in that times Macedonia and Greece were almost the same
countries! they helped respected and loved each other! Alexander the Great
too loved Greek Language! The Great! and now such an asshole like you
Writes fuck Greece!!!! 

Author Ilydan78 ( ago)
Illirians have Albanian blood? Really you guys need some sence. You also
say that Homer spoke Albanian in your country. I would like you and the
Monkedonians show us ONE prove of what you claim and then we talk again.

Author Ilydan78 ( ago)
Whats your problem Slav? You cant accept the fact that you speak a
Bulgarian dialect? Fuck Greece all you want in YouTube... Come here and say
that ...internet macho guy.

Author HaggisMacfee ( ago)
Awwww.... did this film upset you??

Author tf vb ( ago)
fuck that speech was a good battle.

Author arber pelasgo ( ago)
illirian soldiers bllod of albanians fuck greks turks end egyptian race 

Author Demian snake ( ago)

Author PaokiforLife ( ago)
Macedonia forever Greek

Author LetITbe199 ( ago)
...Glory of Greece Did u heard that fucking skopjans? 

Author Skopje Tatarovski ( ago)
@darkomgay1 The regime of Vardarska is pure fascistic!

Author Skopje Tatarovski ( ago)
@UnaDrinaNeretva You wannta talk about injustice silly? Why don't you talk
about Vasko Gligorijevic who was incarcerated for revealing FYROM's hoax
and global amnesty had to intervene? Why don't you talk about the fake
elections that had to be repeated? Why don't you speak about the mistreat
of the albanians in Tetovo and the crimes of FYROM in Aracinovo in 2001
that sent them to Hague? Hypocrite!

Author Vik Fox ( ago)

Author socrates6068 ( ago)
SEEN HIS NAME IN GREEK COINS?ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ...protector of man get out of your
dream world im not going to discuss about this bullshtit.only in albania
you can hear this.

Author socrates6068 ( ago)

Author ARVANITIS_1980 ( ago)
any SKOPIAN PIG can suck our GREEK DICK after this video....

Author cod20Y ( ago)
@MegaILIRIA i fuck your siptar mother alexandros IS GREEK

Author ThracianRhodope ( ago)
of GREECE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Greek Nomad ( ago)
den pame na pioume ton kafe mas sta skopje re paidia !

Author Vasilios Koutsos ( ago)
@kryptia1980 you are correct in the end we both think the same thing the
ancient macedonians were greeks and the slavs today who claim they werent
are idiots 

Author DarkApostleMatt ( ago)
@SSUGAMER90 well, that was the usual back then...

Author SSUGAMER90 ( ago)
i really liked this movie. until he started doing dudes. then it got weird.

Author AtticusR21 ( ago)

Author hellinis ( ago)

Author sleeper7271 ( ago)
@zoquibax macedonians are bulgarians and we are already 1st world
countries.(well except Albania)

Author xXLoneWolf212Xx ( ago)
@zoquibax well that sounds like a personal problem

Author Vasilios Koutsos ( ago)
@kryptia1980 sorry if my comment was alittle sloppy but anyways you
explained alexanders situation with greece better than i ever could thank
you :) i have very bad grammar in english and even in greek

Author colinchick69 ( ago)
@HaggisMacfee Why is your comment considered spam? I have seen MUCH worse
on you-tube that goes on with nothing done f**k, w***e, s**k hairy man
b***s a novel insult if I ever saw one. Perhaps you should have framed you
comment in swear words to have it shown!

Author xXLoneWolf212Xx ( ago)
Can some1 be so kind and tell me y ppl dislike Fyrom

Author Vasilios Koutsos ( ago)
@HaggisMacfee Also pretty much this.Lets say Thessaly or Sparta took over
the rest of greece,every other state would revolt and hate them just as
much as they hated the Macedonians.Also the thessalians considered the
macedonians like brothers they gave thessaly to philip without a fight and
elected him there leader,the opnly greeks who ever revolted or went to war
against the macedonians were the athenians and thebans

Author Vasilios Koutsos ( ago)
@jlchh2 Ancient thessalonians elected philip as there leader without a
fight.the only greeks who gave alexander a problem were the athenians and
the thebans.When Thebes was the power of the greek states everyone hated
them to thats why the helllenic league voted for alexander to burn thebes
to the ground and sell thebans into slavery when they revolted against
him.My point is no matter what city state was in power,the other states
would rebel to gain ''freedom''not just when Macedonias had power

Author Vasilios Koutsos ( ago)
@Ericd529 i Know,hellenic democracy was just a rough form of the democracy
we have today but for back then alexander wasnt that racist compared to
many others.

Author HaggisMacfee ( ago)
@12Aggiefan Macedonia is still Greece's Northern Province as it was in
ancient times, Macedonia constitutes one third of the Greek land mass.

Author Ericd529 ( ago)
@HaggisMacfee Those invasions happened a century and a half before
Alexander was born! It would be like the US invading Great Britain because
we're afraid of a repeat of the War of 1812.

Author Ericd529 ( ago)
@12Aggiefan I wouldn't go taking a line from a movie as an example of
historic accuracy. More like, "Colin Farrell said ...Greece"

Author Ericd529 ( ago)
@VasiliosMakedonas Just because he said that didn't make it so. The
Hellenic world was a far cry from a democracy and "equal rights for all."
It was rule of the strong, make no mistake about it. Key word - "empire."
He built it by conquest, not a single nation or state willingly joined it.
The only freedom Alexander granted was the freedom to submit to his rule.

Author José Luis Chirinos Huyhua ( ago)
What I find interesting is that in Alexander's time, the "real" Greeks
despise him and his Macedonian father as "barbarians" with no culture and
trait. Specially people lik Demosthenes who shout about "greece being ruled
by a barbarian". Now, their descendants speak of Alexander as their, when
they really hated when he was alive. Who understand this? 

Author HaggisMacfee ( ago)
@intefanvetjag I don't disagree with you, However, Herodotus quotes :
Speech of Alexander when admitted to the Olympic Games, "I myself am by
ancient decent Greek ,and I would not willingly see Greece change her
Freedom for Slavery"

Author LetITbe199 ( ago)
Sorry...i Just heard this shit Once

Author Vasilios Koutsos ( ago)
@foonty Alexander the great also said that a bad greek is worse than a good
barbarian so he isnt a racist to any degree either,everyone in alexanders
empire had equal rights something that the united states hasnt even had for
the past 100 years.In my book thats quite a feat to accomplish for that
time period

Author Vasilios Koutsos ( ago)
@foonty The word barbarian means everyone who isnt greek so yeah your a
barbarian not alexander ''the great asswhole'' also his victory over the
indians and the land that he got from them in order to keep peace let
indians rule it he didnt make them convert or anything,alexander was not a
savage who came in and killed everyone innocent person he saw and then made
them convert to his religion and stuff,everyone that got conquered by him
respected him including the indians he conquered.

Author robin johansson ( ago)
@LetITbe199 YOU watch again "For the freedom and glory OF greeeceee", you
could not even get the glory part correct.

Author LetITbe199 ( ago)

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