Alexander - Movie - Gaugamela Battle

On September 30, 331 bc, the fate of two empires was decided on a plain 70 miles north of present-day Irbil, Iraq. Lying near the hamlet of Gaugamela, the plain was part of a vast territory north of the Persian provincial capital of Babylon where King Darius III, also known as Darius Codomanus, had mustered an army formidable enough, he hoped, to halt the invasion of the Persian-dominated lands of the eastern Mediterranean by Macedonian forces. But King Alexander III, only 25 years old, his reputation preceding him like thunder before a storm, led his men into Asia. To the king's soldiers, their invasion would avenge half a century of devastation wrought on Greece during the Persian wars between 499 and 448 bc. Alexander's personal ambition, however, was nothing less than to eclipse the great Persian empire by conquering its lands and bringing it under his aegis.
Preceding his invasion, a period of continuous skirmishing and political intrigue between Persia and the Hellenic city-states had prevailed up to the assassination of Alexander's father, King Philip II of Macedon, in 336 bc. Although the person responsible for Philip's murder was never conclusively determined, many historians regard his divorced wife, Olympias, princess of Epirus and mother of Alexander, as the most likely suspect. Personal animosity had also prevailed between Philip and his son, who favored his mother at the time of the divorce. His complicity in his father's murder is highly unlikely, however, and inconsistent with his character; Alexander publicly blamed Persian agents for Philip's death. Upon inheriting the kingdom, after only one year of armed conflict Alexander had consolidated Macedonian control over the rest of Greece's city-states. He then organized a campaign that promised the Greeks revenge in the conquest of their Persian enemies.



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Author Grobee (29 days)
Like it or not, ancient Macedon was a hellenistic country.

Author makeDONUT (2 years)
slavs kick albanian asses anytime, when usa won't need them, we will teach
them a good lesson!!!!!!!

Author ZeusTilemaxos (1 year)
Wait...wait... What did he say?? GLOOORY OF GREEEEECE !?

Author feldsparbismuth (2 years)
you cut part of it out

Author HaggisMacfee (1 year)
But the ancient Macedonians were ethnically Greeks, they were racially
Greeks, they spoke the Greek language, they were a Greek sub-group, they
had Greek place names, Greek personal names, Greek royal names, they
considered themselves Greeks, they worshipped Greek gods and they lived in
the northern Greek region of Macedonia. Macedonians were Northern Greeks.
Even the name 'Macedonia' is Greek meaning 'high-lands' from the Greek
'macos' for tall or high.

Author arenotMacedonians (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA Nice fairytales you posted, too bad that they are not verified
by any historical source. On the contrary, Albanians are reported to have
come from modern region of azerbaijan and reached Europe through Moesia,
that's why their language has many linguistic elements from that region and
very few illyrian.

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA Albanian Academic Professor Dr. Kaplan Resuli-Burovich: "the
Albanian professors consciously hide the truth about the origins of the
Albanians and, instead truth, to their pupils and students they serve up
the lies about their autochthony and illyrian origin.This is not done
accidentally, but with the aim to incite the Albanians against the
neighbouring nations,

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@MEGAILIRIA Albania which was created after 1912, was given by the big
powers the region of North Epirus because they wanted to create a puppet
state in the region which was basically used as Italian protectorate.
That's why that region is full of Greek toponyms and has a large Greek
population. Heimara, Argyrokastro, Agioi Saranda....e.t.c.

Author arenotMacedonians (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA so it's better to stay in your cave turkalbanian buddy to save
yourself from the embarassment. eagle albanians my ass, you all are gypsies
from asia!

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA "The Hellenic race has never, since its first origin, changed
its speech. This at least seems evident to me. It was a branch of the
PELASGIC (Pelasgians the Early Hellenes) Herodotus 1.57

Author Ouija121085 (2 years)
@DANYALHOVVE albanians were brought to europe by turks when they invaded
balkans in 13th century. They were turkish servants and are not europeans
by decent.

Author dixonj41 (1 year)
Irish Greeks! FOR THE WIN!!!

Author MeliorIlle (10 months)
Thank you for going on these videos and schooling retarded slavs so I don't
have to. Much appreciated.

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
The original ancient name was Apirotan [found on coins of Epiros from 400bc
til 100bc] The letter A in various Greek dialects becomes an "E" & the male
suffix 'os' sums up to: Ηπειρος=EPIROS The etymology of the word is
explained by the term apirotan = απειρωταν =απειρον meaning large Thats why
the name was used later to describe the larger lands of "continents

Author LosT4088 (1 year)
you dumbass in that times Macedonia and Greece were almost the same
countries! they helped respected and loved each other! Alexander the Great
too loved Greek Language! The Great! and now such an asshole like you
Writes fuck Greece!!!!

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA Pyrrhus aim was the Greek unification (like and the aim of his
second cousin, Alexander) in order to lead the war against the Romans. Thus
he entered Italy with a strong Greek army in a bid to subdue the Romans &
he defeated the Romans, in the Battle of Heraclea in 280 BC. 15,000 Roman
were dead and 13,000 Greeks. The Greek cities of Croton and Locri joined
Pyrrhus. He then offered the Romans a peace treaty, which was eventually
rejected. "The Cambridge Ancient History"

Author danh0we (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA Where do you get these fairy tales? The Albanians have always
been weak and never won a war. The albanians were loyal to the Ottomans and
fought on their side, typical example was Omer Vryon. Your ancestors were
known as Turkalbanians and the Turks ahve even named a stadium after their
beloved albanian brothers, called ali sami yen. You cannot fool anyone
clown. Even today you are Turkey's best friends, Turkey is even making a
navel base in Albania, u don't fool anyone.

Author Ilydan78 (1 year)
Whats your problem Slav? You cant accept the fact that you speak a
Bulgarian dialect? Fuck Greece all you want in YouTube... Come here and say
that ...internet macho guy.

Author gloriousbucephalus (1 year)
The point is his legacy that we need to protect and remember rather than
pointless greek & macedonian discussion. ALEXANDER has become an important
value through the human history and his legacy doesn't belong to one

Author Japan Mon Amour (10 months)
Ashmolean Museum, Exhibition 2011 - Ancient Macedonia. entitled: "From
Heracles the Alexander the Great, the Legend of Macedon - an HELLENIC
KINGDOM in the age of democracy." /watch?v=mIRe5tnqRKM /watch?v=XL15J1WtAqE

Author Filipco Filip (10 months)
Macedonia was never a Greek kingdom, but Greece was Macedonian enslaved

Author LosT4088 (1 year)
you Fucking bullshit! did I say anything insulting towards Greece? I love
Greece as A great coutry! you dumbass did not get things right

Author MrDameech (1 year)
What archeological finding are you referring to that point to a “distinctly
different culture”?

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA Strabo, 7.7.1 Pyrrhus, the king of Epirus, had a particularly
high opinion of his powers because he was deemed by foreign nations a match
for the Romans; and he believed that it would be opportune to assist the
fugitives who had taken refuge with him, especially as THEY WERE ALSO

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA Hahahahaha you keep posting idiotic comments with no ancient
sources and you still cannot reply to any of my questions, you must be
dumber than i thought. Loser, show us one ancient stone that says
KALESIANDER or esle shut it and go back to your cave. Is that clear albo
from azerbaijan?

Author Lococarlos (10 months)
Alessandro,the best greek king,better than Leonidas!

Author darkomgay1 (2 years)
@danh0we If you take the time to visit the site of familytreedna you will
find an interesting research that shows the resemblances of african tribes
to albanians regarding their DNA.

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA poor Gypsy, i see that you cannot answer my questions. As for
albania, take a look at the kingdom of ancient albania where u came from. I
am still waiting for the defintion :) lol

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA "I think it was the glory of the city which prepared them to be
called after her, the Pelasgians, the Danaans & the Argeians and the other
Greeks." (Strabo G H VI 8)

Author Japan Mon Amour (11 months)
--------New BBC Documentary--------- "Two of the most famous Greeks, the
father and son from Northern Greece, King Philip of Macedon and his son
Alexander the Great." /watch?v=uV2Lkjvmktk

Author ephialtomachus (1 year)
actually pelasgians was from the first greek races search it

Author MegaILIRIA (2 years)

Author DerpyTheYounger (2 years)
Reading that argument, my eyes bled to death on how many people fail to get
a proper education.

Author Hannah King (1 year)
Macedonia and Greece were two separate entities with differing cultures
during the Hellenistic period. Alexander III and his father King Philip II
liked Greek culture enough to adopt a lot of the same cultural values.
However, diplomacy was also extremely important in conqueroring large
amounts of land and keeping them under your control. BLAH BLAH I could
write an essay about this but Greece and Macedonia were different countries
until King Philip II became the greeks Hegemon.(military leader)

Author HaggisMacfee (1 year)
Nah... Alexander the Great was Greek. He didn't say" for the freedom and
glory of Albania". Alexander said "FOR THE FREEDOM AND GLORY OF GREECE"

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA "for the Pelasgians, too, were a Greek nation originally from
the Peloponesus" (Dionysios Alikarnasseus-Roman Antiquities)

Author Khristophoros1001 (1 year)
Well he was Greek/Macedonian. Born in Pella which is situated in Greece!
Not in your fake Macedonia... You slavs didn't even exist around his time!
His father was a Greek king and his mother a princess of Epirus another
Greek kingdom. Alexander the Macedonian yes but Greek! Not bloody FYROM

Author Japan Mon Amour (10 months)
[David H Levinson, 'Encyclopaedia of World cultures', p. 239] "It should be
noted that there is NO CONNECTION between the ancient Macedonians of
Alexander the Great who were related to other Greek [Hellenic]
tribes..................................and the modern so-called
'macedonians' of today of the 'Republic of macedonia' [FYROM] who are of
Slavic origin and related to the Bulgarians."

Author LosT4088 (1 year)
i think what you wrote doent concern me! Am i right?

Author AleksandarArmy (2 years)
@makeDONUT no sweat

Author MegaILIRIA (2 years)

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@MEGAILIRIA “And the Trojan nation, Hellenic from Peloponnisos came forth”
(Dionysius Alikarnaseus, Roman archaeology .a61 k.ex) “And the Trojan genos
is Hellenic from the start” (Agon Homer & Hesiod. Papyrus III. Dublin 1891,
page 70)

Author Japan Mon Amour (10 months)
You're welcome

Author darkomgay1 (2 years)
@dillyrianfighter Many honest albos advise people not to trust their own
countrymen! That says it all!

Author surearrow (1 year)
Yep, it was the gay scenes that killed this film at the box office -
D.O.A..). Rumor has it that the gay crowd wanted it in there to spit in the
face of the hetros - so, it was purely a political move on their part. It
backfired though, and the film bombed. True or not, I think the film should
have focused more on what made Alexander "the Great", and that was his
tactical thinking and bravery - not his personal sexual experiences behind
closed doors (which antics are still speculative at best).

Author danh0we (2 years)
@arenotmacedonians It's funny to see an assbanian which by definition is
gypsy calling others by that name. lol

Author Lain Coubert (1 year)
Alexander invaded Persia believing he was avenging Greece. He supposedly
used the same path Xerxes took to enter Greece, in reverse, and stopped at
the site of Troy.If this is only partially true, he was clearly heavily
influenced by Greece. It doesn't matter whether he was truly ethnically
Greek, just as it doesn't matter whether an American is ethnically
American. In the words of Marcus Aurelius, it's a kinship not of blood, but
a sharing in the same mind. It's Greece's legacy.- Classics Major

Author Yanagawa Ieasu (1 year)

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@MegaILIRIA The Molossians were the strongest and, decisive for Macedonia,
most easterly of the three most important Epeirot tribes, which, like
Macedonia but unlike the Thesprotians and the Chaonians, still retained
their monarchy. All were Greeks, spoke a similar dialect to that of
Macedonia. (Malcolm Errington, "A History of Macedonia") California
University Press,

Author MACEDONIANfalanx (2 years)
@SkopjeTatarovski Of course he remembers him but he avoids to mention him
and many others of his Turkalbanian ancestors!

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