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Author may li meguriine (3 months)
i love u!HYUNA ..(*^3^)/~☆

Author RobsoN (1 month)
Asian girls are so hot woooooo

Author Kizuyaki (1 month)
ALMOST 100M VIEWS?? C'mon guys we can do this !!

Author Narumi Tokumoto (2 months)
HYUNA - 'Bubble Pop!' (Official Music Video):

Author Lam Alan (23 days)

Author Jeffrey Chapple (4 months)
Damn, she is beautiful. It is almost unfair. But I have no clue what she
is singing. Oh well...still good.

Author Freshly Baked Potato Inc. (4 months)
Watching this in the midst of winter makes me feel terribly cold. ;~;

Author kulsoom syd (2 days)
I dont understand what shes singing but shes still awesome! Really good
music and voice!

Author Yuki wong (1 month)
Alot of asian girls are pretty and hot. You might not think Hyuna is pretty
but so many people do. The result might even shock you. Most people I know
perfer Asian girls then american girls.

Author torpa15 (1 month)
I miss Hyuna's old nose :(

Author Turmi Sely (2 months)
Damn, she is beautiful

Author esther yu (4 months)
Hyuna just looks like a typical korean girl. She ain't the next hyori for

Author Johanna O (4 months)
isn't that Lee Joon from MBLAQ?

Author xValsion (3 months)
87M ppl came here just to fap

Author Ashton Haas (5 months)
Why do Korean girls have to be so hot?

Author Fyodor Morozov (2 months)
Диффченка ничего так. Но вот ник без улыбки не прочитаешь :))

Author Лишь бы ты хорошо учился. (1 day)
Я б вдул )))

Author Momoka華峰 (2 months)
HYUNA - 'Bubble Pop!' (Official Music Video):

Author Liwiaa LJ (29 days)
Hyuna can be first Korean Solo Artist which can reach 100 mln views~
I cant wait so see it and it looks like she can reach it before 4th
anniversay of Bubble Pop (4th July). Cmon guys we can do this!

Author LosPollosHermanos213 (3 months)
Everyone, shut the fuck up.
Avid Nicki Minaj watchers, shut the fuck up.
Brain-washed western body standards people, shut the fuck up.
18 year old girls who think they're the voice of females and call them
sluts, shut. the. fuck. up.
11 year old kids saying they want to learn this.. get the hell off the
internet, if I was your parent I'd punish you for that.
"No booty" Obvious black dudes who are used to fat asses, shut the fuck up,
girls can be sexy without em, and yes I'm a dude.
"You're racist because you said 'obvious black dudes'" I'm black too, shut
the fuck up.

Author Danielle Betts (2 months)
I love thiss😍😍✋

Author GaGe JOn (4 months)
Shakin' those flat ass :D

Author Hieronymous (4 months)
For a moment I thought this was Japanese.
I was about to give up on life.
But then I realized it's Korean, and it all made sense.

Author Joanne Wheatcroft (1 month)
For those who think shes Asian I think shes Korean 

Author 허로허 (3 months)
Hey guys are you korean? You dont know korea well!
Please dont speak and spread about korean not true information. thanks 

Author Calum Rodger (3 days)
Just a little question for all 4nias, which is your favourite Hyuna song? 

Author Jocelyn Steele (2 months)
She looks great with a tan!!!

Author Cherry Gwen (8 days)
who are these guys in the video?? they look so familiar but dont remember
where there are from. ;|

Author Juni Kim (2 months)
You don't see Chinese & Koreans writing nasty or racist comments below
Japanese pop culture videos, but it's very common to see Japanese &
Japanophiles writing nasty comments (often with lies) under Korean &
Chinese related videos.

If you have too much free time to write nasty comments below Korean videos,
YouTube search 'Kanamra matsuri' & write some comments about Japanese
worshipping PENIS god like Christians worship Christ.

Kanamara: iron penis
Most of Japanese believe in 2 religions simultaneously.
90% of Japanese Buddhists believe in Shintoism.
Shintoism is a Japanese polytheism (religon with many gods) that worships
several tens of thousands of gods.
The most popular god of Shintoism is Kanamara, the penis god.
Japanese kneel & pray to idols made into the shape of penis & testicles
just like Christians pray to Christ.
They honor & celebrate their penis god every April.

Or YouTibe search 'Rapeman.'
Americans have super heroes like Superman, Batman, X-men, Spider-man, etc.
Most popular Japanese super hero of 1980s & early 1990s was the 'Rapeman'
who rapes assertive & confident women to make them quite, docile, &
obedient to men.
Japanese even made TV cartoon series out of it & aired it on TV like
Americans air cartoons like Spongebob & Disney cartoons.

Author HappyMagikarp (2 days)
Hangggggg She's so cute * - *

Author Amanda Xiong (2 months)

Author DancesWithBalls (1 month)
White girls dance this so much better. White girls with an ass.

Author nishiinoya sempaii (1 month)
It frustrates me that many people who came here because she was in psys
video gentleman are insulting her and especially those who are used to
their own countries music culture and not used to Korean music culture and
they don't really know that she's really a nice to person even when she's
in 4minute... And they also don't know that this is perfectly normal for
many Korean pop artists to be like this in a music video too smh 

Author Veronica Hongki (1 day)
LOL. i tought she was said "bubble butt" haha

Author Christina Buenrostro (5 months)
I wish I was korean because when Your Korean you are beautiful and you have
flawless skin:-) 

Author Paul Pump (6 days)
The interlude is just awful in this song. Really. It makes me feel ashamed
of the human race in general every time it comes up.

Author Jared Lin (3 days)
This has to be hyuna's greatest MV of all time for me:)))

Author Cynthia Kishna (3 days)
Like the song, but the music video kinda comes off as "let me show you my
entire wardrobe". XD Though I do enjoyed watching all the pretty outfits.

Author joanna lo (1 month)
Is she the Asian Taylor swift? XD

Author Edubbplate (2 months)
I can't tell, but I think is North Korea...

Author misscubic (4 days)
I watched ice cream video and then watched this and could't believe she was
the same person. I thought I clicked on another artist by mistake

Author emily shadick (1 month)
I find it funny that throughout this video she is trying to be sexy and
then she suggests that guys who are or try to be should be pushed into a
swimming pool.

Author Yasir San (3 months)
How come this musicalmDISASTER has 86million views while decentl songs like
Day by Day by MYNAME gets 1M views only!!!! Fuck his world is unfair

Author hondation (5 hours)
i love chinese music

Author Lam Alan (18 days)
I Love My ♥ ♥ [[♥ ]] ……..*..lovel…* …..*..lovelovelo…* …*..lovelovelove….*
..*.lovelovelovelove…*…………….*….* .*..lovelovelovelovelo…*………*..lovel….*
*..lovelovelovelovelove…*….*…lovelovelo.* * ¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`
*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.• ...*...*...*...* ...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...*...
SKY •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Author Cò Thin (15 hours)
Go! Go! 100.000.000 views!!!

Author DarkEye1993 (1 day)
I prefer her others songs, but her fashion (tank-top with short shorts) in
this is my fav. Btw, i dont know why i can only think about cocacola when
hear this songs?

Author Julieta Saavedra (1 day)
she´s 1/a Na-k
I preffer Lee Hyori

Author HyoMichyeo (3 days)
After this hits 100M views, Hyuna will be the first female kpop solo idol
to do this. I love her so much!! ❤❤❤❤

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