HYUNA - 'Bubble Pop!' (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for HYUNA's 'Bubble Pop!'

현아의 두 번째 솔로 프로젝트
신나는 댄스,중독성 있는 가사와 멜로디가 한 번 들으면 잊혀지지 않는 힘!
또한 일본 오키나와의 아름다운 풍경과 현아의 퍼포먼스가
매력적인 뮤직비디오~

확인해주세요 ♪


やみつきになるHYUNAのBubble Pop!

Hyuna's second surprise
[Bubble Pop!]
K-pop's the most sought after singer and the dancing queen of her generation; Hyuna's second solo project is ready to set the world on fire.
Also the music video was filmed in Okinawa, Japan that features her dance performance in such beautiful environment around that will never fail to please the audiences.

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Runtime: 3:35
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Author Eli Jose Medrano ( ago)

Author Bernie Uitime ( ago)
the Korean version of Ariana Grande xDD

Author Ming Jie Kong ( ago)
50,285 are gay

Author thechico1979 ( ago)
man when that beat dropped 2:20 I was like hell to the yeah dope shiznet
right thea, just gained a fan

Author amenekoo ( ago)
who is watching 2016 .no seriously who is watching

Author Furkan Akdeniz ( ago)
görmemişlerin bi lubizin cipi olmus her şarkıda boyatıp gösteriyolar amk

Author Anita Guo ( ago)
uji brought me here :P

Author Jordânia Maciel ( ago)
Não estou vendo nenhum brasileiros?

Author Catch_Me_If_You_Can ( ago)
even the girls want to fuck her

Author Dario Davor ( ago)
그녀의 음부를 핥았 때 과일 요구르트 뚜껑

Author r8dj ( ago)
And who wouldn't want to pop that?

Author Bae Moon ( ago)
hyuna is so pretty and lee joon is very handsome xD .... and is mine :p

Author MinGi Song ( ago)
is it just me or does hyuna look completely different now

Author Lonely Chocolate ( ago)
i miss the old times

Author Mika Chan; ( ago)
I always loved this song but never knew it was korean and now i'm here
being kpop trash for 2 years xD

Author Ant Nu ( ago)

Author Adly geme ( ago)
amo esta cancion

Author Joseph Mayo ( ago)
Bubble Bubble fap! fap!

Author Jack McGregor ( ago)
As Finbar Saunders might say, and Cypress Hill once said "let me burst that
bubble in a hurry"!

Author D Heusler ( ago)
That's not her singing. Please reference any of her other songs.

Author Erika Gutierrez ( ago)
bonita cancion..

Author Ruby Gomez ( ago)
es muy bueno

Author Brian Stamler ( ago)
Well this makes the family guy parody a lot funnier

Author Картавый Чебурек ( ago)

Author Jean Mariel Martin ( ago)
It's good that their are not to much slutty steps.

Author taebae ( ago)
lol hyunas face has changed so much smh

Author Sam Kirb ( ago)
why are they wearing new York jerseys they probably have never even gone

Author Oyun Portal Bülbül tv ( ago)
ah sana bi soksam

Author Assia Kali ( ago)
No it's Nana

Author Honey Buns ( ago)
Bubble pop electric by Gwen Stefani got me here

Author HANA AKUMA ( ago)

Author Alexa Swass ( ago)
I want Hyuna to bubble pop on my body..

Author RageQ PL ( ago)

Author Biz_Markie91 ( ago)
I like the "oooooooo".

Author 0 ( ago)

Author lorena Bustos ( ago)

Author dank elf ( ago)
i am very confused....

Author John Michael Stock ( ago)
Love owt like this me like.. Reet up the hoop

Author Franciely Silva ( ago)
muito jato

Author Maryan Cihos ( ago)
Omg this was my first kpop song i have ever heard i saw this like when i
was young

Author 이현구 ( ago)
k pop sucks, heavy metal rules

Author Aerl Christian Dapat ( ago)
As a celebration of Hyuna’s birthday, let's complete the 100M views for Ice
Cream. As well as 50M views for Roll Deep! Spread this 4nia's!

Author Zyrah Orihara ( ago)
You are amazing Hyuna. Love your songs

Author Quay ( ago)
This is the song that introduced me and brought me into Kpop early 2013.
3 years later and its still a personal favorite. Never gets old.

Author Karina Alberto ( ago)
Hyuna you rock

Author Andrea Cuellar ( ago)
You'r The Best

Author AsiaInnocence345 ( ago)
I Was Trying So Hard To Learn This Dance A Long Time Ago Lol

Author Meeping ( ago)
This is just what i imagine a Korean cheesy beach chick flick would be
like. No hate though, it's a good song.

Author Александр Каменев ( ago)
Хуйня она и в Африке Хуйня

Author Melody Rose ( ago)
Candy, Quahog, marshmallow?

Author Матвеев Матвеев ( ago)
да прикольно

Author XxWolfGamesxX ( ago)
Hyuna is hot and it is funny she has a new York shirt..

Author Esra Özel ( ago)

Author Ari Chan ( ago)
style didnt really change these last 5 years huh.

Author Jazzy the killer April ( ago)
I het your life girl

Author Josie Wolf ( ago)
Consider yourself sued for copyrighting Quahog candy marshmallow lol

Author Abrazella ( ago)
Everything in this land is complete nonsense, even worse Kim Jong Un lives
across that fence.

Author Erika A ( ago)
I bet if I show my 3 year old nephew this song he will love it lol.... hes
got this weird thing he use to say.... Bee ah bee ah

Author Harry ( ago)
Famliy guy made me come here

Author Titia Bona ( ago)

Author Bubble ' ( ago)

Author Joe Block ( ago)
This group just blows every American sexy girl band right out of the water.
Miley Cyrus might as well just retire. :)

Author Yap Mun Kheong ( ago)
lol i like both family guy and hyuna version

Author falcon5008 ( ago)
Listening to this song while playing Dark Souls 3 is fucking magical....

Author qjlc34 ( ago)
tb yassss

Author -Nam Joon- ( ago)
I'm sorry where is the door to leave Hyuna ? Bc I really can't find it !!!!

Author Abel Leonardo Quiñones ( ago)
2:25 Que buen culo.

Author Samuel Rowland ( ago)
While the music is not my favorite (8/10 at best), I like that they still
dance. Not enough dancing in modern music

Author Luciensegura Segura ( ago)
and people say asian girls are not slutty and sexy...

Author Андрей Бахматов ( ago)
What a fuck?

Author ‫نور الهدى‬‎ ( ago)
♡china♡islam ♥china♥allah is god the world for ever.mohammad is the
messenger of allah.message is islam. أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله و أشهد أن
محمدا رسول الله

Author Sofia Engman ( ago)
Bubble pop♥

Author Jack McGregor ( ago)
This is absolutely mental! It's like someone went into a Korean psychiatric
hospital and gave a bunch of anorexic kids huge doses of LSD and
methamphetamine! It's insane.....the video abounds with weirdness and the
sound pops like a glass of champagne spiked with ecstasy. It is immensely
strange, worryingly hypnotic and I've listened to it 5 times now.

Author lorena pratissolli ( ago)
BR. :D 2016

Author Сергей Веремчук ( ago)
Help broke his leg Z488573822958/R727763920571

Author kim minkyu ( ago)
내가 현아면 잠자는 시간빼고 노래연습만함. 노래 평타만 불러줘도 톱이 될수 있을텐데 외모좋고 춤실력좋고, 근데 노래 수준이 우리동네
노래방에서 부르는 여고생수준임

Author Some Random Hobo ( ago)
I remember this. My family finds weird shit on Youtube

Author 너같은애 보면 우는까마귀 ( ago)
현아는 이때가 제일 미쳤다고 생각함 ㄹㅇ 노래도 좋고 딱 예뻤던시기 지금도 예쁘지만

Author no1inurheart ( ago)
roses are red
voilets are blue
pornhubs down
this will do

Author LegendarySavage ( ago)
What are the chances of me hooking up with her?

Author Samuel Rowland ( ago)
the deginition of bubblegum pop

Author luizyet ( ago)

Author Arrey potter ( ago)
lee joon

Author stampylong567 (grumpybones1) ( ago)
ok i learned japaness so why dont i know the words

Author Fidou ( ago) thanks me later

Author Shopkins Playlist ( ago)
I like this song

Author Deboa -Contente TV- ( ago)

Author Suraya Chakri ( ago)
This song came on the Dutch television and I FREAKED OUT

Author Erick Marcelo ( ago)

Só os Br Vai Entender

Author Mugiwara Darwin ( ago)
Candy Quahog Marshmallow brought me here.

Author tbirum ( ago)
never really understood the whole "Asian" fetish, ti I watched this video,,
OK I now get it.

Author Morshed Alam ( ago)
she makes me want to learn Korean

Author Haley Mick Griffin ( ago)

Author Pamungkas Aji ( ago)

My new wallpaper

Author TAEYEON LOVER ( ago)
hyuna solo album views even more than 4minute?!lmao

Author quagmire7 ( ago)
my bubble popped

Author Mony Nhem ( ago)
it still twitches.

Author Jack Sell ( ago)
She's dressed like Beyoncé in "crazy in love" omg

Author Nate L ( ago)
I swear, I'm here PURELY for the music ONLY.... Yeah... we'll go with that.

Author 무룩한유무룩 ( ago)
이노래도 좋은데...

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