HYUNA - 'Bubble Pop!' (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for HYUNA's 'Bubble Pop!'

현아의 두 번째 솔로 프로젝트
신나는 댄스,중독성 있는 가사와 멜로디가 한 번 들으면 잊혀지지 않는 힘!
또한 일본 오키나와의 아름다운 풍경과 현아의 퍼포먼스가
매력적인 뮤직비디오~

확인해주세요 ♪


やみつきになるHYUNAのBubble Pop!

Hyuna's second surprise
[Bubble Pop!]
K-pop's the most sought after singer and the dancing queen of her generation; Hyuna's second solo project is ready to set the world on fire.
Also the music video was filmed in Okinawa, Japan that features her dance performance in such beautiful environment around that will never fail to please the audiences.

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Author melaigoo (8 days)
this song brings back so many memories lol i still love it <3 hyuna is one
of the only female artists i listen to , fighting ~

Author tenoreyequetis (8 days)
I would love to see the Japanese grandpas from that Gee cover to do a cover
of this.

Author UnderscoreZeroLP (9 days)
Hyuna? More like hyena...

Author twostyle (10 days)
bubble, bubble, bubble, butt, bubble, bubble, butt

Author Zelo-kun (11 days)
pause at 0:00
it has that illuminati symbol in the middle! OPEN YOUR EYES!! LOOK AND A

Author Messina D'Antonio (10 days)
I used to have such a big girl crush on her xD

Author mlih huynhthi (11 days)
Bubble pop is not a good song like other song of 4minutes. But why it have

Author Messianic Muses (12 days)
For those of you who like Kpop, you should go listen to #9museswild . Their
songs are one of the best in Korea! 

Author BBoyDanKnee (12 days)
Deal break: black heels and white striped socks.

Author Homura Madoka (13 days)
If I do that, I will snap my back XD

Author Ian Burgos (16 days)
lol at the Rose jersey @0:33.

Author Dayoung Parker (16 days)
1:22 is that Lee Joon from Mblaq? :D !

Author GermanyFan01 (16 days)
0:49 South Korea does know whose good at Basketball right? Which isn't them

Author cyann tera (3 days)
The mobs who declare themselves "the Korean Occupation Forces" bore their
unit name separately, in various places, made the territory and rioted.
These "the Korean Occupation Forces" boss organizations became "General
Association of Korean Residents in Japan" and worthless ど.
Illegal occupation also of the before [ a government land and
center-of-Tokyo station ] very-good-piece-of-land circumference was carried
out from door to door.
And a pachinko parlor, a bar, a food and entertainment business, etc.
appear, and it is entered as their land as it is, and has continued up to
attack a farmhouse and an agricultural cooperative association warehouse
and an attack, a shopping center, and the food warehouse of a country also
attack a freight car -- food and goods -- completely -- It took, and it
went, and they sold them all off in the postwar black market, and
accomplished goods by excessive profits.
They acted as a sect, developed into socialism and a communist organization
as a political system, and followed having accomplished goods also to the
political world.
The Korean-resident-in-Japan mobs who declare themselves "the Korean
Occupation Forces" make a false charge against a passing citizen, and
commit a group violence.
Skipping a restaurant bill repeated to the everyday occurrence carrying out
gang rape of the women child who stood out at natural and broad daylight in
the road etc.
The Korean resident in Japan declared himself the "Korean Occupation
Forces" unit, was armed, and の(ed) and walked along the town.
They held the black market, gained huge profits, and every time they
constructed the gang, they strode the town in Kobe of rubble and burnt
The handgun was lowered to the waist, if the weapon of the steel pipe which
twisted the white bandage was brandished, Japanese people were killed and
wounded, and were violated randomly and the limitation of pillage was
if it says that a passing passerby's eyes are not pleasing -- hard -- it
skipped on a restaurant bill by having attached せ, and played a trick on
the women child by on the street [ in the daytime ].
The good citizen was driven in the boss bottom of fear.
The policeman after the end of the war makes it a good thing to have not
allowed possession of all small arms. "we are victorious nation people.
knocking a not-carrying-any-weapon policeman and carrying out a ド thrust
time to what the Japanese of a defeated nation says" -- the wooden sword
for defense, and the saber of decoration -- the Hesi music wooden clogs.
"The Korean Occupation Forces" of those days is today's headquarters of
General Association of Korean Residents in Japan after the war. 

Author Zuhal Aksu (7 days)

Author thu Nguyen (7 days)
Love this style

Author Mike Mctrain (7 days)

Author sarah AInasser (11 days)
basic answer is "not all of them are real" malih huynhthi ... just gussing

Author you'll never say good by, hello. (12 days)
my babe is amazing !!! Hyuna, 4Minute saranghaeyo <3

Author stewpid dewpid (8 days)
next to ''ice cream''

Author Sjana Sjorhout (8 days)

Author Pancho Cortes (9 days)
She hot

Author Lovelyone Jackson (8 days)
wow very sexy video! ;)

Author Kevin Blade (13 days)
Major spice

Author steen torpenholt (7 days)

Author 12burtonboy (8 days)
Can someone convert these lyrics to English please?

Author Dylan Wilson (12 days)
2014 baby

Author mayang ahadini (12 days)
I like hyuna because hyuna style song and dance awesome!!

Author Jung Daran (10 days)
<3 <3 <3 

Author vinicius auler (9 days)
99%porn and 1%music

Author Navonna Dais (10 days)
This is my new favorite song I can listen to it for hours without getting

Author Llewellyn Lawrence (9 days)

Author BatShadow Potter (8 days)
HyunA I support you always... 4nia

Author deeDOH (14 days)
She just raised the Donger! #heimdinger

Author 하얀새 (9 days)

Author pretty nanouch (14 days)
I like this song i love her very much😍❤💗

Author Ryosoke (10 days)
Dont know about u guys but bubble pop is the best mina

Author Michael Gordon (13 days)
Don't understand what is going on with the stock market? I think this
video explains it perfectly.

Author buttonmash (9 days)
What an amazing song.

Author Lan Anh Bui (13 days)
HyunA fighting

Author tara1432bvf (12 days)
Hyuna saranghae♡

Author Lynee Erlenbach (10 days)
Deed edt

Author lloyd ecleo (11 days)
She can dance, she can sing, have beautiful face, shapey body what more
could you want! when she has it all!

Author Kanta Pajujantaro (12 days)

Author Julie Li (14 days)

Author Mr.Sumonchat Chantirat (13 days)
i dol

Author Tuxedo T-Shirt (16 days)
I wish Hyuna had worn more outfits for this music video.

Author ha he (9 days)
Beautiful Sexy Hot Pretty ♡ Queen HYUNA
Plz We Want A Solo ComeBack :) 

Author R.I.P Neji Hyuga (WE LOVE YOU) (16 days)
she's so pretty

Author Arren Hidalgo (12 days)
Going 3 years <3

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