HYUNA - 'Bubble Pop!' (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for HYUNA's 'Bubble Pop!'

현아의 두 번째 솔로 프로젝트
신나는 댄스,중독성 있는 가사와 멜로디가 한 번 들으면 잊혀지지 않는 힘!
또한 일본 오키나와의 아름다운 풍경과 현아의 퍼포먼스가
매력적인 뮤직비디오~

확인해주세요 ♪


やみつきになるHYUNAのBubble Pop!

Hyuna's second surprise
[Bubble Pop!]
K-pop's the most sought after singer and the dancing queen of her generation; Hyuna's second solo project is ready to set the world on fire.
Also the music video was filmed in Okinawa, Japan that features her dance performance in such beautiful environment around that will never fail to please the audiences.

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 3:35
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Author may li meguriine (3 months)
i love u!HYUNA ..(*^3^)/~☆

Author Kizuyaki (15 days)
ALMOST 100M VIEWS?? C'mon guys we can do this !!

Author RobsoN (28 days)
Asian girls are so hot woooooo

Author Jeffrey Chapple (3 months)
Damn, she is beautiful. It is almost unfair. But I have no clue what she
is singing. Oh well...still good.

Author Freshly Baked Potato Inc. (3 months)
Watching this in the midst of winter makes me feel terribly cold. ;~;

Author Johanna O (3 months)
isn't that Lee Joon from MBLAQ?

Author Turmi Sely (1 month)
Damn, she is beautiful

Author LosPollosHermanos213 (2 months)
Everyone, shut the fuck up.
Avid Nicki Minaj watchers, shut the fuck up.
Brain-washed western body standards people, shut the fuck up.
18 year old girls who think they're the voice of females and call them
sluts, shut. the. fuck. up.
11 year old kids saying they want to learn this.. get the hell off the
internet, if I was your parent I'd punish you for that.
"No booty" Obvious black dudes who are used to fat asses, shut the fuck up,
girls can be sexy without em, and yes I'm a dude.
"You're racist because you said 'obvious black dudes'" I'm black too, shut
the fuck up.

Author torpa15 (4 days)
I miss Hyuna's old nose :(

Author Yuki wong (1 month)
Alot of asian girls are pretty and hot. You might not think Hyuna is pretty
but so many people do. The result might even shock you. Most people I know
perfer Asian girls then american girls.

Author Fyodor M (1 month)
Диффченка ничего так. Но вот ник без улыбки не прочитаешь :))

Author Christina Buenrostro (4 months)
I wish I was korean because when Your Korean you are beautiful and you have
flawless skin:-) 

Author esther yu (4 months)
Hyuna just looks like a typical korean girl. She ain't the next hyori for

Author xValsion (2 months)
87M ppl came here just to fap

Author Narumi Tokumoto (2 months)
HYUNA - 'Bubble Pop!' (Official Music Video):

Author GaGe JOn (3 months)
Shakin' those flat ass :D

Author Momoka華峰 (1 month)
HYUNA - 'Bubble Pop!' (Official Music Video):

Author 허로허 (3 months)
Hey guys are you korean? You dont know korea well!
Please dont speak and spread about korean not true information. thanks 

Author Danielle Betts (1 month)
I love thiss😍😍✋

Author joanna lo (26 days)
Is she the Asian Taylor swift? XD

Author AnimeLagoon (22 hours)
Increíble canción <3

Author Juni Kim (1 month)
You don't see Chinese & Koreans writing nasty or racist comments below
Japanese pop culture videos, but it's very common to see Japanese &
Japanophiles writing nasty comments (often with lies) under Korean &
Chinese related videos.

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YouTube search 'Kanamra matsuri' & write some comments about Japanese
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Or YouTibe search 'Rapeman.'
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Most popular Japanese super hero of 1980s & early 1990s was the 'Rapeman'
who rapes assertive & confident women to make them quite, docile, &
obedient to men.
Japanese even made TV cartoon series out of it & aired it on TV like
Americans air cartoons like Spongebob & Disney cartoons.

Author Joanne Wheatcroft (24 days)
For those who think shes Asian I think shes Korean 

Author Jaden Tate (2 days)
this i going to be stuck in my head all day.

Author Вася Рогов (3 months)
приколитесь её зовут Хуйня)

Author Elio Spiro (3 days)
I can't tell if this video is hot or not. I can't tell if I'm supposed to
be aroused. I just have a weird boner.

Author Jocelyn Steele (1 month)
She looks great with a tan!!!

Author Bob Spencer (1 day)

Author Giovana Mayumi (1 day)
Olha Hyuna eu asisti todas a suas músicas eu adoro e sempre vou adora 😘

Author Vic Moran (1 day)
Wow like this

Author bé bu (1 day)
Hyunaholics Fighting! 100 milions views! <3

Author nishiinoya sempaii (16 days)
It frustrates me that many people who came here because she was in psys
video gentleman are insulting her and especially those who are used to
their own countries music culture and not used to Korean music culture and
they don't really know that she's really a nice to person even when she's
in 4minute... And they also don't know that this is perfectly normal for
many Korean pop artists to be like this in a music video too smh 

Author Boy Kici (3 months)
I like her.. :D marry me..^^

Author Jan LeKander (2 days)
Will 'Red" ever catch up to 'Bubble Pop'? Still my favorite Hyuna song and

Author Yasir San (2 months)
How come this musicalmDISASTER has 86million views while decentl songs like
Day by Day by MYNAME gets 1M views only!!!! Fuck his world is unfair

Author Merari G (2 days)
aw Hyuna, you have a great body :3<3 Lee Joon<3 \(^ - ^)/

Author Leo Leo (2 days)
91,018,027 view

Author Liwiaa LJ (3 days)
Hyuna can be first Korean Solo Artist which can reach 100 mln views~
I cant wait so see it and it looks like she can reach it before 4th
anniversay of Bubble Pop (4th July). Cmon guys we can do this!

Author keroji s (3 months)
Plastic Surgery Slut

Author huong huy (1 day)
Xem video này trên YouTube:npomolbj

Author Amanda Xiong (1 month)

Author DancesWithBalls (26 days)
White girls dance this so much better. White girls with an ass.

Author Chee Kiong Lau (1 day)

Author Jasmine Sun (4 days)
Isn't that Lee joon ?

Author Gregor Exil (6 days)
Great voice and amazing butts in booty shorts-
That's literally all I got from this q u q +Chandra Caballero I'mma be
perfectly honest: I understand 0% of this u v u
'Nd I feel bad, cause she sings really well-

Author Edubbplate (1 month)
I can't tell, but I think is North Korea...

Author Patrick Nelson (2 months)
i cant stop thinking about her and that makes me horny all the time

Author Dw Arda Kalkan (23 hours)
last 9million to 100m

Author allinthemix (25 days)
i love people from japan shes such a good singer even tho i cant understand
what shes saying BUT HER SINGING IS SO GOOD OMG I LOVE IT i am going to sub
her and maybe try to meet her one day :D

Author christian faustinorio (17 days)
10 more million to reach 100m views. Bublle pop will be the first mv of
cube to reach 100m views

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