HYUNA - 'Bubble Pop!' (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for HYUNA's 'Bubble Pop!'

현아의 두 번째 솔로 프로젝트
신나는 댄스,중독성 있는 가사와 멜로디가 한 번 들으면 잊혀지지 않는 힘!
또한 일본 오키나와의 아름다운 풍경과 현아의 퍼포먼스가
매력적인 뮤직비디오~

확인해주세요 ♪


やみつきになるHYUNAのBubble Pop!

Hyuna's second surprise
[Bubble Pop!]
K-pop's the most sought after singer and the dancing queen of her generation; Hyuna's second solo project is ready to set the world on fire.
Also the music video was filmed in Okinawa, Japan that features her dance performance in such beautiful environment around that will never fail to please the audiences.

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Runtime: 3:35
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Author Yugyeom should be President ( ago)
From a scale of 1 to 10 how creeped out am I? 100000000

Author Slyko ( ago)
I don't understand shit but I like this song anyway xD

Author Mythreial ( ago)
she is hot !!! not that guy is ugly that girl is a slut

Author Ala,a ASFGHJKL. ( ago)

Author thahitcrew modz ( ago)
did 1:28 remind anyone else of one of nicki minajs music vids?

Author MarinnA 码头 ( ago)
Love this song.<3

Author nazir udin ( ago)

Author Cili Ali ( ago)
I love you,HYUNA😗❤👄💋💜💓💔💕💖💗💘💝💛💚💙💟💞
You are so beautiful....👸

Author Malcolm Mehaffey ( ago)
Who else got yellow fever after watching this?

Author Larisse Larissefp ( ago)
Sera que eu só a única brasileira a assirtir ESE clipe

Author Juliano Mello ( ago)
Nossa hyuna vc arrasa eu sempre gostei de vc , então agora mais ainda ❤❤❤

Author -MBadAss ( ago)
inki... minki.. chinki.. xD I didnt get the lyrics but moves wow!!! super
sexy xD

Author mint27 ( ago)
Japanese or Chinese?

Author Justin Nelson ( ago)
that was cute

Author semmel ( ago)
Family Guy pretty much ruined this song for me, I can't stop singing the
Family Guy lyrics to this. QUAGMIRE COME HOME

Author Tsunαdε Sεnju Godαimε Hokαge ( ago)

Author boo roo ( ago)
화장좀 연하게해라 진하게하니까 성괴삘난다 씨발

Author Lewdist ( ago)
fuck this shit nigga im outta here

Author Imran Kibria ( ago)
I CAME here... hehehe

Author Peter Griffin ( ago)
Candy! Quahog! Marshmallow!

Author Peter Griffin ( ago)
American Johnnyyyyy!

Author bangtan's Noona ( ago)
am I the only person who is watching this in 2016 ??? ...
p.s. hyuna unnie being cute and sexy af ....I can't feeels

Author Claudia Ruiz ( ago)
no me gusta ice crem

Author nichob girth ( ago)
family guy is old stuff, back In world of warcraft playing this was good

Author imperiorgamer ( ago)

Author Ali As ( ago)
love HyunA

Author yismeily mezquita ( ago)
who got here by ice cream by HYUNA

Author Tango Kabocha ( ago)
Confusing dance break...random names of snacks now.

Author Let's Do this ( ago)
Just close your eyes at the beginning XD

Author Aaron Crace ( ago)
hyuna is hot and I would date her

Author Witchy ( ago)
all i can see is peter griffin dancing and singing... family guy... you
ruined this song to me xD

Author Julia Senent ( ago)
Es china?

Author Ömer DÖNMEZ ( ago)
salaklar hyuna nın nesi güzel :)

Author The Ava channel ( ago)
Who can here because of bubble pop kids!

Author chehyun song ( ago)
저때는 이게 진짜 선정적인걸로 생각했는데..(방송사에서도 안무제재 했었음) 지금보니 요즘 아이돌에비해 하나도 선정적이지 않음.. 시간이
흐르면서 우리 인식도 달라지는듯..

Author 김가은 ( ago)

Author eric eguia (Downfall466) ( ago)
lol the family guy korean episode brought me here

Author Khoa Do ( ago)
i just come here to jack off

Author Fraz J ( ago)
I like her music and the video in general. However I wish she would stop
fixating on her butt.

Author yoon qj ( ago)
alguien sabe como se llama el actor q sale en minuto 1:54 porfavor

Author Neon “Skittles” Katt ( ago)
I've walked into the Kpop room and lost the door out-

Author Mademoiselle GameLand ( ago)
Is it me or i just look like hyuna???O.o
humm... oh, i dream.................

Author Dashing_Nerdzx ( ago)
Who knew this song before the family guy episode?

Author PANAYU team ( ago)
i wonder how you South Koreans make such impossible feats fusing dance,
colors and music.

Author gabsaw 05 ( ago)
yup me too

Author JOHN NETSU ( ago)

Author Marlon Elias ( ago)
NYC 2016

Author Serah Farron ( ago)
I Love Hyuna But this Song sucks
Red is Always better than this shit and deserve Most

Author Juan Muñoz pino ( ago)
i like hyuna but this song is a shit and the video

Author Marlon Martinez ( ago)
esa es una monota china mamaxitaaa

Author MinSihong ( ago)
현아가 이정도로 인기가 많았나;;

Author Diego Savage ( ago)
Damn she's hot😍

Author resbabe 202 ( ago)
Danced to this when i was 6 xD TOO Young for shaking my booty!

Author tay jasmine ( ago)
Bubble Bubble Bubble Bubble Pop bubble bubble bubble pop ooohhhh

Author jonnydude90210 ( ago)
anyone else think the dancer in the polka-dot shorts is adorable?

Author Angela Gem Gaming ( ago)
candy, quahog marshmallow

Author Cs 1.6 Hakkında ( ago)
Hyuna <3 Song

Author Tania Anahi Santillan Chavez (590 years ago)
Buble pop

Author James Oxford ( ago)
im here cause of Family Guy

Author 선우 ( ago)
와아 1억

Author Gabriela Franco Pereira (1558 years ago)

Author Алина Теслина ( ago)

Author Lucky Penne ( ago)
I miss Lee Joon
Author Teknoman1981 ( ago)
Funny thing is now when I hear the term Bubble Pop the only thing that will
come to mind is not the song but how these girls were working it in the
video. They were working so hard I felt embarrassed i don't work enough,

Author Mrs Fairy (1305 years ago)
carine le giapponesine pop

Author Gosia Ogrodowczyk ( ago)
I came here because of Lee Joon,who else? XD

Author hihyenmi ( ago)
Bubble Pop! - 105.174.726
Ice Cream - 81.979.961
Red - 45.481.186
Roll Deep - 29.127.625
Change - 17.375.888

Brazil | 02/02/2016 | 05:43 pm

Hyuna Fighting!!!
4minute Fighting!!!

Author 夜霧千代 ( ago)
So this was what it was based on...

Author Carlos Moreno ( ago)

Author Chilyn Paus Ico ( ago)
love it

Author nicole balderas (1235 years ago)
Bubble pop

Author XXXIZAM ( ago)
2:23 Forevah.

Author Andree Lopez Ventura ( ago)
Buen video!!!!Saludos desde Juchitan Oaxaca,Mexico☺

Author MsBaez13 ( ago)
family guy!

Author Luciano Mota ( ago)
Queria uma camiseta bem descolada para andar pelas ruas da qui de mogi
guaçu SP BRASIL 😘😘😘

Author claraxx cl ( ago)
the beggining is like beyonce in crazy in love

Author Tong Lei ( ago)
Pretty sure more than 70% of the ppl were here for family guy lol

Author emk1996 ( ago)
No shame- this song kicks ass

Author Jon C ( ago)
That star though...

Author zarkantees ( ago)
me voio nare anca mi en tailandia a roie, porco dio!!!

Author MARIA FÉLIX ( ago)
me encanta este grupo son guapas las coreanas

Author paulmaking1980 ( ago)
Hyuna is a hot girl!

Author kane00777 ( ago)
I love this

Author httpxgieline ( ago)

Author 슈하리 ( ago)
현아가 저때몇살이엇나요?

Author chacarilla jalea ( ago)
K loka

Author Vale456 ( ago)
Hace tanto que no la escucho que nostalgia!

Author Jennifer Maybila ( ago)

Author MangaxOtakuxAnimexMureke ( ago)
The song:50% of the song is something Korean20% of it is Bubble Pop30% is
sex noises

Author 태움 ( ago)
이 뮤비서는 현아 이효리 좀 닮게 나온듯

Author Angela Luo ( ago)
whos the guy at 1:25 😩

Author 김민정 ( ago)

Author Hyojin Park ( ago)
aren't back up dancers supposed to pretty but they're mud af

Author 2ne1 BJ ( ago)
Is HyunA only 19 years old here ???

Author yixiumin ( ago)
Lee Joon looks so good, I'm in love

Author Claudia Ruiz ( ago)
mi canción favorita

Author The Faxxs Machine ( ago)
this showed up in my what to watch videos and Im glad it did. Entertaining
and nice dance moves by the ladies.

Author evelyn santos 5 anos ( ago)

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