5 Weird Ways To Start A Fire

Come on baby, light our fire. GMM #759!
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Produced by Stevie Wynne Levine
Writer/Producer: Edward Coleman
Writer/Producer: Lizzie Bassett
Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
Editor: Casey Nimmer
Production Coordinator: Alexander Punch
Show Graphics Package/Lighting: Ben Eck
Content Manager: Becca Canote
Set Construction/Dresser: Cassie Cobb
Intro Motion Graphics: Digital Twigs
Intro Music: Pomplamoose
Outro Music: Pomplamoose
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Microphone: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones

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Author Marxmilo Tyler ( ago)

Author Sparky Gecko ( ago)
I've seen a dragon start a fire...

Author Ginny weasly ( ago)
well they did start a fire.

Author Ryan Fitzner ( ago)
Also Rhett's laugh

Author Dillshadn nasreen ( ago)
best vid ever

Author [L0 VE] ( ago)
I'm a worm


Author Thoughtful Gamer ( ago)
Breaking bad

Author Jaden Villanueva ( ago)
7:14 #2 guys 1 cup

Author KawaiiKulture ( ago)
As soon as I heard Rhett say "Today we make fire" I was scared of what would happen in this episode. The things that they do to entertain.

Author Umer Latif ( ago)
Who else is watching in 2017

Author Cocodrilla2 ( ago)
that's right! worms are lame...

cause I am terrified of them...

Author David McQuinn ( ago)
you are idiots

Author Zeeburn13 ( ago)
Rhett and Link...getting weird...with MAKING FIRE...

...what could POSSIBLY go wrong?? :)

Author Carter Bowes ( ago)
11:48 Lol I keep rewinding to see this :)

Author King_Noah_ ( ago)
Dad does that to me whenever I'm using the bathroom as well. 6:56

Author Joshua Mclemore ( ago)

Author MrCrazyeyes316 ( ago)
"Have you ever seen a worm start fire.You have not ,their lame,worms are lame.";)

Author Simikka Molly Kaalund ( ago)
Am I the only one who watches the braking fluid one over and over again 😂😂❤️

Author R-Bus Travels ( ago)
I'm crying I'm laughing so much, wow today I really needed this laugh, thank you (chair on fire) 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author Pablo Escobar ( ago)
" *little bubble action over here* "

Author Amber Menear ( ago)
Did any one else hear link say that he would've peed his pants and Rhett's

Author Tristen Pinard ( ago)
11:47 I think u got that out of a movie XD

Author Tristen Pinard ( ago)
I'm sorry I can't tweet but here you go:I am voting for #gmm for show of the year #streamhs !!!!

Author Allison Rohde ( ago)
did anyone else re watch the ending a million times but laugh every time I know I did😂😂

Author Emma Riggs ( ago)
i have seen this video 5 times and i finally realize how disgusting😷😵😝 that is.

Author WOLFY THE VLOGER ( ago)
do a Oobleck video

Author WOLFY THE VLOGER ( ago)
make Oobleck

Author Grace Trout ( ago)
that was a great video. P.S you are amazing

Author Ian the Ian ( ago)

Author Wolf Gamer1359 ( ago)
"I've been instructed we may wanna stand back" *BOOOM*

Author fat lego mine ( ago)
fire boy take it down

Author Zenon Empire ( ago)
"Alright, I'm going."
"Everything coming out alright?"
This is both the friendship I want and the friendship I have.

Author Zenon Empire ( ago)
This was 2015?

Author Blake Ligon ( ago)
There was only 4,still loved the vid!!!

Author Random stuff vlog master RSVM ( ago)
So hot were i live its -15 or colder

Author KevLP ( ago)
This is why i love them XD

Author Tinyer To the Fourth ( ago)
Chase I thought you weren't supposed to use your fire bending smh

Author simonofthesnowfield ( ago)
"The Freakin' chair's on fire!!!"

Author crazygirl338 ( ago)

Author crazygirl338 ( ago)

Author Cole Johnston Navarra ( ago)
Who did you guys get the chair on fire

Author SkyLovesPokemon ( ago)
6:01 DAB! 😂🤣

Author ViciousViper 1919 ( ago)

Author Luc P. ( ago)
Funniest gmm video

Author Avery's life ( ago)
11:47 is the chickens fire from the intro

Author Ryan Hepinstall ( ago)
I use to work for Leslie's pool supplies .
when adding any "Shock" never add a small amount of water to a lot of powder.

ALWAYS add the powder to large bodies of water.

people have lost arms and legs from not reading instructions 😅

Be safe!

Author Gene Oliver II ( ago)
gmm now stands for guys making meth

Author CCW Wrestling ( ago)
The part where the fire spits out, it looks like the gmm logo xd

Author Sophia S ( ago)
I was gagging and choking with laughter at the same time.

Author Sophia S ( ago)
HARNESS FIRE!!! Like ostriches.
And I'm like: what the heck.

Author MR J ( ago)
you guys suck

Author Skyproject 21 ( ago)
Not to be offensive but you could have used the reading glasses on top of link's glasses to double the power.

Author Philosophic Phloetry ( ago)
F****n' Ijits, prefacing with do not do this is like saying, "Hey rebelloius youths do this!." So F****n' Rhettarded and Link mate just no. Grow a F****n' brain cell.. WANKERS!

Author Elliot _Star ( ago)
8:26 when a teacher gives you a surprise text on a Monday morning

Author Scott King ( ago)
ive just clicked on 11:43 like 150 times

Author Becky Hoffman ( ago)
Rhett: worms are lame!
Me: HA! Guess you haven't seen a tape worm!

Author Lewis Clark ( ago)
Rhet just trys and set the world on fire runs towards building to go inside.

Author MadSimmer ( ago)
use that fire to start a fire. GMM logic right there guys lol

Author SavvyBug ( ago)
this video has NOT been boiled for safety

Author SavvyBug ( ago)
11:23 is where u need to start 😂😂

Author Darius ( ago)
lol im so going to prank my sister at 3 am, and watch her make some fire stareter liquid

Author Mom Dad ( ago)
I like your videos

Author Boom Bam ( ago)
It worked doe

Author James Brown ( ago)
I love you and your family

Author Pipa333 ( ago)
"Now I was instructed we might wanna stand back a bit." **flame thrower goes off** me: that was a flame thrower geez

Author the scotty gamer ( ago)

Author Andrew Wadsworth ( ago)
That Samsung battery should have just exploded

Author rudegurl naay ( ago)
all you did was teach idiots how to make bombs lol

Author Python vlogs ( ago)

Author QuinnSt3r88 ( ago)
If they wanted to start a fire using a cell phone they should of got a Samsung galaxy s6 edge.

Author Easy drizzy ( ago)
i was instructed that we may wanna stand back
The more you know

Author Dave Seel ( ago)
Get waterlox and leave it out for a while, but now its illegal because its so flammable and it can randomly catch fire

Author Keiganfitzherbert ( ago)
11:47 there intro almost

Author Showniverse Stuff ( ago)
The chlorine one was the exact same thing as their intro but with a bottle.

Author Epicwarlava Gaming And Viewing ( ago)
gmm is FUNNY!!! 8:55-11:47

Author Epicwarlava Gaming And Viewing ( ago)

Author KyleSerraoLfc ( ago)
Funniest episode ever 😂😂

Author Epicwarlava Gaming And Viewing ( ago)

Author Casey Lochridge ( ago)
Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked...

Author Shadowlord ( ago)
Rhett: Now I've been instructed we might want to stand back a litte bit

Link: Woah! Look! Look! LOOK! What?!

Bottle: *Explodes in a jet of flame*

Author Emma Kellogg ( ago)
"Nothing was burned"

Author CHETERICA CATS ( ago)
11:47 yaaaasz

Author Matthew Ragotzy ( ago)
Can you make a "worms are weird" shirt?

Author Duy Nguyen ( ago)
People go watch BTS's song mv Fire

Author Casual Gamer ( ago)
How dare you offend the worms like that

Author Gage Garland ( ago)

Author Mästare Kalk ( ago)
the sun can start fires

Author SirShootsALot ( ago)

Author Eon Paco ( ago)
Lets get weird with it more like lets die in it !!!

Author Plasma Skull ( ago)
I should try to make a brake fluid and chlorine rocket since it looked like it was like a rocket flame

Author Master Gamer0934 ( ago)
When I come home with my family 20:24-20:27

Author Uniwurtle ( ago)
Of course, men always use the bathroom a lot quicker...😒

Author Flying Thistle Studios ( ago)
I wonder what would happen if you did the last one and put the cap on it

Author Lisa Drewry ( ago)
Links chair set fire! LOL XD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Duke Poliswag ( ago)
anarchist cookbook

Author The Random Peeps ( ago)
11:16 Link looks like a kid on Christmas

Author shanna huitt ( ago)
For the chlorine and brake fluid if you used something with a wider opening it wouldn't have exploded

Author Eyeless jack ( ago)
that last one is awesome!!!! imma watch a couple of times

Author Blue Flyyer ( ago)
Was the Samsung battery from a Note7 ?

Author Baron Burgess ( ago)
lol I'm gonna do that today

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