The All-Male Panel on Women's Health: The Daily Show

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  • Well Hush
    Well Hush 5 days ago

    Top segment! Fuck that hell-thcare bill

  • Green Orchid
    Green Orchid 14 days ago

    Viagra and no Vag

  • Green Orchid
    Green Orchid 14 days ago

    am I the only one who thought 13 men have no wives, daughters, no mothers, aunts to be requiring healtcare? oh right they have enough money to take care of them plus government funded medical coverage!

  • Maiyamin Md. Nor
    Maiyamin Md. Nor 19 days ago

    I love Michelle, she so savage and suave. 😍😍😍😍

  • Charlotte B.
    Charlotte B. 19 days ago

    mormon......extra funny hahahahahahaha min 1:01 hahahah

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith 19 days ago

    so much to shame ... decisions being made for women by men who have only gotten close to Lady parts by spending a million dollars or by forceful possible career ending negotiations.

  • Antoinette Silva
    Antoinette Silva 20 days ago

    so basically what I'm learning with this is I'm screwed as a woman if I want health coverage?!?!?! And as far as these so-called pre-existing conditions (Jesus Christ, seriously) I had since I was 9 and I'll have to pay for it at 35, no wonder they cut my Medicaid, thank god my son still as his! Not cool men!!! WOMEN MATTER TOO AT ANY AGE!!!!

  • Star Friend
    Star Friend 20 days ago

    Oh Wolf you're too much! *haha*

  • Alias Alias
    Alias Alias 24 days ago

    I lolled absolutely way too hard about the cat

  • Yan Tse
    Yan Tse 25 days ago

    I'm starting to believe the conspiracy theories about aliens among us. Seriously, the president and the republicans are working against humanity, smartest way to deceive us all.

    Or they're just fucking idiots full of cash up their ass and has no backbone to support what's right in their mind and what's left of their brain. The latter is more plausible.

  • Tony Tune
    Tony Tune 25 days ago

    I'm an old retired white guy who is sick of so many old , out of touch white farts having so much power in our government. Will you voters please wake up and put these closed minded fools out to pasture , where they belong , before they cause additional damage . Please , please , please. I can't take it much longer . Start with Mitch McConnell .

  • TDBanimefan
    TDBanimefan 26 days ago

    I honestly don't see what the big deal is. The problem is they are corrupt and incompetent.

  • Liena Cilis
    Liena Cilis 26 days ago

    She kinda reminds me of the babysitter from The Incredibles.

  • Runa Kinsley
    Runa Kinsley 27 days ago

    Just one more reason our healthcare shouldn't be determined by a for-profit business...

  • Cray-Cray Chappy
    Cray-Cray Chappy 1 month ago

    You're a few moments away from booking free reservations to a live taping of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in New York City, MANHATTAN, 52nd Street. 3 blocks from D.J.Trump's Tower. Plausiblle:
     "Good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all. Controversy, in short, sells." Donald J. Trump, Trump: The Art of the Deal
    Who is really laughing, Honey Boo Boo?

  • MrShaneVicious
    MrShaneVicious 1 month ago

    Baby Baby

  • Karen Piotte
    Karen Piotte 1 month ago

    Lol how the Hell is being pregnant a preexisting condition???

  • visualvexation
    visualvexation 1 month ago

    she's hilarious and I love her, but her constant toothy smile is kind of unnerving

  • flora quint
    flora quint 1 month ago

    That Mormon joke killed me!!

  • Cornelius Shivambu
    Cornelius Shivambu 1 month ago

    what the fuck Travor your shit does not play here at home(south Africa) how are we supposed to watch ur show the only time i see you is here on YouTube because I don't have enough money to pay for DSTV Primium plane that shit is for white people man u've forget ur roots brother

  • Brian Compton
    Brian Compton 1 month ago

    Can we please stop dumping on Mormons. We have not had multiple wives since the 1800's

  • Noah Brady
    Noah Brady 1 month ago

    Wtf does it matter? So long as they're qualified. Oh right, judging people on "merit" and "expertise" is sexist. My bad

  • Patrick Kronin
    Patrick Kronin 1 month ago

    This is what happens when you don't vote ladies. Should've put together a better coalition against Trump during the election. But that wouldn't have mattered anyway because the Ruskies rigged the vote for him to win. Now you can only cry or organize to have these fat pigs kicked out of office in the 2018 MidTerm elections that have kept these fat cats in office. Unless of course they get help from the Russians again. Doesn't look like the Dems are going to do anything either. Way too nice if you ask me.

  • Jaspirita
    Jaspirita 1 month ago

    Now she's funny! Bring her on more!!!

  • Jennifer Feldman
    Jennifer Feldman 1 month ago

    Omg she should be a regular guest!

  • Tim- TBone
    Tim- TBone 1 month ago

    We gotta focus on more important issues people!! There is still a question that has been asked that has yet to be legitimately answered: Wtf does MAGA (Make America....u know the rest) mean??

  • Mary Launer
    Mary Launer 1 month ago

    Love her

  • sarathoughtonnothing

    love her, she's hilarious!

  • al 41057
    al 41057 1 month ago

    When is the next Women's March?

  • Jeffrey Wells
    Jeffrey Wells 1 month ago

    Gotta throw some love Michelle's way.Tell it.Laughed so hard at the paycheck/outdoor cat analogy that in trying to recover,totally lost it over smelling grandma.Talk about a 1-2 punch.

  • Patricia Cossio
    Patricia Cossio 1 month ago

    Love it! Its so funny and so real! She was so straight....jajajaja Good show..Keep up the good work!

  • Sen Chi
    Sen Chi 1 month ago

    how many days left until the US government is shut down permanently and the people take control of their own lives?

  • Lenni Patchwork
    Lenni Patchwork 1 month ago

    Can we please take a moment to look at michelle and tell CC that they have to permit her some sleep?
    I mean... She looks like shit. Not because of her beauty but because of exhaustion. Like seriously.... I'm sorry

  • Andrew Junior
    Andrew Junior 1 month ago

    is it just me or she looks hella high

  • elleiejae
    elleiejae 1 month ago

    She sounds like Violet from the Incredibles

  • SuperNoobTroll
    SuperNoobTroll 1 month ago

    Great, maybe now men will get free condoms and free viagra to even out all the stuff Michelle Wolf expects to government to give women for free.

  • Michael Aleksov
    Michael Aleksov 1 month ago

    So the problem is that they are white? Anti-white liberal whore

    • Drew Myself
      Drew Myself 1 month ago

      Michael Aleksov the problem is they're corrupt sell outs who base their position off of the thousands they receive from the insurance companies. The daily show has forgotten how to make arguments without identity politics being front and center, and even then they have forgotten how to use them correctly.

  • TayToria
    TayToria 1 month ago

    Mitchell Wolf & Amber Ruffin Together in a comedy skit seems like it would be hilarious.

  • Brian Knickerbocker
    Brian Knickerbocker 1 month ago

    Love it.

  • Dalton Majewski
    Dalton Majewski 1 month ago

    nice cut Trevor :)

  • Liberal Lefty who hates Authoritarian Lefties.

    why does it matter that they're white?

    • Liberal Lefty who hates Authoritarian Lefties.
      Liberal Lefty who hates Authoritarian Lefties. 1 month ago

      Yes, obviously the issue is the lack of women.. so why even mention their skin color. What if it was all white women, would the fact that they're white still be brought up? What if it was a panel of all black men? In both these cases the diversity of the panel would still be zero, but would their skin color still be mentioned?

      Or hell, would it be any better if it was a panel of all men but each of them was of a different race? Skyrocketing diversity! Still doesn't solve the problem of there not being any women. Just seems like another example of people being very comfortable just casually pointing out white skin as being bad.

    • netwolfe
      netwolfe 1 month ago

      @Liberal Lefty who hates Authoritarian Lefties. I think the main issue is the lack of women on the panel about women's health. I think the only reason about mentioning they are all white men, is to help emphasize the lack of diversity on the panel. Almost like saying, this panel could not be less diverse if they tried.

  • mice hunter
    mice hunter 1 month ago

    *commence slow clapping* KILLED IT!!!! BRAVO!

  • Van Knip
    Van Knip 1 month ago

    I know this woman claims she is white, but I just don't see it. Maybe she should do a DNA and ancestry test and if not those, then a blood test. She is positively orange and odd looking. Strange how her features don't look Caucasoid either.

  • DaaaahWhoosh
    DaaaahWhoosh 1 month ago

    But remember, women don't need their own health insurance, they can just use their husbands'.

  • Mikey M
    Mikey M 1 month ago

    Michelle wolf is my spirit animal

  • ratherbenapping 10
    ratherbenapping 10 1 month ago

    so erectile dysfunction is a pre-xisting condition right?

  • Lightbulb Your Life
    Lightbulb Your Life 1 month ago

    poor michelle.

  • Adannia Ufondu
    Adannia Ufondu 1 month ago

    Is anyone watching the new Hulu show 'The Handmaid's Tale'? This honestly reminds me of that. I know, I know... I might be reaching... but they didn't see it coming either until it was too late... I'm acc terrified

  • ChaoticChiyo
    ChaoticChiyo 1 month ago

    well, I'm fucked with that bill... irregular period person right here. WTF Trump, go shove the bill up your ass

  • Ross Wilcox
    Ross Wilcox 1 month ago

    Why is it that liberals feel the need to play the white knight and defend minority groups, but never have any problem ragging on Mormons? Don't you dare make fun of a Muslim! But Mormons? Ahh what the hell...

  • Alexia Tr
    Alexia Tr 1 month ago

    C-Sections, Pregnancies are pre-existent conditions?!!! These Pro-lifers are unbelievable assholes.

  • devonte davis
    devonte davis 1 month ago

    Damn she got more hair on her chest than trev

  • Clay Claydy
    Clay Claydy 1 month ago

    so does this mean women will need to tell their doctors "my menstruation has occurred at the same time every month" in order to secure their insurance?

  • John Hachi
    John Hachi 1 month ago

    Michelle is hilarious. More airtime! :)

  • Whimsy Smith
    Whimsy Smith 1 month ago

    Are they married? Do they hate their mothers, their daughters, their sisters and their wives? Oh wait- that's right THEIR families will be exempt.

  • jonathanmangus
    jonathanmangus 1 month ago


  • jonathanmangus
    jonathanmangus 1 month ago

    Really how are you different from Donald trump Wanda you are disgusted with one group yet leave the rest untouched ALSO you think all Mormon are the same. WOW YOUR NO DIFFRENT THAN DONALAD TRUMP!!

  • jonathanmangus
    jonathanmangus 1 month ago

    Wanda if you read this then why are you defending women and all these other groups yet exclude the Mormons and make fun them, how does one religion deserve to be beaten on yet all they other groups not really your no better than a racist

  • I. WYNN
    I. WYNN 1 month ago

    There is almost no rights for women, there has always been no rights or almost no rights for women, any laws and every law made is rarely enforced or taking seriously. My periods have been regular and on time and on schedule, there are apps for that and you can put it on he calendar, they are regular unless there is something wrong with you. It is hell on earth being a female but males make it worse in every way and every day, every area of life, professionally, socially, finically, emotionally, physiologically, physically , politically etc. women why the fuck don't you stand together and fight for yourselves and each other and fight males who treat you like shit in every area of life and why do you instead enable Them and fuck them instead of fight hen especially when they are usually and shitty, why do you enable them and let them win and allow every women to loose including you?

  • jonathanmangus
    jonathanmangus 1 month ago

    What the heck, I'm Mormon we are NOT poligomists, really, if you don't believe in making fun of religions why in the world would you make fun of ours!

  • sybrix
    sybrix 1 month ago

    Lol. So is premature ejaculation a pre-existing condition? Low sperm count? Erectile dysfunction? Because it seems these 13 white dudes have no problem being heavy handed on pretty much every little thing that effects a woman's reproductive organs.

  • Captain Lorelai Pucksdatter


  • Tiki80
    Tiki80 1 month ago

    republicans women healthcare plan with only men in the panel is as seriously taken as Saudi Arabias women council for woman empower with also only men in it...

  • djshape11
    djshape11 1 month ago

    Rachel Dolezal 🔥

  • Nik110512
    Nik110512 1 month ago

    I'd like to meet the woman with regular periods.

  • JoePescisBoss
    JoePescisBoss 1 month ago

    If you were asking yourself how it is that we are losing elections, even though we have big majorities on pretty much every important issue, the answer is in this video.
     Disgusting feminists!
    With them on your side you will lose even a vote about giving people money fro free.

    • JoePescisBoss
      JoePescisBoss 1 month ago

      Im sorry, I meant to say that feminists are ugly
      dont believe me? jsut look in the mirror

    • Anonymous Me
      Anonymous Me 1 month ago

      rephrase this in english for me please

    • ken wahler
      ken wahler 1 month ago

      bitches be bitchin

  • Whofan06
    Whofan06 1 month ago


  • rebak 86
    rebak 86 1 month ago

    lmao...Michelle Wolf you are amazing(exclamation point) Your delivery is perfect! Can you hit thumbs up more then once...

    • rebak 86
      rebak 86 1 month ago

      no! I like 'then", thanks tho

    • ken wahler
      ken wahler 1 month ago

      no! but you could write "than" instead of "then"

  • Soraya
    Soraya 1 month ago

    I honestly don't care if they're men or women. I want it to be people who are actually educated and know what the hell they're talking about. There are women out there who think periods are a curse, and if you're on your period you should be isolated. If there were men here who knew why c-sections are necessary at times (and looked beyond the cost); understood that periods follow a cycle of 23 - 35 days and can change every few months the first few years and last few; that breast cancer isn't a woman's fault; and that endometriosis is a disease that just happens whether it be genetics or luck or whatever, I wouldn't care one bit. These men don't understand that and that's why they're cool with letting companies discriminate against women for this.

  • Soraya
    Soraya 1 month ago

    So these dunderheads would rather a woman not abort their child, go through the pain of childbirth, and let the kid die instead of getting a c section. What. The. Actual. Crap.

    Also just to be clear, I don't believe in convenience abortions. If some person raped you, you can get an abortion, but if you had sex willingly, I think it's wrong. You went along with it knowing the risks and you had a part in the creation of the fetus.

  • Kemyon Patrick
    Kemyon Patrick 1 month ago

    I am in love. 😍

  • sixburn gaming
    sixburn gaming 1 month ago

    you know what would be nice? more women in the Daily Show too

  • Lightlybow
    Lightlybow 1 month ago

    Mormons don't practice polygamy, that joke is old, irritating and inaccurate

  • Stina Wilson
    Stina Wilson 1 month ago

    Can we make erectile dysfunction a pre-existing condition so this old assholes can't fuck people over anymore

  • BosephusBigelsworth
    BosephusBigelsworth 1 month ago

    Michelle Wolf is a national treasure. This was excellent, thanks Daily Show!

  • Andrea Schafferhans-Fuhrmann

    In the end of the YouTube excerpts we're often told that we can watch full episodes for free, but it looks like that only applies to people in the US. Why?

  • ZAM zam
    ZAM zam 1 month ago

    Women should send a used tampons to their congressman and tell them to fix this shot for them.

  • Celina k
    Celina k 1 month ago

    0:37 or health!

  • Era Pi
    Era Pi 1 month ago


  • catherine spruill
    catherine spruill 1 month ago

    I'm Mormon and that is funny!

  • Kindell Armstrong
    Kindell Armstrong 1 month ago

    That was brilliant ! Ahaha

  • HeroOfKvatch
    HeroOfKvatch 1 month ago

    Pregnancy as a pre-existing condition? What. The. Fuck. Republicans.

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  • Mister G
    Mister G 1 month ago

    Elections have consequences

  • go ahead
    go ahead 1 month ago

    she's annoying

  • lycan
    lycan 1 month ago

    Thats the white bitch that was pretending to be a nigger so she could get food stamps and free housing. AMERICA FIRST

  • cloudandsurf
    cloudandsurf 1 month ago

    This channel should stop censoring curse words.

  • Dallas Fark
    Dallas Fark 1 month ago

    She was hilarious! Also correct.

  • Ayana
    Ayana 1 month ago

    The app on my phone said my period should have arrived YESTERDAY!! I wasted a pad 😪 and I am still waiting 😑

  • Rozzen Bamama
    Rozzen Bamama 1 month ago


  • Mohammed Hassen
    Mohammed Hassen 1 month ago

    This lady might just be the funniest person i have ever seen. :)

  • Calvin Green
    Calvin Green 1 month ago

    Do leftists ever get bored of thinking up new ways to be victims all day?

  • Moe Jaime
    Moe Jaime 1 month ago

    The really pre-existing condition being an old white racist asshole !!

  • shalon rogers
    shalon rogers 1 month ago


  • ron bZoom
    ron bZoom 1 month ago

    Michelle Wolfe of the Daily Show and Amber Ruffin of Late Night, sperated at birth? Sisters by another mister?

  • pat comerford
    pat comerford 1 month ago

    Mitch and his twelve apostles! Maybe this has been done before, could the American women post a "sanitary product" to each of these 13 "caredevils" (T. Noah) as a way to let these guys know that at least half of these guys need to be replaced by women and they must give women a voice, period? Can you imagine these guys getting millions of tampons, with the attached warning of not being re-elected! We have had the 'Velvet Revolution', how about the 'tampon revolution'?This would be politics in action!

  • Qwerty Bastard
    Qwerty Bastard 1 month ago

    Yea! My Doctor is female and I'm male. That bitch doesn't know shit about being a man...

  • hellyeah662
    hellyeah662 1 month ago

    such a shitty show.

  • Jahiro Garcia
    Jahiro Garcia 1 month ago

    this broad is funny but I can't stand her shrill voice

  • Thimbleberry DeShea
    Thimbleberry DeShea 1 month ago

    That was brilliant!

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