Do Glasses Ruin Your Eyesight?

Hank brings the answer into focus.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Author Rifleatk1396 ( ago)
What about electronic deterioration? Is it different (if it's even a thing?)?

Author Michael King ( ago)
you can do eye exercises to improve vision...

Author That Totally Random Guy ( ago)
my left eye sees far distances blurry but my right eye is absolutely perfect

Author DeadOrAlive ( ago)
But what about if your eyes are fine and you wear glasses? Are you still fine?

Author Victoria Wilczek ( ago)
I had an eyeglass commercial before this....

Author QueenofSilence101 ( ago)
I've never heard anyone say glasses make your vision worse. Why would anyone think that?

Even if you aren't a scientist, it should be common sense that this statement is stupid. Right?

Author Songyi Han ( ago)
hell yea! look nerdy as you! (I love wearing glasses)

Author Jeanette Hansen ( ago)
*Coughcough* The idea of glasses making your eyesight bad is because of how the chinese handle failing sight (with age). They proscribe paliptating the orbital muscles to try and strengthen the bloodflow to the eye and thus the ability to focus the eye properly. It reportedly works in many cases, but worth investigation.
(Choosing one solution over the other seems to be a cultural thing. )
Thinking that glasses will purposefully make your eyesight bad.. nyeeeeh. That's backwards..ish.
Either way, glasses or exercises, may you always see clearly! ;-)

Author Guoenyi ( ago)
Ha! Now I can wear my specs even in sleep!

Author Naum Rusomarov ( ago)
I've had mostly the same vision for almost 15 years now.

Author Neil Doerdan ( ago)
They missed the research that revealed that although glasses do not ruin your eyesight, they certainly can make it worse. The only way to make it better is to stop or reduce the activities that cause the damage in the first place. Too much close up work for too long a period of time in poor lighting conditions.
Myopia can be repaired by allowing the ciliary muscle in the eye time to relax and return to its normal size along with retraining the eye to regain focus over long distances. If you wear glasses/lenses for close up work you add to the damage that can be done. If you wear glasses/lenses that give you 20/10 or 20/20 vision, then your eye thinks it is good and doesn't need to resize to get back to focus.

Author Marla Jacques ( ago)
I tried eye exercises for a month and went from -4.75 to -3.50. Got new prescription from an argumentative dr so now I must keep it up, for sake of curiosity and spite!

Author Sophie Filo ( ago)
I've...NEVER heard ANYONE say glasses make your vision worse.

Author Khalid Bin Abdul Wadud Bin Haider Dhali ( ago)
also just look cool! :D

Author Guilherme Sabino ( ago)
Well fuck. I was hoping for it to be true. My glasses broke and its way too expensive for me to get new ones.

Author Ainat ( ago)
I got rid of my glass with the right "workout" for my eyes. so... yeah. there is such thing.
and I needed to go without glass or with a lower numer as well. and let them rest a lot... it took my a while but it was totally worth it.

Author Julian Hart ( ago)
ruyat jaealat alnnizarat ghabia

Author shng sam ( ago)
Nope, i totally disagree with this video

as a person with short sighted, I have a group of friends who is short sighted as well.

Those who were their glasses most of the time, includes me
having or short sighted getting worse every year

Those who didnt wear their glasses, or just wear them occasionally, after a few year they no need glasses anymore!

the real life case is very clear
and whats even clearer my eyeball size has change since i wear glasses, so does i notice those who wore glasses in my family. These things are so obvious why researcher didn't notice it ?

I have a severe myopic, and i regret i wore glasses all the time ( starting from age 7 i have perfect vision, 8, 9 years old i have 200 degree, than it just keep on increasing a lot every year )

Author metalperslfx ( ago)
I need to reduce my time looking at screens.

Author Stefano Liberale ( ago)
Is it just me or you look a lot like Daniel Tosh?

Author Quen Loust ( ago)
I bet if I wore my reading glasses when my eyesight was good, it wouldn't be as bad as it is now. I'm not blind without my glasses, but I pretty much HAVE to wear them all the time if I want to have a good time.

Author David 0/1 ( ago)
Fantastically stupid. Glasses definitely have made my vision worse. You described how eyes work, but failed to address why eyes become more oblong, and jumped to conclusions without evidence. This may be anecdotal, but i have experimented with my own vision and roughly measured changes by measuring the distance from my face where vision can focus - i got definite improvements after periods of not wearing glasses. I wish i could more often, but unfortunately i have to live and work, and need the glasses too much. So people, don't listen to this trash… if you feel fine or 'good enough' without glasses, dont start the dependency. This channel isn't worth my sub anymore.

Author Will H ( ago)
I love how you roll your eyes to the ceiling (and beyond) with this myth lol!

Author Peter2kx ( ago)
bruh when I was a kid my vision was perfect then puberty hits.. and although it did lots of great things, one thing it did was made my vision shit. I can't see in the distance for the life of me lol

Author The Smug Doge ( ago)

Author Ayverie Ablaze ( ago)
The truth is... overcorrection ruins your eyesight. Including doing near work with a lens strength appropriate for driving. Glasses, if you already have mid to high myopia, prevent your sight from getting worse. But at -1 or less? If only you avoided them to begin with and made positive lifestyle and health changes, you wouldn't be at -6 with risk of retinal detachment now...

This video tows the line of mainstream optometry. I wouldn't really expect anything else from it. But it is an utter tragedy that we all are being played for money like we are. We are being lied to. Luxottica is a monopoly! They have far too much invested in this lie to let little ol' Hank dismantle their industry!

Author Paul Bebnowski ( ago)
I love this channel and this host... I only listen to nerds.. in nerds we trust!

Author mmarioivann ( ago)
Nice, could you explain how eye laser surgery works?

Author LilMsMalevolent ( ago)
Urgh my first ophthalmologist gave me glasses with a lower prescription when I first started wearing them, thankfully changed doctors soon and got the correct prescription, albeit after like a year or so. Also, I had astigmatism so don't know if that's why my eyes got worse and worse or because of the wrong prescription or both!!!

Author Riggro ( ago)
That's messed up. Thinking that you are more likely to be a nerd because you wear glasses.
I have perfect 20/20 (although I can already tell age is affecting my vision) and always have had perfect vision.
I can probably out-nerd a number of people here in these comments...
I have a feeling there's absolutely no correlation between eyesight and smarts...

Author Aleybongo ( ago)
I have a complex eye problem and am negative 16 prescription

Author Jet Addict ( ago)
you long eyed bastard

Author EatenRibs i-si-u ( ago)
Thanks so much for helping to teach ppl the truth about so many things. channel is better than i thought and i am considering to support you guys

Author Josh Wallbanks ( ago)
Kully Kan't Kuff, Kan Kraig

Author Vitabrick Snailslime ( ago)
Well Hank, what you say is essentially correct but is not the whole truth. Fact is, your lens gets thicker as you age and so requires more effort to deform. Hence, even without having either a long or short eyeball your minimal focal distance will increase as you age. This can be offset to some extent by exercising your eyes (e.g. not always wearing glasses), but these muscles are really pretty small. I don't think there's the capacity to develop them in a Schwartzenegger type way.

Author porcineChemist ( ago)
When I was about 6, I got my first pair of glasses and was told by the eye doctor to only wear them when looking at the board at school- not to wear them all the time. However, it was clear to everyone around me that I needed to be wearing them all the time, and eventually just started wearing them all the time because I like to see. We then changed eye doctors and I was then given glasses at the correct prescription to wear all the time. Now I hover around -9 diopters in either eye and can't see 3 inches in front of me without correction. As soon as I get the money, I'm getting some form of corrective surgery.

Author Nofan Felani ( ago)
do glasses make you look cool?

Author HalcyonSerenade ( ago)
I was diagnosed as slightly far-sighted by my eye doctor and given glasses pretty early on. Just a few years ago, they got lost and my backup pair were very ill-fitting, so I just stopped wearing glasses at all for months... once I was able to go see my eye doctor again, I told him what happened and that I haven't felt any pain or noticed any blurry vision and was really questioning whether I needed glasses...

...he told me I haven't needed glasses for years, ever since my head stopped growing, and the glasses were just to assure that my eyes' slight self-correction wouldn't screw up my vision during development. *I just didn't ask.*

Author The Dynast Queen ( ago)

Author Trinity Spark ( ago)
What about people who dont need glasses but your optometrist still prescribes you reading glasses saying "this will help you" When in reality any time you used them they only made you feel a bit dizzy and things looked even weirder.

Author SilverHeart ( ago)
This ties into my question. Does being too close to the TV damage your eye vision?

Author Zack ( ago)
I do eye excercises...

Author pokenei ( ago)
Glasses may or may not cause your vision to deteriorate, but TVs, and other electronic screens certainly would. My vision had gone from perfect to half-blinded in a short number of years. Now I can't even focus on things that are inches from my face without glasses.

I don't think we humans are born with defective eyes. If that's the case, imagine most soldiers in ancient times going into battle with blurred vision, they can't even identify friend from foe.

Author Blacknight ( ago)
QQ:why are some people can blur and focus their visions at will?

Author The Wolf On Fire ( ago)
so many comments with people saying this can't be right there eye sight constantly changes must be the glasses

yeah so does mine thats meant to happen I got my first pair of glasses 8 years ago my prescription was 50/50 with a blue tint for dyslexia I had those for half a year before the prescription changed and the tint stoped working
then I had a stronger prescription with a purple tint those worked for 3 months I then moved one to another prescription and a green tint that was made up of 4 different colours by the time they finished making them I couldn't use them
but didn't want to disappoint my mother who couldn't afford for me to get new colours I then spend the next 3 years with no glasses
I went back to the optometrist got given a 50/50 prescription again with out colour because I could read just fine at the time I had those for a month before I couldn't see my street sign from my house anymore because the prescription ended up being wrong again and I couldn't read again either and needed coloured lenses again. went back again a year ago and they gave me the same prescription as before. I've been both nearsighted and farsighted threw my childhood *im most definitely near sighted now because I can't see shit *if its far away its gone if its to close it gone if the writings smaller then large print its gone if writings small and far away it gone*
just be cause your eyes change doesn't mean its you glasses if you have glasses while your growing there going to change thats the whole point *your eyes grow with you* if your eyes aren't that bad *so basically your prescription isn't very strong and you can see pretty ok with out them* then they will change and hopefully you won't need to have glasses all the time if your on the higher end of the prescription range your eyesight might change but it isn't going to get A+ vision either.
don't think just because your eyesight changes its your glasses because it isn't its just the way things happen. *honestly thats what the video was trying to tell you*

Author Eiffies ( ago)
When I was a child I had really bad myopia (I couldn't see at all past my elbow with my arm elongated) but now at 17 and I can see clearly up until my fingertips with my arm stretched out in front of me, getting your eyes checked regularly and wearing glasses/contacts does help in childhood and I recommend wearing your glasses if they've been prescribed they really help!

Author DeltaBlaZe77 ( ago)
We all know the stereotype that nerds wear glasses, but I wonder if there is actually any evidence for correlation/causation

Author Hasan Baidoun ( ago)
That, of course, doesn't include eye ruined by continuous 14 hours a day of computer screen habit ....

Author David Stegman ( ago)
The thing is your eyes stop growing when your about five years old.

Author Wafflez Puncakes ( ago)
I have myopia and my vision gets worse. My mum blames it on me reading so much, does anyone else think this could be true? I take my glasses off to read, or use bifocals if I'm in a place where I can't have my book close to my face. Also, I know the thing that staying in a lot worsens myopia, but I'm not allowed to go outside and I'm not just gonna sit on the back porch and stare at the neighboring building all day.

Author Lars Lars Pantsonfars ( ago)
I loved this episode of S-eye-Show!

Author Rod Savoyivok presents WunderLogik ( ago)
Paid for by luxottica?

Author Tech Stream ( ago)
Natural procedures heal the eyes. check it out

Author Treavon Ware ( ago)
i think glasses do ruin vision when I was a kid my eye sight was better after wearing glasses my eyesight became poor

Author Daniel Zhan ( ago)
I am picking up my glasses soon! Being farsighted sucks at school

Author Fida Aifiya ( ago)
meh. I've been on the same prescription for years.

Author Dee Mash ( ago)
But the eye exercise thing really did help my eyesight get better a few years back but I, of course, don't do it now cause I'm super lazy. Someone tell me why....

Author ROBLOX Hater ( ago)
What if you are "myopic" and "farsighted"?
Why I am asking is because I am both.

P.S. my right eye is myopic and my left is farsighted

Author Emmanuel Namikaze ( ago)
Im calling bull shit.

Author Someone Else1337 ( ago)
Square root of -16!!!!!

Get it? 4i? No? Ok.... I'll let myself out....

Author Jorge Diaz ( ago)
so if i wear glasses and strenghten my prescription every year my eyes will get worse but if i keep the same prescription or dont wear them at all my vision will still get worse. and i cant see because my eyes are too long. so does this mean my eyes are getting longer and changing shape? this doesnt make sense

Author Joyce Chandler ( ago)

Author Muttzilla __ ( ago)
I got a contacts ad before this

Author raja sekar ( ago)
no logic in it.. i can prove glasses ruin vision and under corrected glasses are better than fully corrected lens

Author Phoenix ( ago)
I used to have perfect vision then one day In 8th grade I noticed I couldn't read the board from the back of the class
Why does this happen to a teenager?
I'm in 10th grade now

Author Karla Co ( ago)
do a video about having Astigmatism

Author hgdge ( ago)
So is it bad if i dont wear them but can still see okay? i mean i see better with them on but only for really far away stuff.

Author Snow_Cherry _4909 ( ago)
I don't understand people who don't wear glasses because they hate how they look. I had a girl on my table do that once, and I didn't know that she actually had to wear them constantly in school

Author Aquakiller ( ago)
But... wht if wearing it hurts my eye?

Author Leonard Greenpaw ( ago)
so... if I go into space and thus have that increase in pressure inside my skull, press my elongated eyes forward... I would get better vision?

Author VectorPlexus ( ago)
Glasses ruining eyesight? I never heard such nonsense, must be a murican thing...

Author Ethan Santiago ( ago)
and also just look cool!

Author John Paradise ( ago)
"And also just look cool!"

Author I need to 3.141592654 ( ago)
yes they do

Author PizzaPlansO ( ago)
Yes they do ruin your vision. I wear overnight contacts your supposed to put them on at night sleep in them wake up take them out and see better or good

Author Megan McGrory ( ago)
great show but i noticed 2 things that were not touch upon in this episode. like how glasses are bad for you if you don't need them, how environments can cause weekending of the eyes and exercise can help.

Author Ann Jelika Dionela ( ago)
I don't know what to believe anymore. So eye exercises are useless? And if vision can get worse, can it also get better? I have astigmatism 🙁

Author Josie Delaney ( ago)
I have 20/20 vision but I have to wear glasses because my eyes are to weak!

Author Anonymous ( ago)
But there are exercises for eyes and weak eyesight and they work in many cases.

Author Stan R ( ago)
Why humans have bad eyesight?

Author Stan R ( ago)
Why humans have bad eyesight?

Author Persephone Hades ( ago)
As a kid, I would look up at the night sky and see the stars. A few years back, I noticed I couldn't see as many stars as I used to. I knew I was near-sighted, but I refused to wear glasses. Now, I can look up at the sky and see as many stars as i used to as a kid. What does this very valid anecdotal evidence suggest? Some people don't need glasses to correct their vision.

Author Gaben McFry ( ago)
Im 15 years old and I have worse eyesight than my mother whose in her mid 40s.

Author Bruce Dodd ( ago)
I am glad to hear this because of previous thought

Author Abyssimal Kyogre ( ago)
Does squinting mess up your eyesight?

Author Laura G Lauren ( ago)
Ok I know that glasses don't ruin your eyesight but when I wear my for example 7-8 hours a day when I take them off I see worse then when I wear them for 2 or 3 hours a day.

Author deth kon ( ago)
why not overcorrect?

Author TLK Dragon ( ago)
Ppl says I look like a nerd tho :(

Author Arianna ( ago)
I'm extremely nearsighted- anything more than maybe a half a foot away looks blurry without my glasses, and the last time I went in for an eye exam the optometrist told me that the reason I now needed a stronger​ prescription than before was because I hadn't been taking my glasses off to read like I'm supposed to

Author Jeffrey ( ago)
this isn't very convincing.. I'll have to do some digging.

Author james munroe ( ago)
Why? To this day.
Are my eye's only getting better.
I needed glasses till i was like 19, now i see things so well putting them on kills me.
Also, They only get better. I'm 26 now and i saw i can see individual strands in the carpet.

Author It's Eoleh ( ago)
Addition, if you are near sighted (myoptic), then sitting too close to a PC screen can make your vision worse. That's at least what I've been told by my optics clinique, and I suppose that it's true as I sit a lot in front of the computer and I do get worse and worse eyesight, however this may also just be because of aging, though I initally got my first pair of glasses at age 13 and now I'm 21½...

Author Mark Kamphuis ( ago)
I got -7.00 and -7.50. Imagine what that is like, scrubs

Author etmax1 ( ago)
Well I know a few people who after taking up eye exercises improved their vision to the point where they didn't need glasses.
I was diagnosed with astigmatism in my 40's, never used prescription glasses, and now in my 60's no longer have it. I use readers (1.5) now occasionally for reading.

Author D.E.B. B ( ago)
And yet, at age 40 as my eyeglass Rx had gone from -0.75 to -1.75, I tried the eye exercises in a book called sight without glasses and very shortly went to a point where my eyesight was 20/30 and I didn't need to wear glasses anymore. Explanation from the scientists here?

Author Conrad Rodriguez ( ago)
is it my glasses fault if my right eye work fine but my left eye is still messed up with my glasses on?

Author Richey Plays Roblox ( ago)
My eyes are already ruined.

Author KristiChan1 ( ago)
When I first read the title I thought it was, "Do *Gases* Ruin Your Eyesight?" After I PUT ON my glasses I figured it out.

Author YouGotsTheRabies ( ago)
A better conclusion: "Correct prescription glasses won't ruin eyesight, but incorrect prescription glasses make eyesight worse." I experienced this myself with a light prescription that wasn't quite right, so eventually I stopped wearing glasses and vision improved. But still, @2:05 in this video, the evidence shows that a bad prescription causes harm.

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