Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Movie Review

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  • TheRockstarnumber1
    TheRockstarnumber1 21 hour ago

    This Movie is great. The Gold People are not the villains of this movie and are just there as an intro to their characters so that argument is null and void. The comedy is better and it has so many memorable moments and quotes that are scattered all over the comment section. But the best thing for me is unlike the first movie this movie actually has a final battle. I went to the cinema 3 times to see this movie and came out with a shit eating grin on my face all 3 times. This movie is a 10 out of 10 for me and just as great as the first.

  • Mathijs S.
    Mathijs S. 1 day ago

    Havn't seen it yet, but hearing this, this is the way to build a frenchise!

  • HyperSilver
    HyperSilver 1 day ago

    what's funny about this is

    1. his first name IS chris
    2. he LOOKS almost EXACTLY lime Chris pratt

  • Posthumous Joker
    Posthumous Joker 1 day ago

    Awesome intro lol

  • Tyler Martinz
    Tyler Martinz 2 days ago

    to care??? tazer face??? stupid!!! how can you care about this movie? its cheesy,lame and annoying bro.

  • Cruel boy
    Cruel boy 3 days ago

    Spoilers:star lord's father is ego the living planet

  • Cruel boy
    Cruel boy 5 days ago

    chris I would give it A-

  • Jose Barraza
    Jose Barraza 5 days ago

    Chris please do a review about the 2008 incredible hulk.

  • mat sh
    mat sh 7 days ago

    No one has mentioned this.
    Drax (Bautista) has the best fake laugh I have ever heard.

  • Aquabeing1
    Aquabeing1 8 days ago

    '''Earthers have hangups"'

  • Sufyan Suri
    Sufyan Suri 9 days ago

    I enjoy listening to your voice 👍👏

  • Cole Scott
    Cole Scott 10 days ago

    My favorite line from grut " I am grut

  • realm of gman
    realm of gman 12 days ago

    Trash panda

  • Toolness1
    Toolness1 12 days ago

    Drax is awesome. Bautista is like 48, "vitamins" or no, that's impressive.

  • Bleary Vision
    Bleary Vision 12 days ago

    The comics are always better still...

  • Ren
    Ren 12 days ago

    I thought the DVD would be Outlaw Star, lol!

  • Jia Lee
    Jia Lee 13 days ago

    its not ripe yet

  • Guilherme Nunes
    Guilherme Nunes 13 days ago

    Yоu cаn't find this mоviе with bettееееr quаlitу thааn hеrе =>

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 13 days ago

    Chris Pratt looks noticeably more plump.

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 13 days ago

    They need to joke more about raccoons.

  • The Bringer of Rain
    The Bringer of Rain 13 days ago

    I loved the first one but this is definitely one of my least fav MCU movies.

  • Pro-Fact Frankingirl

    Kinda ironic that I had this video suggested for me, because my first review I saw with you, I instantly thought, "Omg, he looks like Starlord!"
    The resemblance is freaky. Now that I think about it, though, you look more like Ant Man. You look exactly like Ant Man, actually. 😱

  • kpop attack
    kpop attack 15 days ago

    GOTG = Anything for friends
    GTOG VOL 2 = Anything for family

    such a great concept for superheroes movie A+

  • Katrin St
    Katrin St 15 days ago

    "Trash Panda"

  • Comics Champion
    Comics Champion 15 days ago

    Mean they did with Drax but it was just done very subtly, mean bit talking about his wife has more meaning later when Mantis feels his emotions. Can see how he handles his emotions about losing his family.

  • Klejdi Koci
    Klejdi Koci 15 days ago

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  • collin petry
    collin petry 15 days ago

    Is it just me or are Firefly and Cowboy Bebop apart of some merge of the western and sci-fi genres that needs to become more expanded upon (with good quality productions)

  • FrAnK FMK
    FrAnK FMK 16 days ago

    just a bunch of aliens and a human with no super powers

  • Programming Cafe
    Programming Cafe 17 days ago

    Taser face is scrotum hat

  • Edgar Daniel Diaz Cruz

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  • AceBoone05
    AceBoone05 17 days ago

    I agree. Great review 🤗

  • Gabi
    Gabi 18 days ago

    Congrats on getting your braces off! :D

  • Ako
    Ako 19 days ago

    the holier than thou sjw pc puking lesbian feminazi gold people dont belong anywhere as portrayed here. glad they got their asses kicked

  • playsbba018
    playsbba018 19 days ago

    Planet Ego was a little bit on the nose....

  • Yendor
    Yendor 19 days ago


  • Jake Sherman
    Jake Sherman 19 days ago

    What are you talking about Chris??? Ego is the best Marvel villain since Loki much better then that stupid fucking blue guy (Ronan) in the first

  • Mathieson Sicard
    Mathieson Sicard 20 days ago

    He looks like Chris Pratt

  • Duncan Koeller
    Duncan Koeller 20 days ago

    I feel like the "gold people" in this film were not at all meant to be the Mwahahaha meneacing villians of this movie. They are more like the embodiment of what would happen if rich spoiled brats had lots of weaponry. The menacing villain of the film isn't actually a villain for a sizable chunk of the movie so it makes sense that they would include another threat to tide the viewer over. After all, this is meant to be an action movie, and you can't really have action without some sort of opposition. As for the notion that they are not good villains, they are not as good as Ego, that's for sure, but I actually enjoyed the fact that these villains weren't your typical menacing villains. These villains are made villainous by their huge egos. The viewer is made to despise these people right away when they talk down to the guardians saying they can't possibly risk any of their own lives because they are way more precious, taking that sentiment even further when you find out that they don't even risk their own lives at war. Instead, they are shown piloting their ships like arcade games which further drives the notion that these villains are exactly like spoiled 10 year olds. In a way, you could say these villains are the perfect build up for the main villain because they have a big ego that can't be backed up by their military power. They get beat up practically every scene they're in. Ego also possesses a huge ego but he has a lot of power to back that up with.

  • Agent 9400
    Agent 9400 20 days ago

    The intro was awesome. The to video.

  • JTheMovieMaker
    JTheMovieMaker 20 days ago

    I grew up with Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2...

  • Nadir Younan
    Nadir Younan 20 days ago

    one super goofy super hero movie. it's one thing to have funny moments here and there, but this movie it seemed like they were trying to be funny 80% of the time.

  • MrKaje72
    MrKaje72 20 days ago


  • Linda Kissenberger
    Linda Kissenberger 21 day ago

    saw this movie and loved it awesome and fun movie.

  • Ryan Qian
    Ryan Qian 23 days ago

    wonder woman a+ and guardians of the galaxy B+? It was so much better than wonder woman. luved the movie

  • Muusicca
    Muusicca 24 days ago

    i thought baby groot was annoying lol

  • Ravi Tolani
    Ravi Tolani 24 days ago

    I really hated the movie. I was sleeping thought later half of the movie. slow. wasted movie

    JESSA BLACK 24 days ago


  • Josh Lee
    Josh Lee 24 days ago

    Chris I would disagree with your statement on Drax not having the emotional moment. The scene with him and Mantis at the pool on Ego was one of the strongest moments. You feel for his character without him having to say it. Mantis uses her powers three times one of them she describes the emotion she is feeling as "the most humor she has ever felt" then that scene you see her have one of the deepest saddest moments and that says so much more for his character then any words could.

  • Jordan Swan
    Jordan Swan 24 days ago

    I died when they introduced the Zune

  • Burnsy Runs
    Burnsy Runs 24 days ago

    I thought the supreme race of golden beings was a fun bit, I liked the jokes made at their expense, I didn't really feel they outstayed their welcome.

    • Burnsy Runs
      Burnsy Runs 24 days ago

      The entire movie I felt they were made out to be non-threatening and contrast their serious tone with the comedic relief of their plans failing miserably. The real antagonist figure is clearly a spoiler.

  • Iqbal Hassan
    Iqbal Hassan 25 days ago

    why do you look like chris Pratt?

  • Jeremiah Gilyard
    Jeremiah Gilyard 25 days ago

    Great intro

  • Tech-Cities
    Tech-Cities 25 days ago

    I thought this movie was fantastic, I loved the first one and this one was even better in my opinion. I laughed out loud several times and tbh I cried like a baby at the end, it was a bit embarrassing 😂

    (EDIT) Also baby groot was hilarious and adorable and star lord was hot 😂

  • Creagal
    Creagal 25 days ago

    meh.... i liked it better than the 1st one... but.... that's just my worthless opinion :-D

  • Reana Yan
    Reana Yan 25 days ago

    nebula really broke my heart , I wasn't expecting that at all

  • Supa Chill Vibes
    Supa Chill Vibes 26 days ago

    this is easily the best marvel movie of all time

  • Supa Chill Vibes
    Supa Chill Vibes 26 days ago


  • LinkLeoSF
    LinkLeoSF 26 days ago

    Best. Intro. Ever.

  • The Two Wizards by Sean and Caster

    Chris looks like Chris...........Prat

  • Jacobgamer9971 Xx
    Jacobgamer9971 Xx 26 days ago

    I think Chris looks like star Lord

  • Pi VN
    Pi VN 26 days ago

    Just have watched the review about WonderWoman and you have a complain about the cgi in that movie. But this movie has some big cgi faillures, didn't pay attention to it or didn't you care about them?

  • wweRamz
    wweRamz 26 days ago

    I wanna see drax give a Batista bomb in the next movie and call it a Drax Bomb lol

  • Colin Harris
    Colin Harris 26 days ago

    Idk I thought this movie was great and much better then the 1st. I wasn't a huge fan of there first

  • Brayden Wormer
    Brayden Wormer 26 days ago

    Star lords dad killed his mom

  • Brayden Wormer
    Brayden Wormer 26 days ago

    Star lord dies

  • Jr Jackson
    Jr Jackson 26 days ago

    James Gunn to direct fantastic four in the mcu

  • Anmol Ghale
    Anmol Ghale 26 days ago

    i loved this movie...
    never got bored

    POSGH MED LIBRARY 27 days ago

    I was very disappointed with this movie because of the hype that came before. i did see the character evolution that you saw but that was because I fell asleep a couple of time. I just did not want to see it again. I will though when it comes out on the television. Can't pay money to see it again. It really does not need me anyway.

  • Max Karimi
    Max Karimi 27 days ago

    stop putting ur face in every video pls!!!

  • Adrian Mccauley
    Adrian Mccauley 27 days ago

    Except Draxx? He tells Mantis about his murdered family.....

  • FaZe Supplydrop
    FaZe Supplydrop 27 days ago

    I honestly think DC doesn't do good movies like they used too but that's just my opinion

  • Coby Eugene
    Coby Eugene 27 days ago

    "Let's take some walkmens and listen to music..."-Stuckman 2017

  • Cam C
    Cam C 27 days ago

    This movie was genuinely so bad, worst of the year so far

  • Slap Slap Slap Clap Clap Clap

    I loved it

  • Amo Sunwukin
    Amo Sunwukin 28 days ago

    the constant tension between the guardians was off putting for me.
    Alot of narrative and not the good kind. So much narrative they made it cgi.
    The death of yondu felt unnecessary they spent to much time trying to make you like him then kill him off. Waste of time and audience emotion He could have made it at least untill infinity war.
    I give it a c+
    Amazing visuals, Beautiful shots.

  • Amerikkka's Most Wanted

    Vol 2 is superior to Vol 2

  • adam ropp
    adam ropp 28 days ago

    I liked the universe, characters, jokes and some of the plot. What kind kinda old was the willing suspension of disbelief towards the end. I know I know "it's a fantasy movie... you're just supposed to turn your brain off." And blah blah blah. What makes any action movie (even outlandish ones) more enjoyable is the sense that your characters are actually in danger. When all the characters fall 150 yards out of a flying ship and land on their feet what's the point of the action anymore?

  • Icybubba
    Icybubba 28 days ago

    The real villain was a really good one, best villain in the MCU sense Zemo

  • Brianna Brickey
    Brianna Brickey 28 days ago

    I thought Ego was a good villain compared to the other villains in marvel movies, but Loki is still the best and only great one

  • Maze Runner
    Maze Runner 28 days ago

    You thought EXACTLY the same thing as me.
    I will subscribe to you once again after unsubscribing to you about the Pirates Of The Caribbean review 😬😅😌

  • Jeffrey Craven
    Jeffrey Craven 28 days ago

    I enjoyed this one more than the original because the characters were better and it looked 100x better than the first (which looked pretty good). Also the villain was TERRIBLE in the first one and the Main Antagonist is really good

  • The Noble Smith
    The Noble Smith 29 days ago

    I thought the plot was a bit predictable. Still really enjoyed it

    SOCIAL REJECT 29 days ago

    I really liked Yondu's appearance in this movie.

  • Shaun McEvoy
    Shaun McEvoy 1 month ago

    I thought both villains in the film were shit, put me off the film a bit but the 'good' guys held the film together C+/ B- for me

  • Geek Mate
    Geek Mate 1 month ago

    when you have watched every gotg vol 2 review and none of them mentioned about mantis...

  • LJ
    LJ 1 month ago

    "It's not ripe."

  • Lamma_420
    Lamma_420 1 month ago

    sounds like Empire Strikes Back (I haven't finished watching yet)

  • Tiago Alves
    Tiago Alves 1 month ago

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  • Alyssa Corrigan
    Alyssa Corrigan 1 month ago

    "I have sensitive nipples"

  • Game Loot
    Game Loot 1 month ago

    Second time I have heard "choppy" from a YT reviewer (other was the red background guy)... all I can say is I have no idea what they are talking about. If it was choppy I did not notice and it never took me out of the film (and I think that is the case for the majority of the people who saw it)... so I have to wonder is this just subconscious hipster contrarianism?

  • Ethan J
    Ethan J 1 month ago

    I'm surprised that people like the first more than this one. Way preferred this movie.

  • Henry Ramirez
    Henry Ramirez 1 month ago

    Do a spoiler review!

  • Kiapet 2
    Kiapet 2 1 month ago

    Although I do agree that Drax had the least to do emotionally in this one, I still thought his relationship with Mantis was very deep and touching.

  • Wheatley
    Wheatley 1 month ago

    Mantis also gave drax someone to riff off of and really expanded his ability to be a main part of this movie so I think you missed that. Also the soundtrack wasn't as good as the first one. And lastly the humour in this one was way funnier that the first imo

  • Harry Weisbecker
    Harry Weisbecker 1 month ago

    thanks for the content, Chris! loved the intro

  • [NAME]
    [NAME] 1 month ago

    And I will suck the man's dick that re-referenced Howard the Duck in this one, fucking perfect.

  • [NAME]
    [NAME] 1 month ago

    Best movie that the MCU has released recently and still better than most movies the DCU has made. They seriously need to get their shit together.

  • Martin Acosta
    Martin Acosta 1 month ago

    it has baby groot with that is way.......................... better that the 1st one (is way too darn cute), honestly this film is one of my favorite the first one was like ok i liked it was fun, but this one is just... i love it, simple as that. and yes i agree with what you say of the golden people they were like meh but still love it.

  • Langston Walton
    Langston Walton 1 month ago

    better than Jeremy Jahns review good job

    • Langston Walton
      Langston Walton 24 days ago

      Brennan Cain Fact!

    • Brennan Cain
      Brennan Cain 24 days ago

      Langston Walton Jeremy did not understand this movie at all. Plus, he likes Suicide Squad more than this. Let that sink in.

  • Ofer Mizrahi
    Ofer Mizrahi 1 month ago

    Bad cheesy movie

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