Yoko Ono on forgiving Chapman

clip from ~1990

Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it. -John Lennon
"Laurel and Hardy, that's John and Yoko. And we stand a better chance under that guise because all the serious people like Martin Luther King and Kennedy and Gandhi got shot." -- John Lennon

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
-Martin Luther King Jr.

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Author dprague (4 months)
This is what I do not understand. So many people love John Lennon, but
hate who he loved with all of his heart. 

Author absoftitanium (1 month)
I will forgive the little spit-filled asshole. First, let me stick a
shotgun up his ass and blow his brains out his mouth. THEN I'll forgive

Author Richard Tringali (3 months)
you know what I dont care what your opinions are of Yoko she was Johns wife
and respect that for gods sake, as far as forgiving Chapman I would put the
same gun he used to kill John with up his ass and say your NOT Forgiven and
pull the trigger on that low life piece of shit. Why should he live and
breath after what he did to John

Author Megan McNasby (2 months)
I have read so much on him, its easy for anyone alive" to judge this man,
for the life he took away, but dead or alive, wherever John Lennon is he
forgave along time ago, he had compassion for everyone, he was a beautiful
person, i've never read anything good about Yoko, just that she wanted him
cremated as soon as possible" without autopsy due to religious beliefs, and
refused his sons requests to view his father's ashes, but you can't believe
everything you hear see or read.

Author joan Jones (4 months)
John would tell you to your face that if you hate Yoko, you hate him. If
you disrespect Yoko, you disrespect him. That is exactly what he would say.

Author fiona lerast (2 months)
crazy, annoying, stupid jap woman that EVERYONE hated. just die.

Author Keanu Reeves (4 months)
Can people shut the fuck up about Yoko being a bad person?

Author marc marcus (5 months)
YOKO suck a bowl of dicks chapman can suck the barrel of a REVOLVER

Author Madeleine Baier (3 months)
Yoko, to this day(30+ years later) I am still so sorry for your loss.
Ignore the assholes who can't stop judging you!
Peace, Madeleine Baier

Author ProudDu (22 days)
There's a song called Yoko Ono by barenaked ladies lool!

Author CherryBlossom (5 months)
Oh Yoko Ono, I don't like you and I never have.

Author Kristin Kirmesz (5 months)
He KILLED JOHN LENNON! So "No!" Get off her back!

Author BRENDAJASON1 (4 months)
HUH? most likely it needs to be yoko asking the people to forgive her, goes
alot deeper than ol chapman whole lot deeper. Yes john loved her but he was
waking up there at the end you can hear it in some of his later interviews
the one with bbc 12-6-80

Author Yazz Glitterz (4 months)
If you love John you must respect Yoko.. he loved her that's the least you
can do for him as his fan.

Author Richard Johnson (5 months)
She needs to stfu because she just wants lennon fame and his memorbilia and
shes manipulative and sneaky

Author toorest trikie (2 months)
only you Yoko can decide to forgive chapman! you are not a pope or a saint,
just a bereaved wife! like many bereft people! but the really sorrowful
part is that creature robbed you, and us all of a young man who had so much
yet to offer (40 ffs?) forgive him if you like but? he must remain in jail
till his death,(don't you think?) think of what John would have wanted if
he was here instead of you?(for the same reason, god forbid), then you can
make the right decision...

Author joan Jones (4 months)
Forgiveness is for God to decide. Our Job should have been to arrange the
meeting but.........noooooooooo we have to let this fat fucker live another
50 years on tax dollars with paid interviews talking about how Catcher on
the Rye made him do it. 

Author joan Jones (4 months)
Yoko Don't forgive that star stalking fame seeking loser. He deserves
nothing. Not even life after what he did.

Author cbohar84 (5 months)
It's not like Chapman is going to walk free anytime soon

Author Adamov Bagdanov (4 months)
he should shoot her, every one would be happy :))))))))))))))

Author Orion English (4 months)
Mark David Chapman doesn't deserve forgivnes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Xak Li (4 months)
when will the world ever leave Yoko alone

Author manny4552 (2 months)
Chapman should not be forgiven,he should get his head cracked in.

Author dictator54 (4 months)
Good for you Oko there is a reason John cared so much for yu i don't
believe she should ever forgive Chapman for the selfish act he committed

Author JazzKeyboardist1 (1 month)
Yoko said she has worn Dresses with Higher I.Q's than the people that hate
her because John Lennon Loved her and not them.

Author toxic haze (4 months)
jap forgives to chap...

Author christina slay (2 months)
i think yoko set it up so she can get his millions he made from the
beatles. she made him buy half of those apartments he stayed in new york..
i dont know who is weird..lennon or yoko?.. i think yoko wanted too leave
lennon and lennon would not let her leave..they did weird things
together..he only keepted her around because she was dumb and followed his
orders..but any ways..i think she wanted out or away from john..she actted
like she did not care about him..the way the media ask her questions about
john she acts like she dont say much.. i believe it was set up.. i believe
it was set up by yoko..yoko didnt make john fameous the beatles did..she is
the one that made him leave..and he said he was bored being with the
group?..what ever..the group made millions every how was he
bored?.. i believe he listend too yoko..some reason she brained washed him
until his death..he walked around new york thinking nothing well happen too
him because he was in the beatles and no one would hurt him..thats ok if
you want too walk around and have a free life with out body guards around
you and the guys around you..but people rememberd him being in the
beatles..yoko said nothing would hurt him no one would because of who he
was..they thought they would make better music together..yoko sucks her
singing sucks and still does..the only one who carries the torch is julian
lennon..sean is too much like yoko..julian is too much like john..even
thogh yoko made john stay away from julian. i find it strange before johns
death yoko said it was ok for john too start seeing julian..yup she
controled him big time..and i dont know what john saw in her?..he stayed in
the states just for her..and looked what happend he died..because of her..
i knew she did it.. she set it up..because she saw every thing and took off
running and john didnt know what was going you tell me that one?.. 

Author christina slay (2 months)
and get this. chapman came up too sean and talking about john and sean was
little at cental tell me this was not a fucking set up by yoko?.. 

Author christina slay (2 months)
oh and the dumb ass yoko spread his ashes in new york cental park instead
of giving too julian or sean..what a wacko ass yoko is..their again she
didnt give too shits about johN 

Author kodachromefilm (4 months)
Yoko, as John, and the ideology they lived and died for [Yoko still being
alive at present], can only be summed up with one word .... hypocrisy.

Author utubeleplague (9 months)
I think it should have been Death Penalty, but they were in NY

Author boobah1067 (1 year)
George Harrison is proof? How does that even make sense? Something about
what he said or did could be proof. So ... what think that he said or did
makes you think it's proof of Yoko's breaking up of the band? (Aside:
personally, I note that the band was under tensions and John WITH Yoko as
an aside, brought the tensions to a head. Not that she was the source.)

Author tied2dye1 (8 months)
she avoided the question cause she felt no remorse about John Yes I have to
agree all she cared about what His money but thats women for ya LOL

Author John Winston (11 months)
Hopefully there would be a day where peace comes and war falls down. Can't
you see how Stupid violence is?

Author MEHboi616 (5 months)
Fuck you, Yoko

Author Atoosa Dezfoulizadeh (1 year)
hello! what drugs are you smoking? can i have some?

Author Allison700 (1 year)
D: What kind of problem do you have?

Author richard t Gallegos (6 months)
plseae come back to jesus- and

Author mick turner (1 year)

Author davidmitch44 (11 months)
Chapman deserves no forgiving. Whatever happens, she and her chidren
endured utter pain from the murder and still endure it. There is no way
Chapman could deserve any help to be relieved from the weight of his crime.

Author coman91 (1 year)
LOL when did I say anything about modern rap? definitely would not want to
listen to that stuff either, but they'd still probably be an improvement
yoko ono.

Author McCartney974 (1 year)
I would still LOVE to crack chapman's face with a baseball bat.

Author john singer (5 months)
"the courtesy to kill Lennon fast" - you're all heart, pal. Does your heart
race when you hear about plane crashes, too?

Author mrfrogbutt1 (1 year)
No. Youre an IDIOT! Sad to think that there are dumbasses like you out
there who keep blaming this woman for everything especially when John
Lennon himself explained what broke up The Beatles. Youre just a sad
stubborn moron that will find any cheap excuse to be nasty and foul! Im
sure John doesnt need you as a fan if you keep acting this way.

Author John Macdonald (1 year)
Those on the far right are so dehumanized and will stoop to any level to
push a political agenda. When you consider using a persons most personally
painful moment merely to push a political point, you add nails to the
conservative coffin. So in a way we still win.

Author dorotheainmiddle (6 months)
There's a David Frost interview from 1970 or so, in which John and Yoko
argue that no one should be in prison. They had a heated debate with some
audience members who were offended by their statements. That's why Yoko
seems like a hypocrite here. I guess we all live and learn and change, but
she and John were so vocal about releasing inmates who murdered other
people's husbands and mothers and children that she has some explaining to

Author zulusafari1 (1 year)
God has the power to forgive.....not humans

Author thomas jones (6 months)
Lennon was a hypocrite of the highest order, and a total self promoting
conman.. A great song writer who just talked a lot of ignorant crap to
promote himself. Hey lets call strangers and tell them we love them to show
how we are into love and peace...LOL...Hey lets lie in bed to show we are
into love and Peace...LOL...What a freaking joke..

Author Andre R. Newcomb (10 months)
I remember John appearing on "The David Frost Show" (w/Yoko) and doing that
"Attica" song. I wouldn't wish that (that Attica situation) upon this
Chapman person BUT . . . he doesn't get out of jail.

Author Tyler Shore (10 months)
if you seek truth, love, and compassion as john did, Go to truthcontest,com
and click "The Present". skip to pg. 59

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