Yoko Ono on forgiving Chapman

clip from ~1990

Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it. -John Lennon
"Laurel and Hardy, that's John and Yoko. And we stand a better chance under that guise because all the serious people like Martin Luther King and Kennedy and Gandhi got shot." -- John Lennon

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
-Martin Luther King Jr.

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Author Fred Lohmann ( ago)

Author Sardine ( ago)
what happened to peace and love?

Author Peter Jackson ( ago)
May God help yoko to find his Peace.

Author marco calarco ( ago)
And after that people stood by for invasion of panama, iran/contra scandal
and illegal invasion of iraq. Spitting in Lennon's face. Hypocrites.

Author Mya Hollandia ( ago)

Author kylemoe2000 ( ago)
That was actually really beautiful...

But I still don't like her.

Author somebody somebody ( ago)
looka! looka at me speekin Engrish! i love u wrong time John Lennon

Author George Vreeland Hill ( ago)
Let God forgive Chapman.
I won't.

Author The26702670 ( ago)
Chapman wasn't a bad guy, just very confused. John Lennon was a bad guy,
talented yes, but a real scumbag in life. I think Chapman has served his
punishment and should be a free man again. Who cares what Yoko Ono thinks.

Author OzgurumBen1 ( ago)
What a lovely woman..

Author Sardine ( ago)
she cant speak english

Author Copacetic ( ago)
I can't forgive Chapman either... for not shooting her while he had the

Author Shiloh Kleinschmit ( ago)
People slam Yoko,but they dont think about one huge thing.She made him so
happy.Isnt that what everyone wants? To be in love and be happy? She wasnt
the reason the Beatles broke up.They felt like she was interfering with
their little click.If they had just let her be,things might have been so
very different,and maybe,..just maybe,Yoko and John wouldnt have been
living in the Dakota and we would still have him alive.
I can remember the moment my Mother called me to tell me he was dead.She
asked me if I was sitting down,and I said yes.When she told me it was as if
I had been hit in the stomach.

Author Jim Janowski ( ago)
love you yoko

Author EF T ( ago)
dafuq did she do that?

Author Kevin Osborne ( ago)
Forgive for yourself. Forgive so you can move on and live and love to your
fullest. Nothing will unmake what is. You can be happy no matter what
happens. Letting go in forgiveness is part of this.

Author shermanvermin76 ( ago)
It doesn't even matter how *sorry* Mark is, for taking John Lennon's life
(same with it wouldn't matter how sorry, if they were still alive, Adolf
Hitler and Jimmy Savile are, or how sorry Gary Glitter and Fred Talbot
are). I'd say it doesn't matter if Hulk Hogan apologised for saying the n
word, in an interview, about the black man his daughter was dating (the
interview, as most people know, was merely this summer, just gone). 'Sorry'
is merely a *word*.

Author manny4552 ( ago)
If someone kills your mother,or father,or kids or anyone you love by
shooting them in the back right in front of you for no reason,what would
you do?Would you forgive them turn the other cheek and sing kumbuya?Good
for you if you would,but i wouldnt.I aint no saint,and as the bible says an
eye for an eye.

Author manny4552 ( ago)
Well of course no one knows everything about everyone greenfingers
gardener,but the 4 beatles have lived under such an intense microscope for
the past 52 years unlike anyone else did except maybe elvis.Noting in their
life was very private and to me they all seemed like pretty decent dudes.

Author Douglas Murphy ( ago)
let me tell you something people john was a beautiful human period and
yoko too George Harrison also we are still grateful to have paul
and ringo their music transcends so much it is art and I love them
all someone who cares please reply to my comment I am going to listen to
let it be now peace and love to you all

Author Kristjan Birnir ( ago)
You could swore that Mark Chapman shoot the wrong person that night.

Author Leana Jo M. ( ago)
What was Yoko's profession before she met John? That I never knew or knew
how they met.

Author KOHF34 ( ago)
You have to hand it to that reporter - he had that look on his face like,
"I don't want to ask this, but it is my job."

Author shermanvermin76 ( ago)
No Mark Chapman *shouldn't* be forgiven, for taking John Lennon's life, as
young as only *40*. I pray, when he (Mark) dies, he goes to that
unmentionable place, for doing something just *unforgivable*.

Author Raul Luevano ( ago)
When they started to play '' Imagine '' if they changed it to a Snoop Dogg
song, that part would seem very evil and the people would seem evil and
everything ba, their faces of saddness would be of evil ......


Author Noelle Jordan ( ago)
"Should Chapman be forgiven?' is a cruel, stupid, and pointless question
to ask of Yoko Ono. Yoko gave a very thoughtful answer, however.

Author Maria Jacques ( ago)
Agree with you all the way. I hate rap and don't like Yoko!

Author Dharma Student ( ago)
Horrible for a wife and mother to loose her husband is such a violent way.
Evil like this should not be forgiven. He should die an unknown forgotten
little man.

Author clecta json sealey ( ago)
he should get hang

Author Rayna Grimaldi ( ago)
yoko is a grest lady she raised there son sean alone with out john whom
she still loves 32yearsbafter he was killed my mom ad i lost my dad five
years ago so we under stand what yoko is going through

Author John Smith ( ago)
All the hordes of morons who constantly attack yoko and call her evil never
give one single example of why she is a bad person other than the fact she
is a Japanese woman and an artist who married John Lennon and they can't
handle that.

Author Paul Davies ( ago)
She looks well

Author manny4552 ( ago)
The beatles got very rich and received alot of accolades as well they
should have.But in the end it should be noted that they took alot of shit
from alot of asswipes.And all 4 of them are or were pretty decent guys.

Author manny4552 ( ago)
If the piece of shit who killed lennon ever got released or sent to general
population he would be dead the first day,its just that simple.

Author manny4552 ( ago)
Hey c a gravenhorst...blow me!!!!

Author raffa ojeda ( ago)
jhon was greater than religion. The pope did not died Jhon yes died. How
could she compare both diferent events? If she cpuld have the intuition or
some sense that jhon was in danger that night by this crazy guy,but clearly
she was in other matters.

Author m romeyn ( ago)
I guess I'm just too American/Irish, I don't forget nor forgive acts like

Author manny4552 ( ago)
Peace and love are great things and john and yoko did some positive
things.As. a man of peace lennon had alot of great ideals,but i would
still kill chapman or anyone who killed my family or friends.And im a man
of peace.too. Why should she be expected tO forgive that pathetic puke c

Author MarkNGRichard ( ago)
All you FUCKING ASSHOLES Calling Yoko a Hypocrite should be disgusted with
yourselves. If it were your husband,wife or child would you be so FUCKING
Forgiving I bet not because I know I wouldn't be if someone shot and killed
my Loved one in cold blood. So before you call her names think of how you
would be if this happened to you. And everyone who says she is the reason
behind the break up of the Beatles get your facts straight John said
himself the beginning of the end was when Epstein passed away "NOT" Yoko

Author Chalino Cruz ( ago)
I do forgive that great man. He just make a mistake.

Author Belle Ayers ( ago)
So there more hate here for the woman who witnessed the crime than the
actual person who took John away from us.

Author DrFreudstein 1981 (370 years ago)
If John loved Yoko.....well, then I support and like Yoko

See, it's different when it happens to you Yoko. Yet in the early 1970's
both John and Yoko wanted people in prison to be let out for crimes. 

Author Imakiwi butImnotafruit ( ago)
I don't like Yoko she seems to be full of shit and didn't really live up to
her values she preached. But she was a important part of John life and in
the peace movement in the 60's even though she annoys the shit out of me
she was still a very important peace.

Author bill martin ( ago)
No mark Chapman doesn't deserve forgiveness. Look what he took away from
the world.

Author PanelShow Boy (1201 year ago)
I think its pretty bold not to forgive him after what Yoko Ono has put
people through with her "art"

Author Daphne Larsson ( ago)
You've got to admire her strength in a horrific situation. If people don't
like her, so what? Just like the rest of us , she wasn't put on this
planet to please anyone else. As for forgiving Chapman, if she ever
does it will be for her healing and not for HIS benefit. He is a deluded
sociopath and she is right not to even mention him by name.

Author TheInkinJapan ( ago)
She speaks quite well for an annoying tard. 

Author Billies Beanie ( ago)
I love her so strong throughout the whole interview <3 

Author C. A. G. ( ago)
When is Yoko Ono going to start a hunger strike or hold a candlelight
vigil, or god-knows-what, to call for the release of Mark David Chapman
whom she forgives with all her heart and urges others to likewise forgive
and to love, because all you need is love, if we just give peace a chance?
Hmm? Or is that just shit you say when you're trying to become famous? Yea,
yea, yea.

Author kevin McCarthy ( ago)
yoko and john ranted on about forgiveness for years. Going on about
forgiving prisoners in the attica riots situation...then when the shit hit
them....yoko becomes a unforgiving person

Author bluesborn (1483 years ago)
There is as much hate for Yoko in this thread as there is for Chapman. No
wonder John was fed up with the Beatles and all the fanatics-from where we
get the word "fans"-who can't at long last give this poor women a bloody

Author AlthoughNotAFollower ( ago)
A lot of people will always comment that she's crazy and whatnot to this
day. She's changed over the years and has mentioned forgiveness for Chapman
more in recent years. Doesn't seem too privy to it but isn't condemning the

And people could say she's crazy, and who knows, maybe that's true.

However, a civilized society doesn't fix a mentally ill person by letting
them sit in a jail cell for all these years. A civilized society practices
rehabilitation and believes in forgiveness.

From what I understand, if Chapman is released he was going to live on a
farm or something and presumably have the mental care he needs. We can be
civilized, it's in us, the capability.

Instead of saying things like "oh I'll forgive when I can [do x horrible
thing] to him", sit back and just think.

If you understand what compassion is, you'll know that even if you won't
forgive someone, you shouldn't harbor a violent hatred.

That's not what John would have wanted.

Author Robert Stotts ( ago)
john lennon could have had pretty much any female in the world any straight
dude could have ever dreamed of and he got with this dude?something is very
strange about that. some mind control going on there because before this
yuko dude got into the beatles jl seemed like he wasn't the kind to be told
shit.and this dude says he loves john forever but notice how he uses his
last name only now and not ono lennon like back when he stole jl from the hell did this dude get into the beatles ?very strange
stuff must have been going on. yuko hates you all!!!

Author ProudDu ( ago)
There's a song called Yoko Ono by barenaked ladies lool!

Author JazzKeyboardist1 ( ago)
Yoko said she has worn Dresses with Higher I.Q's than the people that hate
her because John Lennon Loved her and not them.

Author absoftitanium ( ago)
I will forgive the little spit-filled asshole. First, let me stick a
shotgun up his ass and blow his brains out his mouth. THEN I'll forgive

Author Megan McNasby ( ago)
I have read so much on him, its easy for anyone alive" to judge this man,
for the life he took away, but dead or alive, wherever John Lennon is he
forgave along time ago, he had compassion for everyone, he was a beautiful
person, i've never read anything good about Yoko, just that she wanted him
cremated as soon as possible" without autopsy due to religious beliefs, and
refused his sons requests to view his father's ashes, but you can't believe
everything you hear see or read.

Author Megan McNasby ( ago)
I have read so much on him, its easy for anyone alive" to judge this man,
for the life he took away, but dead or alive, wherever John Lennon is he
forgave along time ago, he had compassion for everyone, he was a beautiful
person, i've never read anything good about Yoko, just that she wanted him
cremated as soon as possible" without autopsy due to religious beliefs, and
refused his sons requests to view his father's ashes, but you can't believe
everything you hear see or read.

Author christina slay ( ago)
and get this. chapman came up too sean and talking about john and sean was
little at cental tell me this was not a fucking set up by yoko?.. 

Author christina slay ( ago)
oh and the dumb ass yoko spread his ashes in new york cental park instead
of giving too julian or sean..what a wacko ass yoko is..their again she
didnt give too shits about johN 

Author christina slay ( ago)
i think yoko set it up so she can get his millions he made from the
beatles. she made him buy half of those apartments he stayed in new york..
i dont know who is weird..lennon or yoko?.. i think yoko wanted too leave
lennon and lennon would not let her leave..they did weird things
together..he only keepted her around because she was dumb and followed his
orders..but any ways..i think she wanted out or away from john..she actted
like she did not care about him..the way the media ask her questions about
john she acts like she dont say much.. i believe it was set up.. i believe
it was set up by yoko..yoko didnt make john fameous the beatles did..she is
the one that made him leave..and he said he was bored being with the
group?..what ever..the group made millions every how was he
bored?.. i believe he listend too yoko..some reason she brained washed him
until his death..he walked around new york thinking nothing well happen too
him because he was in the beatles and no one would hurt him..thats ok if
you want too walk around and have a free life with out body guards around
you and the guys around you..but people rememberd him being in the
beatles..yoko said nothing would hurt him no one would because of who he
was..they thought they would make better music together..yoko sucks her
singing sucks and still does..the only one who carries the torch is julian
lennon..sean is too much like yoko..julian is too much like john..even
thogh yoko made john stay away from julian. i find it strange before johns
death yoko said it was ok for john too start seeing julian..yup she
controled him big time..and i dont know what john saw in her?..he stayed in
the states just for her..and looked what happend he died..because of her..
i knew she did it.. she set it up..because she saw every thing and took off
running and john didnt know what was going you tell me that one?.. 

Author toorest trikie ( ago)
only you Yoko can decide to forgive chapman! you are not a pope or a saint,
just a bereaved wife! like many bereft people! but the really sorrowful
part is that creature robbed you, and us all of a young man who had so much
yet to offer (40 ffs?) forgive him if you like but? he must remain in jail
till his death,(don't you think?) think of what John would have wanted if
he was here instead of you?(for the same reason, god forbid), then you can
make the right decision...

Author fiona lerast ( ago)
crazy, annoying, stupid jap woman that EVERYONE hated. just die.

Author manny4552 ( ago)
Chapman should not be forgiven,he should get his head cracked in.

Author Madeleine Baier ( ago)
Yoko, to this day(30+ years later) I am still so sorry for your loss.
Ignore the assholes who can't stop judging you!
Peace, Madeleine Baier

Author Richard Tringali ( ago)
you know what I dont care what your opinions are of Yoko she was Johns wife
and respect that for gods sake, as far as forgiving Chapman I would put the
same gun he used to kill John with up his ass and say your NOT Forgiven and
pull the trigger on that low life piece of shit. Why should he live and
breath after what he did to John

Author dictator54 ( ago)
Good for you Oko there is a reason John cared so much for yu i don't
believe she should ever forgive Chapman for the selfish act he committed

Author Xak Li ( ago)
when will the world ever leave Yoko alone

Author joan Jones ( ago)
John would tell you to your face that if you hate Yoko, you hate him. If
you disrespect Yoko, you disrespect him. That is exactly what he would say.

Author joan Jones ( ago)
Forgiveness is for God to decide. Our Job should have been to arrange the
meeting but.........noooooooooo we have to let this fat fucker live another
50 years on tax dollars with paid interviews talking about how Catcher on
the Rye made him do it. 

Author kodachromefilm ( ago)
Yoko, as John, and the ideology they lived and died for [Yoko still being
alive at present], can only be summed up with one word .... hypocrisy.

Author dprague ( ago)
This is what I do not understand. So many people love John Lennon, but
hate who he loved with all of his heart. 

Author Yazz Glitterz ( ago)
If you love John you must respect Yoko.. he loved her that's the least you
can do for him as his fan.

Author Adamov Bagdanov ( ago)
he should shoot her, every one would be happy :))))))))))))))

Author Toxic Haze ( ago)
jap forgives to chap...

Author BRENDAJASON1 ( ago)
HUH? most likely it needs to be yoko asking the people to forgive her, goes
alot deeper than ol chapman whole lot deeper. Yes john loved her but he was
waking up there at the end you can hear it in some of his later interviews
the one with bbc 12-6-80

Author Orion English ( ago)
Mark David Chapman doesn't deserve forgivnes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author CherryBlossom ( ago)
Oh Yoko Ono, I don't like you and I never have.

Author marc marcus ( ago)
YOKO suck a bowl of dicks chapman can suck the barrel of a REVOLVER

Author Richard Johnson ( ago)
She needs to stfu because she just wants lennon fame and his memorbilia and
shes manipulative and sneaky

Author Kristin Kirmesz ( ago)
He KILLED JOHN LENNON! So "No!" Get off her back!

Author PMT's Slot Hit's n' Stuff ( ago)
Good point :(

Author Anthony Husiak ( ago)
what do you think john would say in response to your comments?

Author John Doe ( ago)
chapman and hinkley...two MK-ULTRA programming for the bush clan....lennon
is the best activist of seventies..not of eighties..

Author John Doe ( ago)
the vice-président BUSH sénior is the great guilty ,and after with your eyes

Author John Doe ( ago)
lennon a été victime d'un tueur programmé...en décembre 1980 le futur
président a venir est connu -reagan- et c'est BUSH sénior qui sera le
vice-président et meme presque le président suite a l'attentat manquer de
reagan 3-4 mois aprés lennon ....ou l'implication du clan bush n'est plus a

Author MEHboi616 ( ago)
Fuck you, Yoko

Author Jacob Johnson ( ago)
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Author SovietXred2 ( ago)
did Yoko's heart race when she split the Beetles and sold all of Lennon's
stuff, took all his money and didn't even give a squirt of piss for Julian.
what I meant was Chapman shot an already dead shell of a person when Lennon
hooked up with Yoko he died she murdered him mentally, he wasn't the same
ask Julian he will tell you the same, this bitch deserved to get shot not

Author john singer ( ago)
"the courtesy to kill Lennon fast" - you're all heart, pal. Does your heart
race when you hear about plane crashes, too?

Author SovietXred2 ( ago)
Yoko is worse than Chapman at least Chapman had the courtesy too kill
Lennon fast, Yoko was killing him slowly through manipulation.

Author dingus ( ago)
I hate yoko and chapman.

Author Art More ( ago)
Who the fuck cares what chapman thinks. chapman gives jews a bad name. He
was just jealous of John and was probably programed to kill him.

Author schmetterlink ( ago)
I agree, she can be quite likable whenever she isn't singing or handling
the Lennon estate

Author up2space ( ago)
btw mdc never mentioned that sean was there in the interviews. oko yono is
a witch.

Author up2space ( ago)
what was she trying to say there? I thought that was weird. was she blaming
all of us? or did you suspect or know there were more involved? or is she
involved? my questions. after I saw you mention that weird quote, I posted.

Author Harry Fox ( ago)
make your mind up

Author Harry Fox ( ago)
Lennon with Frost,1972 "They've been putting people in jail + torturing
them for 1000s of years and it hasn't improved anything" "i understand that
society hasn't worked out what to do with people who kill + violent people.
But there's a lot of people in jail who aren't violent and don't kill +
they're in there for no reason at all and then they go mad in jail." "Only
a small minority of them are really barmy enough to have to be
restrained,lets make it human for them while they're in there"

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