Hajar Al aswad Makkah mokaramma حجرالاسود مکه مکرمه الله اکبر

Hajar Al aswad Makkah mokaramma حجرالاسود مکه مکرمه الله اکبر ولله الحمد

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Author AlMujadyla (4 years)
@Ammyai You are reading books of of mistakes about Islam. No where God is
decribed as a deceiver ot retarder in the Quran. And I invite you to read
the Quran and find out fro yourself. Also you can read an independent
source on Semetic languages in your library and you will find out that in
Aramic God is called Allaha. Do you have anything to loose if you read? Did
you ever read the birth story of Jesus in the Quran for example - it is

Author DonsonJack (3 years)
Why are they worshiping a meteor?

Author Lala Niaz (4 years)
Allaho Akbar Nice mashallah very nice channel

Author ark1987 (4 years)
yes it is !! Hajar Al aswad = black stone

Author AlMujadyla (4 years)
@Ammyai Yahweh is an old Hebre word for God. Jesus used the word Allaha. It
is not the vocabulary - it is the essense of what we believe in -I mean the
attributes of God. In islam we have 99 attributes for example Almighty,
Most Merciful, Most Loving, The First and the Last; the Originator,
Creator, Evolver, Do you like me to send them all to you - be my guest

Author AlMujadyla (4 years)
@zulfitareen first, Alexander name does not appear anywhere in the Quran -
and I challenge you to find it. The story you talk about is the chapter
called the Cave and it refers to Gog and Magog who will descend before the
end of time perhps not from Earth. What matter most: what good deeds you
and I prepared for salvation on the day judgement? did we feed the needy?
were we truthful? etc

Author T Light (4 years)
@AlMujadyla The name of our Creator is YHWH, not allaha. If you think we
are worshipping the same God, then start praying to the God of Abraham,
Isaac, and Jacob. NOT allah. The birth story of Jesus in the quran is
ridiculous and wrong. One of the things it says that Jesus had to start
speaking from the cradle to save his mother from getting stoned. That is so
wrong, no one was going to stone her, unless her husband Joseph told the
people it wasn't he who got her pregnant.

Author AlMujadyla (4 years)
@Ammyai The Quran does not say at all that Mary (or Maryam as know in
Arabic) was going to be stoned. If you look at my fav video list and find
out for Surat (ie chapter) Maryam part one and two you will fnd the verses
on the birth of Jhon the Jesus peace be upon them. I also believe in
Abraham Isaac and Jacob and I make no distinction between God's prophets.

Author setmedic (4 years)
A religion for cavemen...

Author hukka12547 (2 years)
Actually the place of Kaba is holy not the building. Several times in
history had been demolished and built even after Muhammed(sav) not to
original structure since Abraham Hagar and Ishmael.(Pls see Hijr Ishmael)
There is no black stone in Quran. There is no tawaf (turning around 7
times) in Quran. (Taife means visitors) Why they are not turning around
Safa and Marwa hills?? Only Quran is Islam. 100.000 Hadits are garbage not
correct. Thanks for your logical question. ALMIGHTY IS ONE. PERIOD

Author Kill Bill (3 years)
These ppl talking about ALLAH SWT are brainwashed by anti islamic
propagandas when they themselves have not even read the bible... What did
jesus say before he died on the cross ?? His last words were.. ELI ELI
LAMASABAHTANI !!! now the guy who claimed below in the comment section that
he knows hebrew why dont u translate it ?? Eli is hebrew word for GOD as
ALLAH is in Arabic.. ELI-ALLAH.. see the similarities.. ELI-YHWA ?? so
similarities at all.. Even the movie BOOK OF ELI is about bible..

Author shahnawaz syed (2 years)
mashallah ....

Author SolidSufi (4 years)

Author zulfitareen (4 years)
keep thinking. that is my purpose. do not take anything for granted, even
if it has been told by your own parents. think and think critically. you
will find the truth and you will be free from the superstition of religion.
just keep thinking critically and debating yourself. i did the same thing
and i found the truth.

Author Icywar (4 years)
@longlivegirl what is the black stone, plz explain to me?thx

Author TheMightyGenghisKhan (3 years)
@Ammyai : "Please don't try to teach me Hebrew ;-) " Jesus spoke Aramaic,
not Hebrew (or Greek, for that matter). Are you an expert in Aramaic?

Author ssssshem (1 year)
Beautiful...some things are just not written in our destiny at all no
matter how hard u call

Author Nangialai Lala (4 years)
اللهمَّ يا نور السماوات والأرض، يا عماد السماوات الأرض، يا جبار السماوات
والأرض، يا ديان السماوات والأرض، يا وارث السماوات والأرض، يا مالك السماوات
والأرض، يا عظيم السماوات والأرض، يا عالم السماوات والأرض، يا قيوم السماوات
والأرض، يا رحمن الدنيا ورحيم الآخرة

Author zulfitareen (4 years)
Message to all muslim brothers and sisters sura 18 : 94-100 dhul qarnain
/alexander built a wall of iron and copper to protect a tribe from yajuj
and majuj wall will be destroyed on judgement day That means the wall
should still be here show me the wall of iron? and copper if pyramids are
still here, then where is the wall It was a mythical story from a book
Alexander romance muahmmad heard it in Syria It proves that Koran is the
word of Muhammad not god's THINK CRITICALLY.

Author AlMujadyla (4 years)
@longlivegirl It is actually a house but has a cover in black being a
formal color for Arabs. The house is a direction for Mulsim prayers and
pilgrimage. We belive Abraham built it. We are a monotheistic faith and we
beleive in One God like prophet Abrahad - peace on him. Hope this answers
your question

Author Liaqat Ali (3 years)
It not a naat sharif , also read a verses of HOLY QURAN

Author T Light (4 years)
@AlMujadyla Not so! one of the 99 names of allah is Al-Mu'akhir, The
Delayer, The Great Deceiver Sura 3:54 (Pickthal) And they schemed, and
allah schemed (against them): and allah is the best of schemers.Allah is
the best of deceivers! “Schemer” is translated from Arabic “makara” which
means deceiver, conniving, and not a planner. The story in the quran of how
allah deceived the people into thinking Jesus had died on the cross proves
allah is a liar.

Author Mina SKY (4 years)
i think that is a black stone. But im not sure.

Author Mohammed Abdu (2 years)

Author pashtomob (4 years)
Vere naice goooooooodddddddddd Mashaallah ماشا الله ډیر ښایسته نعت شریف ده

Author aswad368 (3 years)
@DonsonJack its not a meotor dufus. its a stone that came down from earth
see da middle of the stone yh, it was white becuz of all the guna (sins)
its gone black.

Author T Light (3 years)
@mjoe1111211 I have read the Bible! have you? Have you even read the quran
in a language you can understand? So because I have read the Bible, ...
allah is satan. No doubt about it.

Author Niazmmm Niaz (4 years)
mashallah very nice channel

Author Nazar Mohammad (4 years)
اَللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ وَ سَلِمْ وَ بَارِکْ عَلَي سَيَّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ وَّ عَلَي
اَلِهِ کَمَا لاَ نِهَايَةَ لِکَمَالِکَ وَ عَدَّ کَمَالِهْ .

Author AlMujadyla (4 years)
What is the truth you found?

Author thespecialist67 (4 years)
عن شداد بن أوس ‏‏رضي الله عنه ‏عن النبي ‏ ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏‏سيد
‏‏الاستغفار أن تقول { اللهم أنت ربي لا إله إلا أنت خلقتني وأنا عبدك وأنا
على عهدك ووعدك ما استطعت أعوذ بك من شر ما صنعت أبوء لك بنعمتك علي وأبوء
بذنبي فاغفر لي فإنه لا يغفر الذنوب إلا أنت}

Author Moneer Ahmad Sahebzada (1 year)
. سُبْحَانَ اللهِ وَبِحَمْدِهِ * سُبْحَانَ اللهِ الْعَظِيْمِ

Author flipmandem87 (3 years)
i remember when i was young during my visit to makkah my father guided us
to black stone threw all the crowds of ppl so we can get a glimpse and a
lil touch to wipe our (kids) faces. a moment i can never forget!

Author ابن فهيد (2 years)
@liduation yes .. sobhanallah

Author AfghaniNazaaha (4 years)
Salaam, thanks for sharing this lovely video with me.......and all of the
rest that i have recieved from you. May Allah Bring all your Wishes True

Author zulfitareen (4 years)
i just sent you the tafsir of sura 18:83 from royal aal al-bayt insititute
of jordan. it will show you that dhul qarnain and alexnader are the same.
my question is not who dhul qarnain is. my question is where is the wall of
iron and copper that muhammad calimed in his koran. you will never find it,
because this mythical story came from a book alexander romance", written at
the end of 6th century, that was about the time muhammad travelled to
syria, heard the story and copied it in koran.

Author T Light (4 years)
@AlMujadyla Please don't try to teach me Hebrew ;-) YHWH is the proper name
of our God and our Creator. Jesus never used "allaha". You also have
attributes for your god such as the greatest deceiver, the retarder. The
greatest deceiver alone tells me your god is a lying satan. A false god.
What's more, all the good attributes that allah claims, they don't belong
to him, nor do they suit him. he is a liar and a thief. Not merciful and

Author Dian Mandasari (1 year)
ya allah semoga engkau berkenan memanggilku untuk mencium hajar aswad yang
indah tiada terkira

Author AlMujadyla (4 years)
@setmedic Give me an example from the Quran to prove that it is a religion
for cavemen. I will show you where u can find it: islamtomorrow com or
islamiCity com

Author T Light (3 years)
@mjoe1111211 It was God's plan and choice to come down to earth to die for
the sins of mankind. It was NOT His plan to deceive people into thinking He
had died on the cross. BTW, you really study the Arabic word "makara". It
does not fit for God to be called such. Sura 3:54 Arabic: Wa Makaru wa
makara allah wa allah Amkaru al Makireen. allah the great liar had no plan
for Jesus, other than try to get rid of Him by killing Him. But shock
horror, He came back to life 3rd day

Author Kebra desBois (4 years)
Wich was stolen to previous myths in that region for obvious political
reason... Heard of Betyl ? Exactly like the vatican being constructed on a
pagan site...

Author Niaz Mohammad (4 years)
Masha Allah

Author goodgirl2012able (2 years)
mashallah mashallah plz i need answer all people they can kiss hajar aswad
and all time in year?.

Author Kill Bill (3 years)
@Ammyai Retard.. read it in its context.. THEY SCHEMED allah is talking abt
the ppl who wanted to killed JESUS. but allah had its own plan for Jesus as
allah is the best planner.. SCHEME = PLAN... it happens when arabic is
translated over to english..

Author Kill Bill (3 years)
@Ammyai is called BOOK OF ELI meaning BOOK OF GOD.. GO read bible first..
before you teach us who Allah is.

Author T Light (4 years)
@AlMujadyla Yes you believe in One God, but not the Same One God Abraham
believed in. Abraham believed in YHWH. allah the liar lied and said he is
that God, but he is not. allah is a false god.

Author Niazmmm Niaz (2 years)

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