5 Camping Gadgets put to the Test

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  • 1. Mosquito Box Net Shelter http://amzn.to/2sH3jzw
    2. Folding Bucke http://amzn.to/2sXAEG1
    3. Kitchen Sink http://amzn.to/2rZSJ9b
    4. Pocket Shower http://amzn.to/2siZB1Y
    5. Simple Shower http://amzn.to/2sGVfz3

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  • Hope F.
    Hope F. 5 hours ago

    Captions at 5:53

  • Ben La
    Ben La 7 hours ago

    6:55 oooooohhh yeah

  • Linden Barbour-professional savage

    i had the shower and gave it away :(

  • Evan
    Evan 11 hours ago

    day 3 in the wild

  • Kristini The genie

    6:56 "oooohh yeahh " I love that reaction

  • Alijah Montes
    Alijah Montes 2 days ago

    lol the 1st gadget in filipino thats called "kulambo"

  • Railfans tulungagung


  • lucas
    lucas 3 days ago

    "welcome to my forest"
    i didn´t expect this

  • BananaDoe
    BananaDoe 3 days ago

    6 foot 5 naked russian man taking a shower with a 2 liter bottle.

    ANUSHA KOMMURI 3 days ago

    I love all those where did I get those

    BOYKIEZGAMING 3 days ago

    I like his outfit

  • DELTA_CyotEE
    DELTA_CyotEE 3 days ago

    Why have an attachable that goes with a water bottle when you can poke holes in the top of one with a needle

  • yes_u _suck
    yes_u _suck 4 days ago

    5:57 turn on the English caption

  • G w y n
    G w y n 5 days ago

    "Boom" 😂😂😂

  • Zain Jan
    Zain Jan 5 days ago

    this mosquito box is too much common. it is also available in pakistan nd we call it. machar dani.😜 and its cost is only 4 to 5 us dollar hardly

  • The Coolest
    The Coolest 5 days ago

    you are really such a crazy Russian hacker , you​ are one ofy favourite YouTuber scientist

  • harshil kakkad
    harshil kakkad 6 days ago

    my favorite is pocket shower

  • Pravin Shetty
    Pravin Shetty 6 days ago

    who came here just to know what the pocket shower was

  • Pritam Vyas
    Pritam Vyas 6 days ago

    I like second last gadget

  • SuckerZ
    SuckerZ 7 days ago

    "what does the fox say"

  • Anamika Diaries
    Anamika Diaries 7 days ago

    This guy is freaking adorable 😂

  • Blue Fire
    Blue Fire 7 days ago

    That kitchen sink one is cool because now I can say u brought the whole house AND the kitchen sink🤣😂 that came right into my head when I saw that

  • MR . MANAV
    MR . MANAV 7 days ago

    His accent makes me laugh ....

  • Hunter Cupples
    Hunter Cupples 8 days ago

    I feel like the pocket shower should come with soap and shampoo!

  • puna pumin
    puna pumin 8 days ago


  • Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar 8 days ago

    we say this mosquito box (. Macherdani in India )

    • Nitin Kumar
      Nitin Kumar 8 days ago

      this is very common in summer in India

    THE GAMER MAN 8 days ago

    where is the pocket showers 😢😨

  • amber mitchell
    amber mitchell 9 days ago

    is that fun

  • Sipra Bhattacharyya


  • varinder ldh
    varinder ldh 9 days ago


  • Apurva Tripathy
    Apurva Tripathy 9 days ago

    I like your accent Nd ur video

  • different kinds of things

    kitchen sink and both the showers

  • Sister Fun time
    Sister Fun time 10 days ago

    that "bucket" is a bag

  • How to make
    How to make 10 days ago

    nice video

  • RASHI sharma
    RASHI sharma 10 days ago


  • viswanadham paluri1954

    Simple shower z awesome

  • good one
    good one 10 days ago

    what camera are u using bro..... resolution is too good.....

  • Jonhallan Abao
    Jonhallan Abao 11 days ago

    da fuq whats this guy real youtube acc?? so many

  • Axelsampel 21 Axel
    Axelsampel 21 Axel 11 days ago

    wow he has a forest😂😂

  • Zwt
    Zwt 11 days ago

    welcome to my porridge

  • peace and love
    peace and love 11 days ago

    but why would we take a shower with that device when there is a water body where we can take a dip?

  • Mika Cast
    Mika Cast 11 days ago

    Kulambo lang yung una eh. Hahahahaha, hit like sa mga Pilipino jan!

  • Vs tech
    Vs tech 12 days ago

    kitchen sink I like this

  • Sara Pinjic
    Sara Pinjic 12 days ago

    in soviet russia cold showers take you

  • cb8giu
    cb8giu 13 days ago

    tour videos are Very interessing tour leanguage simple whit a Very low accent i admit, And i like you Good job

  • RemlalHruaii Pachuau

    who else thinks this guy is cute! 😻😹😹😹

  • G182 Cool
    G182 Cool 14 days ago

    Boom boom boom💥💥💥💥

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 14 days ago

    r u a comunist

  • Hani Yukumi
    Hani Yukumi 14 days ago

    I'm laughing so hard😂hes really naked

  • Nitro Genius
    Nitro Genius 15 days ago

    who wants tgis guy to reach 10mil

  • Nix Chualiciousarriola

    when he meets bts "whoa dis is amayzhing omaygod boom "

  • Swordfireguy MC
    Swordfireguy MC 15 days ago

    He owns a forest.

  • Calvin Wei
    Calvin Wei 16 days ago

    He has the hammer and sickle in his intro, he's a communist!!

  • Kn Aadhan
    Kn Aadhan 16 days ago

    What does the box say..hahaha😅😅😅😅

  • Unique Videos
    Unique Videos 16 days ago

    Where to buy simple shower 🚿

  • Giac
    Giac 16 days ago


  • Talia Lee
    Talia Lee 16 days ago

    I'm in love with his accent❤❤💜💜

  • IRilite
    IRilite 16 days ago

    Imagine just camping with this guy

  • Wengies World
    Wengies World 16 days ago

    Who else thinks he was naked outside taking a showher like if you agree

  • Joe & Aidan
    Joe & Aidan 17 days ago

    CrazyRussionHacker if you read my comment about Katherine being in every MRE episode please mention my comment in the next episode

  • Jday Ghassen
    Jday Ghassen 17 days ago

    use a wireless mic

  • EcHo End3r
    EcHo End3r 17 days ago

    In soviet Russia 🇷🇺 shower showers you

  • Safwaan Patel
    Safwaan Patel 17 days ago

    who clicked on the video because of the pocket shower if u did plz like I wanna know how many people lol...

  • Soph
    Soph 17 days ago


  • Carcar Gaming
    Carcar Gaming 17 days ago

    where you realy naked

  • ntioui
    ntioui 17 days ago

    So what if you trap a mosquito inside the box???😧

  • Nicholas Leger
    Nicholas Leger 17 days ago

    at 6:50 he takes a shower in the woods lol

  • Nicholas Leger
    Nicholas Leger 17 days ago

    do car gadgets

  • Smart Boy
    Smart Boy 17 days ago

    Your the man

  • abdul rehman
    abdul rehman 17 days ago

    he say "it feels so good " (when he was taking the shower with simple shower) as he didn't took shower for many months but making videos.

  • Shweta Kumar
    Shweta Kumar 17 days ago

    Pocket shower
    Advanced way to wash flowers

  • - Ohh Sins -
    - Ohh Sins - 17 days ago

    turned on caption...Play at 5:55 in the shower...he said "sexually plenty" XDD

  • Lemarcus JenningsJr
    Lemarcus JenningsJr 18 days ago

    I hope he wasn't really naked

  • CoolNugget269 !
    CoolNugget269 ! 18 days ago

    Ohh Ye that actually fells good 😂😂

  • M418
    M418 18 days ago

    1:48 "But boom, look at that I'm safe from muskitas"

  • Llcool Swain
    Llcool Swain 18 days ago

    #what does the box say

  • DreamRO ROTMG
    DreamRO ROTMG 18 days ago

    "What does the box say"
    ding ding ding blah blah

  • sachin rahul
    sachin rahul 18 days ago

    Лучшие кемпинговые гаджеты спасибо за видео

  • Gargi Chakraborty
    Gargi Chakraborty 18 days ago

    mosquito box are called "moshari" in West Bengal India

  • You don't know me
    You don't know me 19 days ago

    #1 tho.😂
    We have a lot of kulambo or mosquito nets here in the Philippines in cheap prices.😂

  • Josefina Olaguez
    Josefina Olaguez 19 days ago

    fishing gadgets please

  • Taco Bot
    Taco Bot 19 days ago

    In soviet Russia, you clean water.

  • Lance Oca
    Lance Oca 19 days ago

    the first gadget is called kulambo in our country Philippines

  • Rock Bottom7
    Rock Bottom7 19 days ago

    in Soviet Russia vegetables wash people

  • MaxYaks
    MaxYaks 20 days ago

    6:46 please tell me he has pants on.

  • Andi 1
    Andi 1 20 days ago

    hahaha ,,Gadzik''a love that a lot....😂😂😂😂

  • Jackaxe Gaming
    Jackaxe Gaming 20 days ago

    Me- watches video
    Prepares computer and book
    Rights on book ..
    Ep-1 hobo camp setup

  • Terrence Stefela
    Terrence Stefela 20 days ago

    wow survival using gardening boots

  • Winnie Chan
    Winnie Chan 20 days ago

    Turn on your captions at 5:54

  • Michael Castanares
    Michael Castanares 21 day ago

    1st gadget he says: what does the box say.... instructions instructions instructions

  • monique alonzo
    monique alonzo 21 day ago

    the first gadget is called "kulambo" in the philippines

  • theredbaron20
    theredbaron20 21 day ago

    I could see using all of it.

  • Kingseeker GAMING
    Kingseeker GAMING 21 day ago

    Wow...How do I buy forest?

  • Shivnay Kumar
    Shivnay Kumar 22 days ago

    5:57 turn on English captions. Look at the first word you see. XD

  • anne crews
    anne crews 22 days ago

    like my comments

  • Chosen Xenomorph
    Chosen Xenomorph 22 days ago

    "welcome to my forest"

  • Shadow
    Shadow 22 days ago

    guys like if you agree!

  • mohammed ajaib
    mohammed ajaib 22 days ago

    f u

  • Poongodi Sivakumar
    Poongodi Sivakumar 22 days ago

    the shower is really cool

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