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Author AamirAli Mir (3 months)
when Joseph said to his father, "O my father, indeed I have seen [in a
dream] eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrating to

Author mrsa sara (5 months)
Prophet Yusuf Movie full with english subtitles p…:

Author hicham jazouli (11 months)
abdel basit abd assamad

Author Ahmad reza Juyan (1 year)
Who recite this nice quran please someone write for me the name Of his :) 

Author doinita mihai (1 year)

Author sara slap (3 years)
The link is wonderful! Never get tired of this movie :)

Author mohammed kader (5 years)
wow thx man i have been looking for this for like 2 weeks i watched the
first 27 parts on an other youtube acc altigerr he updated it every week so
it was good.

Author sabretooth14 (5 years)
Karim Mansoori

Author D Gak (4 years)
The recitation is so beautiful mashAllah... it gives me goosebumps!

Author sabretooth14 (5 years)
try playing the file with VLC player

Author Mustafa Askarzada (3 years)
can plzz tell me the Quran read at 0.42.

Author zahra khan (5 years)
last llink

Author sabretooth14 (5 years)
which site did you try to download? shiasource or shiatv?

Author elilia azura (2 years)

Author Not_So_Dark_Knight (3 years)
wow this film is epic really opens someone up to islam

Author Talha Saeed (4 years)
can u tell me the name of person who played the chrachter of HAZRAT
YOUSEF..?? plz...

Author Sufeia Yosuf (5 years)
I'm currently watching this with the family. My father brought it back from
Afghanistan so it has no subtitles. :/ It's absolutely beautiful though,
and well done. The actors are just about the most amazing actors I have
ever seen! And I absolutely love the realness of it. The story of the
prophet has not been "edited" or "touched up" by the nonMuslims so it can
be some big Hollywood hit. I absolutely love it. Thanks for the links.

Author zahra khan (5 years)
i went to that given site , n i tried to download it but that file doesnt
open on my comp dont know y, its flv flie smt

Author Alif Megantara (2 years)
who is playing the role of Nabi Yusuf when he child?..

Author zahra khan (5 years)
or maybe i could download flv converter to avi

Author Mohammed Adeeb (1 year)
Adam Idris (Enoch) Nuh (Noah) Hud Saleh Ibrahim (Abraham) Isma'il (Ishmael)
Ishaq (Isaac) Lut (Lot) Ya'qub (Jacob) Yousef (Joseph) Shu'aib Ayyub (Job)
Musa (Moses) Harun (Aaron) Dhu'l-kifl (Ezekiel) Dawud (David) Sulaiman
(Solomon) Ilias (Elias) Al-Yasa (Elisha) Yunus (Jonah) Zakariyya
(Zechariah) Yahya (John) 'Isa (Jesus) Muhammad

Author sara slap (3 years)
The link is wonderful! Never get tired of this movie :)

Author rooney falcao (2 years)
i love this SON <3<3<3

Author Elham Ali (1 year)
love it

Author aziz al-salaam (3 years)
@bbaydoun yes called Qari

Author pakfunny gal (3 years)
Beautiful Telawat Love it

Author sabretooth14 (3 years)
@hanifak2 w/s you can watch the video in this site
shiasource(dot)com/drive/ under the folder "Iranian serials and films"

Author IqsMontegro (3 years)
any1 got the sound track for this? some of the tunes are deeep!

Author zahra khan (5 years)
oh does it called im TOO FLV CONVERTER?

Author sabretooth14 (3 years)
@69bubz Zoleykha - Katayoon Riahi, Asenath - Elham Hamidi

Author sabretooth14 (4 years)
@talhasaeedpcs mostafa zamani

Author Mukthar Ahmed (2 years)
i like it very much.................but wht happened after the yrs of
famine and later on pls pls pls update these videos also it would be a
great favour

Author sabretooth14 (5 years)
u can open the downloaded file with real player

Author sabretooth14 (5 years)
u can try this site : mominshoppingcenter(dot)com i thinks its $40

Author aziz al-salaam (3 years)
this made movie is abs. true in the light of Quran, Gospel of Barnabas and
egyptian historical dacomented proofs. we can say those deny from this
movie's Contents called denier

Author zahra khan (5 years)
i did but says its doesnt support this file

Author hanifak25 (3 years)
@sabretooth14 W/s, thank u so much!

Author sabretooth14 (3 years)
@MauzzyyT Karim Mansoori

Author zahra khan (5 years)

Author Vahid Mont (3 years)
@sabretooth14 i want this intro song, where i can get it?

Author Azima Leyla (2 years)
Who played Prophet Yusuf? The Actor's name? Very good! Enjoyed it. Will
watch again.

Author idreespower (4 years)
@talhasaeedpcs MUSTAFA ZAMANI

Author Jay Palang (5 years)

Author hanifak25 (3 years)
Salaam, is there a way to get part 16?

Author Anizah Kalis (1 year)
I really love it... Awwwww

Author Maria Saadia Avery (5 years)
Masha'allah....this is by far the best movie I have ever seen. May Allah
Bless Iran and the Ayatollah insha'allah.

Author sabretooth14 (5 years)
u will need the latest real player to play the file or u can download the
vista codec package, search google should be the first link hope this helps

Author MauzzyyT (3 years)
@sabretooth14 Can you please tell me the person who is reciting the quran
at the begining as it is very beautiful

Author JayJay (3 years)
the devil made a youtube account and disliked this vid.

Author agads Tk (3 years)

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