Lil Yachty - Peek A Boo ft. Migos

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    Director | Millicent Hailes
    Producers | Sam Green & Knia Bonds
    Production Company| RiTE Media
    Executive Producer| Jen Herrera
    Directors Rep| Lasbandas - Jen Herrera
    Label Commissioner| Capitol Records - Kevin Kloecker
    Director of Photography | Justin Dombrowski
    Editor | Jen Kennedy
    Colorist | Nick Sandersat Ntropic

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    Music video by Lil Yachty performing Peek A Boo. (C) 2017 Quality Control Music, Capitol Records and Motown Records
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  • Runtime: 4:8
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Comments: 39 961

  • Kevin Liu
    Kevin Liu 1 minute ago

    As a kindergarten teacher its nice to know that when I type Peek A Boo on youtube this is the first one and not that dumb ass kids song peek a boo with the dumb ass cat

  • Luis Alvarez
    Luis Alvarez 12 minutes ago

    This shit weak not hip hop this only advertising shit people can't have .(sikside)

    GRANT JENKINS 16 minutes ago


  • Literal Trash
    Literal Trash 24 minutes ago

    this video is scary

  • La Polvoradd
    La Polvoradd 28 minutes ago

    Who give it up to the MIGOS? Nice job with the Peekaboo basic topic and turn it into a hit !!!!! Thumps up if you follow!!!

  • Kho4tic Rag3
    Kho4tic Rag3 34 minutes ago

    lil yachty is wack he got outshined by migos on his own song he cant come up with a good verse her for migos

  • kemogta
    kemogta 39 minutes ago

    2:53 he said 2k17

  • Top Assassin
    Top Assassin 46 minutes ago

    this makes me want to kill last on cod

  • Commender Gur
    Commender Gur 49 minutes ago

    red dot red dot

    KEITH GRIFFIN 1 hour ago

    I am so glad I am strictly underground hip hop cuz this shit is garbage

  • Stacey Hudson
    Stacey Hudson 1 hour ago

    how to teach your son to play peek a boo

  • richard romero
    richard romero 1 hour ago

    I don't play with pussiez...fag ass fool...naked dudez all around rap is officially stupid

  • Beast mode 24/7
    Beast mode 24/7 1 hour ago

    Idiot chello is a string instrument

  • ZeZbluriedZeZ
    ZeZbluriedZeZ 2 hours ago


  • ZeZbluriedZeZ
    ZeZbluriedZeZ 2 hours ago

    This song sucks all migos fault lil boat is lofe

  • Marie Clem
    Marie Clem 2 hours ago

    my nigga quavo

  • Jose Dagnino
    Jose Dagnino 2 hours ago

    0:16 when people ask you if u
    brushed ur teeth

  • Roger Podacter
    Roger Podacter 3 hours ago

    This song is terrible. Wtf is wrong with people today?

  • TrillX Manny
    TrillX Manny 3 hours ago

    she blow that dick like a chello?

  • Rafat Jaber
    Rafat Jaber 3 hours ago

    I just wasted 4:08 of my life 🤕

  • G Maldonado
    G Maldonado 3 hours ago

    Migos would be better by them sevles

  • Jack Baker
    Jack Baker 3 hours ago

    0:53 when you have headphones and realize your fast wasn't actually silent

  • G Maldonado
    G Maldonado 3 hours ago

    I'm a big fan of migos and lol yachty

  • bubba 888555
    bubba 888555 4 hours ago

    1:05 Correct me if I'm wrong, but a cello is a string instrument, no blowing is needed.

  • Molly Woods
    Molly Woods 4 hours ago

    peek a boo

  • Huey Newton
    Huey Newton 4 hours ago

    YOOO I got beats for the low 🎵 BANGERS With A FLUTE

  • Daryl Watts
    Daryl Watts 5 hours ago

    garBage tru3|{ jui3e!!!!
    HQT Summer Day...w/maggQts....

  • Ismail Abdirizak
    Ismail Abdirizak 5 hours ago

    blow that dick like chello smh

  • dylan delapaz
    dylan delapaz 5 hours ago

    yachty is ugly asf

  • Mahoganie Mack
    Mahoganie Mack 6 hours ago

    He sound lik a pedophile.

  • Latrail Nelson
    Latrail Nelson 6 hours ago


  • JdazhOn DaBeat
    JdazhOn DaBeat 6 hours ago

    ill tell u a song that go hard Jdazh-Thuggin

  • Jacob Goodrich
    Jacob Goodrich 6 hours ago

    Please help me get to 100 subscribers and I will make Harambe come back alive ‼️

  • Latesia Moore
    Latesia Moore 6 hours ago

    takeoff is the best

  • Arianna Walker
    Arianna Walker 7 hours ago

    peek a boo

  • documentales animals

    buen sonido nigga

  • Ruth Bentley
    Ruth Bentley 7 hours ago


  • Supermira
    Supermira 7 hours ago

    This video is weird😂😂 but this song fye

  • Shahbaz Khaisto
    Shahbaz Khaisto 7 hours ago

    migos killed it but dont forget lil yachty asswel

  • angel diaz
    angel diaz 7 hours ago

    WTF this shit asssss

  • Misfit HB
    Misfit HB 7 hours ago

    worse rapper I've ever heard oms

  • Rickel Rowe
    Rickel Rowe 7 hours ago

    Take off used 42 seconds and murdered this hoe

  • dark flame
    dark flame 8 hours ago

    0:53 when u in the bathroom an the door open

  • A1 Style
    A1 Style 8 hours ago

    Lil Yachty: Play with that pussy like Play-do Lil Boat!!!

  • Slayed B
    Slayed B 8 hours ago
    Hardest D to the A remix out.. Check it

  • 25Dalton West
    25Dalton West 8 hours ago

    Lil yachy teeth look awesome

  • Julian Wilson
    Julian Wilson 8 hours ago

    This video is fucking amazing

  • iAmFr3uon
    iAmFr3uon 9 hours ago

    wtf is this

  • a kid that has to much time

    the song is trash in my opinion.

  • Hiten Kadam
    Hiten Kadam 9 hours ago

    I use to sleep on Yachty but DAMN!!!! This Beat Goes Hard af!!!!

  • Louis Dodd
    Louis Dodd 9 hours ago

    best part 0:00 4:08

    SADIE 9 hours ago

    *she blow that dick like a cello*

  • Paypal Bank
    Paypal Bank 9 hours ago

    if you claim you not a rapper than dont fuckin rap haha

  • Dustin Kasmikha
    Dustin Kasmikha 10 hours ago

    Wtf is this bull shit bro.....😭😭😭

  • Kali Gaming
    Kali Gaming 10 hours ago

    This beat is too good for this song

  • Chiffon Williams
    Chiffon Williams 11 hours ago


  • Aidanscoots 89
    Aidanscoots 89 11 hours ago

    peek a boo

  • Kkb Gg
    Kkb Gg 11 hours ago

    this vid lit asf

  • lil lit
    lil lit 11 hours ago


  • YouTube Hero
    YouTube Hero 11 hours ago

    girls what do you think of this song lol im curious? i can play with ur puzzy like peek a boo?

  • PBisBae
    PBisBae 11 hours ago

    I knew Africans were demons .

  • Rachade Beukes
    Rachade Beukes 11 hours ago

    🔥🔥they killing.....well done😏

  • Madison Boyles
    Madison Boyles 12 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Isabel Cales
    Isabel Cales 12 hours ago

    He thinks a cello is a cleranet

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez 12 hours ago

    my albino friend heard this song...and now he's a nigger

  • Gris
    Gris 13 hours ago

    my dick whas 1 before i watched this, now its 5 inches

  • Adiel Wavy
    Adiel Wavy 13 hours ago

    can someone explain why there are so many dislikes i need to know

  • Ben best
    Ben best 14 hours ago

    offset had the best verse

  • Hillary Gendi
    Hillary Gendi 14 hours ago

    Offset-epic starter
    Quavo-sets the mood right
    Take off- epic finisher

    Lil yacht-shit, in other words ZERO!!

  • Cristian Grasu
    Cristian Grasu 14 hours ago

    Takeoff running this hoe real talk

  • Warren Spencer
    Warren Spencer 14 hours ago

    One of the worst hip-hop songs I've ever heard

    THE NEST 14 hours ago


  • David Munsell
    David Munsell 15 hours ago


  • jesse perez
    jesse perez 16 hours ago

    Here for takeoff's verse



  • Seth Harvey
    Seth Harvey 16 hours ago

    I play with my bitch pucy

  • Harambe
    Harambe 16 hours ago

    0:53 when you act your like a savage but after doing something wrong you worry about what's gonna happen

  • Wyatt Snow
    Wyatt Snow 16 hours ago

    Wtf you can't blow a cello it's a string instrument

  • saucegods liteveryday
    saucegods liteveryday 17 hours ago

    u gay

  • Delroy Wright
    Delroy Wright 17 hours ago

    cuz ugly af

  • Ian S
    Ian S 18 hours ago

    Each one of his songs I hear leads me closer to death

  • YaMarnis
    YaMarnis 18 hours ago

    4:07 My Fav part of the song

    LDLR OFFICIAL 19 hours ago

    Ssup world! I'm an upcoming rapper, can you listen to my music and show support Thanks cheers from Mex!

  • Alan Huerta
    Alan Huerta 19 hours ago

    legend says the beginning is actually filter free

  • Marc De La Rosa
    Marc De La Rosa 19 hours ago

    Blow it like a cello 🔫

  • LitAfN3gro35 SkrrtTah
    LitAfN3gro35 SkrrtTah 19 hours ago

    trash af

  • ReushK
    ReushK 19 hours ago

    "teenage emotions" my fucking ass, i dont know a single teenager that can tap into this shit or relate to it at all. Go listen to Bloom by MGK if youre looking for something recent and real. that motherfucker can rap, and that motherfucker can speak to you.

  • lil pancake FROSTBITEx21


  • Wide Out
    Wide Out 21 hour ago

    Play with that penis like peek a boo uh

  • Tracy Hatch
    Tracy Hatch 21 hour ago

    This when Yachty tries to sound tough, at least it better than him singing

  • Kayla Martin
    Kayla Martin 22 hours ago

    Takeoff the best

  • Kayla Martin
    Kayla Martin 22 hours ago

    That nigga lil yachty went off

  • Aceritys JFM
    Aceritys JFM 22 hours ago

    People sleep on takeoff cuz he hasnt been in recent song which is disappointing cuz takeoff da coldest nigga👌💦

  • Alicia Mccleary
    Alicia Mccleary 22 hours ago

    let migos sing the whole song and it'll more famous than bad and bouqe and that's hard to beat

  • HardAsAStone
    HardAsAStone 23 hours ago

    Yachty reminds me of dennis rodman lol

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo 1 day ago

    I'm so happy that I got a brain tumor

  • Kai Knight
    Kai Knight 1 day ago

    I paused at 2:44 and thought Lil Boat just slipped.

  • Jade Tucker
    Jade Tucker 1 day ago

    lil yachty

  • Jade Tucker
    Jade Tucker 1 day ago

    Love u lil

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