Alien: Covenant ANGRY Review - ANGRY RANT!

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    AngryJoe Rants about the Alien: Covenant Movie & gives his NON-SPOILER review on how it effects the lore. What HAPPENED Ridley Scott?!
    Great Action, Visuals & Music without any substance and with a terrible story, characters and that actually messed up the lore.

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  • Runtime: 24:48
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Comments: 13 899

  • DayCleezy
    DayCleezy 1 hour ago

    This movie fucking sucked.

  • Elestro Air-soft
    Elestro Air-soft 2 hours ago

    What did u do in Sweden? Visited DICE maybe? ☺

  • Frost Seven
    Frost Seven 6 hours ago

    Everybody is fucking retarded in Ridley's Alien. Dont wear suits, stick their face at the alien. In Ridley world humans a fucking stupid just like himself.

  • Crocodileofdoom
    Crocodileofdoom 10 hours ago

    Agreed 100%, I liked the movie but Joe makes really good points. I read a comment below, it said that you have to have a "suspension of desbelief" in Alien I didn't had to do that!!! Alien was amazing!!!

  • markmaxy125
    markmaxy125 19 hours ago

    I said all this when they wanted to make the last film... stop explaining everything. Not everything needs to be explained and now it's fucked,

  • Oskars Dilēvičs
    Oskars Dilēvičs 22 hours ago

    Agree 100%. Prometheus IMO was the shittiest part sofar, worse than AVP Requiem. Covenant beats them with ease. Even Ressurection looks like masterpiece now.

  • WhiskyJackAttack 88
    WhiskyJackAttack 88 22 hours ago

    this fucking sucks man, this was a movie i was sooooo looking forward too! its a great review joe but for all the wrong reasons. truely sorry you had to bitch slap the fuck out of this movie. like you im a massive sci fi fan, especially of the alien franchise. i swear down though if scott ever tried to do a predator movie i will go fucking tonto.

  • BinaryOwnsU
    BinaryOwnsU 23 hours ago

    I just watched it, and It sucks monkey ballz. Has the same as all horror movies, tits, blood and panic.

  • Inspiración Original

    It was very predictable.

  • Staehling Style
    Staehling Style 1 day ago

    I have chosen to ignore all Alien films besides the first two. Only way to be sure to stay sane without breaking things over explaining the crap out of everything.

  • Nathan T
    Nathan T 1 day ago

    I liked the Movie

  • Simran Singh
    Simran Singh 1 day ago

    this was my first alien movie and i guess thats why i loved it bro !i thought it was amazi g action and story but if u watched others i guess this one might suck but i gotta say this movie was good angryjoe but it was my first alien movie

  • Babeh Goji
    Babeh Goji 1 day ago

    I was so excited to see this movie. Thank you AJ for stopping me before I wasted my money on a ticket for this piece of garbage. I, along with everyone else, wish Neil's Alien 5 was never pushed away for Covenant

  • dillon nolan
    dillon nolan 1 day ago

    I loved the old alien movies

  • Varga Renátó
    Varga Renátó 1 day ago

    Angry Joe.
    Totally agree with you. I am a fan of the ALIEN & Predator franchise, i even wrote a novel based on the AvP2 video game...
    The movie Covenant literally destroyed the xenomorph lore, especially from the side of the Predators...i think you know what i mean. And i do not mean the films...more like the books and comics....
    I love the two creature since i was 6, now i'm almost 30...but Covenant, from the director of the first movie...thanks, but not. I'd prefer to watch the first 2 movies 160.000 times thant watch Covenant again.
    Greetings from Hungary.

  • Bigbad Crawford
    Bigbad Crawford 2 days ago

    angry tit

  • Bigbad Crawford
    Bigbad Crawford 2 days ago

    Great movie. Angry Joe is shit at movie reviews

  • django priceaction
    django priceaction 2 days ago

    I agree with all what you say - they have fucked up the mystery of the alien, I hated it and fast forward the movie it to the end just to get over it. No way am I going to watch it over again as I did the previous ones. I am glad I did not waste money to see it in the theaters.

  • Mike M
    Mike M 2 days ago

    Prometheus was far better even with the plot holes and idiot scientists. I was hoping Shaw would eventually meet or follow up to another planet with Engineers and unravel the mystery of the black goo that was once used as a means of creation and then for destruction. Alien Covenant was stupid and shallow.

  • Melutox
    Melutox 2 days ago

    i bet when joe dies hes gonna have "you done fucked it up" on a plaque on his gravestone

  • Lolz878
    Lolz878 2 days ago

    i agree on quite a few of your points but for some reason i just like this film, probably nostalgia with the music and shit but i am kinda interested in where its going. Aswell the black alien was the protomorph but i forgot the name of the white one...

  • Rudolph Antler
    Rudolph Antler 2 days ago

    Covenant: The Revenge of Scott (Because you didn't like Dumbeteus)

  • Atlas Manuel Gaisne

    That was indeed bad. I felt asleep several times while watching it.

  • Tadziun Gamer
    Tadziun Gamer 3 days ago

    Alien covenant is like game Alien colonial marines.. they are shitty AF :/// Sad....

  • Joe Morrissey
    Joe Morrissey 3 days ago


  • Exotic Cichlids
    Exotic Cichlids 3 days ago

    Alien movies should be intelligent horrortropes first 2nd marines n smart action...or both as in Aliens...Cov got destroyed for dumb character actions again..alien res style cgi..some kind of worked...protomorph juveniles were not version better but again stupid dumb scenes were made mostly..same with original alien scenes 80% were mediocre...poor planet and locations they dun fked it up

  • Kelly Augustine
    Kelly Augustine 3 days ago

    I really disliked the continuity problems with the xenomorph gestation. It is way too damn fast and the aren't supposed to pop out fully formed in miniature size. What happened to the "larvae" stage and the molting....?? Joe's comments about the timeline of the original Alien being jacked is not correct. This movie takes place at least 20 years before LV426. There is still time to tie it together. However, if David is going to take the Covenant to Origae-6, then we lose another 7 years in the timeline. I am still holding out hope that we get an explanation for how the Engineer ship gets to LV426 with a cargo of eggs. I'm guessing that the next movie (Awakening?) will be more like Aliens. David has a whole ship of colonists to use as hosts. I'm also hoping we get an explanation of how the Xenos reproduce in the absence of a Queen and/or how the Queen is produced.

  • Robert M. Dunn
    Robert M. Dunn 3 days ago

    entertainment is subjective and your opinion is not right no ones is also its scotts lore and universe he can do what he wants

  • Bates Lawson
    Bates Lawson 3 days ago

    yet you like suicide squad?

  • Majinga Zetto
    Majinga Zetto 3 days ago

    Terrible movie. I agree with Joe.

  • vonshtoyven
    vonshtoyven 4 days ago

    the next level of ascension is realizing they fucked it up on purpose

  • Joel Broski
    Joel Broski 4 days ago

    The Alien would have to be an engineered species. How in the fuck would that thing live in balance in a natural environment?

  • Mister G
    Mister G 4 days ago

    I'm sorry to say that I agree with you. I was very excited to see the movie, but after I saw it I couldn't help but feel the movie was just 'alien porn'-- you know, like 'gun porn', just a gratuitous excuse to show some new footage of an alien without any substance.

  • TheChadWork2001
    TheChadWork2001 4 days ago

    Ridley didn't learn from Prometheus. He slapped us even worse this time!! This film has no intelligence. It's stupid. He did pull a George Lucas! He's gone Wacko.

  • TheChadWork2001
    TheChadWork2001 4 days ago

    The characters are so stupid to let Ridley get our money for nothing. The reasonable character is obviously ignored by the stupid characters to give Ridley an excuse to get the rest of the stupid ideas out without having to do any work.

  • jtar7242
    jtar7242 5 days ago

    Blomkamp's script sounded like bad fanfiction. It was no loss.

    Covenant was still a steaming pile of garbage, from pretty much every aspect.

  • JTriffic
    JTriffic 5 days ago

    You're exactly right about the tropes. I'm not a huge Alien fan, so all the lore and previous movies aside, it was the tropes alone that destroyed the movie for me. Also it was not even the slightest bit scary. I was hoping to be shitting my pants the entire time, like I did watching the first movie. Instead I was just chuckling every time someone said, "I think I heard something, I'm going to check it out.".

  • Dan Faulkner
    Dan Faulkner 5 days ago

    I enjoyed the film a fair bit for what it was, an ok action flick, but Joe makes loads of good points, especially regards the tropes.

  • Chris King
    Chris King 5 days ago

    It wasn't too bad just watchable . I was disappointed that Engineers where killed of and the Xenomoprph was created by David (I'll do the fingering) the Android. It felt like Ridley was constantly apologizing for Prometheus. We probably wont get Awakening now anyway.

  • Commander Sheperd
    Commander Sheperd 6 days ago

    I really liked Prometheus and Elizabeth shaw and was hoping their was going to be a Prometheus 2. Btw i love the alien anthology all 4 original films

  • Max 4K
    Max 4K 6 days ago

    i dont know what to think,wasnt bad movie but im not a true fan of Alien saga.i really like primetheusand,so pissed off engineers lore wasnt on the movie.just 10 sec wtf

  • BenniRoR ­
    BenniRoR ­ 6 days ago

    The creature you refer to as "Neomorph" in Prometheus is called "Deacon". The tall white aliens from Covenant are the actual Neomorphs, whereas the "Xenomorph" in Covenant is not the traditional Xenomorph. I would refer to it as "Protomorph", due to the fact that it looks slightly different. (no real exoskeleton, slightly different teeth etc.) Xenopedia however refers to it as Xenomorph, so I guess that it is just some sort of alteration.

  • Guillermo Escobar
    Guillermo Escobar 6 days ago

    This movie was head and shoulders better than suicide squad. I couldn't even finish suicide squad it was so bad.

  • KiianaLuu
    KiianaLuu 6 days ago

    I just don't understand why some people think they are more cleaver or superior just because they hate the movie, bunch of emos. I personally enjoyed it very much, btw I watched all the other Alien movies too.

  • Marc Draco
    Marc Draco 6 days ago

    Writers... writers... writers...
    Scott is a great lighting/director but he can't make a decent movie without a top-rate screenplay.

  • Mr389930
    Mr389930 6 days ago

    Oh great here comes the angry joe fanboy rant

  • Michael Hiller
    Michael Hiller 7 days ago

    I actually liked it

  • Arminas Saveikis
    Arminas Saveikis 7 days ago

    alien vs predator pyramid in the ice thousand years old with aliens where people secra...... no? this movie killed all its like shitting yourself with your pants on just like this...

  • Pelger
    Pelger 7 days ago

    I wonder if there's still hope of the sequel-reboot thing. that other guy just needs to ignore one more movie.
    he should take just 1 and 2 as canon, ignore everything else including prometheus, and do a good alien 3.

  • Bad Request
    Bad Request 7 days ago

    i enjoyed the movie but i do agree that the characters were poorly set up. i didn't care about any of them. and they killed off captain james franco before he got to be in the movie. that was a facepalm move in my opinion. the only character i cared about was david xD even though he was the insane homicidal android. i get the timeline is getting confused now, but i'd like to judge the product as a whole and we don't know yet where ridley scott is heading with this yet. maybe it's something worth it, maybe it's gonna be stupid. i dunno. so i'll wait to see where this leads up to. about the couples thing, i didn't think it was a bad thing, if it were properly set up. in the original Alien there was a similar scene, although it was cut. there's a deleted scene out there of a conversation between ripley and dallas where it's implied they kind have a thing, though not relationship serious. ripley just says something like "i'm stressed. i need to relax" and starts coming on to dallas. basically she says let's have sex, but dallas isn't in the mood.

  • Quinlan
    Quinlan 7 days ago

    It seems to me that Joe just expects too much. Always. Just fucking go watch the film open minded without any expectations and you'll enjoy it more. The movie isn't perfect, but it isn't bad either. Be a little more objective.

  • Valken
    Valken 7 days ago

    Scott didn't create Alien alone, he was part of the great *group* which created Alien. Same with Blade Runner.

  • Belua Films
    Belua Films 7 days ago

    Dan O'Bannon.

  • B A
    B A 7 days ago

    *Betrayal is a good way to describe my thoughts on the horrible outcome of Prometheus and Covenant*

  • Adrianne Bucaojit
    Adrianne Bucaojit 7 days ago

    I liked alien covenant I'm not offended

  • Brady W
    Brady W 8 days ago

    What's with all the dislikes? I've seen major critics giving this movie unfavorable reviews with like 90%+ likes, yet Angry Joe only has 66%?!?! WTF? Guys, this movie was REALLY not good... Even if you don't give a shit about the Alien universe or lore, it's a mediocre film at best.

  • Cheshire C
    Cheshire C 8 days ago

    Congress needs to convene an investigating committee.

  • movie mad man productions

    when he said he likes alien 3 and alien resurrection better then this film I was like, Somebody Hold Me Back, I'm About To Go Godzilla On This Motherfuckers Ass! LET ME AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • movie mad man productions

    as soon as I saw that face I was like okay, prepare the angry rant proof bunker, oh, and genesis, commence the rage

  • The Singapore Ghost Hunting Club

    9392 Dislikes from FOX fanboys and executives.

  • psi915
    psi915 8 days ago

    they made predator 2 non cannon, impossible trophy rack

    • brazwen
      brazwen 8 days ago

      That xenomorph head trophy had always been non-canon. At the time Predator 2 came out, it was an easter egg to the AVP comics not to the shared universe.

  • Ken Lopez
    Ken Lopez 8 days ago

    i understand its not the best movie in the franchise but to say than the 3rd and 4th alien films were slightly better.... thats a whole bag of worms. Nowhere near as bad as those. Especially the 4th dude

  • Rocksteddybelmont
    Rocksteddybelmont 8 days ago

    it was sooooo fucked up

  • Deltaworks23
    Deltaworks23 8 days ago

    Thank goodness Ridley Scott is not directing Blade Runner 2049, though it will still probably be a disappointment.

  • THX11003
    THX11003 8 days ago

    I can understand where he is coming from. He is referring to the demystification of the ambiguity the whole Alien world had. Its all coming to a head and an "understanding". Things are becoming coherent. I get it.

  • Neuromance27
    Neuromance27 9 days ago

    Really fucking hate that they treated Shaw like they did, and zipped right past the Engineer home planet.

  • Neuromance27
    Neuromance27 9 days ago

    Prometheus was too obscure, Covenant glossed over the mysteries and went straight back to formula... can't make anyone happy.

  • Chillz McKillz
    Chillz McKillz 9 days ago

    fuck off you whinging fuckin shit. you suck. why is a dumb cunt like you so worried about who's smart or not. you sure as fuck are not.

  • deplorable mediocre

    Thought it was good for what he was trying to achieve - more terror. Bear in mind we're talking about rabies and aids here though. It's Alien. It did the job I expect from Scott - to be scared. Aliens scared me when I was young but when you grow up, it's not scary - it's just badass monsters in space. We needed something more - terror. Prometheus was a whole bioweapons world by something so sinister it would put any Earth based military program to shame. It was scary because it was terror scares. And he took it up a notch again with Covenant. The ultimate betrayal by technology. The more evolved form of aliens created by David and unleashed followed by our heroine left in the clutches of David himself. Horrible. No doubt the follow up to this movie will contain some scene of an alien drooling over her dead remains with David smiling on. I'm not sure where he'll go next, but it will be dark and warped no doubt. It's sick really. Well done Scott you're a sick man, lol.

  • Bayou Boy Entertainment

    Don't worry this isn't Prometheus don't worry Prometheus 2 will still happen this is different they said......if you saw the movie nah man we ain't gettin that Prometheus 2. This movie just seemed lazy and predictable also i need that James Franco job, just keep cashin those checks James lol.

  • Mikel Wilson
    Mikel Wilson 9 days ago

    *Looks at Thumbnail*

    They done fucked it up, didn't they?

  • Herz König
    Herz König 9 days ago

    unfortunately, alien 5 is dead and not on hold

  • Joseph Cantu
    Joseph Cantu 9 days ago

    dude I am a hardcore fan and I loved alien covanet and promithius

  • Haree78
    Haree78 9 days ago

    We, the fans, should have declared Prometheus and anything else Ridley is doing as non canon as soon as he made out the original Space Jockey was a guy in a suit.

  • Wozza Laders
    Wozza Laders 9 days ago

    Totally Agree, Well said.
    Come on Ridley

  • Beau Singer
    Beau Singer 10 days ago

    Lazy writing because that was clearly Walter not David at the end I know we saw David go for a knife but when Walter is running for the ship and pauses he has the same cut in his face and NO nails hole under his chin like David did when the girl stabbed him. So clearly it was Walter! And NO he didn't heal or patch himself before he left or switch bodies bullcrap there was no time and David was messed up gurgling synthetic blood. I was so disappointed with that!

  • d0nKsTaH
    d0nKsTaH 10 days ago

    Ever since Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shushett (original writers/creators of Alien based on Giger's art) were removed (or retired from the series) it has gone downhill.

    Ridley Scott's ideas for Alien (1979) that were NOT used (Thank God) included Kane floating in space and bumping into a window for a cheap jump scare while Dallas and Ripley were having sex.

    He was talked out of that by the writers/producers who explained that outer space is not like water where what is jettisoned will come floating back at random to a ship that was moving forward.

    Basically, Joe, now that Ridley HAS control over the franchise... expect "Kane's body floating by windows" from now on.

    Meaning Ridley Scott has finally jumped the shark.

    Too much emphassis on ACTION and this weird-ass philisophical crap with androids (flute teaching... FLUTE teaching? really?) is what Ridley will continue to pound into each film he does from now on. I think he's purposely screwing it over now.

    There's no other reason. Ridley hates the franchise and wants to bury it. btw... Alien 5 (or rather, a proper Alien 3 with a different name) is now ... G O N E

    Ridley cancelled it last month.

    He's doing HIS film about David colonizing a new planet.

  • TheOwlMan Gamer
    TheOwlMan Gamer 10 days ago

    This is coming from the same guy who said Suicide Squad was great.

  • No Way
    No Way 10 days ago

    W H A T, dude suicide squad got a great review??????

  • Nick Lin
    Nick Lin 10 days ago

    frankly, watching the first Alien movie makes me rage so much...... Especially the girl, Lambert..... god she is the worst...... Not to mention how Ripley HAD to save that stupid cat..........

  • The Law
    The Law 10 days ago


  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett 10 days ago

    I'm an Alien fan and I honestly don't understand the hate for this movie. I very much enjoyed it, third best in the series.

  • Cebra Ulkenne
    Cebra Ulkenne 10 days ago

    *shrugs* many people will pay to see shit if it's hyped enough and has cool action sequences

  • DarkCode
    DarkCode 11 days ago

    I didn't know there was so much material on YouTube that was part of the movie . perhaps Scott intended it to be this way? Because then you could care more about the characters but if u didn't know then it's like who/are u?/ I wish I knew eonibcoukd have watched the extra stuff first! Anyways that said it's true i wanted to see the city of the engineers and some of that mystery and tech and their thinking and way of life and yet it was destroyed by David meh! I did like David alot and his creepy experimentation and the art of his work and all that was cool however the movie was really suposento be about the lore of the engineers and their city and perhaps if the protagonist reprised her role and lived with David as 2nd class citizens trying to learn more about the engineers and then aliens come and battle or are tweeked with by the engineers like David did and not by david and if the characters where mor interesting u would have had a massive hit. Instead it focused too much on the generic bad stuff the Narrator of this video talks about. Maybe they can go back to another engineer planet and do it right in the next film. But add more interesting characters and character depth.

  • liammcnulty1987
    liammcnulty1987 11 days ago

    This is what happens when cry babies threw a tantrum over Prometheus because it wasn't just an Alien movie. The babies wanted it dumbed down and as usual the babies got their way.

  • Pouc Pouc
    Pouc Pouc 11 days ago

    I agree with you. I wonder who is reviewing the writing. What happened to Shw a a main character, ...

  • U43
    U43 11 days ago


  • Atlas Alive
    Atlas Alive 11 days ago

    Thought it was great

  • Rabbi Avner Echoberg-Shekelstein

    Hey retard, you gonna play with toys and pretend you are twelve until you are 60 y.o.? Get a real job, you imbecile.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 11 days ago

    The reason we got the version of alien: covenant that we did is because of how many people very loudly and obnoxiously complained about Prometheus. It seems like the writers had to drop aspects of Prometheus from this movie to make more directly alien related. Now that people are complaining loudly and obnoxiously about Covenant it seems that Alien awakening will have to drop all originality to make a movie entirely based on fan service. So maybe praise the good elements of this movie such as the suspense and the fact that it has the balls to follow the villain rather than the hero. Also the protomorph is what you referred to as the xenomorph which means that the version of the classic alien we see in covenant is not a traditional xeno. So while David is clearly involved in the process, he hasn't fully created the xenomorph. There are still movies to come so why don't we all put on our big kid pants and wait for the answers before jumping to conclusions and inadvertently destroying this franchise we all clearly love.

  • 91lifetime23
    91lifetime23 11 days ago

    Great film, cant wait for the sequels, God bless Ridley

  • Christopher Christensen

    Haha, this was cathartic to watch! Thank you for articulating so well Alien fan frustrations with this movie and what Ridley Scott is allowing to happen to our beloved franchise. Subscribed.

  • Luciffrit
    Luciffrit 11 days ago

    I liked Covenant better than Prometheus simply due to more bullshitery in the latter. Donut of Doom, disappearing characters, crappy old man disguise, gentle-innocent-looking alien going hostile not once but twice, unused plot threads, sudden recovery of abdomen muscle strands, magical spaceship flute, balloon buttons... oh there is a lot more.

    The two thing in Covenant which really make no sense is David winning the duel, if they indeed finished it and the second Xeno. Where the fuck was David hiding that one?

  • Patterson Beard
    Patterson Beard 11 days ago

    you know what really sucks the original film you had characters like Kane who I loved and did not want anything bad to happen to but then he had an alien come busting through his chest and it was shopping as all hell in this you just have people dying that you didn't get to know and we're just sort of expecting to die like Ash and Parker from the original Alien films were very strong because Parker didn't die till later so they broke the mold on that one and Ash turning out to be an Android was a real shock because if you go back and watch the movie again you can see all these subtleties that he does that are just a human you have nothing like that in Covenant and it's a shame.

  • AllCast Irish Gamers

    spot on review compiled of my thoughts exactly... should never have marketed or even called "an Alien prequel" they screwed the pooch on this one definitely.
    Alien: Michael Fassbender ha ha brilliant!!

  • Babster BAB
    Babster BAB 12 days ago

    Joe. What's your opinion on Rakka? i'm really curious what do you think about it.
    keep up the good job! :)

  • TheFlishtingTheory
    TheFlishtingTheory 12 days ago

    It horrified me ! I found it so bad it horrified me ! Oh yeah,,and angry too...But I took that out on my ex-wife when I picked up my kids...Left before the cops arrived or I really would have been pissed..

  • Angry Ant
    Angry Ant 12 days ago

    I just watched the movie and I got to say I disagree with Joe (which I often don't) but that's okay, I respect your opinion.

  • perpub
    perpub 12 days ago

    Ridley Scott is a dick!

  • axelarthuro123
    axelarthuro123 12 days ago

    Alien Covenant was a great comedy tho

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