The Trump Administration's Reefer Madness: The Daily Show

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  • ladyrob4110
    ladyrob4110 4 days ago

    The Trumpster always seems drunk to me!! TMO!!

  • Michelle Ponce
    Michelle Ponce 4 days ago

    Trevor:"Today is basically national weed day"


  • TF2CrunchyFrog
    TF2CrunchyFrog 4 days ago

    I would argue Trump isn't high, he is exhibiting the symptoms of both his regular old narcissism and dementia.

  • gixxer6000
    gixxer6000 5 days ago

    yeah its defenetly safer if you just can buy booze and guns on every corner in america. Follow colorado those guys rock!

  • dblhlr
    dblhlr 5 days ago

    when will someone sue the govt for sponsoring and supporting the use of deadly alcohol?

  • natlan souladze
    natlan souladze 5 days ago

    "Alcohol is ten times worst then MJ!" - finally somebody said it. Thank you Trever

  • k999 beast
    k999 beast 7 days ago


  • Tamriel X
    Tamriel X 11 days ago

    hell yea!

  • RoseCitytid16
    RoseCitytid16 12 days ago

    i believe medical marijuana is good but i dont like the recreational users because i don't need people that i hand out with to be idiots all the time... Btw i have asthma so it is hard to breath around them too

    NEGATRON MAD 12 days ago

    Just here coz the thumbnail chicks hot

  • Minion Jericho
    Minion Jericho 15 days ago

    If all the racist and hatemongering comments won't wake up Trump supporters then taking away their weed surely will

  • Michel AZIAKA
    Michel AZIAKA 17 days ago

    Trump rejects Comey's testimony, He's a leaker video

  • K3v1n
    K3v1n 18 days ago

    this guy is tough to watch, too bad Stewart retired. Hopefully c9medy central can replace this guy for some one that actually is an actual comedian.

  • Veronica LaShomb
    Veronica LaShomb 18 days ago

    You know what else you can buy at almost every grocery store? Cigarettes. Something that is well proven to be harmful to people of all ages. Why aren't cigarettes illegal then, huh? Money, lobbying, legalese?

  • Shrek's Brotherhood
    Shrek's Brotherhood 20 days ago

    If trump legalized weed he wouldn't be hated as much as he is now.

  • Anastasia Meyer
    Anastasia Meyer 20 days ago

    Some people actually use reusable toilet paper haha

  • Shrek's Brotherhood
    Shrek's Brotherhood 20 days ago

    Fuck Jeff sessions. Legalizing weed will be the only thing that will make America great.

  • Nadia Bhatti
    Nadia Bhatti 20 days ago

    I love how he was mostly just justifying his Donald trump weed conspiracy theory on a talk show...quality content

  • Liam Mandelbaum
    Liam Mandelbaum 21 day ago

    If the concept of I think therefore I am exists and nothing else is real, does that mean the one true person is always high enough to make up the story of the entire world. Also I don't think I'm the one true person, I don't have much of a personality enough to do all this, but I've got a lot of imagination, so thanks one true person.

  • Skg Gee
    Skg Gee 21 day ago

    This guy has a sad history behind his laughter. Poor fellow must be secretly longing for a strong father like Mr. Trump and a well cared for Mom like Melania. He said he was really angry at the local car mechanic his mom was fucking, cos not only he had to call the fucker 'Daddy' but mustve been devastated learning that mom's sugar 'Daddy' only wanted a fcukin wham bam thank you maam and proved it by later pulling a trigger busting a cap in her pussy.. nearly killing the slut! Not only that, the wicked cheapo witchy bitch apparently told her poor little rich son to shut the fck up and deal with it !!...and was forced to pay up for her expensive medical bills to strich up her torn...ehemm..!! There's always sadness and bitterness that each clown tries to hide with comedy they say. Sad. Sad... I hope God heals his pain n humiliation. Im not angry with him anymore after I heard his story. Sorry dude. Cheers.

  • Yohan Wilson
    Yohan Wilson 21 day ago

    Did Donald just say chocolate in a British accent

  • Yohan Wilson
    Yohan Wilson 21 day ago

    Did Donald just say chocolate in a British accent

  • QUIETONE9999
    QUIETONE9999 21 day ago

    who's Snoop hanging with lol

  • Viewpoint
    Viewpoint 22 days ago

    3:31 what a sign

  • XiroCastGaming
    XiroCastGaming 24 days ago

    Nobody has addressed the horrid stench of Marajuana

  • Charles Womelsdorf
    Charles Womelsdorf 24 days ago

    you who hate weed would let a child die if weed was was the only thing that will cure it oh no you would just let your child die so should we call you who hate weed call you baby killers now because if you hate pot then it would be fair to say you would kill your own child because of your hatred of God's medicine from mother earth this is the reason this country is like this judging got for making a plant the cures the body and it's sickness

  • Vinayaka Halemane
    Vinayaka Halemane 24 days ago

    Watching this stoned is just the best.

  • Quadrivist
    Quadrivist 24 days ago

    Why would the Trump Administration be against 60% of Americans smoking pot?

    First, drugs have made America lethargic to get informed before voting,
    and, secondly, it made many anti-Trump people too lazy to get out and vote against him.

    If they're successful, the public might actually come out of their haze, wake up, and vote out the Republican Party.

  • WitchesWithAB
    WitchesWithAB 24 days ago

    any drug done for recreation can become a danger... alcohol cigarettes weed...

  • Reitz86
    Reitz86 24 days ago

    The most beautiful piece of cake you've ever seen, that's how a simpleton describes a world meeting, he's just that fucking stupid

  • Aman Sharma
    Aman Sharma 24 days ago

    dude this trumpo guy is making America shit again

  • Zachary Roy
    Zachary Roy 25 days ago

    TrumpForever bitches (: Hillary lost bitch hahahaha

  • WhyExistMedia
    WhyExistMedia 25 days ago

    No one wants more, just accessible.

  • Abra Israel
    Abra Israel 25 days ago

    wow....just wow..

  • victormendoza871
    victormendoza871 25 days ago

    they don't care that the states are making money for schools they want that money in Thier pockets

  • A. Fon.
    A. Fon. 25 days ago

    So glad Trevor Noah is getting the love and ratings he always deserved. This is a good guy. You groveling Trump suckers take notes.

  • Anime Man13
    Anime Man13 25 days ago


  • Måristadt Minxed
    Måristadt Minxed 26 days ago

    nice Aussie accent xD do more!

  • chris sto
    chris sto 26 days ago

    He only hugged Ol' Glory because he couldn't find its vagina.

  • Black Rod
    Black Rod 26 days ago

    4/20 is only once a year? Damn, son, It's twice a day. Now we know Trevor doesn't smoke either or at least not often. Awesome guy, he's doing Jon proud.

  • oneplusone
    oneplusone 26 days ago

    Really helps with withdrawals from pain meds

  • Charles Womelsdorf
    Charles Womelsdorf 26 days ago

    so you do not like weed Tina Loye but is helps with disabilities and cancer and other very deadly body pains but even God have a hand in it Genisus 1: 12 about how he made the seed barring plants to use according to their kinds and he sow it was great and so you may hate what my God made but in my life it is better then having seizures and 75% of nerve damage and my mental disabilities are way better then with man made pills you see man made pills will kill you over time Gods medication does not so do not put down what have healed kids like my daughter i love it because she has no more a.d.d any more

  • Nardo218 x
    Nardo218 x 26 days ago

    i have a theory trump is freqently up on uppers, down on downers, and has about 10 doctors writing him whatever he wants and none of them know the other doctors exist.

  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest 26 days ago

    Trumptards are always high, so what?

  • David Wayne
    David Wayne 1 month ago

    something most can agree upon. Happy belated 420.

    Sessions should have a session with the bad people he fears. Trump'll probably fire him before long anyway.

  • utubesuxdik
    utubesuxdik 1 month ago

    i like Noah's political satire better than Colbert's autistic screeching

  • Drew Gagneaux
    Drew Gagneaux 1 month ago

    Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump how about you two make America great again and die. Espically Sessions it's past your final bedtime you old piece of shit.

  • deathcaller 6110
    deathcaller 6110 1 month ago

    4/20 is hitlers birthday

  • Gregory Panic
    Gregory Panic 1 month ago

    Am I the only one who can hear Jon Stewart delivering the "Ok, maybe the giant talking marijuana leaf isn't the most credible source" line in a far more funny way? :[ i miss jon

  • Allendale Wesley
    Allendale Wesley 1 month ago

    Who else used weed to quit percocets. weed saved my life from the withdrawals I was going thru

  • Trevor England
    Trevor England 1 month ago

    My birthday is on 420

  • Alf Planet X
    Alf Planet X 1 month ago


  • Muhammad Mushtaq
    Muhammad Mushtaq 1 month ago


  • Jake Seaman
    Jake Seaman 1 month ago

    Trevor Nona I love you and daily show is so funny. you so great.

  • van shaddinger
    van shaddinger 1 month ago

    Sessions is worse than Trump

  • Matias Gutierrez
    Matias Gutierrez 1 month ago

    we need weed to deal wit the politics in the nation

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah 1 month ago

    my country (Holland) earns a lot of money of the tourists as well as the tax money they earn over it

  • depressoespresso
    depressoespresso 1 month ago

    "We're coming for you north korea fire!"

  • Austin Hale
    Austin Hale 1 month ago

    C'mon trump

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez 1 month ago

    Holy shit this makes so much sense

  • IA IK
    IA IK 1 month ago

    Trump administration is one big trip, all be over when you come down.

  • legion999
    legion999 1 month ago

    Maybe it's dementia

  • The Sith Library & Archives

    Jeff Sessions can go fuck himself. Bible thumping, granny fucking, old piece of shit.

  • Ben R.
    Ben R. 1 month ago

    The ships were headed in the wrong direction on purpose. Just like when they said they were sending an aircraft carrier to China because of the conflict in Taiwan... they were no where near China's water. What they air on tv and what you actually see are two different things.

  • Jay Coma
    Jay Coma 1 month ago

    Decriminalize don't legalize.

  • Rosalinda Jimenez
    Rosalinda Jimenez 1 month ago


  • Abhishek shukla
    Abhishek shukla 1 month ago

    u rock bro...

  • Clyde Barrels
    Clyde Barrels 1 month ago

    I can't wait to see the video of Isis slicing off chump's head on utube.

  • Eric K
    Eric K 1 month ago

    My 78-year-old cousin had chemo treatments, and the Big Pharma crap drugs did nothing to help his nausea. Desperate, he contacted his daughter who contacted a friend, who got him illegal street weed. He had never smoked pot in his life.

    Guess what? Two hits and the nausea went away for 4 to 5 hours. It came back, he took two more hits and it went away for 4 or 5 hours. He swears by it.

    Moral of the story? JEFF SESSIONS IS A BACKWARD NEANDERTHAL PIECE OF SHIT WHO IS STUCK IN THE 1950'S. That's the moral of the story.

  • aegideus
    aegideus 1 month ago

    "You can buy alcohol in pretty much every grocery store." Guess he's never been to Kansas.

  • Sho Man
    Sho Man 1 month ago

    Come on guys, you had to show the "diablo" strain... This is gonna make those nut jobs believe it's the devils drug again.

  • Zach Soma
    Zach Soma 1 month ago

    3:38 am I the only one who sees that?

  • Adrenaline The Dead
    Adrenaline The Dead 1 month ago

    He's not high..,he's just a dumbass

  • Adriana Barajas
    Adriana Barajas 1 month ago

    It's also good for epilepsy

  • Obese Toussaint
    Obese Toussaint 1 month ago

    Yo Trevor! There's no need to insult Ernie the Keebler Elf in this manner! Ernie's just a gnome that lives in a tree that bakes cookies with his pals. Jeff Sessions is what would happen if Jim Henson was a racist and marketed the Muppets to a Klan leader...

  • Mr. Swiss
    Mr. Swiss 1 month ago

    Lmao, if trump legalized weed, he wouldn't be hated anymore by the majority

  • Jacob Hamilton
    Jacob Hamilton 1 month ago

    He talks how we need to stand up to china and how its are biggest threat but he eats cake with their president, what the fuck did i miss something!

  • Branko Jackman
    Branko Jackman 1 month ago

    Trump is probably high on coke, not weed.

  • jason babcock
    jason babcock 1 month ago

    i think hes high on anti depressants

  • roLLinG WooDz Gaming

    XD Weed Is number 1 Fuck booz

  • Hamza Yusuf
    Hamza Yusuf 1 month ago

    1:49 did sessions say "Corner drugcery store" ?

  • richie s
    richie s 1 month ago

    weed is beter for you make it legal and tax it

  • Dave B
    Dave B 1 month ago

    fuck jeff sessions. what a weed nazi. that guy sucks... and post edit how many of you who "hate" ganja even know what it does ? did you watch harold and kumar and think " now i know what its like to be high hehe".for veteran smokers, its nearly impossible to get as ripped as you think we are. seriously, get over it. go fuck with illegal drug addicts or better yet, tease your alchoholic stepdad into raping you, cause yea stoners do that, that happens because of mary j. fuckin stoners right? or the
    kid stealing your fuckin oreos. or how bout drunk coked out rednecks beating homos to death, or the heroin prostitutes wait, nvm cause yea id fuck you for a joint i guess 😃 dude weeds legal now. 5 o clock drink same as 5 o clock smoke. ive been in way more fucked situations cause i was drunk or around other drugs. dope aint nothin but dope PEOPLE.

    RANT successful ( pats self on back and hits resin cuz I is out of weed)

  • Fuck Koreans
    Fuck Koreans 1 month ago

    The only thing about legalized marijuana, that concerns me is that certain school districts will be proheting from the cultivation aspects of the land a percentage of each square foot will be given to the schools, I believe this is a bad example to the children. How do you tell a child don't do drugs when you are receiving procedes from drug manufacturers.

  • The One
    The One 1 month ago

    "what the fuck mate"

  • Hanro
    Hanro 1 month ago

    go home're drunk...

  • Somil Sharma
    Somil Sharma 1 month ago

    "unlike my idea of reusable toilet paper" lmao

  • Wolfe Furry wolfe the wolf

    i been doing weed for the pass 35 years

  • Stephen Kohley
    Stephen Kohley 1 month ago

    3:58 this is actually how a lot of world leaders decide stuff... the ancient Persians decided to invade Greece after a religious ceremony/party involving a drug related to meth... FDR, Churchill & Stalin were all drink as hell over world war 2 in Yalta... like this is how a lot of history is made... high as fuck person rains bullshit during their reign, people clean it up.

  • Stephen Kohley
    Stephen Kohley 1 month ago

    3:17 this is why it'll stay illegal... because the Pharmaceutical industry rather have heroin addicts start on their meds then have people not get as hooked on a drug they don't use.

    also if the classification of drugs were adjusted, tobacco would be categorized where weed is now since it had no medical use & marijuana would be put into a less intense class so it could be studied a lot more.

  • Mad Scientress
    Mad Scientress 2 months ago

    The only reason that marijuana is still illegal and climate change denial exists is because Tobacco and Oil companies rule the U.S.

  • Robin Rocha
    Robin Rocha 2 months ago

    Yes, alcohol is 10x worse.

  • The Flagged Dragon
    The Flagged Dragon 2 months ago

    That was a really fucking good aussie accent

  • Jc Jc
    Jc Jc 2 months ago


  • DJ Beard
    DJ Beard 2 months ago

    Soooo no one's gonna mention the "Trump is a Rapey" sign at 3:28?

  • Samuel Earl
    Samuel Earl 2 months ago

    drugs are not cool

  • Samuel Earl
    Samuel Earl 2 months ago

    jeff wat da world??!!

  • Jan leslie Løvaas
    Jan leslie Løvaas 2 months ago

    Like number 28 640.

  • Antonio Vazquez
    Antonio Vazquez 2 months ago

    Trevor you even wanted to laugh hahah this is dank

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