New Rule: Orange Sphincter to the Rescue | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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    Bill chastises Hollywood for its fascination with superheroes, and warns against pinning all your hopes for salvation on one savior.

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  • Video CategoriesFilm & Animation
  • Runtime: 6:29
  • Tags for this video:  Boris Epshteyn  special assistant  President Trump  Chief Political Analyst  Sinclair Broadcasting  Neil deGrasse Tyson  author  Astrophysics for People in a Hurry  National Geographic  Star Talk  David Frum  Senior Editor  The Atlantic  Dr. Cornel West  political activist  Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy  Harvard Divinity School  

Comments: 2 912

  • CY Riceball
    CY Riceball 4 days ago

    how many times do you need to have your ass handed to you to quit this stupid show

  • The Ultimate Reductionist

    There exists just too much fiction & entertainment being produced. It is a non-essential job that needs to be stopped entirely until we make this world run on sustainable energy and advance OTHER REAL technologies.

  • The Ultimate Reductionist

    Does nobody identify with Orange Sphincter?

  • James Oliver
    James Oliver 7 days ago


  • Sure Locke
    Sure Locke 14 days ago

    lol this is retarded as fuck.

  • Geoff Dearth
    Geoff Dearth 15 days ago

    The Donald is getting to be a bit of a whale himself.

  • julsHz
    julsHz 16 days ago

    Bill is so wrong about this. We need a hero right now, and no one, especially not Bill Maher, is stepping up to the plate. Go fuck yourself, Bill. Every working person in this country has to be their own hero, because no one else has their backs. You wouldn't understand any of this, Bill, because you're so far removed from everyday life in America. Pfft. I have no use for you anymore.

  • KennC12
    KennC12 16 days ago

    You are such a stupid country!!

  • Ann Ramsey
    Ann Ramsey 16 days ago

    Lol! Good one

  • Kelechi Ugo Pascal
    Kelechi Ugo Pascal 17 days ago


  • p3tr0114
    p3tr0114 17 days ago

    This is some decent comedy.

  • Steven C D
    Steven C D 18 days ago

    Well done. Well said.

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 19 days ago

    The reason why people voted for Trump was because of Hillary. On top of that, which republican was better than Trump? None of them, they were all corrupt, just like most democrats. Don't attack regular Americans for supporting him, he provided them with hope that they had never had. He blew it, I know. I didn't vote for him, but understand why they voted for him. It's not because they were all stupid

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 19 days ago

    Liberals shouldn't support the blatant propaganda pushed by Hollywood

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 19 days ago

    Hollywood did ruin America

    GRAYsonWOLF MRC 19 days ago

    Don't forget being able to vomit money so he can fund building a wall!

  • mike b
    mike b 19 days ago

    when are you going to have cenk uger and farron cousins on real time

  • PapaMagnum
    PapaMagnum 20 days ago

    What Bill misses is that people fantasize about being the hero, not waiting to be saved.

    • Wilfred Birchrock
      Wilfred Birchrock 19 days ago

      This is oftentimes true. Unless you are a conservative republican and believe that your lord and savior super jesus is going to save you (because you really voted for him and only voted for trump so that armageddon would arrive faster).

  • Caelidh Goode
    Caelidh Goode 21 day ago


  • Fragarach
    Fragarach 21 day ago

    how is preacher a superhero?

  • mark haas
    mark haas 21 day ago

    Maher just broke the unwritten rule of the Left. White people must never utter the "N" word, even about themselves. But Blacks must use that word at least once in every converstion to be a legit.

  • bobo jepeny
    bobo jepeny 21 day ago

    weird ears. ..weird nose. ...what a clown. ..take him off the air for saying "nigger."

  • kingcrimson234
    kingcrimson234 21 day ago

    Trump speaks in a lot of hyperbole, it's just what he does. Stop acting like he means shit like "It'll take an hour and a half to learn everything there is to know about missiles" literally. lol.

  • SolinotheWolf
    SolinotheWolf 21 day ago

    That's not what super hero movies do. In some topics he's just an old nagger :)))

  • nfiking
    nfiking 21 day ago

    Orange Sphincter!...Love it...Will now replace Agent Orange....the TrumpTurds will love it!

  • Robin Nadji
    Robin Nadji 21 day ago

    I love super heroes and their movies. But this was great

  • That Girl
    That Girl 22 days ago

    The only movie / show  I've seen of those mentioned is 'Singing in the Rain' & a few episodes of 'Preacher'.  NO time for any others.  I do love Bill Maher though, always makes me laugh !  :D

  • Tomas Kuli
    Tomas Kuli 22 days ago


  • diva1675
    diva1675 22 days ago

    "Hey Mister J!"

  • Babak G
    Babak G 22 days ago

    Yeah. We need to be our own super heroes. So let's start pushing for workplace democracy more worker co-ops. Worker councils so we have actual power. What we don't need is centrist libs who know next to nothing about real socialist politics talking about how we need to be our own super heroes. Libs love capitalism. They love going into work having zero rights whatsoever then they bitch about the right wing which isn't altogether that different from the stinking dems

  • turningofthetide1000

    Great piece, Bill!!!

  • John Salerno
    John Salerno 24 days ago

    I disagree with the premise of Maher's argument. I don't think people like superheroes because they want one to come save them. Rather, I think it's more that we wish WE were like those superheroes -- that we had the power to do the things they can do and be the saviors ourselves.

  • Herf Durferson
    Herf Durferson 25 days ago

    "I've never read *Preacher*, the comedy routine."

    Maher wouldn't have a negative word to say about it.

  • christian almli
    christian almli 25 days ago

    Maher went full J. Jonah Jameson in this one.

  • Jimmy Goode
    Jimmy Goode 25 days ago

    Bill maher has the grossest come over ever.

  • John Davila
    John Davila 26 days ago

    trump supporters already standing in line to see the movie!

  • DK Dempcey Knight DK

    A-Got Damn-Men!

  • With Patients
    With Patients 26 days ago

    This was FUCKING CLASSIC!! 😂😂👏👏👏

  • Nick  Sketch
    Nick Sketch 26 days ago

    As a HUGE Comic Book Fan, MCU, FOX X-Men, & DC Fan, Bill was right on point, & this was HILARIOUS!

  • auburn1357
    auburn1357 26 days ago

    Isn't the trend in superhero movies that you're not just waiting on one person to save you like the superman movie from the 70s? You got the avengers, suicide squad, batman vs superman/ justice league that are all collaboration pieces. If anything they say that only through unity can we be successful.

    After watching deadpool or logan I didn't think "i just need to wait around for a superhero to save me". I watched characters who were adapted well from the comic books to film. This is a new genre and over the years we have turned away from a superhero spinning the earth around because he is omnipotent and is going to save everyone.

    Saying trump got elected because hollywood is making superhero movies takes away from the actual reasons that trump got elected. Much like saying that gun violence is caused because of violent video games / movies.

  • antred11
    antred11 26 days ago

    So fucking sick and tired of this endless avalanche of shitty super-hero movies.

  • Telendil
    Telendil 27 days ago

    Seems like he didn´t read comics when he was young it`s not about waiting for a hero it`s always about becoming one.

  • Bret .Maverick
    Bret .Maverick 27 days ago

    Like there isn't too much cop/detective procedural shows.

  • johan lai
    johan lai 27 days ago

    i dont understand the part about thor in a can

  • Anthony Moody
    Anthony Moody 27 days ago

    Agent Orange 45!

  • To Serve Man
    To Serve Man 27 days ago

    Cause ugly jews making fun of red heads aint "hate" [eye roll]

    Further trump aint a red head. duh

  • bob henry
    bob henry 27 days ago

    I love you Bill, but you have terrible ideas about movies and mars.

  • jesaliga
    jesaliga 27 days ago

    Orange Sphincter seems to be suffering from involuntary puckering now that Robert Mueller is on the case as special prosecutor. Perhaps Orange Sphincter needs a few nights in Cell block D at Rikers Island to loosen him up a bit.

  • The Linker
    The Linker 27 days ago

    I love hearing Cornel laugh in the background!!!

  • Butch Coolidge
    Butch Coolidge 27 days ago

    wtf Bill you dumbass. yeah i guess there's about 20 superhero shows on TV. big freaking deal. that's what you complain about? are you serious? there's like 1000 shows currently on TV. and there's much more talk shows like yours than superhero shows. superhero movies are not how we got Trump you moron. old rural population (aka Trump voters) is really not the target demographic for superheros movies.

  • Cyrus
    Cyrus 27 days ago

    Just like the monologue about Mars, Maher makes fun of the wrong things. I just don't see the point of comparing it.

  • Mister Cash
    Mister Cash 28 days ago

    delighted! I have to watch it twice

  • Charlie Turk
    Charlie Turk 28 days ago

    Every TV show, and movie isn't about Superheroes, and not all Superhero movies have the save the day dynamic. More movies are made each year now that there ever has been. Just because a person doesn't go to see them, doesn't mean that they are not there.

  • platojust
    platojust 28 days ago

    but we are a peace loving people .....

  • hal astarte
    hal astarte 28 days ago

    This was shoehorning a lot of personal animus and misunderstanding into a pretty flimsy premise for a joke. Especially because the whole point of his Jerry Springer moment is the reason people who like comic stuff like it in the first place, they aren't waiting for heroes, they are relating to them. He reminded me of the Zach Galfianakis character the pretentious illiterate, just smugly saying something stupid.
    Maybe that's the problem with America Bill, people who are wrong arrogantly believing they are right.

  • Cyra LaReviere
    Cyra LaReviere 28 days ago

    Orange Sphincter Mouth... All I can ever think of is an asshole clenching when he talks....

  • Just Vince B
    Just Vince B 28 days ago

    Bill is crazy.

  • DarthAlphaTheGreat
    DarthAlphaTheGreat 28 days ago

    That's pretty low. Blaming the movies and stories that founded on become something greater for Trump.

    • DarthAlphaTheGreat
      DarthAlphaTheGreat 28 days ago

      Also blame fiction. Sigh.

      The democratic establishment lost the plot. The reason Clinton lost is because of HERSELF. Recognise that.

  • Igotsome Hope
    Igotsome Hope 28 days ago

    Anything better than the chocolate chimp faced homo from shitcago

  • JeffroGaming
    JeffroGaming 28 days ago

    yeah lets blame shit for an election that didnt have anything to do with an election

  • Mike Maine
    Mike Maine 28 days ago

    this dude is a super hater TRUMP 2020

  • winky phillips
    winky phillips 28 days ago

    Trumps first 100 days would make a great comedy.

  • Randall Stephens
    Randall Stephens 28 days ago


  • marshall mi
    marshall mi 28 days ago

    Fuck Bill Maher. all he does is shit on progressives and defend the queen of corruption Hillary Clinton. fuck you you rich out of touch power tripping neoliberal piece of shit. we wanted Bernie you shit on Bernie and defend Hillary Clinton fuck you

  • V
    V 28 days ago

    Hard to imagine anyone stupid enough to vote for this piece of shit. Oh wait......

  • Sohighcantlose
    Sohighcantlose 29 days ago

    he is not the hero we need but the hero we deserve

  • Triljoona
    Triljoona 29 days ago

    "Spider-man six"

  • jlcjapon59
    jlcjapon59 29 days ago

    Long time not that good...

  • Luis Gomez
    Luis Gomez 29 days ago

    Planet Asshole, 😅💦💦

  • Tawana Washington
    Tawana Washington 29 days ago

    Bill. Do you work for CNN?

  • MDoorpsy
    MDoorpsy 29 days ago

    Is Preacher a superhero show?

  • La Leaf
    La Leaf 29 days ago

    In America fear and anger have become unlimited resources for right wing media and politicians to mine. They've learned how to make a buck off of stupidity. On the other end of it they feed that resource like pouring cow shit on the corn. A self sustaining cycle of fertilizing, nurturing, pampering and picking. Weeds and all.

  • Wrim's Airsoft
    Wrim's Airsoft 29 days ago

    What does Bill Maher have against inhumans though
    SHIELD isn't going to like this

  • ludara
    ludara 29 days ago

    Went full retard.

  • FreeSpirit
    FreeSpirit 29 days ago

    After 4 months into the presidency , I now agree with Maher that Trump is the worst thing to happen to America.

  • Mare Clydesdale
    Mare Clydesdale 29 days ago

    Gosh, I WISH we could put out the Bat signal at this point.
    Also, at 4:03 is that TAPE on his tie?

  • thejmmx1
    thejmmx1 29 days ago

    Yeah. why should we sit around waiting for superheroes to save us ... that's what the government is for, lol

  • scorpion528
    scorpion528 29 days ago

    That was fcking hilarious !!!!!

  • Babidi
    Babidi 29 days ago

    did the anti vaxxer just say something about respecting facts?

  • Babidi
    Babidi 29 days ago


  • J Santiago
    J Santiago 29 days ago

    Trump has the power to make Bill Maher stop talking religion. Unfortunaly.

  • stevin47
    stevin47 29 days ago

    the united states has been taken control of by russian loyalist's in order to destroy us from within. destroy our economy our goverment's ability to function and control our every decision.

  • Lala Camacho
    Lala Camacho 29 days ago

    i love u bill maher!

  • HotPocketsBoy
    HotPocketsBoy 29 days ago

    Private Server LMAO

  • Nettles' Cats
    Nettles' Cats 29 days ago

    "I alone can fix it." but his head is shaking 'no'.

  • Bip
    Bip 29 days ago

    He's so proud of such shit comedy, bless you Bill, you cunt.

  • im just sayin
    im just sayin 1 month ago

    Trump got so many haters

  • Gee Beezy
    Gee Beezy 1 month ago


  • D Varga
    D Varga 1 month ago

    calling people Orange you have just as much grey hair and you're orange as fuck to! fucking hypocryte go fuck yourself you talk shit for a living get a real job

  • Haloprogamer1996
    Haloprogamer1996 1 month ago

    bohoo there are movies that arent about fucking annoying politics and dont represent my opinion bohoo

    go cry in a corner noob

  • o o
    o o 1 month ago

    And, Bill, you've been the spinchter for a long, runny time.

  • o o
    o o 1 month ago

    The best thing about Trump is how he causes the limbic systems and confirmation bias of liberals to EXPLODE. Russia. LOL. Impeachment, KEK. World is Ending, ROFL.

  • Henry Woltz
    Henry Woltz 1 month ago

    The Reason Why Hollywood makes so many Superhero Movies,Sitcoms ect. Is because they were not able to make such Films,Shows ect
    Back in the Day because of lack of CGI without Today's
    Special Effects they couldn't make them Look and Seem Real and if somehow they did make them Back in Day they would have been garbage, So it's Exciting to see these Movies and Shows brought to Life and Look Leal and Believable, something which they could not have accomplished Back in the Day.

  • roddy PROF.E.T.
    roddy PROF.E.T. 1 month ago

    Bill why bash the pilot that's flying the crashing plane? Shouldn't we be trying to be unified at this time?

  • roddy PROF.E.T.
    roddy PROF.E.T. 1 month ago

    Lol this honestly isn't that funny cmon bill this is corny as fuck

  • madman1366
    madman1366 1 month ago

    Typically I agree with Bill and when I don't I find it amusing. Not this time. Sorry Bill but this time you are 100% full of mule shit! The horse and bull wouldn't have anything to do with this it was beneath them.

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