WONDER WOMAN – Rise of the Warrior [Official Final Trailer] Reaction

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  • Runtime: 10:53
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Comments: 386

  • Banana Ben
    Banana Ben 2 days ago

    Best Movie of all Time

  • torrence Owens
    torrence Owens 3 days ago

    it's crazy to find out that wonder woman is half God meaning Zeus is her father and Aries was her brother.

  • Teal'c
    Teal'c 5 days ago

    Good reactions.

  • UlTGamer 1815
    UlTGamer 1815 6 days ago

    it is always funnyer when black people are reacting

  • Lord Mistery
    Lord Mistery 8 days ago

    I love when they have a discussion haha it's hilarious

  • Christian Rader
    Christian Rader 8 days ago

    I wanna watch this movie again

  • Nea Emrys
    Nea Emrys 12 days ago

    Stop making me laugh, I can't... 😂😂😂

  • ramon berrien
    ramon berrien 13 days ago

    best movie imo this year

  • Vinmar Magto
    Vinmar Magto 14 days ago

    Who is this young woman?


    I'm Dead

  • Kristay Kate Legeonshire

    You see her face, you gotta see it twice...more than twice!!!! hahahahaha

  • Kristay Kate Legeonshire

    we all have that reaction!!! I know!!! Iknow!!! We are all in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mandy Olsen
    Mandy Olsen 15 days ago

    Saw this movie today. I am blown away.

  • Just a guy 11
    Just a guy 11 16 days ago

    Dolby with this movie was amazing.

  • Xavier Infante
    Xavier Infante 17 days ago

    That dude that plays as Willam striker from x-men origins wolverine

  • Hunter Nguyen
    Hunter Nguyen 17 days ago

    Well Chris pine Steve Trevor is wonder man

  • Andrea Dawkins Segers

    I can't breathe. First time watching your channel.

  • F R I T Z
    F R I T Z 19 days ago

    Props to the editing crew the lady playing Diana was actually pregnant while shoiting the film. That's some damn good editing.

  • LyricalXilence
    LyricalXilence 19 days ago

    My black nerds!!! I never knew so many of my people liked these films.

  • ItzAngelVlogs
    ItzAngelVlogs 20 days ago

    you guys are one of my favorite youtubers and you guys are very funny!

  • John Galt
    John Galt 20 days ago

    Love this reaction and you guys are great.

    Saw Movie on opening night and its AWESOME!!!

  • LewisPD
    LewisPD 20 days ago

    I'm literally the same as you when watching the trailer

  • Eddison Thomas
    Eddison Thomas 21 day ago

    "are those struggle gauntlets??" I'm dead

  • Faisal Alghtani
    Faisal Alghtani 24 days ago

    I love how you guys reaction

  • Poetic Nation
    Poetic Nation 25 days ago

    :-D Lol - Nice! Classic reactions guys - Classic! Hilarious!!!

  • Waqas Hameed
    Waqas Hameed 25 days ago

    wonder man

  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas Miller 26 days ago

    Sorry Wonder Man is already taken.

  • Film Gob
    Film Gob 26 days ago

    "Who is this young woman?"
    "She's my wife nigga"

  • tttlllccc tttlllccc
    tttlllccc tttlllccc 27 days ago

    Just saw the movie tonight here on Base !!!!! and Just let me say this WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. And BTW to those that say no way I saw the movie already google Camp Lejeune NC Movies , Had an advanced showing like we do for most movies . Home of the Few and The Proud Marines

  • 17thknight
    17thknight 27 days ago

    I FEEL YOUR EXCITEMENT!!!!! Oh man this got me pumped

  • milafanway1
    milafanway1 28 days ago

    "One day you gonna go outside and see supervillains you'll ask for my help" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jason Berry
    Jason Berry 1 month ago

    "If someone asks for my autograph, deal with it. HOLD THE JEALOUSY" LMAOOOOO 😂😂 How do y'all keep straight faces doing these.

  • VexaEnvy
    VexaEnvy 1 month ago

    These guys are fucking hilarious.

  • VexaEnvy
    VexaEnvy 1 month ago

    "Who is this young woman?" "She's my wife nigga." XDD I can't stop laughing

  • Tj Askew
    Tj Askew 1 month ago

    What is the song thatsss playing called💯🔥🔥😆

  • Jack Napier
    Jack Napier 1 month ago

    someone should make a movie about u 2 characters. its just funny as shit. :)

  • Solomon Berewa
    Solomon Berewa 1 month ago

    10:31 lol 😂

  • Esther Wright-Obasuyi

    Wonder Struggle

  • Planet G
    Planet G 1 month ago

    "the more you talk, the dumber you get" hahaha

  • Will Mendoza
    Will Mendoza 1 month ago

    Sign me the fuck up! I hear that.

  • Rejith Kumar
    Rejith Kumar 1 month ago

    DC.................please kill it. Don't ever make it like superman vs Batman. Unleash your strength

  • David Datura
    David Datura 1 month ago

    These guys a fucking hilarious! They should get their own network sitcom!

  • Jonmikal Faulkner
    Jonmikal Faulkner 1 month ago

    I think that old guy is vandall savage

  • Cloud VII
    Cloud VII 1 month ago

    The translation says they speak Dutch. Ha ha ha ha.

  • Shiv Desai
    Shiv Desai 1 month ago

    Wonder man's costume looks like he fished it out the trash lmfao hilarious video

  • Herve Jr Larose
    Herve Jr Larose 1 month ago

    it's not my fault if you're not the chosen one 😂

  • MKSM19092009
    MKSM19092009 1 month ago

    'ENJOY SHIT' ©Enomog Media Group 2017

  • Jomar Amomas
    Jomar Amomas 1 month ago

    Enjoy Shit!

  • Bete Lima
    Bete Lima 1 month ago

    You two are cute fanboy..

  • dari_ m
    dari_ m 1 month ago

    i feel bad of those wonder women haters cause they can't find joy in any way

  • saruiz221
    saruiz221 1 month ago

    Wonder Man coming summer 2018

  • tirpitzvsiowa
    tirpitzvsiowa 1 month ago


  • hector sanchez
    hector sanchez 1 month ago

    so he wonder boy aka robin father.

    DJKALLET RED X 1 month ago

    are you looking for the stupid nigga in the plastic helmet
    i fucken dropped my phone after that 6:37

  • Matt Marques
    Matt Marques 1 month ago

    Wonder Man in This link. What about a reaction?


  • Quinnsly 12
    Quinnsly 12 1 month ago

    I totally agree with what your both saying

  • Theegamedude
    Theegamedude 1 month ago


  • Scott Peterson
    Scott Peterson 1 month ago

    4:44 Danny Huston's character, Erich Ludendorff was actually a real historical figure from World War I.


  • fireflame62
    fireflame62 1 month ago

    Wonder woman day June 3 visit dccomics

  • Gary Revel Jr.
    Gary Revel Jr. 1 month ago

    😂😂I love you guys!

  • Jody's Corner
    Jody's Corner 1 month ago

    "take it or leave it nigga damn!" ahhh, yall niggaz are too funny! great reaction bros!

  • deandre menefee
    deandre menefee 1 month ago

    hell ye, I'm gonna see this

  • Davidoff Productions

    Bootleg Ninja LMAO

  • lucifers gameroom
    lucifers gameroom 1 month ago

    this is nothing but femanist cancer

  • Russel Pasatiempo
    Russel Pasatiempo 1 month ago

    the guy that asking on who he is is ares disguised as a human.....not sure tho .....les just wait for the movie

  • Russel Pasatiempo
    Russel Pasatiempo 1 month ago

    the guy that asking on who he is is ares disguised as a human.....not sure tho .....les just wait for the movie

  • MaxKito2
    MaxKito2 1 month ago

    Ohhhhhh Hell yeah....I want to go to the movies with these 2 crazy guys....lol they are super cool and funny....

  • ravissary79
    ravissary79 1 month ago

    I'm new around here... wtf. I have to be careful not to laugh too loud, this is an apartment building, it's late.

  • Arrielle75
    Arrielle75 1 month ago

    Rotten Tomatoes lost all credibility...

  • BishounenLuvr
    BishounenLuvr 1 month ago

    "Sign me the fuck-! Yes! All of this YES!!"
    Trailer is hype.

  • Anthony Kulik
    Anthony Kulik 1 month ago

    Hold up before you give it 1 million praises see the movie first. DC or whoever is making this movie for DC has a bad track record so far Batman versus Superman was OK suicide squad was OK ; they're not Marvel. Marvel Studios are kicking the shit out of DC comic movies 🎥 so far

    • Anthony Kulik
      Anthony Kulik 1 month ago

      TitanGT66 so wouldn't DC comics benefit from taking the time to develop their superheroes like Marvel did, instead of rushing a product out the door 🚪 just to catch up to Marvel and trying to cash 💰 in on some of that comic book movie 🎥 money 💰 ?

    • TitanGT66
      TitanGT66 1 month ago

      Marvel and the MCU is only doing better because it has so many more movies out and has had more time to finally get the right flow after learning from their mistakes. And not ever Marvel was good, a few were failures as well. The DCEU only has 3 movies out right now. Comparing them is like putting two fighters in the ring, one who has 15 years of experience, and the other who has 5 years. And out of the three best superhero movies, two actually belong to Fox (Logan and Deadpool) and the other is DC (The Dark Knight).

  • FireStormBaller
    FireStormBaller 1 month ago

    How can you guys not have the Asian girl for a Wonder Woman final trailer? I like her reaction but I wish she talked! That's why I want to see you guys's reactions.

  • zookytar
    zookytar 1 month ago

    I'm a DC hater, but I'm gonna be there day 1 for this. It might change my mind.

  • J. Scott DeMonaco
    J. Scott DeMonaco 1 month ago

    "Sign me the f*** up! IMAX all the way!"

  • Boom Ol
    Boom Ol 1 month ago


  • Anonymous G.S
    Anonymous G.S 1 month ago

    I want these struggle wonder woman gears for injustice 2 lol

  • Protective Measures
    Protective Measures 1 month ago

    another one. u guys give the best REACTIONS. Hollywood is coming for u brothas.

  • branmakmorn
    branmakmorn 1 month ago


  • Black ReaperKai
    Black ReaperKai 1 month ago

    Makes you Wonder ha get it if marvel will make a Wonder Man movie probably not since he's nowhere in the comics but it would be awesome if they did

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 1 month ago

    can't keep my struggles in my pants, aye

  • Ajit Mahato
    Ajit Mahato 1 month ago


  • surfitlive
    surfitlive 1 month ago

    Super Villains outside???
    Probably just the Sheriff & Landlord with an eviction notice..........

  • surfitlive
    surfitlive 1 month ago

    Wonder Man is MARVEL, made of IONIC Energy!
    Just saying.

  • zeke 11
    zeke 11 1 month ago


  • Virgo
    Virgo 1 month ago

    5:08 Sold me with that fight in fire.
    Wonder Woman is lit imma have to watch this now.
    Still debating justice league but Wonder Woman is now concluded.

  • MCOC_ Josh
    MCOC_ Josh 1 month ago

    There is an actually marvel character called wonder man

  • Alvin
    Alvin 1 month ago

    day one nigga lol the struggle is real

  • Cookiez YumYumz
    Cookiez YumYumz 1 month ago

    ''Fight me'' LOL. You guys are the funniest reaction channel.

  • Everythin' Bunky
    Everythin' Bunky 1 month ago

    It ain't a struggle to watch you guys... Wonder Man WTF Bro?

    BATMAN 1 month ago

    I'M ALL IN....balls DEEP inside Diana.

  • Kush Skywalker7
    Kush Skywalker7 1 month ago

    struggle wonder man coming with that heat hahah

  • Daniel D.
    Daniel D. 1 month ago

    "Fight me."
    *M-dogg raises them knuckles*
    *Struggle hauls ass*

  • Luis Tavarez
    Luis Tavarez 1 month ago

    Please,what's the song name?


    You guys have to react to the new Blade Runner 2049 trailer!

  • Bart Burcham
    Bart Burcham 1 month ago

    Is WonderMan in a scene during/after credits?

  • Brandon Deleon
    Brandon Deleon 1 month ago

    "Ima say are you lookin for the stupid nigga in the plastic helmet?" Lmaooo

  • bebe rivera
    bebe rivera 1 month ago

    lmfartfo!!! I just fell in complete love with ya'll! #EnjoyShit #DayOneI'mThere

  • Immortal DYoMite
    Immortal DYoMite 1 month ago

    I need to meet Mad Dog in person cause this dude is crazy

  • spider Man
    spider Man 1 month ago

    I'm hoping wonder woman is the movie that changes the dceu altogether, it will be a miracle to be honest, the action looks awsome in this movie, but I'm hoping people don't start moaning on the smallest things in the movie that are clearly passable, which happens to alot of movies.

    SUPER VIP 1 month ago

    I wasn't a big fan of BvS but I don't think it should of got like a 27% at least 68% in my book

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