Valnyr-Gaming 3.3.5 Twink PvP Funserver! Join now!

We have made a new fantastic server. Twink Funserver. Join now! Http://Valnyr-Gaming.Servegame.Com . We are waiting for you in-game!

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Uploaded by: Zxoxz21
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I don't know if the server is still online. Thanks for watching!


Author bood3e (2 years)
Doesnt exist anymore?

Author Kristiannbg (3 years)
The Blood Elf guy at 4:40 has female vooice .. GAY ELFS DIEE!

Author bood3e (2 years)
@Zxoxz21 Damn, that was the fastest response ever.

Author deathknightwotlkbeta (3 years)
server down?

Author Chuck Norris (3 years)
@MultiJohniewalker balgar4eta samo ei :D

Author gmcanik (3 years)
Join Ghaztwow TONS of customs, upgrade quests, free gear for first week!!!
JOIN now Send me a message when you want the acc info to be and I will give
you realmlist

Author Zxoxz21 (2 years)
@bood3e Not anymore. I'm the owner of that server, and now I'm working on a
twink funserver. Feel free to subscribe me and I will post a video with the
new server when it will be out.

Author dick bonder (2 years)
Make acc for me and send it and Realmlist on PM, becus i cant get on that
website -.- quickly m8 !!

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