X-Ray Sony Hi8 Nightshot

A demo of the Sony DCR-TRV510 Digital8 camera in normal light with an Infrared-pass filter in NightShot mode. Since the fabric Nylon does not reflect infrared light, this camera, so equipped, can see thru it. Now on sale at EBay #110439987023.

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Author willieworks (1 month)
Sheridan, I got it on the internet. I will go thru my old email and see if
can find the order and ket you know.

Author Sheridan Paranormal Research (1 month)
I have this exact camera. Where do I find an infrared pass filter for it?

Author Greeneyeskater93 (4 years)
@MistaBigBoss have u done it?

Author acidicb (5 years)
did u use some spec lens? i mean wt u put on the lens?

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