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Author Travis Robertson ( ago)
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Author Lal Jeet ( ago)
Any lady want this type massage at Ur home in Delhi then call me 9015184660
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Author 황인태 ( ago)
Nice :D

Author John Larsen ( ago)

Author ‫سلطان 3‬‎ ( ago)

Author Moazzam Bashir ( ago)

Author Mara Violet ( ago)
Is having nail polish on just one hand an Indonesian thing?

Author Gauriman Rai ( ago)
internet is very slow

Author Eduardo Alberto Menchon ( ago)
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Author Hannoey yeannay shondhonkz ( ago)
That is in Indonesia 

Author sikander ahmed ( ago)

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Author John Last ( ago)
Ooo i hope she doesn't fart poo.

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Author lauriersroses333 ( ago)
wanna do both of them, first the massous ladie then the hot beautiful
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Author lauriersroses333 ( ago)
omg, the camel toe, wanna eat it

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Author Ronald Archiebald ( ago)
I want to sniff her asshole n lick it.

Author Nordream ( ago)
I like this massage technique!

Author Smeer Kaas ( ago)
someone to get hardly fuck? so someone who doesnt fuck alot?

Author LisaDanceLuvr ( ago)

Author farooq khan ( ago)
what the fuck

Author ASNight ( ago)
In the background can be heard the sounds as if there is someone to get
hardly fuck.

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no your not.

Author Micah Sharpley ( ago)
o shit :}

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Author EvocativeEssence ( ago)
the closest YouTube will get to porn.

Author Gnza Montoya ( ago)
y no le hcn mssage a hmbres??

Author Yo Momma ( ago)

Author lin miffy ( ago)

Author lin miffy ( ago)
i wanna "massage" her

Author aoi LM ( ago)

Author jerald paul ( ago)
ha its still only youtube. i basically only ever use one site now because
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Author meto23ful ( ago)
if i got that job a bunch of fat old ladies would come in

Author Yozua Karamoy ( ago)

Author Lydirius ( ago)
Ahhh. I see my penis is in charge of what we watch on YouTube tonight.
Thank you Penis!

Author Alaberg Brothers ( ago)
nothing says "sexy" quite like a marching band song

Author u-said-what? ( ago)

Author 甕禰罅颸 黼轡夔櫲 ( ago)
Better than porn

Author GirlieSweetz ( ago)

Author wanda pica ( ago)
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Author wanda pica ( ago)

Author broery gelandangan ( ago)

Author ndavo yopi ( ago)
Wow cute lady great figure

Author sillyblether ( ago)
Prone bone, anyone?

Author 89timdog ( ago)
It's a female lol xD

Author ERIK RENN ( ago)
can see virgina through her vikini

Author ชัยพัฒน์ ไตรยราช ( ago)

Author wilderness brony ( ago)
that is one lucky ass motherfucker

Author Ricardo Bitencourt ( ago)
Very hot girl

Author subbu sadiq ( ago)
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Author Jasen Stardust ( ago)
Dat ass

Author richaravelaz ( ago)
they speak indonesian

Author lauriersroses333 ( ago)
hehehe :) im going again to thailand this summer :) cant wait to have
massage atleast once a day :)

Author alxxz ( ago)
Oh ok, that makes sense. what did he say and what did she reply?

Author klumzyrice ( ago)
at 2:09.. that was the cameraman speaking.

Author alxxz ( ago)
OK, well that's one ugly looking Thai woman! ;) How ever, when she speaks
@2:09 her voice is very masculine indeed! :)) As for the Japanese girl, yes
she's very sexy! And felt relaxed just by looking at the massage performed
on her. How do you know she's Japanese though, she barely spoke... did she
say "ie" ?

Author lauriersroses333 ( ago)
better than porn

Author lauriersroses333 ( ago)
at 1:59 gorgeous yummy camel toa

Author lauriersroses333 ( ago)
it a girl, not a guy, and she look thai, the half naked girl are for sure
japanese, so pretty and sexy as the most of asian girls :)

Author Andrew Bowen ( ago)

Author Rubal Cabra ( ago)
Videos are overrated. I get horny with comments.

Author david Fernando ( ago)
So relaxing

Author Laboratory Delta Laboratory Delta ( ago)
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Author alxxz ( ago)
So why has this guy painted the nails on his left hand only? Are they

Author ferry chandra ( ago)
jangan sampe keluar apa nya mas??? hehehe

Author Fii Cool ( ago)
I saw Cameltoe.

Author RB Gamer ( ago)
being a massage therapist must suck.... Not much for a girl (cuz they get
to massage guys also, so they're in for a treat if he's a hunk) but a guy
very VERY rarely gets to massage a chick. The very thought of a guy rubbin
another guy's boy makes me *BWAAAEYYY* Shit... i uhhh. just puked.

Author perlie181 ( ago)
her body is so.. beautiful Oo

Author danny godenes ( ago)
suck dick

Author johnpaulix ( ago)

Author Black MenthoL ( ago)
name of the achtress?

Author dung hoang ( ago)
dm toam clip vaj

Author mahmoud abutaha ( ago)

Author poonaani1 ( ago)
My dick would break that asian anus in half

Author kidang menjangan ( ago)
"jangan sampai keluar ya" auuuw apanya yg keluar?

Author paddotk ( ago)
make a video of yourself

Author thailandspa2010 ( ago)
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Author mekala mohan ( ago)

Author Tk Kinsella (1424 years ago)
. . . . . yay

Author pall llap ( ago)
sexiyest ass evvvveeerrr

Author bl0xbeats ( ago)
Pfffff she is beautiful...

Author Tuoral Gara ( ago)
fuck you big nice ass ...:)

Author Mert Ecdat ( ago)
Doing massage in a lumber mill? :D

Author opujhum ( ago)
it must be so relaxing when you hear construction outside XD

Author SAMBA CARNIVAL & DANCE JAPAN @blackpirates7 ( ago)
NICE!! GOOD MOVIE☆ Please watch the my movie! きっと気に入ってくれると思うよ(#^.^#)

Author 1980transamsam ( ago)
Check out her "lurps"!

Author Fleischfest ( ago)
the guy is a woman

Author Anthoney Lorenz ( ago)
that guy was wearing nail polish on the left hand

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