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Author dan wilkinson (5 years)
I like this version very shotokanized but thats good as thats what its
meant to be

Author iraomaiden6 (1 year)
muito bom, vlwsss....

Author HaskellTim (3 years)
T.A.S.K. UK have taught this kata to Dan grades and 1st/2nd Kyu. It was
performed with some subtle differences from how it was shown in this video
and took us around 10 weeks to learn with one class per week. Shihan John
van Weenen made some small personal modifications to Hyaku Hachi Ho before
he taught us. It's a great kata blending technique, breathing, stance and
kime and really shows the art of karate!

Author Simson616 (5 years)
it really helps you to get rid of stress :3 maybe because of the many very
diffrent versions that do exsist...

Author BigTeri1954 (5 years)
This is a super kata, can't understand why it's never been introduced world
wide as a standard shotokan kata, it was mentioned in Nakayamas book a few

Hyakuhachiho "shotokanizado", ¡excelente! Como siempre, Sensei Luis Méndez,
un maestro del Kata, un maestro del Shotokan. Tenemos muy gratos recuerdos
de su venida a Chile, junto a Senpai Moriñigo, que parece ser el integrante
de la derecha ¿no?. Gracias por compartir este video. OSS!!! Desde
Santiago, Chile.

Author Edu Oscar Santos Filho (4 years)
pero, esto kata no és o hayakuhashiho, que hacemos en shotokan en lo

Author John Doe (2 years)
I didn´t know there was a Shotokan version of Suparinpei kata.

Author Rashid Ahmad (2 years)
This is NOT the version that Nakayama Sensei mentions in his book, 'Best

Author Luis Miguel Mendez Urueña (3 years)
@NIHONKARATEDO Asi es,Jorge, Manuel y Jesus, son los componentes del equipo
Shotokan Luis Mendez,campeones de España por equipos, Un fuerte abrazo para
el karate de Chile,en particular para mis compañeros de Nihonkaratedo, Luis
Mendez. OOS.

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