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Author Chaudhry saieb (4 months)
why this back music, its irritating very much, cant understand anything

Author Niamul Karim (5 months)
Best intro Music ever !! 

Author Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa (1 year)
the greatest muslim warriors are probably khalid ibn walid,amir ibn al
as,tariq ibn ziyad,abu ubaidah ibn al-jarrah,saluddin,aluddin kiji,ahmed
shah durrani,mehmad ll, sher shah suri,babur,akbar,aurangzeb,ali ibn
talib,alp arsalan,suleman,bayzid , murad,osman,orhan,murad ll,selim
ll,bayezid II,murad ll,muhammad bin qasim,nadir shah,mahmud of
ghazni,qutuz,timur,hyder ali,tipu sultan,harun
al-rashid,al-mutasim,afshin,muhammad ibn Marwan,maslama ibn abd
al-malik,abdullah ibn saad,uqba ibn nafi,hasan ibn al-numan,ziyad ibn salih
but I think khalid ibn walid would be in top 5 greatest

Author aseef sh (1 year)
Where are the 'haters now? gone and hidden behind veils???

Author afroz warsi (1 year)
the great mushlim leader.....

Author غريب القومية (1 year)
of course they dont teach about khalid because he is the real deal, subhan

Author Shariq K (1 year)
its a very nice and superb presentation, but MUSIC is very very LOUD, cant
listen the commentary clearly, and the commentator is also sometime very
fast and loud and sometimes very slow and soft.....requires tooooooo much
of concentration...... had the background music be a little low then this
video is PERFECT........

Author Zubair Ahmed (1 year)
Hazrat Umar protected the Minority , you guys killed the Bengalis .?

Author Masood Masood (1 year)
Suban Allah May Allah swt reward the maker of these video jannah for making
one know how one of the sabhie was there, imagine how great would be the
teachings of prophet and He Himself...

Author Mohammad Bala Gumau (1 year)

Author Zubair Ahmed (1 year)
It was Arab Imperialism .? Zaid Hamid , you are a Punjabi -Indian . don't
indulge in day dreaming . you have General Niazi who surrendered
shamelessly , lol. 

Author Mohd. Ahsan (1 year)

Author junaid hussain (1 year)
Music is so irritating cant watch it

Author venus craig (2 years)
genesis6.2 the sons of gd saw te daughters are fair... 6.4 the sons of god
came into the daughters of men... there re many references to sons of god
in the torah.. marquette. edu/maqom/melchizedek. html (take off spaces)

Author venus craig (2 years)
every nation does have messengers, but islam chose to build on the
foundation of an existing god, the god of abraham. which in turn judaism
must well be learned for any islamic brother to understand the claims of
the basis of your religion. adam and eve are the first men even for islam.
therefore hold your torah fast. how can u read the gospel and talk about
melkizedek and not know where this comes from?

Author venus craig (2 years)
allama iqubal for one--

Author Humza Khan (2 years)
No I don't belive. Don't superimpose the creationism theroy over all other
religions. "do u really beleive that all nations are born out of israe" of
course not. The Nobel Quran says Chapter 10 Verse 47 "And for every nation
is a messenger. So when their messenger comes, it will be judged between
them in justice, and they will not be wronged" "shem is the father of arabs
and jews" I don't even know who is that. Can you please send me a message
its hard to keep track of all of this.

Author venus craig (2 years)
hello Humza.. i found material to give u a better idea of what islam is
about..;;;and as well it confirms that qran says jesus s body died but
ascended.. jesus preached we COULD all become childen of of god through
salvation. copy and paste this in internet bar but replace the two x word
dot by (.) and take off the spaces sites dot google dot

Author venus craig (2 years)
In the Book of Proverbs (6:6), King Solomon advises the lazy person to go
and observe the ant. here is the explanation that islamic organisations
give about This verse may be interpreted as follows: The female ant knew
that Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and his army were entering the valley. This is
an extremely conscious recognition. The fact that these ants could speak to
one another and were aware of what was happening around them may indicate
that these creatures may have been jinns.

Author venus craig (2 years)
muslems beleive there are 3 books of god. which books of god will u
beleive? i gave u information to search if you are curious to learn about
god. if u limit your view to the qran the hadith the bukari ectt... then
brother you are of that world, safe with people who think like you do, and
even offer explanations of what it means and no other perspective because
the words of the jews and the gentiles are analysed with the logical mind
of an arab. jews and gentiles are not logic poetry.

Author mohyeldeen muhajer (2 years)
Is this movie available in Arabic?

Author venus craig (2 years)
xtians worship the pope. the pope if of the mechizedek order priesthood.
although quite undeserving of such title

Author Humza Khan (2 years)
What is was saying was that when you ask a Christain what makes Jesus the
son of god? They say he is the son of god because Jesus had no father. In
response I say to them. What about Adam. And what about the guy
Melchizedek. It doesn't really matter who Melchizedek was. If the bible
says he had no father no mother no beginning and has no end Then
Melchizedek is greater then Jesus because according to Christains he had a
beginning (his birth) and a end (crucifixion). I personally don't believe it

Author venus craig (2 years)
MY UNDERSTANDING OF XTIANITY IS THE CLAIM that god came in the flesh as the
prophecy of isia would be completed. AND THIS prophetize as early as
genesis 6.3 ..and the lord said; MY SPIRIT SHALL NOT ALWAYS STRIVE WITH
MAN, FOR THAT HE IS ALSO FLESH. well ive read on buhira the monk who
claimed muhamed as prophet when child.his name is mentined in hadith as
well. why are u defensive of M, im not attacking mo.

Author Humza Khan (2 years)
Venus I think you are giving too much credit to melkizedek. Ask any average
or even most priest Do you know who melkizedek is or was? and they will say
what? because this guy is not important man in history. He is probably some
guy who liked to flatter himself by having others write kind word about him.

Author venus craig (2 years)
clearly yaweh was aware that there were others, as it is a jealous god- but
yaweh might have been aware of what yaweh perceived as false god, and who
knows if yaweh/allah/ god moon binah;god if israel is aware that it is
detached from the seven spirits.if there is a battle in heaven with angels
and demons,personaly, its all in our minds, because we humans are arrogant
monkeys who think that we are gods greatest creation. is why christ concept
was monkeys can eat of it to be pretty

Author Humza Khan (2 years)
I have one question why did the bibel describe Melchizedek as a man if it
was a promise.

Author Humza Khan (2 years)
Chap.41V.33"And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and
does righteousness and says, "Indeed, I am of the Muslims." Brother Please
let be ask you something. What will you tell Allah on the day of judgment
when you are asked when didn't you preach the word of Allah? what will you
say when you are asked you lived in comfort, but ignored the task at hand?
I am not making a speech to you you seem smart enough to know these things,
but you must for your sake preach the word of Allah

Author Humza Khan (2 years)
These scientic mircles are in the Quean to prove to us that islam is from

Author venus craig (2 years)
it makes a difference. when there is a new priesthood there is new law..
well humza now your brain is in the gutter babe, the filth is the reality
of humans, has nothing to do with the bible changed. when qran states we
have given the proof yet xtians .. he was talking of rome. not the
scriptures. rome who was glorifying jesus in reproductions. thats not what
jesus taught

Author venus craig (2 years)
genesis states..and god said let US create men ,.. now go REplenish earth..
jews never debated that adam and eve are first without parents, of course
other civilisatons existed prior, but jews claim a divine intervention to
their heritage. greek apostles answered the prophecies of torah adequately
with a follow up story of "immanuel" (isia) funny how the jews didnt like
that. the jewish messiah came but was refuted by his own. the twist the
jews didnt expect.their land no longer protected by GD

Author Oomar Shaikh (1 year)
I this any movie if yes can I know the name of the movie

Author mansoor ismail (1 year)
My friend ,.. please do not make confusion .,.,.Ali & All the Tigers of
Islam is our Heroes.,.,., so plz don't thinking bad.,., brother plz we all

Author Humza Khan (2 years)
"you are not learning who GD" Who is GOD? GOD is one. God is eternal. God
does not beget nor is begotten (Quran C.112 V. 3). Its simple God is one. I
understand what you are saying. The problem is if God id one then God
should have one and only one message to his creation. Which is Islam or
acurring peace threw sbmitting your will to God. "makes u feel like a
winner" I don't think I am better than anyone because I am a muslim.
Everyone should be judged by their actions.

Author venus craig (2 years)
muhamed understood. because it all makes sense why he is the chosen
prophet, without melkizedek priesthood, islam could not have claimed allah.
woe to the jews!

Author venus craig (2 years)
as for son of god.some branches of xtianitys beleive in trinity. others
beleive that jesus never died on cross, others that jesus had children and
was a polygamist. infact islam s reasoning matches well with the mormons
xtian faith.. trinity concept originally was a deep mystery, but too many
people now create their branch of xtianity.. i just want to be holly is my
religion. any one who preaches christ concept(redemption and salvation)
they are messengers

Author Humza Khan (2 years)
I think your point is good, but bro we must not judge people we must preach
the message to who ever we come in connect with. I hope you can help me and
1.7 billion other muslims spread the message of islam to humanity. Prophet
Muhammad Peace be upon him said even if you know only one verse from the
quran preach it to other people.

Author venus craig (2 years)
hi-- actually the words messiah and christos (greek) are refered as savior,
high priests, hang of gd, ect.. and so language plays a role. but as the
greek apostle names jesus christos of nazareth... only in much later years
did christianity was derived of it. in my opinion it bears no importance in
what Gd conveys in his messages vs. humans that create sects after. btw i
know who prince sha is .

Author venus craig (2 years)
whati am saying is that if mohmed claim s tht jesus mae birds of clay and
breated life into them, then i have to beleive tat the agnostic texts of
iraenus written in first century is the biography of jesuss childhood( if u
read i youll find that jesus killed 3 people before the age of 8 yrs old)

Author venus craig (2 years)
but not all branches of xtianity does. only the catholics. and the
catholics's view(taken from rabbinical litterature) is that adam was the
first to be the priest of melchidezed priesthood handed down from god,and
that jesus when attained the title of high priest of melchizedek handed it
down to peter who who the first pope according to catholics.

Author putera romantik (2 years)
I agreed with you. Those kafir are totally ignorant Satan. Don't ever talk
to them in the manner of Islam because they don't even know what Islam is
all about. Wasting time talking to them. Kafir is always a kafir and will
be burn in hell in hereafter.

Author Humza Khan (2 years)
Christians tend to raise this point. If Jesus had no father then his father
must of been God. If someone were to say that to me I would say ok. Then
what about Adam? He had NO FATHER NO MOTHER What about Melchisedec? In the
Book of Hebrews Chapter 7 it says he had no FATHER NO MOTHER. and he didn't
have BEGINNING AND NEITHER DOES HE HAVE AN END. Who is greater the one dies
a painful death and can't help himself or the one that doesn't die. Why
don't christians worship Melchisedec or Adam?

Author venus craig (2 years)
you only found the part in the bible that described melchizedeck AS KING OF
SHALEM in genesis(son of noah) and in hebrew seven(linking jesus as
Immanuel, the long awaited from the jew prophecies). keep on reading, the
whole freakin book.. youll see that priesthood of melchizedeck was passed
down in the judah tribe from Seth, Cain even if he was first born because
he killed his brother did not inherit the priesthood.

Author venus craig (2 years)
check out the youtube video on the christ in syberia that lives now and
attracts people to beleive he is gd. its a stange phenomenoun. youll see
how people in their passion live it live, vs us who have been thought by
text. they are experiencing the gd experience, us we debate and make sense
out of fallacies. we truly are not experiencing gd, we are mere students.

Author venus craig (2 years)
first off, the ant stood on its two back legs and spoke to Solomon,,, and
this fable is taken of the books of solomon.(its not a miracle, but a
simple observation of nature) i dont see why you compare islam to
christianity, this is not what islam is,, islam is the common grounds. till
you have an approach where you dont understand and they dont understand,
war is here on earth and organised religion is the source of
miscommunication.who cares what they beleive?

Author CookieeMonstarr666 (2 years)
what is the title of story.. i want to watch the movie..not the dubbed one

Author venus craig (2 years)
as for solomon and the ant... its a fable, with deeper meaning.. like the
son of ghod.. like the priesthood of melchizedek. but noooo you have to
make sense of the fallacies and see them litteral view, because your
engineering mind narrows your views. you dont care to know why GD is one,
as long as islam tells you its good enough, well then gd save the queen, if
gd s will. ive explained to you why monotheism through melchizedek
priesthood. discarding what u dont know, its not important. okay?!!

Author venus craig (2 years)
of course i read you and perceived you were confused and insecure. my
sarcasm was directed at your suggestions to a thurd part to read themselves
again when you should do the same. to be precise, islam being the only
religion that does not force its endoctrination by killings. ok smarty
pants name one religion that does. and btw i am far from being the ennemy
of islam.

Author Ata Patt (1 year)
Greatest Fighter ever walked on the earth.... Great Man...

Author venus craig (2 years)
yes the refence to shem is there, but when refering to no end or beginning
t refers to the priesthood, not shem. paul attributes that jesus in death
has acheivd being king(melki) of rightessnous(zedek), he highest pries of
the highest GD.. melchisedek is an order of priestood from the judah tribe.
a title that derived from enoch wen he was walking with god and gd took him
to heaven, is son lamech was passed on the priesthood. lamech was the
grandfather of noah, father f shem.

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