Tigers of Islam - Khalid Bin Waleed Complete

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Author irfan rao ( ago)
An excellent documentary

Author ahmed raza Shaikh ( ago)
the great general in history because he fight more than 100 war but never

Author tariq raza ( ago)
MashaAllah Allah aap ko jaza dey aap ki is koshish sey mera iman phir sey
taza ho gaya musalmano ko aaj kal in jaisey tigers ki zarurat hai Allah ham
sab musalmano ka iman taza karey or hamain islam kry btaey huey raston per
chalney ki tofeek ata karey.

Author Mohammed Latif ( ago)
I bet who disliked this video they from roman and persians generation

Author Chaudhry saieb ( ago)
why this back music, its irritating very much, cant understand anything

Author Niamul Karim ( ago)
Best intro Music ever !! 

Author afroz warsi ( ago)
the great mushlim leader.....

Author Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius “Hemu Rawal Domitian” Julian Venizelos Nalwa ( ago)
the greatest muslim warriors are probably khalid ibn walid,amir ibn al
as,tariq ibn ziyad,abu ubaidah ibn al-jarrah,saluddin,aluddin kiji,ahmed
shah durrani,mehmad ll, sher shah suri,babur,akbar,aurangzeb,ali ibn
talib,alp arsalan,suleman,bayzid , murad,osman,orhan,murad ll,selim
ll,bayezid II,murad ll,muhammad bin qasim,nadir shah,mahmud of
ghazni,qutuz,timur,hyder ali,tipu sultan,harun
al-rashid,al-mutasim,afshin,muhammad ibn Marwan,maslama ibn abd
al-malik,abdullah ibn saad,uqba ibn nafi,hasan ibn al-numan,ziyad ibn salih
but I think khalid ibn walid would be in top 5 greatest

Author aseef sh ( ago)
Where are the 'haters now? gone and hidden behind veils???

Author Zubair Ahmed ( ago)
Hazrat Umar protected the Minority , you guys killed the Bengalis .?

Author Zubair Ahmed ( ago)
It was Arab Imperialism .? Zaid Hamid , you are a Punjabi -Indian . don't
indulge in day dreaming . you have General Niazi who surrendered
shamelessly , lol. 

Author Shariq K ( ago)
its a very nice and superb presentation, but MUSIC is very very LOUD, cant
listen the commentary clearly, and the commentator is also sometime very
fast and loud and sometimes very slow and soft.....requires tooooooo much
of concentration...... had the background music be a little low then this
video is PERFECT........

Author junaid hussain ( ago)
Music is so irritating cant watch it

Author Masood Masood ( ago)
Suban Allah May Allah swt reward the maker of these video jannah for making
one know how one of the sabhie was there, imagine how great would be the
teachings of prophet and He Himself...

Author kohitur ( ago)
I stopped when it said K B W drank poison w/o consequence. With all due
respect to Zaid Hamid, none of humanity including Prophets can defy law of
ALLAH unless HE interferes in the event. Proof is Rasulullah (pbuh). When
he was about to eat at Jewess invitational supper, Gibreel (as) warned the
Prophet that food is poisoned. The Prophet & Abu Bakr spat the intake out,
while one of the Sahaba had already eaten it and died. The poison however
did effect both, & Prophet died after 2 & Bakr 4 Years.

Author Ata Patt ( ago)

Author maqshiz ( ago)
its movie on another sahaba alqaqa bin al timmimi search for it nice movie

Author mohamed zainulabideen ( ago)
Required Kalipah Umar [RA] like leader & Kalid ibnu Waleed [RA] captain now
a days for muslim world.

Author saad khan ( ago)
you idiotic moron! khalid bin waleed faced the persians and the persians
used elephants in their battles! the elephant had to be killed to stop it
from stampeding people! you illiterate person, may Allah guide you to

Author Jams Ddc ( ago)

Author Jams Ddc ( ago)
MUNAFIQ.....................................TU MUNAFIQ HAI YEH TOH SABITH
HO GAYA RAFDIYUN MAN jao warna khud barbad kr hi rhe ho apne aap ko hamare

Author Jams Ddc ( ago)

Author Ata Patt ( ago)
original movie name
please...please...please...please...please...please.....would be so so so
so so thankful to you......

Author Oomar Shaikh ( ago)
I this any movie if yes can I know the name of the movie

Author Ata Patt ( ago)
Greatest Fighter ever walked on the earth.... Great Man...

Author scavenger scavenger ( ago)
Raafdis always complain and hate khalid bin waleed r.a. coz he destroyed
this raafdis kingdom....Ali r.a. never faced elephants in battlefield you
moron..this raafdis are worst then prostitutes as they engage in muta...if
any rafdi(worst kafir) is out there then answer me why you hate saif
Allah.... moronic Idiots.

Author Muhammad Turmudi ( ago)
الله اكبر .... انّ الدّين عند الله الاسلام .

Author Haider Abbas ( ago)
There is a leak point in video Khalid Bin Waled is cutting the leg of
Elephant between war. There is a History in Arab Country they always used
Horses or camel between War Not an Elephant only indian war used this
he jo meri is baat ka tod de? That's all Haider Abbas

Author mansoor ismail ( ago)
My friend ,.. please do not make confusion .,.,.Ali & All the Tigers of
Islam is our Heroes.,.,., so plz don't thinking bad.,., brother plz we all

Author mansoor ismail ( ago)
Allah Ho Akbar.,.,., May Allah sole and rest all the Tigers of Islam.,.,.,.

Author john ad ( ago)

Author Mohsin Siddiqui ( ago)
Please do an English narration for this video !!

Author TheSalty786 ( ago)
Brother bing0791 I suggest downloading & installing tubecatcher. It is a
small file & easy to use, allowing you to download video & audio in a
number of formats. Hope this was of some help. Allah Hafeedh.

Author CookieeMonstarr666 ( ago)
what is the title of story.. i want to watch the movie..not the dubbed one

Author Famous #DaeHan ( ago)
Does Anyone Knows The Name Of The Instrumental Starting From 29:45 ?

Author venus craig ( ago)
its like saying sunni shia, ect...

Author venus craig ( ago)
hi-- actually the words messiah and christos (greek) are refered as savior,
high priests, hang of gd, ect.. and so language plays a role. but as the
greek apostle names jesus christos of nazareth... only in much later years
did christianity was derived of it. in my opinion it bears no importance in
what Gd conveys in his messages vs. humans that create sects after. btw i
know who prince sha is .

Author venus craig ( ago)
o.o. u calling me a kafir and a liar... i am blessed again today

Author venus craig ( ago)
of course i read you and perceived you were confused and insecure. my
sarcasm was directed at your suggestions to a thurd part to read themselves
again when you should do the same. to be precise, islam being the only
religion that does not force its endoctrination by killings. ok smarty
pants name one religion that does. and btw i am far from being the ennemy
of islam.

Author snakevfox ( ago)
Have you lost your ability to read? What you wrote is totally irrelevant to
what i am saying. Just leave me alone and go find a direction in life that
has a purpose. At the moment you seem like a person who's thoughts are
clouded by confusion and insecurity.

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
I think your point is good, but bro we must not judge people we must preach
the message to who ever we come in connect with. I hope you can help me and
1.7 billion other muslims spread the message of islam to humanity. Prophet
Muhammad Peace be upon him said even if you know only one verse from the
quran preach it to other people.

Author prince shah ( ago)
i think bro u r right...but i think that u words will effect those persons
who realy seeking for trurth but not workable for those who just are just
liar's...thnks for ur humble reply...

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
Chap.41V.33"And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and
does righteousness and says, "Indeed, I am of the Muslims." Brother Please
let be ask you something. What will you tell Allah on the day of judgment
when you are asked when didn't you preach the word of Allah? what will you
say when you are asked you lived in comfort, but ignored the task at hand?
I am not making a speech to you you seem smart enough to know these things,
but you must for your sake preach the word of Allah

Author mohyeldeen muhajer ( ago)
Is this movie available in Arabic?

Author putera romantik ( ago)
I agreed with you. Those kafir are totally ignorant Satan. Don't ever talk
to them in the manner of Islam because they don't even know what Islam is
all about. Wasting time talking to them. Kafir is always a kafir and will
be burn in hell in hereafter.

Author Kareem Sadik (7 years ago)
He was a muslim you dumbass

Author achille295 ( ago)
16 jews disliked this after being defeated by Khalid

Author prince shah ( ago)
brother why r u wasting ur time with this kafir..alllah alredy stemped then
kafir..even u may present 10000 of facts..he can't listen & see the
truth...leave him alone ..let allah decide who is right and who is
wrong...enjoy ur life & leave this bullshit. ...

Author venus craig ( ago)
ad thats why islam is the religion of the tribe of judah..(melchizedek) :)
monotheism ..... handed to the tribe of levites(abraham)for the
promise;seed of messiah; jesus s religion was islam.. but this and .50 wont
buy me a cup f coffee. to me, these texts is not about beleif but about is
understanding the text, which i beleive that holy scriptures o torah hides
mathematical formulas of the universe . god is a proton

Author venus craig ( ago)
yup! :) growl puurrr , lets make a talking baby on a talking ant hill.

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
Am I really?

Author venus craig ( ago)
yes tigers growls, cats miaols, dogs bark, ants communicae with their
antenna, and i am a lion, and you are my gazelle..

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
are u ignorant of this fact? Of course not I believe this You see where we
differ is Judaism Christainy Hinduism and Islam are all the same In their
orginal form because they are all from god In the Vedas it says you should
only believe in one god hindus ingnor this for some reason title these
religions (expect islam) are man made the word christainy is not mentioned
in the bible Nor is judaism same with Hindism Hindu is a geographical term
Judaism is named after the oldest son of prophet Jacob

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
Venus the Quran gives the answer. Jesus as a baby talk to the people to
save and protect his mother. Anyone can say the holy ghost did it,but how
many times have you seen a talking baby?

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
I understand your opinion I think when the Quran says ants. Its actually
referring to ants because the Chapter (27) is named "The Ant" I don't think
it is referring to Jinns. One more thing In John 1 v 19-28 John the baptist
(Pbuh) is ask if he is the "Christ", "Return of Elijah", or "The Prophet"
He says No and he says "...He is the one who comes after me, the thongs of
whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.” I think John the bapist Peace be
upon him was saying their is a prophet to come.

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
Venus you are over complicating things. "they freakin talk? " They do talk
to each other. did you watch the video is sent you?

Author venus craig ( ago)
FUTUR AND are warriors................ muslem thinks ants are jinns or they
freakin talk? muslem need poetry and understand the nature of each beast on
this earth.

Author venus craig ( ago)
In the Book of Proverbs (6:6), King Solomon advises the lazy person to go
and observe the ant. here is the explanation that islamic organisations
give about This verse may be interpreted as follows: The female ant knew
that Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and his army were entering the valley. This is
an extremely conscious recognition. The fact that these ants could speak to
one another and were aware of what was happening around them may indicate
that these creatures may have been jinns.

Author venus craig ( ago)
tenez mon ami, je vous offre une branche d olivier, veuillez decouvir le
livre de Solomon ici publie; " sa cr ed - te x ts. c o m / jud / loj / loj
40 6. ht m "(take off spaces).. and there are also hymns and leviticus and
king that refers to solomon and his wisdom.. all jewish tales before
mohamed was born.

Author venus craig ( ago)
i explained why CHRIST IS REFERED A THE SON. (NOTJSUS). i know what musims
beleive in. freak -i am teachin you about your own religion .. but muslems
like xtains associate jesus with christ. a lot of truths and understandning
will come, for tis great ignorance is greater than i can bear..
stopbeleiving in dtails. just have faith- stop debatin- youre not equipped.
go read

Author venus craig ( ago)
pfft..i beleive in nothing with thepremise nothing is somthing. a 15 year
old goes bck home she cant say mom i was knocked up 2 nite.. she says'' the
holy ghost did it!! ;)

Author venus craig ( ago)
ey you i dont make a habit talking out ofmy ass..Surah (Chapter) 27:18-19..
king and ant chatchat! --u compre humza.. i dont . i HAve accepted the
trilogy and only together does it ""peace:: together.. youare an idiot
humza.. not becauseof your poiNt of view, Because you aretellingme the
TORAH FAST.. YOU ARE A BAD MULEM. Cm;here ill spank you real, good

Author venus craig ( ago)

Author venus craig ( ago)
what? why so wrried about copy cats? what dont u understand about judaism
being the foundation of islam? muhamed is not copying.. he reinforced
allahs will thorugh revelation that came from gabriel gods angel..
allah=god of abraham,god of israel. are u ignorant of this fact? actually
the story about solomon and the ants is a jewish fable of JEWISH KING of

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
Venus you didn't read the Verse Quran Chapter 27 Verrse 18 "Until, when
they came upon the valley of the ants, an ant said, "O ants, enter your
dwellings that you not be crushed by Solomon and his soldiers while they
perceive not." The ants didn't speak to Solomon peace be upon him the ant
spoke to the other ants. "you compare islam to christianity" I don't
compare the two I am simply telling you Venus what my point of view and
also telling you bible is no longer the word of god. thats all.

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
Oh ok! is that what you believe? Since a man named Jesus was over took by
god then what about the virgant birth of Jesus from marry?

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
Ok do you believe Muhammad peace be upon him is a prophet from God? And Do
you Believe Jesus peace be upon him is the Begotten son of God? We muslims
believe that Jesus will come back and we also believe he is the christ, But
we don't beleive he was cruified or kill on the cross nor do we beive he is
the begotten son of God.

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
Ok what about the other scienific facts in the Quran. And Since this verse
is not found in the Torah or the bible (the ants says to another ant to
watch out for Solomon's men because they might crush them.) Where did
Muhammad get this from. There were jews in Arabia don't you think they
might have rasied this point that Muhammad peace be upon him was coping
their books And can you tell me one verse from the bible that matchs with
the Quran Just one Venus. It certainly shouldn't be that diffcult.

Author venus craig ( ago)
THAT EXIST ELSEWHERE PRIOR? cmon humza... muhamed brought some people
knowledge that existed from their neighboors-- agriculture apiculture are
all things that were very can one live surrounded by birds and not
notice they communicate, same for ants,they amass food and feed the queen
who reproduces, anyway, this ant conversation is too ridiculous to me. its
simple thematics.

Author venus craig ( ago)
hence ishmael who muhamed built his roots from.. is of the Judah tribe
(like jesus) and... the priesthood of melchizedek lives ofrever in Islam. i
am indeed very sorry that imams and xtians religious zealouts are idiots
and do not know why islam is intertwined with jesus. jesus annonced the
comforter(angel gabriel). melchizedek is a promise in ISLAM AND ITS HIGH

Author venus craig ( ago)
which makes it even more interesting when it reaches Ishmael, who was the
first jew(from the abraham alliance;And Ishmael his son was thirteen years
old, when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin. ) born of hagar,
but the promise of the seed(messiah) went to the second Isaac, born of
Sarai. ishmael is thought to have received the priesthoodof melchizedeck,
since 1)isaac was of the levi tribe and.. 2)Zebadiah son of Ishmael, a
leader from the tribe of Judah,...(2 chronicles 19.11)

Author venus craig ( ago)
you only found the part in the bible that described melchizedeck AS KING OF
SHALEM in genesis(son of noah) and in hebrew seven(linking jesus as
Immanuel, the long awaited from the jew prophecies). keep on reading, the
whole freakin book.. youll see that priesthood of melchizedeck was passed
down in the judah tribe from Seth, Cain even if he was first born because
he killed his brother did not inherit the priesthood.

Author venus craig ( ago)
3 in one was before the xtians. it is an old hebrew saying... xtians just
monopolised the religion to gain ground. jesus is NOT the messiah. jesus is
a man. but the prophecies that the apostles wrote about is upon jesus
baptism from his cousin john baptist, a bird came down in jesus(the spirit
CHRIST) and left on the cross. the father of christ is the all mighty,
since all manifestations and attributes are born out of god.

Author venus craig ( ago)
first off, the ant stood on its two back legs and spoke to Solomon,,, and
this fable is taken of the books of solomon.(its not a miracle, but a
simple observation of nature) i dont see why you compare islam to
christianity, this is not what islam is,, islam is the common grounds. till
you have an approach where you dont understand and they dont understand,
war is here on earth and organised religion is the source of
miscommunication.who cares what they beleive?

Author Humza Khan (799 years ago)
I have one question why did the bibel describe Melchizedek as a man if it
was a promise.

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
"this? is your miracle" Of course How did Muhammad peace be upon him know
about the universe expanding? Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said the
Quran's fruits would never run out. The is a book that is relevant after
1400 years. "they probably never looked at an ant hill prior" ants like any
other animal made their homes. This is not uniqe to ants. It is a mircle
that Muhammad some how knew that these little animals that human can crush
with one stomp of their foot can speak like you and I.

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
"as for solomon and the ant... its a fable" How? If the Quran said the ant
spoke to the other ant and modren science agrees with it then it is a
scientific mircle. You can't ignore it as a fable. "narrows your views"
Venus There are so many contradictions in the bible and The Torah. And How
can I believe what the Christains believe when they themselfs are not sure
about who god is. They say 3 but 1 that makes not sense. "

Author venus craig (354 years ago)
as for solomon and the ant... its a fable, with deeper meaning.. like the
son of ghod.. like the priesthood of melchizedek. but noooo you have to
make sense of the fallacies and see them litteral view, because your
engineering mind narrows your views. you dont care to know why GD is one,
as long as islam tells you its good enough, well then gd save the queen, if
gd s will. ive explained to you why monotheism through melchizedek
priesthood. discarding what u dont know, its not important. okay?!!

Author venus craig (683 years ago)
this? is your miracle. u think this was a revelation ? i think you need to
open many many many books. youll find that if people are ignorant today,
its because they are distracted. agriculture has been studied way over
6thousand years ago and they knew many things.. egypt had batteries 5k
years ago, plumbing existed three thousand years ago with the romans, ect..
and if its new that ants communicate together to muselms, well., they
probably never looked at an ant hill prior.

Author venus craig (1260 years ago)
oyve! look,, read your torah tanak and discover the links and references
that qran and gospel uses from its source. this passage refers to SHem. ive
left enough explanations for you to understand why judah tribe transfered
from father to son the priesthood.

Author Humza Khan (1781 year ago)
These scientic mircles are in the Quean to prove to us that islam is from

Author Humza Khan (2031 year ago)
Here is a short video:watch?v=cX935LHEnrA Here are some more facts:
slideshare(dot)net/knowme123/scientific-miracles-in-the-quran These are
scientific mircles in the quran how did Muhammad Know this?

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
Bible says (Hebrew Chapter 7 Verse 1) "This Melchizedek was KING of Salem
and PRIEST of God Most High" Priest and King are both titles giving to
human beings not a promise.

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
"jesus having no father is not why xtians says he is son of god." I have
personally heard quite a few say that. Christains say if Jesus have no
father then who is his father? "you dont understand the concept of
sacrifice" by that do you mean Jesus had to be scarfied for a sin you and I
both did not commit?

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
"now your brain is in the gutter babe"The reason why i showed you the verse
was I don't believe that god would say those things "the filth is the
reality of humans, has nothing to do with the bible changed" I think it
does Venus. If god says something and I distort it then have I not changed
the word of god? "glorifying jesus in reproductions" Do you believe god is
god or son of god the only reason i want to ask you this is because if
someone doesn't know who god is how can they preach to others

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
"are u afraid your faith will be shaken?" No I don't. I think that is why I
have been study all three of those religions. "as THEY had created prior"
Yes that is what muslims believe. We believe Adam was not in the garden of
eden rather he was in heaven when he ate the furit. "islam is complete
without torah and without gospel" Islam is. Iike I Told you before torah
and gospel have been changed. You need to know this because I don't say
that Islam is the true religion to make myself feel better.

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
One question Islam from God? and also Iman means to lead from the front
which is exactly the a iman does.

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
"same GD in torah gospel and qran" No. The Torah, the Gospel, and the Quran
were sent by same God, but The Torah and the Gospel were changed. For
Example the Bible says (2 samuel Chapter 22 Verse 11) That god ride little
angles. Angles like young girls. Know Venus can you tell me is this a
quailty of God? The Quran has not been changed because if it was then we
would not have a reliable source of guidance from God.

Author Humza Khan ( ago)
"you are not learning who GD" Who is GOD? GOD is one. God is eternal. God
does not beget nor is begotten (Quran C.112 V. 3). Its simple God is one. I
understand what you are saying. The problem is if God id one then God
should have one and only one message to his creation. Which is Islam or
acurring peace threw sbmitting your will to God. "makes u feel like a
winner" I don't think I am better than anyone because I am a muslim.
Everyone should be judged by their actions.

Author venus craig ( ago)
allama iqubal for one--

Author venus craig ( ago)
i think lesser than that is not kind. i think its normal that children be
protected anything lesser than that is not kind. i think many things.i
think Ghandi was an idiot who didnt pay his taxes! i also think that you
appear to sell me on your worship of mohamed(( praise to him be as the
apostle of god only)). i think you are stuck with this son of god issue- i
think you should read POETRY! and get unstuck to let the WORDS flow.

Author venus craig (269 years ago)
the FAXT that you are still comparing mohamed to elevate him as to put past
down,shows me that you are not learning who GD is, but which religion suits
you and which one makes u feel like a winner.noone here has put mo down,
and he doesnt need you coming to his defense when no attack exist- hello?
its the same GD in torah gospel and qran.

Author venus craig (585 years ago)
u know why imans are called imans? it goes back to the prphecy of isia. it
means priest ... immanuel was the promised seed. el- god, iman- priest..
one day we speak again, there is too much work for you to do.. learn about
seth enoch , then understand the journey of ishmael vs Isaac sons of
abraham. youll understand why islam was predestined.

Author venus craig (937 years ago)
and yet here we stand saying look at the phenomenoun, they are naive arent
they? yet, you are ready to beleive that jesus will come back at end of
times on a cloud for judgment.. how can muslems think jesus takes part and
muhamed doesnt.. surely muselms think jesus is greater than prophets if he
is to the right of god on apocalypse day. muslems beleive in revelation of
john.. yet noone from the muslem world can interpret that shlit

Author venus craig (1215 years ago)
well, thats what a beleif is. but adam and eve according to genesis, where
the first man and second woman in the garden of eden. as THEY had created
prior. ive mentioned passages of torah, yet you will never understand the
big picture of god, since you think that allah and qran and islam is
complete without torah and without gospel. are u afraid your faith will be
shaken? pfft.. islam xtianity and judaism complete each other. gluck

Author venus craig (1498 years ago)
it makes a difference. when there is a new priesthood there is new law..
well humza now your brain is in the gutter babe, the filth is the reality
of humans, has nothing to do with the bible changed. when qran states we
have given the proof yet xtians .. he was talking of rome. not the
scriptures. rome who was glorifying jesus in reproductions. thats not what
jesus taught

Author venus craig (1669 years ago)
u know like many pagans of the past, the concept of attributes and
manifestations of god were intangioble for the human mind, so they would
personifie each attributes. you dont understand the concept of sacrifice
which is why melchizedek priesthood marked their diffference from the Levi
tribe who would offer sacrifices to god of burnt flesh. i am not here to
advocate in the name of xtians. but even I do know that jesus having no
father is not why xtians says he is son of god.

Author venus craig ( ago)
hes not a guy but in hebrew letters refers to shemin some parts, prisethood
on others, and jesus attaining.. melchizedek is a priesthood of the

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